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ORDER ANURA – Frogs and Toads

ALLOPHRYNIDAE – Hill Treefrogs

A. relicta Caramaschi, et al., 2013Uruçuca Hill Frog
A. resplendens Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2012Resplendent Hill Frog
A. ruthveni Gaige, 1926Tukeit Hill Frog

ALSODIDAE – Patagonian Frogs

ALSODES – Spiny-chest Frogs
A. australis Formas, et al., 1997Southern Spiny-chest Frog
A. barrioi Veloso, et al., 1981Cabreria Spiny-chest Frog
A. cantillanensis Charrier, et al., 2015San Juan de Piche Spiny-chest Frog
A. coppingeri Günther, 1881Port Riofrio Spiny-chest Frog
A. gargola Gallardo, 1970Tonchek Spiny-chest Frog
A. hugoi Cuevas and Formas, 2001Río Lircay Spiny-chest Frog
A. igneus Cuevas and Formas, 2005Araucanía Spiny-chest Frog
A. kaweshkari Formas, Cuevas, and Nuñez, 1998Puerto Edén Spiny-chest Frog
A. montanus Lataste in Philippi, 1902Mountain Spiny-chest Frog
A. monticola Bell, 1843Island Spiny-chest Frog
A. neuquensis Cei, 1976Lonco Luan Spiny-chest Frog
A. nodosus Duméril & Bibron, 1841Black Spiny-chest Frog
A. norae Cuevas, 2008Valdivia Spiny-chest Frog
A. pehuenche Cei, 1976Pehuenche Spiny-chest Frog
A. tumultuosus Veloso, et al., 1979La Parva Spiny-chest Frog
A. valdiviensis Formas, Cuevas, and Brieva, 2002Cerro Mirador Spiny-chest Frog
A. vanzolinii Donoso-Barros, 1974Vanzolini's Spiny-chest Frog
A. verrucosus Philippi, 1902Olive Spiny-chest Frog
A. vittatus Philippi, 1902Malleco Spiny-chest Frog
EUPSOPHUS – Ground Frogs
E. altor Nuñez, Rabanal, and Formas, 2012Oncol's Ground Frog
E. calcaratus Günther, 1881Chiloe Island Ground Frog
E. contulmoensis Ortiz, Ibarra-Vidal & Formas, 1989Contulmo Ground Frog
E. emiliopugini Formas, 1989Emilio's Ground Frog
E. insularis Philippi, 1902Mocha Island Ground Frog
E. migueli Formas, 1978Miguel's Ground Frog
E. nahuelbutensis Ortiz & Ibarra-Vidal, 1992Nahuelbuta Ground Frog
E. roseus Duméril & Bibron, 1841Rosy Ground Frog
E. septentrionalis Ibarra-Vidal, et al., 2004Cauquenes Ground Frog
E. vertebralis Grandison, 1961Valdivia Ground Frog
LIMNOMEDUSA – Rapids Frogs
L. macroglossa Duméril & Bibron, 1841Rapids Frog

ALYTIDAE – Painted Frogs

ALYTES – Midwife Toads
A. cisternasii Boscá, 1879Brown Midwife Toad
A. dickhilleni Arntzen & García Paris, 1995Betic Midwife Toad
A. maurus Pasteur and Bons, 1962Moroccan Midwife Toad
A. muletensis Sanchíz & Adrover, 1979Majorcan Midwife Toad
A. obstetricans Laurenti, 1768Olive Midwife Toad
DISCOGLOSSUS – Painted Frogs
D. galganoi Capula, et al., 1985Portugal Painted Frog
D. jeanneae Busack, 1986Spanish Painted Frog
D. montalentii Lanza, et al., 1984Corsican Painted Frog
D. pictus Otth, 1837Painted Frog
D. sardus Tschudi in Otth, 1837Sardinia Painted Frog
D. scovazzi Camerano, 1878Moroccan Painted Frog
LATONIA – Hula Frogs
L. nigriventer Mendelssohn and Steinitz, 1943Hula Frog

AROMOBATIDAE – Cryptic Forest Frogs

ALLOBATES – Cryptic Rocket Frogs, Nurse Frogs
A. alessandroi Grant and Rodriguez, 2001Paucartambo Rocket Frog
A. algorei Barrio-Amorós and Santos, 2009Al Gore's Rocket Frog
A. amissibilis Kok, Hölting, and Ernst, 2013Iwokrama Rocket Frog
A. bacurau Simões, 2016Manicoré Rocket Frog
A. bromelicola Test, 1956Coastal Rocket Frog
A. brunneus Cope, 1887Chupada Rocket Frog
A. caeruleodactylus Lima and Caldwell, 2001Blue-toed Rocket Frog
A. caribe Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2006Cerro El Humo Rocket Frog
A. cepedai Morales, 2002Villavicencio Rocket Frog
A. chalcopis Kaiser, Coloma & Gray, 1994Ravine Rocket Frog
A. conspicuus Morales, 2002Pachitea Rocket Frog
A. crombiei Morales, 2002Río Xingú Rocket Frog
A. femoralis Boulenger, 1884Brilliant-thighed Poison Frog
A. flaviventris Melo-Sampaio, et al., 2013Yellow-bellied Rocket Frog
A. fratisenescus Morales, 2002Río Pastaza Rocket Frog
A. fuscellus Morales, 2002Rio Ituxi Rocket Frog
A. gasconi Morales, 2002Río Juruá Rocket Frog
A. goianus Bokermann, 1975Goias Rocket Frog
A. granti Kok, et al., 2006Black-flanked Poison Frog
A. grillisimilis Simões, et al., 2013Madeira River Rocket Frog
A. hodli Simões, Lima, and Farias, 2010Hodl's Rocket Frog
A. humilis Rivero, 1980Bocono Rocket Frog
A. ignotus Anganoy-Criollo, 2012Serranía de Perijá Nurse Frog
A. insperatus Morales, 2002Santa Cecilia Rocket Frog
A. juami Simões, et al., 2018Juami River Rocket Frog
A. juanii Morales, 1994Botanical Rocket Frog
A. kingsburyi Boulenger, 1918Kingsbury's Rocket Frog
A. magnussoni Lima, Simões, and Kaefer, 2014Tapajós Rocket Frog
A. mandelorum Schmidt, 1932Mount Turumiquire Rocket Frog
A. marchesianus Melin, 1941Dull Rocket Frog
A. masniger Morales, 2002Itaituba Rocket Frog
A. mcdiarmidi Reynolds & Foster, 1992McDiarmid's Rocket Frog
A. melanolaemus Grant and Rodriguez, 2001Sucusari Rocket Frog
A. myersi Pyburn, 1981Myers's Poison Frog
A. nidicola Caldwell and Lima, 2003Castanho Rocket Frog
A. niputidea Grant, et al., 2007Riomanso Rocket Frog
A. olfersioides Lutz, 1925Rio Rocket Frog
A. ornatus Morales, 2002Río Huallaga Rocket Frog
A. paleovarzensis Lima, et al., 2010Paleovarzea Rocket Frog
A. picachos Ardila-Robayo, et al., 2000San Jorge Rocket Frog
A. pittieri La Marca, et al., 2004Pittier's Rocket Frog
A. ranoides Boulenger, 1918Llanos Rocket Frog
A. sanmartini Rivero, Langone & Prigioni, 1986San Martin Rocket Frog
A. subfolionidificans Lima, Sanchez, and Souza, 2007Parque Zoobotanico Rocket Frog
A. sumtuosus Morales, 2002Río Trombetas Rocket Frog
A. talamancae Cope, 1875Talamanca Rocket Frog
A. tapajos Lima, Simões, and Kaefer, 2015Rio Tapajós Rocket Frog
A. trilineatus Boulenger, 1884Three-striped Rocket Frog
A. undulatus Myers and Donnelly, 2001Cerro Yutajé Rocket Frog
A. vanzolinius Morales, 2002Vanzolini's Rocket Frog
A. wayuu Acosta-Galvis, et al., 1999Macuira Rocket Frog
A. zaparo Silverstone, 1976Zaparo's Poison Frog
ANOMALOGLOSSUS – Anomaloglossid Rocket Frogs
A. apiau Fouquet, et al., 2015Serra do Apiaú Rocket Frog
A. ayarzaguenai La Marca, 1997Cerro Jaua Rocket Frog
A. baeobatrachus Boistel and Massary, 1999Guiana Rocket Frog
A. beebei Noble, 1923Beebe's Rocket Frog
A. blanci Fouquet, et al., 2018Pale Rocket Frog
A. breweri Barrio-Amorós, 2006Cueva del Fantasma Rocket Frog
A. degranvillei Lescure, 1975Degranville's Rocket Frog
A. dewynteri Fouquet, et al., 2018Mont Itoupé Rocket Frog
A. guanayensis La Marca, 1997Serranía de Guanay Rocket Frog
A. kaiei Kok, et al., 2006Kaieteur Rocket Frog
A. leopardus Ouboter and Jairam, 2012Apalagad Rocket Frog
A. meansi Kok, et al., 2018Ayanganna Rocket Frog
A. megacephalus Kok, et al., 2010Maringma Tepui Rocket Frog
A. moffetti Barrio-Amorós and Brewer-Carias, et al., 2008Sarisariñama Rocket Frog
A. murisipanensis La Marca, 1997Murisipan-Tepui Rocket Frog
A. parimae La Marca, 1997Serranía Parima Rocket Frog
A. parkerae Meinhardt and Parmalee, 1996La Escalera Rocket Frog
A. praderioi La Marca, 1997Monte Roraima Rocket Frog
A. roraima La Marca, 1997Eastern Tepui Rocket Frog
A. rufulus Gorzula, 1990Chimantá Poison Frog
A. shrevei Gorzula, 1990Shreve's Rocket Frog
A. stepheni Rivero, 1961Stephen's Rocket Frog
A. surinamensis Ouboter and Jairam, 2012Suriname Rocket Frog
A. tamacuarensis Myers and Donnelly, 1997Sierra Tapirapecó Rocket Frog
A. tepequem Fouquet, et al., 2015Tepequém Rocket Frog
A. tepuyensis La Marca, 1997Tepui Rocket Frog
A. triunfo Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2004Cerro Santa Rosa Rocket Frog
A. verbeeksnyderorum Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Tobogán de la Selva Rocket Frog
A. wothuja Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2004Cerro Sipapo Rocket Frog
AROMOBATES – Skunk Frogs
A. alboguttatus Boulenger, 1903Whitebelly Rocket Frog
A. cannatellai Barrio-Amorós and Santos, 2012Cannatella's Rocket Frog
A. capurinensis Péfaur, 1993Sierra Nevada Rocket Frog
A. duranti Péfaur, 1985Durant's Rocket Frog
A. ericksonae Barrio-Amorós and Santos, 2012Erickson's Rocket Frog
A. haydeeae Rivero, 1978El Vivero Rocket Frog
A. leopardalis Rivero, 1978Leopard Rocket Frog
A. mayorgai Rivero, 1980Mayorga Rocket Frog
A. meridensis Dole and Durant, 1972Merida Rocket Frog
A. molinarii La Marca, 1985Las Playitas Rocket Frog
A. nocturnus Myers, Paolillo & Daly, 1991Skunk Frog
A. ornatissimus Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2011Ornate Cloud Frog
A. orostoma Rivero, 1978Tachira Rocket Frog
A. saltuensis Rivero, 1978Salty Rocket Frog
A. serranus Péfaur, 1985Pefaur's Rocket Frog
A. tokuko Rojas-Runjaic, et al., 2011Perija’s Nurse Frog
A. walterarpi La Marca and Otero-López, 2012Piñango Rocket Frog
A. zippeli Barrio-Amorós and Santos, 2012Mucuchíes Rocket Frog
MANNOPHRYNE – Fingered Poison Frogs
M. caquetio Mijares-Urrutia and Arends-R., 1999Mapararí Fingered Poison Frog
M. collaris Boulenger, 1912Collared Poison Frog
M. cordilleriana La Marca, 1994Cordillera Fingered Poison Frog
M. herminae Boettger, 1893Hermina's Poison Frog
M. lamarcai Mijares-Urrutia and Arends-R., 1999Cerro Socopo Fingered Poison Frog
M. larandina Yústiz, 1991Sierra de Barbacoas Fingered Poison Frog
M. leonardoi Manzanilla, et al., 2007Macizo del Turimiquire Fingered Poison Frog
M. neblina Test, 1956Aragua Poison Frog
M. oblitterata Rivero, 1984St. Teresa Poison Frog
M. olmonae Hardy, 1983Bloody Bay Poison Frog
M. orellana Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Orellana's Collared Frog
M. riveroi Donoso-Barros, 1965Rivero's Poison Frog
M. speeri La Marca, 2009Sierra de Portuguesa Fingered Poison Frog
M. trinitatis Garman, 1888Trinidad Poison Frog
M. trujillensis Vargas Galarce and La Marca, 2007Paseo Los Ilustres Fingered Poison Frog
M. urticans Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Rio Frio Collared Frog
M. venezuelensis Manzanilla, et al., 2007Peninsula de Paria Fingered Poison Frog
M. vulcano Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Caracas Collared Frog
M. yustizi La Marca, 1989Yacambu Poison Frog
RHEOBATES – Rheobatid Rocket Frogs
R. palmatus Werner, 1899Palm Rocket Frog
R. pseudopalmatus Rivero and Serna, 2000Los Auribios Rocket Frog

ARTHROLEPTIDAE – Screeching Frogs

ARTHROLEPTIS – Squeaking Frogs
A. adelphus Perret, 1966Foulassi Squeaking Frog
A. adolfifriederici Nieden, 1911Rugegewald Squeaking Frog
A. affinis Ahl, 1939Amani Squeaking Frog
A. anotus Loader, et al., 2011Chome Forest Squeaker Frog
A. aureoli Schiøtz, 1964Freetown Squeaker
A. bioko Blackburn, 2010Bioko Squeaker Frog
A. bivittatus Müller, 1885Tumbo-Insel Squeaking Frog
A. brevipes Ahl, 1924Togo Squeaking Frog
A. carquejai Ferreira, 1906Cambondo Squeaking Frog
A. crusculum Angel, 1950Guinea Squeaking Frog
A. fichika Blackburn, 2009Hidden Squeaker Frog
A. formosus Rödel, et al., 2011Beautiful Squeaker
A. francei Loveridge, 1953Ruo River Squeaking Frog
A. hematogaster Laurent, 1954Itombwe Squeaking Frog
A. kidogo Blackburn, 2009Tiny Squeaker Frog
A. krokosua Ernst, Agyei, and Rödel, 2008Krokosua Hills Squeaker Frog
A. kutogundua Blackburn, 2012Overlooked Squeaker Frog
A. lameerei De Witte, 1921Katanga Squeaking Frog
A. langeri Rödel, et al., 2009Mount Nimba Squeaker
A. loveridgei De Witte, 1933Loveridge's Squeaking Frog
A. mossoensis Laurent, 1954Mosso Squeaking Frog
A. nguruensis Poynton, Menegon, and Loader, 2009Nguru Mountains Squeaker Frog
A. nikeae Poynton, 2003Nike's Squeaker
A. nimbaensis Angel, 1950Mount Nimba Squeaking Frog
A. nlonakoensis Plath, Herrmann, and Böhme, 2006Mount Nloanoko Squeaker
A. palava Blackburn, et al., 2010Problem Squeaker Frog
A. perreti Blackburn, et al., 2009Perret’s Squeaker Frog
A. phrynoides Laurent, 1976Lomami Squeaking Frog
A. poecilonotus Peters, 1863West African Squeaking Frog
A. pyrrhoscelis Laurent, 1952Kivu Squeaking Frog
A. reichei Nieden, 1911Poroto Mountains Squeaking Frog
A. schubotzi Nieden, 1911Burundi Squeaking Frog
A. spinalis Boulenger, 1919Tanganyika Squeaking Frog
A. stenodactylus Pfeffer, 1893Kihengo Squeaking Frog
A. stridens Pickersgill, 2007Kambai Forest Squeaker
A. sylvaticus Laurent, 1954Forest Squeaking Frog
A. taeniatus Boulenger, 1906Striped Squeaking Frog
A. tanneri Grandison, 1983Tanzania Squeaking Frog
A. troglodytes Poynton, 1963South Rhodesia Squeaking Frog
A. tuberosus Andersson, 1905Rainforest Squeaking Frog
A. variabilis Matschie, 1893Buea Squeaking Frog
A. vercammeni Laurent, 1954Mwana Squeaking Frog
A. wahlbergii Smith, 1849Wahlberg's Squeaking Frog
A. xenochirus Boulenger, 1905Marimba Squeaking Frog
A. xenodactyloides Hewitt, 1933Chirinda Squeaking Frog
A. xenodactylus Boulenger, 1909Eastern Squeaking Frog
A. zimmeri Ahl, 1925Accra Squeaking Frog
A. batesi Boulenger, 1900Benito River Night Frog
A. diadematus Werner, 1898Victoria Night Frog
A. fallax Amiet, 1978Fopouanga Night Frog
A. laticephalus Rödel, et al., 2012Atewa Forest Night Frog
A. laurenti Amiet, 1978Laurent's Night Frog
A. montanus Amiet, 1978Mountain Night Frog
A. nganhanus Amiet, 1978Nganha Night Frog
A. occidentalis Parker, 1931Western Night Frog
A. perreti Amiet, 1978Perret's Night Frog
A. ranoides Amiet, 1978Central Night Frog
A. rheophilus Amiet, 1978Cameroon Range Night Frog
A. schioetzi Amiet, 1978Apouh Night Frog
CARDIOGLOSSA – Long-fingered Frogs
C. alsco Herrmann, et al., 2004Tschabal Mbabo Mountains Long-fingered Frog
C. annulata Hirschfeld, et al., 2015Annulated Long-fingered Frog
C. congolia Blackburn, et al., 2015Congo Long-fingered Frog
C. cyaneospila Laurent, 1950Mukuzira Long-fingered Frog
C. elegans Boulenger, 1906Elegant Long-fingered Frog
C. escalerae Boulenger, 1903Equatorial Guinea Long-fingered Frog
C. gracilis Boulenger, 1900Rio Benito Long-fingered Frog
C. gratiosa Amiet, 1972Ongot Long-fingered Frog
C. inornata Laurent, 1952Ornate Long-fingered Frog
C. leucomystax Boulenger, 1903Silver Long-fingered Frog
C. manengouba Blackburn, 2008Mount Manengouba Long-fingered Frog
C. melanogaster Amiet, 1972Amiet's Long-fingered Frog
C. nigromaculata Nieden, 1908Black-spotted Long-fingered Frog
C. occidentalis Blackburn, et al., 2008Ivory Coast Long-fingered Frog
C. oreas Amiet, 1972Mount Okou Long-fingered Frog
C. pulchra Schiøtz, 1963Black Long-fingered Frog
C. schioetzi Amiet, 1982Acha Tugi Long-fingered Frog
C. trifasciata Amiet, 1972Nsoung Long-fingered Frog
C. venusta Amiet, 1972Highland Long-fingered Frog
L. albiventris Boulenger, 1905White-bellied Egg Frog
L. axillaris Amiet, 1971Mountain Egg Frog
L. bicolor Amiet, 1971Two-colored Egg Frog
L. blanci Ohler, 1999Gabon Egg Frog
L. boulengeri Nieden, 1910Boulenger's Egg Frog
L. bueanus Amiet, 1981Mount Cameroon Egg Frog
L. erythrogaster Amiet, 1971Red-bellied Egg Frog
L. mertensi Perret, 1959Mertens' Egg Frog
L. ornatus Amiet, 1971Ornate Egg Frog
L. ovatus Andersson, 1903Cameroon Egg Frog
L. perreti Amiet, 1971Perret's Egg Frog
L. polyacanthus Amiet, 1971African Egg Frog
L. stevarti Rödel and Pauwels, 2003Tchimbélé Egg Frog
L. ventrimarmoratus Boulenger, 1904Speckled Egg Frog
L. wildi Amiet and Dowsett-Lemaire, 2000Bakossi Mountains Egg Frog
LEPTOPELIS – Forest Tree Frogs
L. anchietae Bocage, 1873Huila Forest Treefrog
L. anebos Portillo and Greenbaum, 2014Young Itombwe Forest Treefrog
L. argenteus Pfeffer, 1893Bagamoyo Forest Treefrog
L. aubryi Duméril, 1856Gaboon Forest Treefrog
L. aubryioides Andersson, 1907Kala Forest Treefrog
L. bequaerti Loveridge, 1941Gbanga Forest Treefrog
L. bocagii Günther, 1865Horseshoe Forest Treefrog
L. boulengeri Werner, 1898Victoria Forest Treefrog
L. brevipes Boulenger, 1906Musole Forest Treefrog
L. brevirostris Werner, 1898Cameroon Forest Treefrog
L. bufonides Schiøtz, 1967Savanah Forest Treefrog
L. calcaratus Boulenger, 1906Efulen Forest Treefrog
L. christyi Boulenger, 1912Christy's Treefrog
L. concolor Ahl, 1929Witu Forest Treefrog
L. crystallinoron Lötters, Rödel, and Burger, 2005Barrage de Tchimbélé Forest Treefrog
L. cynnamomeus Bocage, 1893Angola Forest Treefrog
L. fenestratus Laurent, 1972Zaire Forest Treefrog
L. fiziensis Laurent, 1973Mokanga Forest Treefrog
L. flavomaculatus Günther, 1864Brown Forest Treefrog
L. gramineus Boulenger, 1898Badditu Forest Treefrog
L. grandiceps Ahl, 1929Large Headed Forest Treefrog
L. jordani Parker, 1936Congulu Forest Treefrog
L. karissimbensis Ahl, 1929Karissimbi Forest Treefrog
L. kivuensis Ahl, 1929Kisenyi Forest Treefrog
L. lebeaui De Witte, 1933Nyonga Forest Treefrog
L. mackayi Köhler, et al., 2006Kakamega Forest Treefrog
L. macrotis Schiøtz, 1967Big-eyed Forest Treefrog
L. marginatus Bocage, 1895Quissange Forest Treefrog
L. millsoni Boulenger, 1895Niger Forest Treefrog
L. modestus Werner, 1898Modest Forest Treefrog
L. mossambicus Poynton, 1985Mossambique Forest Treefrog
L. mtoewaate Portillo and Greenbaum, 2014Kabembe Forest Treefrog
L. natalensis Smith, 1849Natal Forest Treefrog
L. nordequatorialis Perret, 1966West Cameroon Forest Treefrog
L. notatus Peters, 1875Common Forest Treefrog
L. occidentalis Schiøtz, 1967Tai Forest Treefrog
L. ocellatus Mocquard, 1902Ocellated Forest Treefrog
L. oryi Inger, 1968Garamba Forest Treefrog
L. palmatus Peters, 1868Palm Forest Treefrog
L. parbocagii Poynton & Broadley, 1987Lake Upemba Forest Treefrog
L. parkeri Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Parker's Forest Treefrog
L. parvus Schmidt & Inger, 1959Kanole Forest Treefrog
L. ragazzii Boulenger, 1896Shoa Forest Treefrog
L. rufus Reichenow, 1874Red Treefrog
L. spiritusnoctis Rödel, 2007Déré Forest Treefrog
L. susanae Largen, 1977Susana's Forest Treefrog
L. uluguruensis Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Uluguru Forest Treefrog
L. vannutellii Boulenger, 1898Dime Forest Treefrog
L. vermiculatus Boulenger, 1909Amani Forest Treefrog
L. viridis Günther, 1869Rust Forest Treefrog
L. xenodactylus Poynton, 1963Weza Forest Treefrog
L. yaldeni Largen, 1977Grassland Forest Treefrog
L. zebra Amiet, 2001Ototomo Forest Treefrog
NYCTIBATES – Southern Night Frogs
N. corrugatus Boulenger, 1904Southern Night Frog
SCOTOBLEPS – Gaboon Forest Frogs
S. gabonicus Boulenger, 1900Gaboon Forest Frog
T. robustus Boulenger, 1900Hairy Frog

ASCAPHIDAE – Tailed Frogs

ASCAPHUS – Tailed Frogs
A. montanus Mittleman and Myers, 1949Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog
A. truei Stejneger, 1899Coastal Tailed Frog

BATRACHYLIDAE – South American Wood Frogs

ATELOGNATHUS – Patagonia Frogs
A. ceii Basso, 1998La Tapera Frog
A. nitoi Barrio, 1973Rio Negro Frog
A. patagonicus Gallardo, 1962Patagonia Frog
A. praebasalticus Cei & Roig, 1968Zapala Frog
A. reverberii Cei, 1969Laguna Raimunda Frog
A. salai Cei, 1984Portezuelo Frog
A. solitarius Cei, 1970Las Bayas Frog
BATRACHYLA – South American Wood Frogs
B. antartandica Barrio, 1967Marbled Wood Frog
B. fitzroya Basso, 1994Isla Grande Wood Frog
B. leptopus Bell, 1843Gray Wood Frog
B. nibaldoi Formas, 2007Nibaldo's Wood Frog
B. taeniata Girard, 1855Banded Wood Frog
C. grandisonae Lynch, 1975Puerto Eden Frog
HYLORINA – Emerald Forest Frogs
H. sylvatica Bell, 1843Emerald Forest Frog

BOMBINATORIDAE – Fire-bellied Toads

BARBOURULA – Jungle Toads
B. busuangensis Taylor & Noble, 1924Busuanga Jungle Toad
B. kalimantanensis Iskandar, 1978Kalimantan Jungle Toad
BOMBINA – Fire-bellied Toads
B. bombina Linnaeus, 1761Fire-bellied Toad
B. maxima Boulenger, 1905Yunnan Fire-bellied Toad
B. microdeladigitora Liu, Hu & Yang, 1960Hubei Fire-bellied Toad
B. orientalis Boulenger, 1890Oriental Fire-bellied Toad
B. variegata Linnaeus, 1758Yellow-bellied Toad

BRACHYCEPHALIDAE – Saddle-backed Toads

B. alipioi Pombal and Gasparini, 2006Vargem Alta Flea Toad
B. atelopoide Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Piquete Flea Toad
B. auroguttatus Ribeiro, et al., 2015Pedra da Tartaruga Flea Toad
B. boticario Pie, et al., 2015Morro do Cachorro Flea Toad
B. brunneus Ribeiro, et al., 2005Pico Caratuva Flea Toad
B. bufonoides Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Serra de Macaé Flea Toad
B. crispus Condez, et al., 2014Serra do Mar Flea Toad
B. didactylus Izecksohn, 1971Izecksohn's Toad Flea Toad
B. ephippium Spix, 1824Spix's Flea Toad
B. ferruginus Alves, et al., 2006Pico Marumbi Flea Toad
B. fuscolineatus Pie, et al., 2015Morro do Baú Flea Toad
B. garbeanus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Pumpkin Flea Toad
B. guarani Clemente-Carvalho, et al., 2012Morro Prumirim Flea Toad
B. hermogenesi Giaretta and Sawaya, 1998Flea-frog
B. izecksohni Ribeiro, et al., 2005Pico Caratuva Flea Toad
B. leopardus Ribeiro, Firkowski, and Pie, 2015Serra do Araçatuba Flea Toad
B. margaritatus Pombal and Izecksohn, 2011Pearly Pumpkin Flea Toad
B. mariaeterezae Bornschein, et al., 2015Serra Queimada Flea Toad
B. nodoterga Ribeiro, 1920Serra Cantareira Flea Toad
B. olivaceus Bornschein, et al., 2015Olive-backed Flea Toad
B. pernix Pombal, et al., 1998Morro Anhangava Flea Toad
B. pitanga Alves, et al., 2009Santa Virgínia Flea Toad
B. pombali Alves, et al., 2006Morro dos Padres Flea Toad
B. pulex Napoli, et al., 2011Serra Bonita Flea Toad
B. quiririensis Pie and Ribeiro, 2015Serra do Quiriri Flea Toad
B. sulfuratus Condez, et al., 2016Yellow-blotched Flea Toad
B. toby Alves, et al., 2010Morro do Corcovado Flea Toad
B. tridactylus Garey, et al., 2012Serra do Morato Flea Toad
B. verrucosus Ribeiro, et al., 2015Morro da Tromba Flea Toad
B. vertebralis Pombal, 2001Serra da Bocaina Flea Toad
ISCHNOCNEMA – Big-headed or Robber Frogs
I. abdita Canedo and Pimenta, 2010Santa Teresa Big-headed Frog
I. bolbodactyla Lutz, 1925Rio Robber Frog
I. concolor Targino, et al., 2009Itatiaia Big-Headed Frog
I. epipeda Heyer, 1984Villalba Robber Frog
I. erythromera Heyer, 1984Soberbo Robber Frog
I. gehrti Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Alto da Serra Big-headed Frog
I. gualteri Lutz, 1974Organ Mountains Robber Frog
I. guentheri Steindachner, 1864Steindachner's Robber Frog
I. henselii Peters, 1870Hensel's Big-headed Frog
I. hoehnei Lutz, 1958Hoehn's Robber Frog
I. holti Cochran, 1948Holt's Robber Frog
I. izecksohni Caramaschi and Kisteumacher, 1989Izecksohn's Robber Frog
I. juipoca Sazima and Cardoso, 1978Souzas Robber Frog
I. karst Canedo, et al., 2012Arcos Big-headed Frog
I. lactea Miranda-Ribeiro, 1923Iguape Robber Frog
I. manezinho Garcia, 1996Córrego Grande Big-headed Frog
I. melanopygia Targino, et al., 2009Itatiaia Big-headed Frog
I. nanahallux Brusquetti, et al., 2013Desengano Big-headed Frog
I. nasuta Lutz, 1925Pointy-nosed Robber Frog
I. nigriventris Lutz, 1925Black-bellied Robber Frog
I. octavioi Bokermann, 1965Octavio's Robber Frog
I. oea Heyer, 1984Espirito Santo Robber Frog
I. paranaensis Langone and Segalla, 1996Paraná Robber Frog
I. parva Girard, 1853Girard's Robber Frog
I. penaxavantinho Giaretta, et al., 2007Panga Big-headed Frog
I. pusilla Bokermann, 1967Rio Mombucaba Robber Frog
I. randorum Heyer, 1985Boraceia Robber Frog
I. sambaqui Castanho and Haddad, 2000Guaraqueçaba Big-headed Frog
I. spanios Heyer, 1985Sao Paulo Robber Frog
I. surda Canedo, et al., 2010Ouro Preto Big-headed Frog
I. venancioi Lutz, 1958Venancio's Robber Frog
I. verrucosa Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862Brazilian Big-headed Frog
I. vizottoi Martins and Haddad, 2010Serra de Mantiqueira Big-headed Frog

BREVICIPITIDAE – Short-nosed Frogs

BALEBREVICEPS – Bale Mountains Treefrogs
B. hillmani Largen & Drewes, 1989Bale Mountains Treefrog
BREVICEPS – Short-headed Frogs
B. acutirostris Poynton, 1963Cape Short-headed Frog
B. adspersus Peters, 1882Transvaal Short-headed Frog
B. bagginsi Minter, 2003Bilbo's Rain Frog
B. branchi Channing, 2012Branch's Rain Frog
B. fichus Channing and Minter, 2004Highland Rain Frog
B. fuscus Hewitt, 1925Brown Short-headed Frog
B. gibbosus Linnaeus, 1758South African Short-headed Frog
B. macrops Boulenger, 1907Boulenger's Short-headed Frog
B. maculatus FitzSimons, 1947Spotted Short-headed Frog
B. montanus Power, 1926Mountain Short-headed Frog
B. mossambicus Peters, 1854Mozambique Short-headed Frog
B. namaquensis Power, 1926Namaqualand Short-headed Frog
B. poweri Parker, 1934Power's Short-headed Frog
B. rosei Power, 1926Rose's Short-headed Frog
B. sopranus Minter, 2003Whistling Rain Frog
B. sylvestris FitzSimons, 1930Forest Short-headed Frog
B. verrucosus Rapp, 1842Natal Short-headed Frog
CALLULINA – Secret Frogs
C. dawida Loader, et al., 2009Taita Warty Frog
C. hanseni Loader, et al., 2010Hansen's Secret Frog
C. kanga Loader, et al., 2010Kanga Forest Secret Frog
C. kisiwamsitu de Sá, Loader, and Channing, 2004Mazumbai Warty Frog
C. kreffti Nieden, 1911Krefft's Secret Frog
C. laphami Loader, et al., 2010Kindoroko Secret Frog
C. meteora Menegon, Gower, and Loader, 2011Meteora Secret Frog
C. shengena Loader, et al., 2010Chome Forest Secret Frog
C. stanleyi Loader, et al., 2010Stanley's Secret Frog
PROBREVICEPS – Big-fingered Frogs
P. durirostris Loader, et al., 2006Ikwamba Big-fingered Frog
P. loveridgei Parker, 1931Loveridge's Big-fingered Frog
P. macrodactylus Nieden, 1926Usambara Big-fingered Frog
P. rhodesianus Poynton & Broadley, 1967Zimbabwe Big-fingered Frog
P. rungwensis Loveridge, 1932Nkuka Forest Big-fingered Frog
P. uluguruensis Loveridge, 1925Uluguru Big-fingered Frog
SPELAEOPHRYNE – African Striped Frogs
S. methneri Ahl, 1924African Striped Frog

BUFONIDAE – True Toads

ADENOMUS – Sri Lankan Dwarf Frogs
A. kandianus Günther, 1872Peradeniya Dwarf Toad
A. kelaartii Gunther, 1858Kelaart's Dwarf Toad
A. malcolmi Grandison, 1978Malcolm's Ethiopia Toad
A. osgoodi Loveridge, 1932Osgood's Ethiopian Toad
AMAZOPHRYNELLA – Amazon Tree Toads
A. amazonicola Rojas, et al., 2015Amazonian Tree Toad
A. bokermanni Izecksohn, 1994Brazil Tree Toad
A. javierbustamantei Rojas-Zamora, et al., 2016Bustamente's Tree Toad
A. manaos Rojas, et al., 2014Manaus Tree Toad
A. matses Rojas, et al., 2015Matses Reserve Tree Toad
A. minuta Melin, 1941Amazonian Tiny Tree Toad
A. vote Ávila, et al., 2012Mato Grosso Tree Toad
ANAXYRUS – Northern American Toads
A. americanus Holbrook, 1836American Toad
A. a. americanus Holbrook, 1836Eastern American Toad
A. a. charlesmithi Bragg, 1954Dwarf American Toad
A. baxteri Porter, 1968Wyoming Toad
A. boreas Baird & Giard, 1852Western Toad
A. b. boreas Baird and Girard, 1852Boreal Toad
A. b. halophilus Baird and Girard, 1853Southern California Toad
A. californicus Camp, 1915Arroyo Toad
A. canorus Camp, 1916Yosemite Toad
A. cognatus Say, 1823Great Plains Toad
A. compactilis Wiegmann, 1833Plateau Toad
A. debilis Girard, 1854Green Toad
A. d. debilis Girard, 1854Eastern Green Toad
A. d. insidior Girard, 1854Western Green Toad
A. exsul Myers, 1942Black Toad
A. fowleri Hinckley, 1882Fowler's Toad
A. hemiophrys Cope, 1886Canadian Toad
A. houstonensis Sanders, 1953Houston Toad
A. kelloggi Taylor, 1936Little Mexican Toad
A. mexicanus Brocchi, 1879Mexican Madre Toad
A. microscaphus Cope, 1866Arizona Toad
A. monfontanus Gordon, et al., 2020Hot Creek Toad
A. nelsoni Stejneger, 1893Amargosa Toad
A. nevadensis (Gordon, et al., 2020Railroad Valley Toad
A. punctatus Baird and Girard, 1852Red-spotted Toad
A. quercicus Holbrook, 1840Oak Toad
A. retiformis Sanders and Smith, 1951Sonoran Green Toad
A. speciosus Girard, 1854Texas Toad
A. terrestris Girard, 1789Southern Toad
A. williamsi Gordon, Simandle, and Tracy, 2017Dixie Valley Toad
A. woodhousii Girard, 1854Woodhouse's Toad
A. w. australis Shannon and Lowe, 1955Southwestern Toad
A. w. woodhousii Girard, 1854Woodhouse's Toad
ANSONIA – Stream Toads
A. albomaculata Inger, 1960Whitebelly Stream Toad
A. echinata Inger and Stuebing, 2009Bukit Kana Stream Toad
A. endauensis Grismer, 2006Sungai Semawak Stream Toad
A. fuliginea Mocquard, 1890North Borneo Stream Toad
A. glandulosa Iskandar and Mumpuni, 2004Napal Licin Stream Toad
A. guibei Inger, 1966Mesilau Stream Toad
A. hanitschi Inger, 1960Kadamaian Stream Toad
A. inthanon Matsui, et al., 1998Inthanon Stream Toad
A. jeetsukumarani Wood, et al., 2008Fraser’s Hill Stream Toad
A. khaochangensis Grismer, et al., 2016Cave-dwelling Stream-toad
A. kraensis Matsui, et al., 2005Punyaban Stream Toad
A. latidisca Inger, 1966Sambas Stream Toad
A. latiffi Wood, et al., 2008Sungai Lembing Stream Toad
A. latirostra Grismer, 2006Pahang Stream Toad
A. leptopus Günther, 1872Matang Stream Toad
A. longidigita Inger, 1960Long-fingered Stream Toad
A. lumut Chan, et al., 2014Gunung Tebu Stream Toad
A. malayana Inger, 1960Malaya Stream Toad
A. mcgregori Taylor, 1922McGregor's Stream Toad
A. minuta Inger, 1960Tiny Stream Toad
A. muelleri Boulenger, 1887Muller's Stream Toad
A. penangensis Stoliczka, 1870Penang Stream Toad
A. platysoma Inger, 1960Luidan Stream Toad
A. siamensis Kiew, 1985Thai Stream Toad
A. smeagol Davis, et al., 2016Precious Stream Toad
A. spinulifer Mocquard, 1890Kina Balu Stream Toad
A. teneritas Waser, et al., 2017Sungei Julan Stream Toad
A. thinthinae Wilkinson, Sellas, and Vindum, 2012Thin Thin's Stream Toad
A. tiomanica Hendrickson, 1966Pulo Tioman Stream Toad
A. torrentis Dring, 1984Gunung Mulu Stream Toad
A. vidua Hertwig, Min, Haas, and Das, 2014Murud Black Slender Toad
ATELOPUS – Stubfoot Toads
A. andinus Rivero, 1968Río Biabo Stubfoot Toad
A. angelito Ardila-Robayo and Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1998Valencia Stubfoot Toad
A. ardila Coloma, et al., 2010Ardila Stubfoot Toad
A. arsyecue Rueda-Almonacid, 1994Sierra Santa Marta Stubfoot Toad
A. arthuri Peters, 1973Arthur's Stubfoot Toad
A. balios Peters, 1973Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad
A. barbotini Lescure, 1981Saül Stubfoot Toad
A. bomolochos Peters, 1973Azuay Stubfoot Toad
A. boulengeri Peracca, 1904Boulenger's Stubfoot Toad
A. carauta Ruiz-Carranza & Hernández-Camacho, et al., 1978Rio Carauta Stubfoot Toad
A. carbonerensis Rivero, 1974La Carbonera Stubfoot Toad
A. carrikeri Ruthven, 1916Guajira Stubfoot Toad
A. certus Barbour, 1923Darien Stubfoot Toad
A. chiriquiensis Shreve, 1936Lewis' Stubfoot Toad
A. chirripoensis Savage and Bolaños, 2009Chirripó Stubfoot Toad
A. chocoensis Lötters, 1992Chocó Stubfoot Toad
A. chrysocorallus La Marca, 1996La Aguada Stubfoot Toad
A. coynei Miyata, 1980Rio Faisanes Stubfoot Toad
A. cruciger Lichtenstein & Martens, 1856Veragua Stubfoot Toad
A. dimorphus Lötters, 2003Cordillera Azul Stubfoot Toad
A. ebenoides Rivero, 1963Huila Stubfoot Toad
A. elegans Boulenger, 1882Elegant Stubfoot Toad
A. epikeisthos Lötters, et al., 2005Chachapoyas Stubfoot Toad
A. erythropus Boulenger, 1903Carabaya Stubfoot Toad
A. eusebianus Rivero & Granados-Díaz, 1993Malvasa Stubfoot Toad
A. eusebiodiazi Venegas, et al., 2008Huamba Stubfoot Toad
A. exiguus Boettger, 1892Zurucuchu Stubfoot Toad
A. famelicus Rivero and Morales, 1995La Costa Stubfoot Toad
A. farci Lynch, 1993Forest Stubfoot Toad
A. flavescens Duméril & Bibron, 1841Cayenne Stubfoot Toad
A. franciscus Lescure, 1974Central Coast Stubfoot Toad
A. galactogaster Rivero & Serna, 1993Antado Stubfoot Toad
A. gigas Coloma, et al., 2010La Victoria Stubfoot Toad
A. glyphus Dunn, 1931Pirri Range Stubfoot Toad
A. guanujo Caloma, 2002Guanujo Stubfoot Toad
A. guitarraensis Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 2001La Guitarra Stubfoot Toad
A. halihelos Peters, 1973Morona-Santiago Stubfoot Toad
A. hoogmoedi Lescure, 1974Hoogmoed's Stubfoot Toad
A. ignescens Cornalia, 1849Quito Stubfoot Toad
A. laetissimus Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1994San Lorenzo Stubfoot Toad
A. limosus Ibáñez, et al., 1995San Juan de Pequení Stubfoot Toad
A. loettersi De la Riva, et al., 2011Loetter's Stubfoot Toad
A. longibrachius Rivero, 1963El Tambo Stubfoot Toad
A. longirostris Cope, 1868Longnose Stubfoot Toad
A. lozanoi Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 2001Páramo de Palacio Stubfoot Toad
A. lynchi Cannatella, 1981Lynch's Stubfoot Toad
A. mandingues Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 2001Carpanta Stubfoot Toad
A. marinkellei Cochran and Goin, 1970Páramo Vijagual Stubfoot Toad
A. mindoensis Peters, 1973Mindo Stubfoot Toad
A. minutulus Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1988Colombian Stubfoot Toad
A. mittermeieri Acosta-Galvis, et al., 2006Mittermeier's Stubfoot Toad
A. monohernandezii Ardila-Robayo, et al., 2002La Argentina Stubfoot Toad
A. mucubajiensis Rivero, 1974Mucubaji Stubfoot Toad
A. muisca Rueda-Almonacid & Hoyos, 1992La Arboleda Stubfoot Toad
A. nahumae Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1994Nahuma Stubfoot Toad
A. nanay Coloma, 2002Paramos del Cajas Stubfoot Toad
A. nepiozomus Peters, 1973Gualecenita Stubfoot Toad
A. nicefori Rivero, 1963Niceforo's Stubfoot Toad
A. nocturnus Bravo-Valencia and Rivera-Correa, et al., 2011Arrierito Antioqueño Stubfoot Toad
A. onorei Coloma, et al., 2007Rio Chipla Stubfoot Toad
A. orcesi Coloma, et al., 2010La Alegría-Sibundoy Stubfoot Toad
A. oxapampae Lehr, Lötters, and Lundberg, 2008Oxapampa Stubfoot Toad
A. oxyrhynchus Boulenger, 1903Rednose Stubfoot Toad
A. pachydermus Schmidt, 1857Schmidt's Stubfoot Toad
A. palmatus Andersson, 1945Andersson's Stubfoot Toad
A. pastuso Coloma, et al., 2010Páramo de El Angel Stubfoot Toad
A. patazensis Venegas, et al., 2008Pataz Stubfoot Toad
A. pedimarmoratus Rivero, 1963San Isidro Stubfoot Toad
A. peruensis Gray & Cannatella, 1985Peru Stubfoot Toad
A. petersi Coloma, et al., 2007Oyacachi Stubfoot Toad
A. petriruizi Ardila-Robayo, 1999Caquetá Stubfoot Toad
A. pictiventris Kattan, 1986Painted Stubfoot Toad
A. pinangoi Rivero, 1982Pinango Stubfoot Toad
A. planispina Jiménez de la Espada, 1875Napo Stubfoot Toad
A. podocarpus Coloma, et al., 2010Podocarpus Stubfoot Toad
A. pulcher Boulenger, 1882Río Huallaga Stubfoot Toad
A. pyrodactylus Venegas and Barrio, 2006Los Chilchos Stubfoot Toad
A. quimbaya Ruiz-Carranza and Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 1994Risaralda Stubfoot Toad
A. reticulatus Lötters, et al., 2002Tingo María Stubfoot Toad
A. sanjosei Rivero & Serna, 1989Anori Stubfoot Toad
A. seminiferus Cope, 1874Upper Amazon Stubfoot Toad
A. senex Taylor, 1952Pass Stubfoot Toad
A. sernai Ruiz-Carranza and Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 1994Serranía Las Baldías Stubfoot Toad
A. simulatus Ruiz-Carranza and Osorno-Muñoz, et al., 1994Belalcázar Stubfoot Toad
A. siranus Lötters and Henzl, 2000Serranía de Sira Stubfoot Toad
A. sonsonensis Vélez-Rodriguez and Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Sonsón Stubfoot Toad
A. sorianoi La Marca, 1983Cloud Forest Stubfoot Toad
A. spumarius Cope, 1871Pebas Stubfoot Toad
A. spurrelli Boulenger, 1914Condoto Stubfoot Toad
A. subornatus Werner, 1899Bogota Stubfoot Toad
A. tamaense La Marca, et al., Venezuela Stubfoot Toad
A. tricolor Boulenger, 1902Three-colored Stubfoot Toad
A. varius Lichtenstein & Martens, 1856Veragoa Stubfoot Toad
A. vogli Müller, 1934Las Penas Stubfoot Toad
A. walkeri Rivero, 1963Walker's Stubfoot Toad
A. willimani Donoso-Barros, 1969Bolivian Stubfoot Toad
A. zeteki Dunn, 1933Cerro Campana Stubfoot Toad
B. brongersmai Hoogmoed, 1972Tiznit Toad
BLYTHOPHRYNE – Andaman Bush Toads
B. beryet Chandramouli, et al., 2016Andaman Bush Toad
BUFO – Toads
B. ailaoanus Kou, 1984Ejia Toad
B. aspinius Rao and Yang, 1994Spineless Stream Toad
B. bankorensis Barbour, 1906Central Formosa Toad
B. beddomii Günther, 1876Beddome's Toad
B. berghei Laurenti, 1950Makamba Toad
B. brevirostris Rao, 1937Kempholey Toad
B. bufo Linnaeus, 1758Common European Toad
B. burmanus Andersson, 1939Burma Toad
B. chappuisi Roux, 1936Turkana Toad
B. chlorogaster Daudin, 1802Greenbelly Toad
B. cruciger Schmidt, 1846Cape Toad
B. cryptotympanicus Liu and Hu, 1962Hidden-eared Toad
B. dhufarensis Parker, 1931Oman Toad
B. eichwaldi Litvinchuk, et al., 2008Eichwald’s Toad
B. flavolineatus Vellard, 1959Capillochocha Toad
B. gabbi Taylor, 1952Talamanca Toad
B. gargarizans Cantor, 1842Chusan Island Toad
B. hadramautinus Cherchi, 1964Suia Hadramaut Toad
B. hololius Günther, 1876Malabar Toad
B. intermedius Günther, 1858Gunther's Tropical Toad
B. japonicus Temminck & Schlegel, 1838Japanese Toad
B. jordani Parker, 1936Namibia Toad
B. kavirensis Andren & Nilson, 1979Teheran Toad
B. koynayensis Soman, 1963Humbali Village Toad
B. luchunnicus Yang and Rao, 2008Luchun Stream Toad
B. melanogaster Hallowell, 1861Black-bellied Toad
B. menglianus Yang, 2008Menglian Stream Toad
B. minshanicus Stejneger, 1926Gansu Toad
B. olivaceus Blanford, 1874Olive Toad
B. pageoti Bourret, 1937Tonkin Toad
B. paracnemis Lutz, 1925Cururu Toad
B. parietalis Boulenger, 1882Indian Toad
B. perplexus Taylor, 1943Confusing Toad
B. regularis Reuss, 1833Square-marked Toad
B. rufus Garman, 1877Rusty Toad
B. scorteccii Balletto & Cherchi, 1970Scortecci's Toad
B. sibiliai Scorrtecci, 1929Ethiopian Toad
B. silentvalleyensis Pillai, 1981Silent Valley Toad
B. simus Schmidt, 1857Flat-nosed Toad
B. spinosus Daudin, 1803Spiny Toad
B. stejnegeri Schmidt, 1931Stejneger's Toad
B. stuarti Smith, 1929Stuart's Toad
B. sumatranus Peters, 1871Sumatra Toad
B. tibetanus Zarevskij, 1926Tibetan Toad
B. tienhoensis Bourret, 1937Tien-Ho Toad
B. torrenticola Matsui, 1976Honshu Toad
B. trifolium Tschudi, 1845Huanuco Toad
B. tuberculatus Zarevskij, 1926Qinghai Lake Toad
B. tuberospinius Yang, Liu, and Rao, 1996Dahoaping Spiny Toad
B. typhonius Linnaeus, 1758South American Common Toad
B. ushoranus Loveridge, 1932Ushora Toad
B. valhallae Meade-Waldo, 1909Pulo Weh Toad
B. verrucosissimus Pallas, 1814Caucasus Toad
B. wazae Hulselmans, 1977Waza Toad
BUFOIDES – Mawblang Toads
B. kempi Boulenger, 1919Garo Hills Tree Toad
B. meghalayanus Yazdani & Chanda, 1971Mawblang Toad
BUFOTES – Green Toads
B. balearicus Boettger, 1880Balearic Toad
B. boulengeri Lataste, 1879African Green Toad
B. latastii Boulenger, 1882Ladakh Toad
B. luristanicus Schmidt, 1952Lorestan Toad
B. oblongus Nikolskii, 1916Middle Asiatic Toad
B. pewzowi Bedriaga, 1898Xinjiang Toad
B. pseudoraddei Mertens, 1971Swat Green Toad
B. siculus Stöck, et al., 2008Sicilian Green Toad
B. sitibundus Pallas, 1771Thirsty Toad
B. surdus Boulenger, 1891Pakistan Toad
B. turanensis Hemmer, Schmidtler & Böhme, 1979Turanian Green Toad
B. variabilis Pallas, 1769Variable Green Toad
B. viridis Laurenti, 1768European Green Toad
B. zamdaensis Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1999Zamda Toad
B. zugmayeri Eiselt and Schmidtler, 1973Baloch Green Toad
C. deceptus Channing, et al., 2017Deception Peak Mountain Toadlet
C. magistratus Channing, et al., 2017Landdroskop Mountain Toadlet
C. rosei Hewitt, 1926Muizenberg Cape Toad
C. selenophos Channing, et al., 2017Moonlight Mountain Toadlet
C. tradouwi Hewitt, 1926Swellendam Cape Toad
CHURAMITI – Churamiti Tree Toad
C. maridadi Channing and Stanley, 2002Churamiti Tree Toad
CREPIDOPHRYNE – Cerro Utyum Toads
D. berthalutzae Izecksohn, 1994Santa Catarina Tree Toad
D. brevipollicatus Jiménez de la Espada, 1871Coastal Tree Toad
D. carvalhoi Izecksohn, 1994Carvalho's Tree Toad
D. krausae Cruz and Fusinatto, 2008Serra Geral Tree Toad
D. leucomystax Izecksohn, 1968Lowland Tree Toad
D. oreites Recoder, et al., 2010Serra das Lontras Tree Toad
D. organensis Carvalho-e-Silva, et al., 2010Serra dos Órgãos Tree Toad
D. proboscideus (Boulenger), 1882Beaked Tree Toad
D. skuki Caramaschi, 2012Itacaré Tree Toad
D. stawiarskyi Izecksohn, 1994Paraná Tree Toad
DIDYNAMIPUS – Four-digit Toads
D. sjostedti Andersson, 1903Four-digit Toad
D. atukoralei Bogert & Senanayake, 1966Yala Toad
D. beddomii Günther, 1876Beddome's Toad
D. brevirostris Rao, 1937Kempholey Toad
D. chandai Das, et al., 2013Nagaland Montane Torrent Toad
D. crocus (Wogan, et al., 2003Rakhin Yoma Toad
D. dhufarensis Parker, 1931Oman Toad
D. himalayanus Günther, 1864Himalaya Toad
D. hololius Günther, 1876Malabar Toad
D. kiphirensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Kiphire's Toad
D. kotagamai Fernando and Dayawansa), 1994Kotagama's Toad
D. mamitensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Mamit's Toad
D. manipurensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Manipur Toad
D. melanostictus Schneider, 1799Black-spined Toad
D. microtympanum Boulenger, 1882Small-eared Toad
D. mizoramensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Kolasib's Toad
D. nagalandensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Nagaland Toad
D. noellerti Manamendra-Arachchi and Pethiyagoda, et al., 1998Noellert's Toad
D. olivaceus Blanford, 1874Olive Toad
D. parietalis Boulenger, 1882Indian Toad
D. scaber (Schneider), 1799Schneider's Toad
D. silentvalleyensis Pillai, 1981Silent Valley Toad
D. stomaticus Lütken, 1864Assam Toad
D. stuarti Smith, 1929Stuart's Toad
D. sumatranus Peters, 1871Sumatra Toad
D. totol (Ohler), 2010Lubukbasung Toad
D. valhallae Meade-Waldo, 1909Pulo Weh Toad
D. wokhaensis (Mathew and Sen), 2009Wokha's Toad
EPIDALEA – Natterjack Toads
E. calamita (Laurenti), 1768Natterjack Toad
FROSTIUS – Frost's Toads
F. erythrophthalmus Pimenta and Caramaschi, 2007Uruçuca Toad
F. pernambucensis Bokermann, 1962Pernambuco Toad
GHATOPHRYNE – Torrent Toads
G. ornata GÜNTHER, 1876Black Torrent Toad
G. rubigina Pillai and Pattabiraman, 1981Silent Valley Torrent Toad
INCILIUS – Central American Toads
I. alvarius Girard, 1859Sonoran Desert Toad
I. aucoinae (O'Neill and Mendelson), 2004Aucoin's Toad
I. aurarius Mendelson, et al., 2012Cuchumatan Golden Toad
I. bocourti Brocchi, 1877Bocourt's Toad
I. campbelli Mendelson, 1997Campbell's Rainforest Toad
I. canaliferus Cope, 1877Dwarf Toad
I. cavifrons Firschein, 1950Mountain Toad
I. chompipe (Vaughan and Mendelson), 2007Cerro Chompipe Toad
I. coccifer Cope, 1866Southern Round-gland Toad
I. coniferus (Cope), 1862Evergreen Toad
I. cristatus Wiegmann, 1833Large Crested Toad
I. cycladen Lynch and Smith, 1966Northern Round-gland Toad
I. epioticus Cope, 1875Cerro Utyum Toad
I. fastidiosus (Cope), 1865Pico Blanco Toad
I. gemmifer Taylor, 1939Jewelled Toad
I. guanacaste (Vaughan and Mendelson), 2007Guanacaste Toad
I. holdridgei (Taylor), 1952Volcán Barba Toad
I. ibarrai Stuart, 1954Southern Round-glanded Toad
I. karenlipsae Mendelson and Mulcahy, 2010El Copé Toad
I. leucomyos (McCranie and Wilson), 2000La Muralla Toad
I. leutkenii Boulenger, 1891Yellow Toad
I. macrocristatus Firschein and Smith, 1957Huge-crested Toad
I. majordomus Savage, Ugarte, and Donnelly, 2013Cerro Bollo Toad
I. marmoreus Wiegmann, 1833Marbled Toad
I. mazatlanensis Taylor, 1940Sinaloa Toad
I. mccoyi Santos-Barrera and Flores-Villela, et al., 2011McCoy's Toad
I. melanochlorus Cope, 1877Dark Green Toad
I. nebulifer Girard, 1854Gulf Coast Toad
I. occidentalis Camerano, 1879Pine Toad
I. periglenes (Savage), 1967Golden Toad
I. peripatetes (Savage), 1972Almirante Trail Toad
I. perplexus Taylor, 1943Confusing Toad
I. pisinnus Mendelson, et al., 2005Michoacan Toad
I. porteri (Mendelson, et al., 2005Porter's Toad
I. signifer (Mendelson, et al., 2005Chiriquí Toad
I. spiculatus Mendelson, 1997Spiculate Toad
I. tacanensis Smith, 1952Volcan Tacana Toad
I. tutelarius Mendelson, 1997Chimalapas Toad
I. valliceps Wiegmann, 1833Southern Gulf Coast Toad
I. biporcatus Gravenhorst, 1829Indonesian Toad
I. celebensis Günther, 1859Celebes Toad
I. claviger Peters, 1863Benkulen Toad
I. divergens Peters, 1871Malayan Crested Toad
I. galeatus Günther, 1864Gamboja Toad
I. gollum Grismer, 2007Endau-Rompin Toad
I. kumquat Das & Kim, 2001Kumquat Toad
I. ledongensis Fei, Ye & Huang, 2009Ledong Toad
I. macrotis Boulenger, 1887Big-eyed Toad
I. parvus Boulenger, 1887Lesser Malacca Toad
I. philippinicus Boulenger, 1887Palawan Toad
I. quadriporcatus Boulenger, 1887Greater Malacca Toad
LAURENTOPHRYNE – Parkers Tree Toads
L. parkeri Laurent, 1950Parker's Tree Toad
LEPTOPHRYNE – Indonesia Tree Toads
L. borbonica Tschudi, 1838Java Tree Toad
L. cruentata Tschudi, 1838Indonesia Tree Toad
MELANOPHRYNISCUS – South American Redbelly Toads
M. admirabilis Di-Bernardo, et al., 2006Perau de Janeiro Red-bellied Toad
M. alipioi Langone, et al., 2008Serra do Capivarí Red-bellied Toad
M. atroluteus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Uruguay Red-bellied Toad
M. biancae Bornschein, et al., 2015Serra do Quiriri Red-bellied Toad
M. cambaraensis Braun & Braun, 1979Brazilian Red-bellied Toad
M. cupreuscapularis Céspedez and Alvarez, 2000Perichon Red-bellied Toad
M. devincenzii Klappenbach, 1968Rivera Red-bellied Toad
M. dorsalis (Mertens), 1933Coastal Red-bellied Toad
M. estebani Céspedez, 2008Alpa Corral Red-bellied Toad
M. fulvoguttatus (Mertens), 1937Villarica Red-bellied Toad
M. klappenbachi Prigioni and Langone, 2000Klappenbach's Red-bellied Toad
M. krauczuki Baldo and Basso, 2004Misiones Red-bellied Toad
M. langonei Maneyro, Naya, and Baldo, 2008Rivera Red-bellied Toad
M. macrogranulosus Braun, 1973Torres Red-bellied Toad
M. milanoi Baldo, et al., 2015Santa Catarina Red-bellied Toad
M. montevidensis Philippi, 1902Montevideo Red-bellied Toad
M. moreirae Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Maldonado Red-bellied Toad
M. pachyrhynus (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1920São Lourenço Red-bellied Toad
M. paraguayensis Céspedez and Motte, 2007Paraguay Red-bellied Toad
M. peritus Caramaschi and Cruz, 2011Pico do Selado Red-bellied Toad
M. rubriventris Vellard, 1947Yungas Red-bellied Toad
M. sanmartini Klappenbach, 1968San Martin Red-bellied Toad
M. setiba Peloso, et al., 2012Setiba Red-bellied Toad
M. simplex Caramaschi and Cruz, 2002São Joaquim Red-bellied Toad
M. spectabilis Caramaschi and Cruz, 2002Nova Teutônia Red-bellied Toad
M. stelzneri Weyenbergh, 1875Red-bellied Toad
M. tumifrons Boulenger, 1905Swelling Red-bellied Toad
M. vilavelhensis Steinbach-Padilha, 2008Ponta Grossa Red-bellied Toad
M. xanthostomus Baldo, et al., 2015Campo Alegre Red-bellied Toad
MERTENSOPHRYNE – Snouted Frogs; Mahenge Toads
M. anotis (Boulenger), 1907Chirinda Forest Toad
M. howelli (Poynton and Clarke), 1999Mrora Forest Toad
M. lindneri (Mertens), 1955Lindner's Dwarf Toad
M. lonnbergi (Andersson), 1911Lönnberg's Toad
M. loveridgei (Poynton), 1991Loveridge's Forest Toad
M. melanopleura (Schmidt and Inger), 1959Kankunde Toad
M. micranotis Loveridge, 1925Loveridges Snouted Toad
M. mocquardi (Angel), 1924Mocquard's Toad
M. nairobiensis (Loveridge), 1932Nairobi Toad
M. nyikae (Loveridge), 1953Nyika Dwarf Toad
M. schmidti Grandison, 1972Schmidt's Snouted Toad
M. taitana (Peters), 1878Taita Dwarf Toad
M. usambarae (Poynton and Clarke), 1999Usambara Forest Toad
M. uzunguensis (Loveridge), 1932Udzungwa Toad
METAPHRYNISCUS – Tepuy Marahuaca-Sur Toads
M. sosai Señaris, et al., 1994Tepuy Marahuaca-Sur Toad
NANNOPHRYNE – Central Andean Toads
N. apolobambica (De la Riva, et al., 2005Apolobamba Toad
N. cophotis (Boulenger), 1900Paramo Toad
N. corynetes (Duellman and Ochoa-M.0), 1991Abra Malaga Toad
N. variegata Günther, 1870Eden Harbour Toad
NECTOPHRYNE – African Tree Toads
N. afra Buchholz & Peters, 1875African Tree Toad
N. batesii Boulenger, 1913Bates' Tree Toad
NECTOPHRYNOIDES – African Live-bearing Toads
N. asperginis Poynton, et al., 1999Kihansi Spray Toad
N. cryptus Perret, 1971Secret Tree Toad
N. frontierei Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004Frontier Forest Toad
N. laevis Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004Smooth Forest Toad
N. laticeps Channing, et al., 2005Ukaguru Forest Toad
N. minutus Perret, 1972Minute Tree Toad
N. paulae Menegon, et al., 2007Mamiwa-Kisara Forest Toad
N. poyntoni Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004Poynton's Forest Toad
N. pseudotornieri Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004Uluguru Forest Toad
N. tornieri Roux, 1906Tornier's Tree Toad
N. vestergaardi Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004Vestergaard's Forest Toad
N. viviparus Tornier, 1905Morogoro Tree Toad
N. wendyae Clarke, 1988Uzungwe Scarp Tree Toad
N. occidentalis Angel, 1943Western Nimba Toad
OLLOTIS – Central American Toads
O. cryptica Señaris, 1995Auyan-tepui Bush Toad
O. dendronastes Lathrop and MacCulloch, 2007Mount Ayanganna Bush Toad
O. huberi Diego-Aransay & Gorzula, 1990Bolivar Bush Toad
O. macconnelli Boulenger, 1900MacConnell's Bush Toad
O. nigra Señaris, et al., 1994Kukenan-tepui Bush Toad
O. quelchii Boulenger, 1895Roraima Bush Toad
O. seegobini Kok, 2009Maringma-tepui Bush Toad
O. vasquezi Señaris, et al., 1994Ilú-tepui Bush Toad
O. weiassipuensis Señaris, et al., 2005Wei-Assipu-tepui Bush Toad
O. angel Yánez-Muñoz, et al., 2011El Ángel Plump Toad
O. antisana Hoogmoed, 1987Napo Plump Toad
O. bufoniformis Peracca, 1904Peracca's Plump Toad
O. cofanorum Mueses-Cisneros, et al., 2010La Bonita Plump Toad
O. guacamayo Hoogmoed, 1987Guacamayo Plump Toad
O. occidentalis Cisneros-Heredia and Gluesenkamp, et al., 2011Western Andean Plump Toad
O. percrassa Ruiz-Carranza & Hernández-Camacho, et al., 1976Herveo Plump Toad
O. puruanta Gluesenkamp and Guayasamin, 2008Laguna de Puruanta Plump Toad
O. simpsoni Páez-Moscoso, et al., 2011Ankaku-Zona Plump Toad
O. sumacoensis Gluesenkamp, 1995Volcán Sumaco Plump Toad
O. talipes Cannatella, 1986Cannatella's Plump Toad
PARAPELOPHRYNE – Hainan Little Toads
P. scalpta (Liu and Hu), 1973Hainan Little Toad
PEDOSTIBES – Asian Tree Toads
P. tuberculosus Günther, 1876Warty Asian Tree Toad
PELOPHRYNE – Flathead Toads
P. albotaeniata Barbour, 1938White-striped Flathead Toad
P. api Dring, 1983Gunung Api Flathead Toad
P. brevipes Peters, 1867Zamboanga Flathead Toad
P. guentheri Boulenger, 1882Gunther's Flathead Toad
P. lighti Taylor, 1920Mindanao Flathead Toad
P. linanitensis Das, 2008Batu Linanit Flathead Toad
P. misera Mocquard, 1890Black Flathead Toad
P. murudensis Das, 2008Gunung Murud Flathead Toad
P. penrissenensis Matsui, et al., 2017Gunung Penrissen Flathead Toad
P. rhopophilia Inger and Stuebing, 1996Bukit Lanjak Flathead Toad
P. saravacensis Inger and Stuebing, 2009Sungai Segaham Flathead Toad
P. signata (Boulenger), 1895Dwarf Flathead Toad
PELTOPHRYNE – Caribbean Toads
P. armata Landestoy T., et al., 2018Las Mercedes Carribean Toad
P. catauliciceps Schwartz, 1959Schwartz's Carribean Toad
P. empusa Cope, 1863Cope's Carribean Toad
P. florentinoi (Moreno and Rivalta), 2007East Cuba Carribean Toad
P. fluviatica Schwartz, 1972Dominican Carribean Toad
P. fustiger (Schwartz), 1960West Cuba Carribean Toad
P. guentheri Cochran, 1941Gunther's Carribean Toad
P. gundlachi Ruibal, 1959Gundlach's Carribean Toad
P. lemur Cope, 1869Lowland Carribean Toad
P. longinasus Stejneger, 1905Stejneger's Carribean Toad
P. peltocephala Tschudi, 1838Tschudi's Carribean Toad
P. taladai Schwartz, 1960Cuban Carribean Toad
PHRYNOIDIS – Rough Toads
P. asper (Gravenhorst), 1829Giant Asian Toad
P. juxtasper (Inger), 1964Giant River Toad
POYNTONOPHRYNUS – African Dwarf Toads
P. beiranus (Loveridge), 1932Beira Pygmy Toad
P. damaranus (Mertens), 1954Damarland Pygmy Toad
P. dombensis (Bocage), 1895Dombe Pygmy Toad
P. fenoulheti (Hewitt and Methuen), 1912Transvaal Pigmy Toad
P. grandisonae (Poynton and Haacke), 1993Mossamedes Pygmy Toad
P. hoeschi (Ahl), 1934Okahandja Pygmy Toad
P. kavangensis (Poynton and Broadley), 1988Kavango Pygmy Toad
P. lughensis (Loveridge), 1932Lugh Pygmy Toad
P. parkeri (Loveridge), 1932Mangasini Pygmy Toad
P. vertebralis (Smith), 1848Southern Pygmy Toad
PSEUDOBUFO – False Toads
P. subasper Tschudi, 1838False Toad
RENTAPIA – Asian Tree Toads
R. everetti (Boulenger), 1896Everett's Asian Tree Toad
R. hosii (Boulenger), 1892Brown Tree Toad
RHAEBO – Neotropical Smooth Toads
R. andinophrynoides Mueses-Cisneros, 2009Mueses-Cisneros Toad
R. atelopoides Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1981Western Andes Toad
R. blombergi Myers & Funkhouser, 1951Colombian Giant Toad
R. caeruleostictus Günther, 1859Blue-spotted Toad
R. colomai Hoogmoed, 1985Carchi Andes Toad
R. ecuadorensis Mueses-Cisneros, 2012Ecuadorian Forest Toad
R. glaberrimus Günther, 1869Cundinamarca Toad
R. guttatus Schneider, 1799Spotted Toad
R. haematiticus Cope, 1862Truando Toad
R. hypomelas Boulenger, 1913Choco Toad
R. lynchi Mueses-Cisneros, 2007Lynch's Toad
R. nasicus Werner, 1903Werner's Toad
R. olallai Hoogmoed, 1985Tandayapa Andes Toad
RHINELLA – Neotropical Beaked Toads
R. abei Baldissera, et al., 2004Santa Catarina Beaked Toad
R. achalensis Cei, 1972Cordoba Toad
R. achavali Maneyro, Arrieta, and de Sá, 2004Treinta ye Tres Toad
R. acrolopha Trueb, 1971Cerro Mali Beaked Toad
R. acutirostris Spix, 1824Sharp-nosed Toad
R. alata Thominot, 1884Panamanian Sharp-nosed Toad
R. amabilis Pramuk and Kadivar, 2003Loja Basin Toad
R. amboroensis Harvey and Smith, 1993Cochabamba Toad
R. angeli Rojas-Zamora, et al., 2022Loreto Proboscis Toad
R. arborescandens Duellman and Schulte, 1992Mendoza Pass Toad
R. arenarum Hensel, 1867Argentine Toad
R. arequipensis Vellard, 1959Rio Chili Toad
R. arunco Molina, 1782Concepcion Toad
R. atacamensis Cei, 1961Vallenar Toad
R. azarai Gallardo, 1965Upper Paraguay Toad
R. beebei Gallardo, 1965Rivero Toad
R. bergi Céspedez, 2000Berg's Toad
R. bernardoi Sanabria, et al., 2010Ischigualasto Toad
R. casconi Brito, and Thomé, 2014Serra de Baturit Beaked Toad
R. castaneotica (Caldwell), 1991Pará Beaked Toad
R. centralis Narvaes and Rodrigues, 2009Central Panamá Toad
R. ceratophrys Boulenger, 1882Horned Toad
R. cerradensis Maciel, et al., 2007Cerrado Toad
R. chavin Lehr, et al., 2001Pachitea Toad
R. chrysophora McCranie, et al., 1989Rio Viejo Toad
R. cristinae Vélez-Rodriguez and Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 2002Florencia Toad
R. crucifer Wied-Neuwied, 1821Striped Toad
R. dapsilis Myers & Carvalho, 1945Bom Jardim Toad
R. diptychus Cope, 1862Cope's Toad
R. dorbignyi Dorbignyi, 1841Dorbigny's Toad
R. fernandezae Gallardo, 1957Bella Vista Toad
R. festae Peracca, 1904Valle Santiago Beaked Toad
R. fissipes Boulenger, 1903Carabaya Toad
R. gallardoi Carrizo, 1992Gallardo's Toad
R. gildae Vaz-Silva, et al., 2015São Pedro da Água Branca Beaked Toad
R. gnustae Gallardo, 1967Rio Grande Toad
R. granulosa Spix, 1824Common Lesser Toad
R. henseli Lutz, 1934São Bento Toad
R. hoogmoedi Caramaschi and Pombal, 2006Santa Clara Toad
R. horribilis Wiegmann, 1833Giant Toad
R. humboldti Gallardo, 1965Rivero's Toad
R. icterica Spix, 1824Yellow Cururu Toad
R. inca Stejneger, 1913Inca Toad
R. inopina Vaz-Silva, et al., 2012São Domingos Toad
R. iserni Jimenez de la Espada, 1875Rio Perene Toad
R. jimi Stevaux, 2002Cana Brava Toad
R. justinianoi Harvey & Smith, 1994El Chape Toad
R. leptoscelis Boulenger, 1912Santo Domingo Toad
R. lescurei Fouquet, et al., 2007Haute Wanapi Toad
R. lilyrodriguezae Cusi, et al., 2017Lily Rodriguez’s Beaked Toad
R. limensis Werner, 1901Peru Coast Toad
R. lindae Rivero & Castano, 1990Murri Beaked Toad
R. macrorhina Trueb, 1971Santa Rita Beaked Toad
R. magnussoni Belterra Toad, 2007Belterra Toad
R. major Müller and Hellmich, 1936Chaco Toad
R. manu Chaparro, et al., 2007Cusco Toad
R. margaritifera Laurenti, 1768Crested Toad
R. marina Linnaeus, 1758Cane Toad
R. martyi Fouquet, et al., 2007Surinam Beaked Toad
R. merianae Gallardo, 1965Rio Essequebo Toad
R. mirandaribeiroi Gallardo, 1965Miranda Ribeiro's Toad
R. multiverrucosa Lehr, Pramuk, and Lundberg, 2005Paucartambo Toad
R. nattereri Bokermann, 1967Roraima Beaked Toad
R. nesiotes Duellman & Toft, 1979Laguna Toad
R. nicefori Cochran & Goin, 1970Colombian Beaked Toad
R. ocellata Günther, 1859Ocellated Toad
R. ornata Spix, 1824Ornate Beaked Toad
R. paragua Grant and Bolívar-Garcías, 2014Paraguas Toad
R. paraguayensis Ávila, et al., 2010Pantanal Toad
R. poeppigii Tschudi, 1845Gray Toad
R. proboscidea Boulenger, 1882Beaked Toad
R. pygmaea Myers & Carvalho, 1952Rio Parahyba Toad
R. quechua Gallardo, 1961Incachaca Toad
R. roqueana Melin, 1941Roque Toad
R. rostrata Moble, 1920Mesopotamia Beaked Toad
R. rubescens Lutz, 1925Rufous Toad
R. rubropunctata Guichenot, 1843South American Red-spotted Toad
R. ruizi Grant, 2000Bello Toad
R. rumbolli Carrizo, 1992Salta Toad
R. schneideri Werner, 1894Schneider's Toad
R. scitula Caramaschi and Niemeyer, 2003Mato Grosso do Sul Toad
R. sclerocephala Mijares-Urrutia and Arends-R., 2001Sierra de San Luis Toad
R. sebbeni Vaz-Silva, et al., 2015Goiás Beaked Toad
R. spinulosa Wiegmann, 1834Warty Toad
R. stanlaii Lötters and Köhler, 2000Cochabamba Toad
R. sternosignata Günther, 1859Falcon Toad
R. tacana Padial, et al., 2006Serranía Eslabón Toad
R. tenrec Lynch & Renjifo, 1990Antiquia Beaked Toad
R. truebae Lynch & Renjifo, 1990Trueb's Beaked Toad
R. unapensis Rojas-Zamora, et al., 2022Sand Forest Toad
R. vellardi Leviton & Duellman, 1978Alto Maranon Toad
R. veraguensis Schmidt, 1857Veragua Toad
R. veredas Brandão, Maciel, and Sebben, 2007Grande Sertão Veredas Toad
R. yanachaga Lehr, et al., 2007Yanachaga Toad
R. yunga Moravec, et al., 2014Pasco Toad
SABAHPHRYNUS – Asian Tree Toads
S. maculatus (Mocquard), 1890Spotted Asian Tree Toad
SCHISMADERMA – African Split-skin Toads
S. carens Smith, 1848Red Toad
SCLEROPHRYS – African Toads
S. arabica Heyden, 1827Arabian Toad
S. asmarae Tandy, et al., 1982Asmara Toad
S. blanfordii Boulenger, 1882Blandford's Toad
S. brauni Nieden, 1911Braun's Dead-leaf Toad
S. buchneri Peters, 1882Buchner's Toad
S. camerunensis Parker, 1936Oban Toad
S. capensis Tschudi, 1838Raucous Toad
S. channingi (Barej, et al., 2011Itombwe Toad
S. chudeaui Chabanaud, 1919Bata Marsh Toad
S. cristiglans Inger & Menzies, 1961Tingi Hills Toad
S. danielae Perret, 1945Ivory Coast Toad
S. djohongensis (Hulselmans), 1977Adamaoua Toad
S. dodsoni Boulenger, 1895Dodson's Toad
S. fuliginata Witte, 1932Shaba Province Toad
S. funerea Bocage, 1866Angola Toad
S. garmani Meek, 1897Garman's Toad
S. gracilipes Boulenger, 1899French Congo Toad
S. gutturalis Power, 1927Guttural Toad
S. kassasii Baha El Din, 1993Damietta Toad
S. kerinyagae Keith, 1968Keith's Toad
S. kisoloensis Loveridge, 1932Kisolo Toad
S. langanoensis Largen, Tandy & Tandy, 1978Lake Langano Toad
S. latifrons Boulenger, 1900High Tropical Forest Toad
S. lemairii Boulenger, 1901Pweto Toad
S. maculata Hallowell, 1855Hallowell's Toad
S. mauritanica Schlegel, 1841Berber Toad
S. pantherina Smith, 1828Panther Toad
S. pardalis Hewitt, 1935Gleniffer Toad
S. pentoni Andersson, 1893Shaata Gardens Toad
S. perreti Schiotz, 1963Perett's Toad
S. poweri Hewitt, 1935Kimberley Toad
S. pusilla (Mertens), 1937Lesser Cross-marked Toad
S. reesi Poynton, 1977Merera Toad
S. regularis Reuss, 1833African Common Toad
S. steindachneri Pfeffer, 1893Steindachner's Toad
S. superciliaris Boulenger, 1888Zaire Toad
S. taiensis (Rödel and Ernst), 2000Tai Toad
S. tihamica Balletto & Cherchi, 1973Balletto's Toad
S. togoensis Ahl, 1924Togo Toad
S. tuberosa Günther, 1859Fernando Po Toad
S. turkanae Tandy & Feener, 1985Lake Turkana Toad
S. urunguensis Loveridge, 1932Urungu Toad
S. villiersi Angel, 1940Villiers' Toad
S. vittata Boulenger, 1906Banded Toad
S. xeros Tandy, et al., 1976Subsaharan Toad
S. burnitelongensis Sarker, et al., 2019Burning Mountain Puppet Toad
S. gayoluesensis Sarker, et al., 2019Gayo Lues Highland’s Puppet Toad
S. harveyi Sarker, et al., 2019Harvey’s Puppet Toad
S. mandailinguensis Smart, et al., 2017Mandailing Puppet Toad
S. minangkabauensis Smart, et al., 2017Minangkabau Puppet Toad
STRAUCHBUFO – Mongolian Toads
S. raddei (Strauch), 1876Tengger Desert Toad
TRUEBELLA – Truebella Toads
T. skoptes Graybeal and Cannatella, 1995Junín Truebella Toad
T. tothastes Graybeal and Cannatella, 1995Ayacucho Truebella Toad
V. amatolicus (Hewitt), 1925Amatola Toad
V. angusticeps (Smith), 1848Cape Sand Toad
V. gariepensis (Smith), 1848Gariep Toad
V. inyangae (Poynton), 1963Inyanga Toad
V. robinsoni (Branch and Braack), 1996Paradise Toad
WERNERIA – Small-tongued Toads
W. bambutensis Amiet, 1972Bamboutos Smalltongue Toad
W. iboundji Rödel, et al., 2004Mt. Iboundji Smalltongue Toad
W. mertensiana Amiet, 1976Mertens' Smalltongue Toad
W. preussi Matschie, 1893Buea Smalltongue Toad
W. submontana Rödel, et al., 2004Cameroon Highlands Smalltongue Toad
W. tandyi Amiet, 1972Tandy's Smalltongue Toad
WOLTERSTORFFINA – Wolterstorff Toads
W. chirioi Boistel and Amiet, 2001Mt. Okou Wolterstorff Toad
W. mirei Perret, 1971Mout Okou Wolterstorff Toad
W. parvipalmata Werner, 1898Cameroon Wolterstorff Toad
X. koynayensis SOMAN, 1963Chrome-yellow Toad
X. tigerina Biju, et al., 2009Amboli Yellow Toad


CALYPTOCEPHALELLA – Helmeted Water Toads
C. gayi Duméril and Bibron, 1841Helmeted Water Toad
T. australis Formas, 1972Pelado Mountains False Toad
T. bullocki Schmidt, 1952Bullocks Mountains False Toad
T. ignotus Cuevas, 2010Los Queules False Toad
T. venustus Philippi, 1899Chile Mountains False Toad


CELSIELLA – Celsiella Glass Frogs
C. revocata (Rivero), 1985El Tovar Glass Frog
C. vozmedianoi (Ayarzagüena and Señaris), 1997Cerro El Humo Glass Frog
CENTROLENE – Giant Glass Frogs
C. acanthidiocephalum Ruiz-Carranza & Lynch, 1989Santander Giant Glass Frog
C. altitudinale Rivero, 1968Mountain Giant Glass Frog
C. antioquiense Noble, 1920Antioquia Giant Glass Frog
C. azulae Flores & McDiarmid, 1989Blue Giant Glass Frog
C. bacatum Wild, 1994Plan de Milagro Giant Glass Frog
C. ballux Duellman & Burrowes, 1989Burrowes' Giant Glass Frog
C. buckleyi Boulenger, 1882Buckley's Giant Glass Frog
C. charapita Delia, and Castroviejo-Fisher, 2014La Oliva Giant Glass Frog
C. condor Cisneros-Heredia and Morales-Mite, et al., 2008Cordillera del Cóndor Giant Glass Frog
C. daidaleum (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Albán Giant Glass Frog
C. geckoideum Jiménez de la Espada, 1872Pacific Giant Glass Frog
C. gemmatum Flores, 1985Pampas Giant Glass Frog
C. guanacarum Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Cauca Giant Glass Frog
C. heloderma Duellman, 1981Pichincha Giant Glass Frog
C. hesperium Cadle & McDiarmid, 1990Basecamp Giant Glass Frog
C. huilense Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Huila Giant Glass Frog
C. hybrida Ruiz-Carranza & Lynch, 1991Eastern Giant Glass Frog
C. ilex Savage, 1967Limon Giant Glass Frog
C. lemniscatum Duellman & Schulte, 1993Rioja Giant Glass Frog
C. lynchi Duellman, 1980Lynch's Giant Glass Frog
C. medemi Cochran and Goin, 1970Medem Giant Glass Frog
C. muelleri Duellman and Schulte, 1993Muller's Giant Glass Frog
C. notostictum Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1991Cordillera Giant Glass Frog
C. paezorum Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1986Colombian Giant Glass Frog
C. peristictum Lynch and Duellman, 1973Tandapi Giant Glass Frog
C. petrophilum Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1991Boyaca Giant Glass Frog
C. pipilatum Lynch and Duellman, 1973Amazon Giant Glass Frog
C. quindianum Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Quindío Giant Glass Frog
C. robledoi Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Antioquia Giant Glass Frog
C. sabini Catenazzi, et al., 2012Sabin's Giant Glass Frog
C. sanchezi Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1991Sanchez's Giant Glass Frog
C. savagei (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Savage's Giant Glass Frog
C. scirtetes Duellman and Burrowes, 1989Tandayapa Giant Glass Frog
C. solitaria (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Caquetá Giant Glass Frog
C. venezuelense (Rivero), 1968VenezuelanGiant Glass Frog
CHIMERELLA – Chimera Glass Frogs
C. corleone Twomey, et al., 2014Cainarachi Glass Frog
C. mariaelenae (Cisneros-Heredia and McDiarmid), et al., 2006Maria Elena's Glass Frog
COCHRANELLA – Cochran Frogs
C. balionota Duellman, 1981Mindo Cochran Frog
C. duidaeana Ayarzagüena, 1992Duida Cochran Frog
C. erminea Torres-Gastello, et al., 2007Sabetari Cochran Frog
C. euhystrix Cadle & McDiarmid, 1990Ridge Cochran Frog
C. euknemos Savage & Starrett, 1967San Jose Cochran Frog
C. geijskesi Goin, 1966Wilhelmina Cochran Frog
C. granulosa Taylor, 1949Grainy Cochran Frog
C. guayasamini Twomey, et al., 2014Tarapoto Cochran Frog
C. litoralis (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1996La Guayacana Cochran Frog
C. mache Guayasamin and Bonaccorso, 2004Río Aguacatal Cochran Frog
C. megista Rivero, 1985Urrao Cochran Frog
C. nola Harvey, 1996Samaipata Cochran Frog
C. phryxa Aguayo-Vedia and Harvey, 2006Pilón Lajas Cochran Frog
C. ramirezi Ruiz-Carranza & Lynch, 1991Ramirez's Cochran Frog
C. resplendens Lynch & Duellman, 1973Resplendent Cochran Frog
C. riveroi Ayarzagüena, 1992Rivero's Cochran Frog
C. xanthocheridia Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Risaralda Cochran Frog
ESPADARANA – Espada's Glass Frogs
E. andina (Rivero), 1968Andes Giant Glass Frog
E. audax (Lynch and Duellman), 1973Napo Giant Glass Frog
E. callistomma (Guayasamin and Trueb), 2007Esmeraldas Giant Glass Frog
E. durrellorum (Cisneros-Heredia), 2007Tzunantza Giant Glass Frog
E. prosoblepon (Boettger), 1892Nicaragua Giant Glass Frog
H. anachoretus Twomey, et al., 2014Abra Patriciaf Glass Frog
H. aureoguttatum Barrera-Rodrigues & Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1989Atrato Glass Frog
H. bergeri Cannatella, 1980Berger's Glass Frog
H. cappellei Van Lidth de Jeude, 1904Banded-Limb Glass Frog
H. carlesvilai Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2009Sandia Glass Frog
H. chirripoi Taylor, 1958Suretka Glass Frog
H. colymbiphyllum Taylor, 1949Plantation Glass Frog
H. dianae Kubicki, et al., 2015Diane's Bare-hearted Glass Frog
H. duranti Rivero, 1985Durant's Glass Frog
H. esmerelda Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1998Pajarito Glass Frog
H. flavidigitatum Reynolds & Foster, 1992Yellow-fingered Glass Frog
H. fleischmanni Boettger, 1893Fleischmann's Glass Frog
H. fragile Rivero, 1985Fragile Glass Frog
H. guairarepanense Señaris, 2001El Avila Glass Frog
H. iaspidiense Ayarzagüena, 1992Yuruani Glass Frog
H. ibama Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1998Santander Glass Frog
H. kawense Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2011Kaw River Glass Frog
H. mesai Barrio-Amorós and Brewer-Carias, et al., 2008Sarisariñama Glass Frog
H. mondolfii Señaris and Ayarzagüena, 2001Mondolf's Glass Frog
H. muiraquitan Oliveira and Hernández-Ruz, 2017Vitória do Xingu Glass Frog
H. munozorum Lynch & Duellman, 1973Upper Amazon Glass Frog
H. orientale Rivero, 1968Eastern Glass Frog
H. orocostale (Rivero), 1968Cerro Platillón Glass Frog
H. pallidum Rivero, 1985Guacharaquita Glass Frog
H. pellucidum Lynch & Duellman, 1973Rio Azuela Glass Frog
H. ruedai Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1998Chiribiquet Glass Frog
H. talamancae Taylor, 1952Talamanca Glass Frog
H. tatayoi Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2007Serranía de Perijá Glass Frog
H. taylori Goin, 1968Taylor's Glass Frog
H. tricolor Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2011Crique Wapou Glass Frog
H. valerioi Dunn, 1931La Palma Glass Frog
H. vireovittatum Starrett & Savage, 1973Starrett's Glass Frog
H. viridissimum (Taylor), 1942Northern Glassfrog
H. yaku Guayasamin, et al., 2017Yaku Glass Frog
IKAKOGI – Ikakogi Glass Frogs
I. tayrona (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Magdalena Giant Glass Frog
NYMPHARGUS – Glass Frogs
N. anomalus (Lynch and Duellman), 1973Napo Glass Frog
N. armatus (Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza), 1996El Cairo Glass Frog
N. bejaranoi (Cannatella), 1980Bolivian Glass Frog
N. buenaventura (Cisneros-Heredia and Yánez-Muñoz), et al., 2007Buenaventura Glass Frog
N. cariticommatus (Wild), 1994Cloud Forest Glass Frog
N. caucanus Rada, et al., 2017El Tambo Glass Frog
N. chami (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995Puerto de Oro Glass Frog
N. chancas (Duellman and Schulte), 1993San Martín Glass Frog
N. cochranae (Goin), 1961Cochran's Glass Frog
N. cristinae (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995El Chuscal Glass Frog
N. garciae (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995Inzá Glass Frog
N. grandisonae (Cochran and Goin), 1970Red-spotted Glass Frog
N. griffithsi (Goin), 1961Pepper Glass Frog
N. ignotus (Lynch), 1990Lynch's Glass Frog
N. lasgralarias Hutter and Guayasamin, 2012Las Gralarias Glass Frog
N. laurae Cisneros-Heredia and McDiarmid, et al., 2007Loreto Glass Frog
N. luminosus (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995Antioquia Glass Frog
N. luteopunctatus (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1996Cauca Glass Frog
N. mariae (Duellman and Toft), 1979Maria's Glass Frog
N. megacheirus (Lynch and Duellman), 1973Santa Rosa Glass frog
N. mixomaculatus (Guayasamin, et al., 2006Huánuco Glass Frog
N. nephelophila (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Florencia Glass Frog
N. ocellatus (Boulenger), 1918Spotted Glass Frog
N. oreonympha (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Caqueta Glass Frog
N. phenax (Cannatella and Duellman), 1982Tutumbaro Glass Frog
N. pluvialis (Cannatella and Duellman), 1982Pistipata Glass Frog
N. posadae (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995Posada Glass Frog
N. prasinus (Duellman), 1981Rio Calima Glass Frog
N. rosada (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1997Caldas Glass Frog
N. ruizi (Lynch), 1993Ruiz's Glass Frog
N. siren (Lynch and Duellman), 1973Rio Coca Glass Frog
N. spilotus (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1997Samaná Glass Frog
N. sucre Guayasamin, 2013Sucre ́s Glass Frog
N. truebae (Duellman), 1976Trueb's Glass Frog
N. vicenteruedai Velásquez-Álvarez, et al., 2007Guanentá Glass Frog
N. wileyi (Guayasamin, et al., 2006Yanayacu Glass Frog
RULYRANA – Rulyrana Glass Frogs
R. adiazeta (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1991Western Colombia Glass Frog
R. flavopunctata (Lynch and Duellman), 1973Yellow-spotted Glass Frog
R. mcdiarmidi (Cisneros-Heredia, et al., 2008McDiarmid's Glass Frog
R. saxiscandens (Duellman and Schulte), 1993Tarapoto Glass Frog
R. spiculata (Duellman), 1976Cuzco Glass Frog
R. susatamai (Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch), 1995Eastern Colombia Glass Frog
SACHATAMIA – Glass Frogs
S. albomaculata Taylor, 1949White-spotted Glass Frog
S. electrops Rada, et al., 2017Northern Colombia Glass Frog
S. ilex Savage, 1967Limon Giant Glass Frog
S. orejuela Duellman and Burrowes, 1989El Tambo Glass Frog
S. punctulata Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1995Spotted Glass Frog
TERATOHYLA – Monstrous Glass Frogs
T. adenocheira Harvey & Noonan, 2005Glandular-handed Glass Frog
T. amelie Cisneros-Heredia & Meza-Ramos, 2007Ameli Glass Frog
T. midas Lynch & Duellman, 1973Santa Cecilia Glass Frog
T. pulverata Peters, 1873Chiriqui Glass Frog
T. spinosa Taylor, 1949Spiny Glass Frog
VITREORANA – Vitreorana Glass Frogs
V. antisthenesi (Goin), 1963Aragua Glass Frog
V. baliomma Pontes, et al., 2014Serra de Itabiana Glass Frog
V. castroviejoi (Ayarzagüena and Señaris), 1997Cerro El Humo Glass Frog
V. eurygnatha (Lutz), 1925Rio Glass Frog
V. franciscana Santana, et al., 2015Casca D'Anta Glass Frog
V. gorzulae (Ayarzagüena), 1992Bolivar Glass Frog
V. helenae (Ayarzagüena), 1992Venezuela Glass Frog
V. parvula (Boulenger), 1895Santa Catarina Glass Frog
V. ritae (Lutz), 1952Rita's Glass Frog
V. uranoscopa (Müller), 1924Humboldt's Glass Frog


ALCALUS – Dwarf Mountain Frogs
A. baluensis Boulenger, 1896Balu Dwarf Mountain Frog
A. mariae Inger, 1954Palawan Dwarf Mountain Frog
A. rajae Iskandar, Bickford & Arifin, 2011Bukit Baka Bukit Raya Dwarf Mountain Frog
A. sariba Shelford, 1905Saribau Dwarf Mountain Frog
A. tasanae (Smith), 1921Tha Son Dwarf Mountain Frog
CORNUFER – Sticky-toed Frogs
C. acrochordus Brown, 1965Bougainville Sticky-toed Frog
C. aculeodactylus (Brown), 1952Torokina Sticky-toed Frog
C. adiastolus (Brown, et al., 2006New Britain Sticky-toed Frog
C. admiraltiensis (Richards, Mack, and Austin), 2007Admiralties Sticky-toed Frog
C. akarithymus (Brown and Tyler), 1968Pomugu Sticky-toed Frog
C. batantae (Zweifel), 1969Batanta Sticky-toed Frog
C. bimaculatus (Günther), 1999Wondiwoi Sticky-toed Frog
C. boulengeri Boettger, 1892Kandrian Sticky-toed Frog
C. browni (Allison and Kraus), 2001New Ireland Sticky-toed Frog
C. bufoniformis (Boulenger), 1884Warty Sticky-toed Frog
C. bufonulus (Kraus and Allison), 2007Nakanai Mts Sticky-toed Frog
C. caesiops (Kraus and Allison), 2009Jacquinot Bay Sticky-toed Frog
C. cheesmanae (Parker), 1940Cheesman's Sticky-toed Frog
C. citrinospilus (Brown, et al., 2013Tompoi Sticky-toed Frog
C. cryptotis (Günther), 1999Utowa Sticky-toed Frog
C. custos (Richards, Oliver, and Brown), 2015Manus Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. desticans (Brown and Richards), 2008Barora Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. elegans (Brown and Parker), 1970Elegant Sticky-toed Frog
C. exedrus ravers, et al., 2018Tompoi Camp Sticky-toed Frog
C. gigas (Brown and Parker), 1970Lake Loloru Sticky-toed Frog
C. gilliardi (Zweifel), 1960Gilliard's Sticky-toed Frog
C. guentheri (Boulenger), 1884Guenther's Sticky-toed Frog
C. guppyi (Boulenger), 1884Guppy's Sticky-toed Frog
C. hedigeri Brown, et al., 2015Solomon Islands Sticky-toed Frog
C. heffernani (Kinghorn), 1928Heffernan's Sticky-toed Frog
C. latro (Richards, Mack, and Austin, 2007Manus Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. macrops Brown, 1965Aresi Sticky-toed Frog
C. macrosceles (Zweifel), 1975Ti Sticky-toed Frog
C. magnus (Brown and Menzies), 1979Kavieng Sticky-toed Frog
C. malukuna (Brown and Webster), 1969Malukuna Sticky-toed Frog
C. mamusiorum (Foufopoulos and Brown), 2004Ivule-Sigole Sticky-toed Frog
C. manus (Kraus and Allison), 2009Lorengua Sticky-toed Frog
C. mediodiscus (Brown and Parker), 1970Buka Sticky-toed Frog
C. mimicus (Brown and Tyler), 1968Numundo Sticky-toed Frog
C. minutus (Brown and Parker), 1970Tiny Sticky-toed Frog
C. montanus (Brown and Parker), 1970Mountain Sticky-toed Frog
C. myersi (Brown), 1949Myers' Sticky-toed Frog
C. nakanaiorum (Brown, et al., 2006Northern Nakanai Mts Sticky-toed Frog
C. neckeri Brown and Myers, 1949Necker's Sticky-toed Frog
C. nexipus (Zweifel), 1975Baining Sticky-toed Frog
C. opisthodon (Boulenger), 1884Faro Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. paepkei (Günther), 2015Fakfak Mts Sticky-toed Frog
C. papuensis (Meyer), 1875Papua Sticky-toed Frog
C. parilis (Brown and Richards), 2008Kolopakisa Sticky-toed Frog
C. parkeri Brown, 1965Parker's Sticky-toed Frog
C. pelewensis (Peters), 1867PalauSticky-toed Frog
C. punctatus (Peters and Doria), 1878Dotted Sticky-toed Frog
C. schmidti (Brown and Tyler), 1968Schmidt's Sticky-toed Frog
C. solomonis Boulenger, 1884Lowland Solomon Sticky-toed Frog
C. sulcatus (Kraus and Allison), 2007Southern Nakanai Mts Sticky-toed Frog
C. trossulus (Brown and Myers), 1949Torakina Sticky-toed Frog
C. vertebralis (Boulenger), 1887Faro Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. vitianus (Duméril), 1853Fiji Sticky-toed Frog
C. vitiensis (Girard), 1853Levuka Sticky-toed Frog
C. vogti (Hediger), 1934Rambutyo Island Sticky-toed Frog
C. weberi (Schmidt), 1932Weber's Sticky-toed Frog
C. wolfi (Sternfeld), 1920Wolf's Sticky-toed Frog
C. wuenscheorum (Günther), 2006Yapen Island Sticky-toed Frog
LIURANA – Eastern Frogs
L. alpina Huang and Ye, 1997Alpine Eastern Frog
L. medogensis Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1997Medog Eastern Frog
L. xizangensis (Hu), 1977Xizang Eastern Frog
PLATYMANTIS – Wrinkled Ground Frogs
P. banahao Brown, et al., 1997Mt. Banahao Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. bayani Siler, et al., 2009Taft Forest Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. biak Siler, et al., 2010Bulacan Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. cagayanensis Brown, Alcala, and Diesmos, 1999Cagayan Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. cornutus Taylor, 1922Horned Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. corrugatus Duméril, 1853Philippine Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. diesmosi Brown and Gonzalez, 2007Mt. Malinao Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. dorsalis Duméril, 1853Dumeril's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. guentheri (Boulenger), 1882Guenther's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. hazelae Taylor, 1920Hazel's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. indeprensus Brown, Alcala, and Diesmos, 1999Undiscovered Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. insulatus Brown & Alcala, 1970Gigante Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. isarog Brown, Alcala, and Frost, 1997Mt. Isarog Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. lawtoni Brown & Alcala, 1974Lawton's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. levigatus Brown & Alcala, 1974Tablas Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. luzonensis Brown, et al., 1997Mt. Maquiling Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. mimulus Brown, Alcala, and Diesmos, 1997Los Banos Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. montanus (Taylor), 1922Montane Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. naomii Alcala, Brown, and Diesmos, 1998Naomi's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. negrosensis Brown, et al., 1997Negros Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. paengi Siler, et al., 2007Mt. Lihidan Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. panayensis Brown, Brown, and Alcala, 1997Panay Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. polillensis Taylor, 1922Polillo Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. pseudodorsalis Brown, Alcala, and Diesmos, 1999San Cristobal Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. pygmaeus Alcala, Brown, and Diesmos, 1998Palanan Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. quezoni Brown, et al., 2015Quezon Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. rabori Brown, et al., 1997Rabor's Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. sierramadrensis Brown, et al., 1999Sierra Madre Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. spelaeus Brown & Alcala, 1982Cave Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. subterrestris Taylor, 1922Luzon Wrinkled Ground Frog
P. taylori Brown, Alcala, and Diesmos, 1999Taylor's Wrinkled Ground Frog

CERATOPHRYIDAE – Common Horned Frogs

CERATOPHRYS – Common Horned Frogs
C. aurita Raddi, 1823Brazilian Horned Frog
C. calcarata Boulenger, 1890Colombian Horned Frog
C. cornuta Linnaeus, 1758Surinam Horned Frog
C. cranwelli Barrio, 1980Cranwell's Horned Frog
C. joazeirensis Mercadal de Barrio, 1986Joazeiro Horned Frog
C. ornata Bell, 1843Ornate Horned Frog
C. stolzmanni Steindachner, 1882Stolzmann's Horned Frog
C. testudo Andersson, 1945Ecuador Horned Frog
CHACOPHRYS – Chaco Horned Frogs
C. pierottii Vellard, 1948Chaco Horned Frog
LEPIDOBATRACHUS – Paraguay Horned Frogs
L. asper Budgett, 1899Paraguay Horned Frog
L. laevis Budgett, 1899Budgett's Frog
L. llanensis Reig & Cei, 1963Llanos Frog

CONRAUIDAE – Slippery Frogs

CONRAUA – Slippery Frogs
C. alleni Barbour & Loveridge, 1927Allen's Slippery Frog
C. beccarii Boulenger, 1911Filfil Slippery Frog
C. crassipes Buchholz & Peters in Peters, 1875Abo Slippery Frog
C. derooi Hulselmans, 1972Togo Slippery Frog
C. goliath Boulenger, 1906Giant Slippery Frog
C. robusta Nieden, 1908Cameroon Slippery Frog

CRAUGASTORIDAE – Fleshbelly Frogs

BARYCHOLOS – Chimbo Frogs
B. pulcher Boulenger, 1898Chimbo Frog
B. ternetzi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Savage's Chimbo Frog
B. abramalagae Lehr and Catenazzi, 2010Abra Málaga Moss Frog
B. bakersfield Chaparro, et al., 2015Lorohuachana Moss Frog
B. bustamantei Chaparro, et al., 2007Umasbamba Moss Frog
B. cophites Lynch, 1975Abra Acanacu Moss Frog
B. flammiventris Lehr and Catenazzi, 2010Vilcabamba Moss Frog
B. gymnotus Lehr and Catenazzi, 2009San Luis Moss Frog
B. hanssaueri Lehr and Catenazzi, 2009Acjanaco Moss Frog
B. nubilosus Lehr and Catenazzi, 2008Cosñipata Moss Frog
B. zonalis Lehr and Catenazzi, 2009Marcapata Moss Frog
CEUTHOMANTIS – Emerald-barred Frogs
C. aracamuni Barrio-Amorós and Molina, 2006Cerro Aracamuni Emerald-barred Frog
C. cavernibardus Myers and Donnelly, 1997Pico Tamacuari Emerald-barred Frog
C. duellmani Barrio-Amorós, 2010Sarisariñama Tepui Emerald-barred Frog
C. smaragdinus Heinicke, et al., 2009Wokomung Massif Emerald-barred Frog
CRAUGASTOR – Northern Rain Frogs
C. adamastus Campbell, 1994Sierra de Las Minas Robber Frog
C. alfredi Boulenger, 1898Alfred's Rain Frog
C. a. alfredi Boulenger, 1898Alfred's Rain Frog
C. a. conspicuus E. H. Taylor & H. M. Smith, 1945Southern Alfred's Rain Frog
C. amniscola J. A. Campbell & Savage, 2000Rivulet Rain Frog
C. anciano Savage, McCranie & Wilson, 1988Corquin Robber Frog
C. andi Savage, 1974Atlantic Robber Frog
C. angelicus Savage, 1975Angel Robber Frog
C. aphanus Campbell, 1994Montañas del Mico Robber Frog
C. augusti Dugès in Brocchi, 1879Common Robber Frog
C. a. cactorum Taylor, 1939Western Robber Frog
C. a. fuscofemora Zweifel, 1956Mexican Robber Frog
C. a. latrans Cope, 1880Eastern Robber Frog
C. aurilegulus Savage, McCranie & Wilson, 1988Rio Viejo Robber Frog
C. azueroensis Savage, 1975Azuero Robber Frog
C. batrachylus Taylor, 1940Tamaulipan Arboreal Robber Frog
C. berkenbuschii Peters, 1870Berkenbusch's Robber Frog
C. bocourti Brocchi, 1877Bocourt's Robber Frog
C. bransfordii Cope, 1886Bransford's Robber Frog
C. brocchi Boulenger, 1882Guatemala Robber Frog
C. campbelli Smith, 2005Campbell's Robber Frog
C. catalinae Campbell and Savage, 2000Río Cotón Robber Frog
C. chac Savage, 1987Izabal Robber Frog
C. charadra Campbell and Savage, 2000Northwestern Mountain Stream Robber Frog
C. chingopetaca Köhler & Sunyer, 2006Chingo Petaca Robber Frog
C. chrysozetetes McCranie, Savage & Wilson, 1989McCranie's Robber Frog
C. coffeus McCranie and Köhler, 1999Coffee Forest Robber Frog
C. crassidigitus Taylor, 1952Isla Bonita Robber Frog
C. cruzi McCranie, Savage & Wilson, 1989Cruz Robber Frog
C. cuaquero Savage, 1980Puntarenas Robber Frog
C. cyanochthebius McCranie and Smith, 2006Western Climbing Rainforest Robber Frog
C. daryi Ford & Savage, 1984Ford's Robber Frog
C. decoratus Taylor, 1942Adorned Robber Frog
C. emcelae Lynch, 1985Rio Claro Robber Frog
C. emleni Dunn and Emlen, 1932Francisco Morazán Mountain Stream Robber Frog
C. epochthidius McCranie and Wilson, 1997Northeastern Mountain Stream Robber Frog
C. escoces Savage, 1975Heredia Robber Frog
C. evanesco Ryan, et al., 2010Serranía de Tabasará Robber Frog
C. fecundus McCranie and Wilson, 1997Nombre de Dios Mountain Stream Robber Frog
C. fitzingeri Schmidt, 1857Fitzinger's Robber Frog
C. fleischmanni Boettger, 1892Fleischmann's Robber Frog
C. galacticorhinus Canseco-Marquez & E. N. Smith, 2004White-snouted Robber Frog
C. glaucus Lynch, 1967Gray Robber Frog
C. gollmeri Peters, 1863Evergreen Robber Frog
C. greggi Bumzahem, 1955Gregg's Stream Frog
C. guerreroensis Lynch, 1967Guerreran Robber Frog
C. gulosus Cope, 1875Cordillera de Talamanca Robber Frog
C. hobartsmithi Taylor, 1937Smith's Pigmy Robber Frog
C. inachus Campbell and Savage, 2000Motagua Valley Robber Frog
C. jota Lynch, 1980Rio Changena Robber Frog
C. laticeps Duméril, 1853Broad-headed Rain Frog
C. lineatus Brocchi, 1879Montane Robber Frog
C. loki Shannon & Werler, 1955Volcan San Martin Robber Frog
C. longirostris Boulenger, 1898Longsnout Robber Frog
C. matudai Taylor, 1941Matuda's Robber Frog
C. megalotympanum Shannon & Werler, 1955San Martin Robber Frog
C. melanostictus Cope, 1875Black-spotted Robber Frog
C. merendonensis Schmidt, 1933San Pedro Robber Frog
C. mexicanus Brocchi, 1877Mexican Rober Frog
C. milesi Schmidt, 1933Miles' Robber Frog
C. mimus Taylor, 1955Tilaran Robber Frog
C. monnichorum Dunn, 1940Dunn's Robber Frog
C. noblei Barbour & Dunn, 1921Noble's Robber Frog
C. occidentalis Taylor, 1941Taylor's Barking Frog
C. omiltemanus Günther, 1900Gunther's Robber Frog
C. palenque J. A. Campbell & Savage, 2000Palenque Robber Frog
C. pelorus J. A. Campbell & Savage, 2000Monstrous Rain Frog
C. podiciferus Cope, 1875Cerro Utyum Robber Frog
C. polymniae Campbell, Lamar & Hillis, 1989Sierra Juarez Robber Frog
C. pozo Johnson & Savage, 1995Poza Turipache Rain Frog
C. punctariolus Peters, 1863Bob's Robber Frog
C. pygmaeus Taylor, 1937Pigmy Robber Frog
C. raniformis Boulenger, 1896Robber Frog
C. rayo Savage & DeWeese, 1979Sabana Robber Frog
C. rhodopis Cope, 1867Polymorphic Robber Frog
C. rostralis Werner, 1896Snouted Robber Frog
C. rugulosus Cope, 1869Rugulose Rain Frog
C. rupinus J. A. Campbell & Savage, 2000Cliffy Stream Frog
C. saltator Taylor, 1941Omilteme Robber Frog
C. sartori Lynch, 1965Chiapas Dwarf Robber Frog
C. silvicola Lynch, 1967Forest Robber Frog
C. spatulatus Smith, 1939Spatulate Robber Frog
C. stejnegerianus Cope, 1893Stejneger's Robber Frog
C. stuarti Lynch, 1967Stuart's Robber Frog
C. talamancae Dunn, 1931Almirante Robber Frog
C. tarahumaraensis Taylor, 1940Tarahumara Barking Frog
C. taurus Taylor, 1958Golfito Robber Frog
C. taylori Lynch, 1966Taylor's Robber Frog
C. uno Savage, 1984Savage's Robber Frog
C. vocalis Taylor, 1940Taylor's Stream Frog
C. vulcani Shannon & Werler, 1955Volcan San Martin Rain Frog
C. xucanebi Stuart, 1941Xucaneb Robber Frog
C. yucatanensis Lynch, 1965Yucatan Robber Frog
C. zygodactylus Lynch & Myers, 1983Danubio Robber Frog
D. colonnelloi Ayarzagüena, 1985Tepui Marahuaca Frog
D. duidensis Rivero, 1968Mount Duida Frog
EUPARKERELLA – Guanabara Frogs
E. brasiliensis Parker, 1926Brazilian Guanabara Frog
E. cochranae Izecksohn, 1988Cochran's Guanabara Frog
E. cryptica Hepp, et al., 2015Sítio Igarapê Guanabara Frog
E. robusta Izecksohn, 1988Izecksohn's Guanabara Frog
E. tridactyla Izecksohn, 1988Three-toed Guanabara Frog
HADDADUS – Haddad's Rain Frogs
H. aramunha Cassimiro, et al., 2008Chapada Diamantina Rain Frog
H. binotatus Spix, 1824Clay Rain Frog
H. plicifer Boulenger, 1888Iguarasse Rain Frog
HOLOADEN – Highland Frogs
H. bradei Lutz, 1958Itatiaia Highland Frog
H. luederwaldti Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Luderwaldt's Highland Frog
H. pholeter Pombal, et al., 2008Theodoro de Oliveira Highland Frog
H. suarezi Martins and Zaher, 2013Bananal Highland Frog
HYPODACTYLUS – Hypodactylid Andes Frogs
H. adercus Lynch, 2003Betulia Andes Frog
H. araiodactylus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Chachapoyas Andes Frog
H. babax Lynch, 1989Narino Andes Frog
H. brunneus Lynch, 1975Carchi Andes Frog
H. dolops Lynch and Duellman, 1980Putumayo Andes Frog
H. elassodiscus Lynch, 1973Cuyuja Andes Frog
H. fallaciosus Duellman, 2000Leimebamba Andes Frog
H. latens Lynch, 1989Boqueron Andes Frog
H. lucida Cannatella, 1984Cannatella's Andes Frog
H. mantipus Boulenger, 1908Mantipus Andes Frog
H. nigrovittatus Andersson, 1945Black-banded Andes Frog
H. peraccai Lynch, 1975Peracca's Andes Frog
LYNCHIUS – Lynch's Andes Frogs
L. flavomaculatus Parker, 1938Yellow-spotted Andes Frog
L. nebulanastes Cannatella, 1984Canchaque Andes Frog
L. parkeri Lynch, 1975Parker’s Andes Frog
L. simmonsi Lynch, 1974Simmons' Big-headed Frog
NICEFORONIA – Niceforo's Andes Frogs
N. adenobrachia Ardila-Robayo, et al., 1996Tolima Andes Frog
N. columbiana Werner, 1899Monte Redondo Andes Frog
N. nana Goin and Cochran, 1963Santander Andes Frog
NOBLELLA – Heyer's Leaf Frogs
N. carrascoicola De La Riva & Köhler, 1998Carrasco Leaf Frog
N. coloma Guayasamin & Terán-Valdez, 2009Coloma's Nobel-Rainfrog
N. duellmani Lehr, Aguilar & Lundberg, 2004Duellman's Leaf Frog
N. heyeri Lynch, 1986Heyer's Leaf Frog
N. lochites Lynch, 1976Ecuado Leaf Frog
N. lynchi Duellman, 1991Lynch's Leaf Frog
N. madreselva Catenazzi, et al., 2015Madre Selva Leaf Frog
N. myrmecoides Lynch, 1976Loreto Leaf Frog
N. personina Harvey, et al., 2013Morona Santiago Leaf Frog
N. peruviana Noble, 1921Peru Andes Frog
N. pygmaea Lehr & Catenazzi, 2009Pygmy Leaf Frog
N. ritarasquinae Köhler, 2000Chapare Leaf Frog
OREOBATES – Big-Headed Rain Frogs
O. amarakaeri Padial, et al., 2012
O. ayacucho Lehr, 2007
O. barituensis Vaira & Ferrari, 2008
O. berdemenos Pereyra, et al., 2014
O. choristolemma Harvey and Sheehy, 0
O. crepitans Bokermann, 1965
O. cruralis Boulenger, 1902
O. discoidalis Peracca, 1895
O. gemcare Padial, et al., 2012
O. granulosus Boulenger, 1903
O. heterodactylus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937
O. ibischi Reichle, et al., 2001
O. lehri Padial, et al., 2007
O. lundbergi Lehr, 2005
O. machiguenga Padial, et al., 2012
O. madidi Padial, et al., 2005
O. pereger Lynch, 1975
O. quixensis Jiménez de la Espada, 1872Big-Headed Rain Frog
O. remotus Teixeira, et al., 2012
O. sanctaecrucis Harvey and Keck, 1995
O. sanderi Padial, et al., 2005
O. saxatilis Duellmann, 1990Tarapoto Big-headed Frog
O. zongoensis Reichle and Köhler, 1997
PHRYNOPUS – Andes Frogs
P. auriculatus Duellman and Hedges, 2008Oxapampa Andes Frog
P. badius Lehr, Moravec, and Cusi, 2012Maraypata Andes Frog
P. barthlenae Lehr and Aguilar, 2002Maraypata Andes Frog
P. bracki Hedges, 1990Brack's Andes Frog
P. bufoides Lehr, Lundberg, and Aguilar, 2005Paucartambo Andes Frog
P. chaparroi Mamani and Malqui, 2014Canchapalca Andes Frog
P. curator Lehr, Moravec, and Cusi, 2012Yanachaga-Chemillén Andes Frog
P. daemon Lehr, Moravec, and Cusi, 2012Achupampa Andes Frog
P. dagmarae Chávez, et al., 2015Chaglla Andes Frog
P. heimorum Lehr, 2001Conchamarca Andes Frog
P. horstpauli Lehr, Köhler, and Ponce, 2000Maraypata Andes Frog
P. interstinctus Lehr and Oróz, 2012Cordillera de Carpish Andes Frog
P. juninensis Shreve, 1938Junin Andes Frog
P. kauneorum Lehr, Aguilar, and Köhler, 2002Tomyarica Andes Frog
P. kotosh Lehr, 2007Huancapallac Andes Frog
P. laplacai Cei, 1968La Placa's Andes Frog
P. lechriorhynchus Trueb and Lehr, 2008Punta de Esperanza Andes Frog
P. miroslawae Chaparro, et al., 2008Santa Bárbara Andes Frog
P. montium Shreve, 1938Cascas Andes Frog
P. nicoleae Chaparro, et al., 2008Nicole's Andes Frog
P. oblivius Lehr, 2007Valle Vitoc Andes Frog
P. paucari Lehr, Lundberg, and Aguilar, 2005Bellavista Andes Frog
P. pereger Lynch, 1975Ayacucho Andes Frog
P. peruanus Peters, 1873Peters' Andes Frog
P. pesantesi Lehr, Lundberg, and Aguilar, 2005Huaguruncho Andes Frog
P. simonsii Boulenger, 1900Paramo Andes Frog
P. tautzorum Lehr and Aguilar, 2003Laguna Gwengway Andes Frog
P. thompsoni Duellman, 2000Yamobamba Andes Frog
P. tribulosus Duellman and Hedges, 2008Spiny Andes Frog
P. valquii Chávez, et al., 2015La Libertad Andes Frog
P. vestigiatus Lehr and Oróz, 2012San Pedro de Carpish Andes Frog
PRISTIMANTIS – South American Rain Frogs
P. aaptus Lynch & Lescure, 1980Colonia Rain Frog
P. abakapa Rojas-Runjaic, et al., 2013Abakapa Rain Frog
P. academicus Lehr, et al., 2010Puerto Almendras Rain Frog
P. acatallelus Lynch & Ruis-Carranza, 1983Cauca Rain Frog
P. acerus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Papallacta Rain Frog
P. achatinus Boulenger, 1898Cachabi Rain Frog
P. actinolaimus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998El Estadero Rain Frog
P. actites Lynch, 1979Lesser Pilalo Rain Frog
P. acuminatus Shreve, 1935Canelos Rain Frog
P. acutirostris Lynch, 1984Sharpsnout Rain Frog
P. adiastolus Duellman and Hedges, 2007Yanachaga Rain Frog
P. adnus Crawford, Ryan, and Jaramillo, 2010Cerro Piña Rain Frog
P. aemulatus Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Las Orquídeas Rain Frog
P. affinis Werner, 1899Cundinamarca Rain Frog
P. alalocophus Roa-Trujillo & Ruiz-Carranza, 1991Quindio Rain Frog
P. albericoi Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996Serranía de los Paraguas Rain Frog
P. albertus Duellman and Hedges, 2007Río San Alberto Rain Frog
P. almendarizi Brito-M. and Pozo-Zamora, 2013Kutukú-Shaimi Rain Frog
P. altae Dunn, 1942Mountain Rain Frog
P. altamazonicus Barbour & Dunn, 1921Amazon Rain Frog
P. altamnis Elmer and Cannatella, 2008Napo Rain Frog
P. ameliae Barrio-Amorós, 2012Sierra de la Culata Rain Frog
P. amydrotus Duellman and Lehr, 2007Monte Seco Rain Frog
P. andinognomus Lehr and Coloma, 2008Tapichalaca Rain Frog
P. anemerus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999El Tambo Rain Frog
P. angustilineatus Lynch, 1998Valle del Cauca Rain Frog
P. aniptopalmatus Duellman and Hedges, 2005Yanachaga Rain Frog
P. anolirex Lynch, 1983Santander Rain Frog
P. anotis Walker & Test, 1955Aragua Rain Frog
P. apiculatus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990La Plandada Rain Frog
P. appendiculatus Werner, 1894Pacific Rain Frog
P. aquilonaris Lehr, et al., 2007Alto Samaniego Rain Frog
P. ardalonychus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Río Cerranayacu Rain Frog
P. ardyae Reyes-Puig, et al., 2013Río Zúñag Rain Frog
P. atrabracus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Cordillera Colán Rain Frog
P. atratus Lynch, 1979Santiago Rain Frog
P. aurantiguttatus Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Antioquia Rain Frog
P. aureolineatus Guayasamin, et al., 2006Yasuni Rain Frog
P. aureoventris Kok, Means, and Bossuyt, 2011Wei Assipu Tepui Rain Frog
P. auricarens Myers and Donnelly, 2008Auyantepui Rain Frog
P. avicuporum Duellman and Pramuk, 1999La Peca Rain Frog
P. avius Myers and Donnelly, 1997Sierra Tapirapecó Rain Frog
P. bacchus Lynch, 1984Wine Rain Frog
P. baiotis Lynch, 1998Antioquia Rain Frog
P. balionotus Lynch, 1979Crest Rain Frog
P. bambu Arteaga-Navarro and Guayasamin, et al., 2011Cañar Rain Frog
P. baryecuus Lynch, 1979Morona Rain Frog
P. batrachites Lynch, 2003Sisavita Rain Frog
P. bearsei Duellman, 1992Bearse's Rain Frog
P. bellae Reyes-Puig and Yánez-Muñoz, 2012Tungurahua Rain Frog
P. bellator Lehr, et al., 2007Río Blanco Rain Frog
P. bellona Lynch, 1992Murri Rain Frog
P. bernali Lynch, 1986Argelia Rain Frog
P. bicantus Guayasamin and Funk, 2009Yanayacu Rain Frog
P. bicolor Rueda & Lynch, 1983Bi-colored Rain Frog
P. bicumulus Peters, 1864Caracas Rain Frog
P. bipunctatus Duellman and Hedges, 2005Oxapampa Rain Frog
P. boconoensis Rivero & Mayorga, 1973Bocono Rain Frog
P. bogotensis Peters, 1863Bogota Rain Frog
P. boulengeri Lynch, 1981Boulenger's Rain Frog
P. brevifrons Lynch, 1981Cali Rain Frog
P. briceni Boulenger, 1903Meridia Rain Frog
P. bromeliaceus Lynch, 1979Bromeliad Rain Frog
P. buccinator Rodriguez, 1994Cocha Cashu Rain Frog
P. buckleyi Boulenger, 1882Buckley's Rain Frog
P. bustamente Chaparro, et al., 2012Tabaconas Namballe Rain Frog
P. cabrerai Cochran & Goin, 1970Valle Rain Frog
P. cacao Lynch, 1992Cacau Rain Frog
P. caeruleonotus Lehr, et al., 2007Carmen de la Frontera Rain Frog
P. cajamarcensis Barbour & Noble, 1920Cajamarca Rain Frog
P. calcaratus Boulenger, 1908San Antonio Rain Frog
P. calcarulatus Lynch, 1976Spurred Rain Frog
P. cantitans Myers and Donnelly, 1996Cerro Yaví Rain Frog
P. capitonis Lynch, 1998Cauca Rain Frog
P. caprifer Lynch, 1977La Palma Rain Frog
P. carlosceroni Valencia, et al., 2013Ceron's Green Rain Frog
P. carlossanchezi Arroyo, 2007Sanchez' Rain Frog
P. carmelitae Ruthven, 1922Carmelita's Rain Frog
P. carranguerorum Lynch, 1994Boyacá Rain Frog
P. carvalhoi Lutz, 1952Carvalho's Rain Frog
P. caryophyllaceus Barbour, 1928La Loma Rain Frog
P. cedros Hutter and Guayasamin, 2015Los Cedros Rain Frog
P. celator Lynch, 1976La Delicia Rain Frog
P. cerasinus Cope, 1876Limon Rain Frog
P. ceuthospilus Duellman & Wild, 1993Wild's Rain Frog
P. chalceus Peters, 1873Valley Rain Frog
P. charlottevillensis Kaiser, et al., 1995Northeastern Tobago Rain Frog
P. chiastonotus Lynch & Hoogmoed, 1977Brownberg Rain Frog
P. chimu Lehr, 2007Cajamarca Rain Frog
P. chloronotus Lynch, 1970Green Rain Frog
P. chrysops Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996Valle del Cauca Rain Frog
P. citriogaster Duellman, 1992Throated Rain Frog
P. colodactylus Lynch, 1979Piura Rain Frog
P. colomai Lynch and Duellman, 1997Esmeraldas Rain Frog
P. colonensis Mueses-Cisneros, 2007Valle de Sibundoy Rain Frog
P. colostichos La Marca & Smith, 1982Las Canalejas Rain Frog
P. condor Lynch & Duellman, 1980Condor Rain Frog
P. conservatio Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2013Los Alcaravanes Rain Frog
P. conspicillatus Gunther, 1859Chirping Rain Frog
P. cordovae Lehr and Duellman, 2007Quiruvilca Rain Frog
P. corniger Lynch and Suárez-Mayorga, 2003Caquetá Rain Frog
P. coronatus Lehr and Duellman, 2007Carmen de la Frontera Rain Frog
P. corrugatus Duellman, Lehr, and Venegas, 2006Mariscal Cáceres Rain Frog
P. cosnipatae Duellman, 1978Rio Cosnipata Rain Frog
P. cremnobates Lynch & Duellman, 1980Rio Reventador Rain Frog
P. crenunguis Lynch, 1976Spring Rain Frog
P. cristinae Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1985Cristina's Rain Frog
P. croceoinguinis Lynch, 1968Santa Cecilia Rain Frog
P. crucifer Boulenger, 1899Porvenir Rain Frog
P. cruciocularis Lehr, et al., 2006Serranía del Perijá Rain Frog
P. cruentus Peters, 1873Chiriqui Rain Frog
P. cryophilius Lynch, 1979San Vincente Rain Frog
P. cryptomelas Lynch, 1979Cryptic Rain Frog
P. cuentasi Lynch, 2003Serranía del Perijá Rain Frog
P. culatensis La Marca, 2007La Culata Rain Frog
P. cuneirostris Duellman and Pramuk, 1999La Peca Rain Frog
P. curtipes Boulenger, 1882Intac Rain Frog
P. danae Duellman, 1978Cuzco Rain Frog
P. degener Lynch and Duellman, 1997Alto Tambo Rain Frog
P. deinops Lynch, 1996San Pedro Rain Frog
P. delicatus Ruthven, 1917Delicate Rain Frog
P. delius Duellman and Mendelson, 1995San Jacinto Rain Frog
P. dendrobatoides Means and Savage, 2007Wokomung Massif Rain Frog
P. devillei Boulenger, 1880De Ville's Rain Frog
P. deyi Gregory, and Catenazzi, 2013Rio Montecristo Rain Frog
P. diadematus Jimenez de la Espada, 1875Diadem Rain Frog
P. diaphonus Lynch, 1986Rio Calima Rain Frog
P. diogenes Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996El Tambo Rain Frog
P. dissimulatus Lynch and Duellman, 1997Quebrada Zapadores Rain Frog
P. divnae Lehr and von May, 2009Los Amigos Rain Frog
P. dorsopictus Rivero & Serna, 1987Serna's Rain Frog
P. duellmani Lynch, 1980Duellman's Rain Frog
P. duende Lynch, 2001Páramo del Duende Rain Frog
P. dundeei Heyer and Muñoz, 1999Chapada dos Guimarães Rain Frog
P. educatoris Ryan, Lips, and Giermakowski, 2010El Cope´ Rain Frog
P. elegans Peters, 1863Elegant Rain Frog
P. enigmaticus Ortega-Andrade, et al., 2015Pukayacu Rain Frog
P. epacrus Lynch and Suárez-Mayorga, 2000Florencia Rain Frog
P. eremitus Lynch, 1980Chiriboga Rain Frog
P. eriphus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Rio Jatuntinahua Rain Frog
P. ernesti Flores, 1987Ernest's Rain Frog
P. erythropleura Boulenger, 1896Colombian Rain Frog
P. esmeraldas Guayasamin, 2004Esmeraldas Rain Frog
P. espedeus Fouquet, et al., 2013French Guiana Rain Frog
P. eugeniae Lynch and Duellman, 1997Eugenia's Rain Frog
P. euphronides Schwartz, 1967Grenada Rain Frog
P. eurydactylus Hedges & Schluter, 1992Panguana Rain Frog
P. exoristus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Cordillera del Cóndor Rain Frog
P. factiosus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998El Estadero Rain Frog
P. fallax Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1999Deceptive Rain Frog
P. farisorum Mueses-Cisneros, et al., 2013Laguna de la Cocha Rain Frog
P. fasciatus Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2008Sierra de Perijá Rain Frog
P. fenestratus Steindachner, 1864Rio Mamore Rain Frog
P. festae Peracca, 1904Shy Rain Frog
P. fetosus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998Río Samaná Rain Frog
P. flabellidiscus La Marca, 2007Los Aranguren Rain Frog
P. flavobracatus Lehr, et al., 2006Selva Alta Rain Frog
P. floridus Lynch and Duellman, 1997Cotopaxi Rain Frog
P. frater Werner, 1899Meta Rain Frog
P. gagliardoi Bustamante and Mendelson, 2008La Libertad Rain Frog
P. gaigeae Dunn, 1931Fort Randolph Rain Frog
P. galdi Jimenez de la Espada, 1870Espada's Rain Frog
P. ganonotus Duellman & Lynch, 1988Yapitya Rain Frog
P. geminus Kaiser, et al., 2015Paria Twin Rain Frog
P. gentryi Lynch and Duellman, 1997Gentry's Rain Frog
P. ginesi Rivero, 1964Rangel Rain Frog
P. gladiator Lynch, 1976Papallacta Valley Rain Frog
P. glandulosus Boulenger, 1880Ecuador Rain Frog
P. gracilis Lynch, 1986Pinchinde Rain Frog
P. grandiceps Lynch, 1984Giant Rain Frog
P. gryllus Schmidt, 1920Cricket Rain Frog
P. guaiquinimensis Schlüter and Rödder, 2007Guaiquinima Tepui Rain Frog
P. gualacenio Urgilés, et al., 2014Río Gualaceño Rain Frog
P. gutturalis Hoogmoed, Lynch & Lescure, 1977Lower Matarony Rain Frog
P. hamiotae Flores, 1994Nono Rain Frog
P. hectus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Dwarf Rain Frog
P. helvolus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998Guatapé Rain Frog
P. hernandezi Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1983Hernandez's Rain Frog
P. hoogmoedi Kaiser, et al., 2015Hoogmoed’s Red-Eyed Rain Frog
P. huicundo Guayasamin, et al., 2004El Playón de San Francisco Rain Frog
P. hybotragus Lynch, 1992Agua Bonita Rain Frog
P. ignicolor Lynch & Duellman, 1980Fire Rain Frog
P. illotus Lynch and Duellman, 1997Dirty Rain Frog
P. imitatrix Duellman, 1978Imitator Rain Frog
P. imthurni Kok, 2013Ptaritepui Rain Frog
P. incanus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Rio Azuela Rain Frog
P. incertus Lutz, 1927Secret Rain Frog
P. incomptus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Santa Rosa Rain Frog
P. infraguttatus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Pardo de Miguel Rain Frog
P. inguinalis Parker, 1940New River Rain Frog
P. insignitus Ruthven, 1917Ground Rain Frog
P. inusitatus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Barking Rain Frog
P. ixalus Lynch, 2003Finca La Antigua Rain Frog
P. jabonensis La Marca, 2007El Jabón Rain Frog
P. jaguensis Rivera-Prieto, et al., 2014Embalse San Lorenzo Rain Frog
P. jaimei Lynch, 1992Jaimes' Rain Frog
P. jamescameroni Kok, 2013Apradatepui Rain Frog
P. jester Means and Savage, 2007Mt. Wokomung Rain Frog
P. johannesdei Rivero & Serna, 1987Urrao Rain Frog
P. jorgevelosai Lynch, 1994Piede la Cuesta Rain Frog
P. juanchoi Lynch, 1996Zingara Rain Frog
P. jubatus García and Lynch, 2006La Romelia Rain Frog
P. kareliae La Marca, 2005La Corcovada Rain Frog
P. katoptroides Flores, 1988Puyo Rain Frog
P. kelephus Lynch, 1998El Boquerón Rain Frog
P. kichwarum Elmer and Cannatella, 2008Jatun Sacha Rain Frog
P. kirklandi Flores, 1985Kirkland's Rain Frog
P. koehleri Padial and De la Riva, 2009Koehler's Rain Frog
P. labiosus Lynch, et al., 1994Labiated Rain Frog
P. lacrimosus Jimenes de la Espada, 1875Jimenez's Rain Frog
P. lancinii Donoso-Barros, 1965Lancini's Rain Frog
P. lanthanites Lynch, 1975Metallica Rain Frog
P. lasalleorum Lynch, 1995Páramo de Frontino Rain Frog
P. lassoalcalai Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Cerro Las Antenas Rain Frog
P. latericius Batallas-R. and Brito-M., 2014Tinguichaca Orange Rain Frog
P. laticlavius Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Burrowes' Rain Frog
P. latidiscus Boulenger, 1898Disc Rain Frog
P. lemur Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998Samaná Rain Frog
P. leoni Lynch, 1976Leon's Rain Frog
P. leptolophus Lynch, 1980Volcano Rain Frog
P. leucopus Lynch, 1976Rio Chingual Rain Frog
P. leucorrhinus Boano, et al., 2008El Cedro Rain Frog
P. librarius Flores and Vigle, 1994Puerto Misashualli Rain Frog
P. lichenoides Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1997Florencia Rain Frog
P. limoncochensis Ortega-Andrade, et al., 2015Pañacocha Rain Frog
P. lindae Duellman, 1978Santa Isabel Rain Frog
P. lirellus Dwyer, 1995Abra Tangarana Rain Frog
P. lividus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Bruised Rain Frog
P. llojsintuta Köhler and Lötters, 1999Sehuencas Rain Frog
P. longicorpus Kaiser, et al., 2015Long-bodied Paria Rain Frog
P. loujosti Yánez-Muñoz, et al., 2011La Candelaria Rain Frog
P. loustes Lynch, 979Maldonado Rain Frog
P. lucasi Duellman and Chaparro, 2008Abra Esperanza Rain Frog
P. lucidosignatus Rödder and Schmitz, 2009Light-spotted Rain Frog
P. luscombei Duellman and Mendelson, 1995Luscombe's Rain Frog
P. luteolateralis Lynch, 1976White-striped Rain Frog
P. lutitus Lynch, 1984Rio Luisito Rain Frog
P. lymani Barbour & Noble, 1920Lyman's Rain Frog
P. lynchi Duellman & Simmons, 1977Lynch's Rain Frog
P. lythrodes Lynch & Lescure, 1980Lescure's Rain Frog
P. maculosus Lynch, 1991Spotted Rain Frog
P. malkini Lynch, 1980Rio Ampiyacu Rain Frog
P. marahuaka Fuentes-Ramos and Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2004Cerro Marahuaca Rain Frog
P. marcoreyesi Reyes-Puig, et al., 2015Reye's Rain Frog
P. mariaelenae Venegas and Duellman, 2012Bunch-grass Rain Frog
P. marmoratus Boulenger, 1900Marbled Rain Frog
P. mars Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996Quebrada La Empalada Rain Frog
P. martiae Lynch, 1974Marti's Rain Frog
P. matidiktyo Ortega-Andrade and Valencia, 2012Juyuintza Rain Frog
P. mazar Guayasamin and Arteaga-Navarro, et al., 2013Mazar Rain Frog
P. medemi Lynch, 1994Quebrada Salinas Rain Frog
P. megalops Ruthven, 1917San Lorenza Rain Frog
P. melanogaster Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Black-bellied Rain Frog
P. melanoproctus Rivero, 1984Black-marked Rain Frog
P. memorans Myers and Donnelly, 1997Sierra Tapirapecó Rain Frog
P. mendax Duellman, 1978Pistipapta Rain Frog
P. meridionalis Lehr and Duellman, 2007Caraz Rain Frog
P. merostictus Lynch, 1984Bogotacito Rain Frog
P. metabates Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Chiriaco Rain Frog
P. miktos Ortego-Andrade and Venegas, 2014Evergreen Rain Frog
P. mindo Arteaga-Navarro, et al., 2013Mindo Rain Frog
P. minimus Terán-Valdez and Guayasamin, 2010Cordillera del Cóndor Rain Frog
P. minutulus Duellman and Hedges, 2007Oxapampa Rain Frog
P. miyatai Lynch, 1984Miyata's Rain Frog
P. mnionaetes Lynch, 1998Ramiqriqui Rain Frog
P. modipeplus Lynch, 1981Urbina Rain Frog
P. molybrignus Lynch, 1986Uribe Rain Frog
P. mondolfii Rivero, 1984Mondolfi's Rain Frog
P. moro Savage, 1965La Hondura Rain Frog
P. muchimuk Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Churi-tepui Rain Frog
P. munozi Rojas-Runjaic, et al., 2014Muñoz’s Rain Frog
P. muricatus Lynch & Miyata, 1980Rio Faisanes Rain Frog
P. muscosus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Abra Pardo de Miguel Rain Frog
P. museosus Ibáñez, et al., 1994Río Changuinola Rain Frog
P. mutabilis Guayasamin, et al., 2015Mutable Rain Frog
P. myersi Goin & Cochran, 1963Myers' Rain Frog
P. myops Lynch, 1998El Boquerón Rain Frog
P. nebulosus Henle, 1992Huanuco Rain Frog
P. nephophilus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Cordillera Central Rain Frog
P. nervicus Lynch, 1994Alto de Tigre Rain Frog
P. nicefori Cochran & Goin, 1970Niceforo's Rain Frog
P. nigrogriseus Andersson, 1945Charcoal Rain Frog
P. nubisilva Kaiser, et al., 2015Paria Cloud Forest Rain Frog
P. nyctophylax Lynch, 1976Tandapi Rain Frog
P. obmutescens Lynch, 1980Paramos Rain Frog
P. ocellatus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Ocellated Rain Frog
P. ockendeni Boulenger, 1912Carabaya Rain Frog
P. ocreatus Lynch, 1981Carchi Rain Frog
P. olivaceus Köhler, et al., 1998Olive Rain Frog
P. omeviridis Ortega-Andrade, et al., 2015Tambococha Rain Frog
P. onorei Rödder and Schmitz, 2009Onore's Rain Frog
P. orcesi Lynch, 1972Bolivar Rain Frog
P. orcus Lehr, et al., 2009Nueva Vida Rain Frog
P. orestes Lynch, 1979Urdaneta Rain Frog
P. ornatissimus Despax, 1911Ornate Rain Frog
P. ornatus Lehr, et al., 2006Cillapata Rain Frog
P. orpacobates Lynch, et al., 1994Los Orquídeas Rain Frog
P. orphnolaimus Lynch, 1970Lage Agrio Rain Frog
P. ortizi Guayasamin, et al., 2004Ortiz's Rain Frog
P. padiali Moravec, et al., 2010White-Spotted Green Rain Frog
P. padrecarlosi Mueses-Cisneros, 2006Floridablanca Rain Frog
P. pahuma Hutter and Guayasamin, 2015El Pahuma Rain Frog
P. paisa Lynch and Ardila-Robayo, 1999Cerro Padre Amaya Rain Frog
P. palmeri Boulenger, 1912Palmer's Rain Frog
P. paquishae Brito-M., et al., 2014Paquisha Rain Frog
P. paramerus Rivero, 1984Paramo Rain Frog
P. pardalinus Lehr, et al., 2006Huasahuasi Rain Frog
P. pardalis Barbour, 1928Leopard Rain Frog
P. parectatus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998Guatepé Rain Frog
P. pariagnomus Kaiser, et al., 2015Paria Dward Rain Frog
P. parvillus Lynch, 1976Pichincha Rain Frog
P. pastazensis Anderson, 1945Pastaza Valley Rain Frog
P. pataikos Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Leimebamba Rain Frog
P. paulodutrai Bokermann, 1975Paulo's Rain Frog
P. paululus Lynch, 1974Amazon Slope Rain Frog
P. pecki Duellman & Lynch, 1988Peck's Rain Frog
P. pedimontanus La Marca, 2004Cordillera de Mérida Rain Frog
P. penelopus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1999Streamside Rain Frog
P. peraticus Lynch, 1980Tenerife Rain Frog
P. percnopterus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Santa Rosa Rain Frog
P. percultus Lynch, 1979Zamora Rain Frog
P. permixtus Lynch, et al., 1994Río Combeima Rain Frog
P. peruvianus Melin, 1941Peru Rain Frog
P. petersi Lynch and Duellman, 1980Peter's Rain Frog
P. petrobardus Duellman, 1991Huambos Rain Frog
P. phalaroinguinis Duellman and Lehr, 2007Cajamarca Rain Frog
P. phalarus Lynch, 1998Serrania de los Paraguas Rain Frog
P. pharangobates Duellman, 1978Cusco Rain Frog
P. philipi Lynch and Duellman, 1995Cuenca Rain Frog
P. phoxocephalus Lynch, 1979Cotopaxi Rain Frog
P. phragmipleuron Rivero & Serna, 1987Sugar Robber Frog
P. piceus Lynch, et al., 1996Páramo de Letras Rain Frog
P. pinguis Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Celendin Rain Frog
P. pirrensis Ibáñez and Crawford, 2004Darien Rain Frog
P. platychilus Lynch, 1996Queremal Rain Frog
P. platydactylus Boulenger, 1903Flat-fingered Rain Frog
P. pleurostriatus Rivero, 1984Side-striped Rain Frog
P. polemistes Lynch and Ardila-Robayo, 2004Cañahonda Rain Frog
P. polychrus Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Agudelo Rain Frog
P. prolatus Lynch & Duellman, 1980Hidden Rain Frog
P. proserpens Lynch, 1979Sapote Rain Frog
P. pruinatus Myers and Donnelly, 1996Cerro Yaví Rain Frog
P. pseudoacuminatus Shreve, 1935Sarayacu Rain Frog
P. pteridophilus Lynch and Duellman, 1997Fern-loving Rain Frog
P. ptochus Lynch, 1998El Boquerón Rain Frog
P. pugnax Lynch, 1973Agua Rain Frog
P. pulvinatus Rivero, 1968Danto Rain Frog
P. punzan Reyes-Puig, et al., 2015Punzan's Rain Frog
P. puruscafeum Reyes-Puig, et al., 2015Pure Coffee's Rain Frog
P. pycnodermis Lynch, 1979Thick-skinned Rain Frog
P. pyrrhomerus Lynch, 1976Lynch's Pilalo Rain Frog
P. quantus Lynch, 1998Serranía de los Paraguas Rain Frog
P. quaquaversus Lynch, 1974Rio Coca Rain Frog
P. quicato Ospina-Sarria, et al., 2011La Sirena Rain Frog
P. quinquagesimus Lynch & Tueb, 1980Zapadores Rain Frog
P. racemus Lynch, 1980Las Hermosas Rain Frog
P. ramagii Boulenger, 1888Paraiba Rain Frog
P. reclusas Lynch, 2003Serranía del Perijá Rain Frog
P. reichlei Padial and De la Riva, 2009Los Guácharos Rain Frog
P. renjiforum Lynch, 2008Cundinamarca Rain Frog
P. repens Lynch, 1984Galeras Rain Frog
P. restrepoi Lynch, 1996Restrepo's Rain Frog
P. reticulatus Walker & Test, 1955Reticulate Rain Frog
P. rhabdocnemus Duellman and Hedges, 2005Yanachaga Rain Frog
P. rhabdolaemus Duellman, 1978Apurimac Rain Frog
P. rhigophilus La Marca, 2007Páramo de Guaramacal Rain Frog
P. rhodoplichus Duellman, 1978Canchaque Rain Frog
P. rhodostichus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Moyobamba Rain Frog
P. ridens Cope, 1866Rio San Juan Rain Frog
P. rivasi Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2010Rivas' Rain Frog
P. riveroi Lynch & La Marca, 1993Rivero's Rain Frog
P. riveti Despax, 1911Despax's Rain Frog
P. romanorum Yánez-Muñoz, et al., 2011Volcán Pichincha Rain Frog
P. roni Yanez-Munoz, et al., 2014Ron's Rain Frog
P. rosadoi Flores, 1988Rosado's Rain Frog
P. roseus Boulenger, 1918Andagoya Rain Frog
P. royi Morales, 2007Roy's Rain Frog
P. rozei Rivero, 1961Roze's Rain Frog
P. rubicundus Jimenez de la Espada, 1875Trench Rain Frog
P. ruedai Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Rueda's Rain Frog
P. rufioculis Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Cordillera Central Rain Frog
P. rufoviridis Valencia, et al., 2011Urbina Rain Frog
P. ruidus Lynch, 1979Molleturo Rain Frog
P. ruthveni Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1985Ruthven's Rain Frog
P. sagittulus Lehr, Aguilar, and Duellman, 2004San Alberto Rain Frog
P. salaputium Duellman, 1978River Rain Frog
P. saltissimus Means and Savage, 2007Falls Camp Rain Frog
P. samaipatae Köhler and Jungfer, 1995Samaipata Rain Frog
P. sanctaemartae Ruthven, 1917Santa Marta Rain Frog
P. sanguineus Lynch, 1998La Blanquita Rain Frog
P. sarisarinama Barrio-Amorós and Brewer-Carias, et al., 2008Sarisariñama Rain Frog
P. satagius Lynch, 1995Páramo de Frontino Rain Frog
P. savagei Pyburn & Lynch, 1981Pyburn's Rain Frog
P. schultei Duellman, 1990Schulte's Rain Frog
P. scitulus Duellman, 1978Yaraccyacu Rain Frog
P. scoloblepharus Lynch, 1991Los Patos Rain Frog
P. scolodiscus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Ricuarte Rain Frog
P. scopaeus Lynch, et al., 1996Anaime Rain Frog
P. seorsus Lehr, 2007Vilcabamba Rain Frog
P. serendipitus Duellman and Pramuk, 1999Cordillera Colán Rain Frog
P. shrevei Schwartz, 1967St. Vincent Island Rain Frog
P. signifer Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Cartago Rain Frog
P. silverstonei Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996Silverstone's Rain Frog
P. simonbolivari Wiens & Coloma, 1992Bolivar's Rain Frog
P. simonsii Boulenger, 1900Paramo Andes Rain Frog
P. simoteriscus Lynch, et al., 1997Páramo de los Valles Rain Frog
P. simoterus Lynch, 1980Albania Rain Frog
P. siopelus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Reserve Rain Frog
P. sirnigeli Yánez-Muñoz, et al., 2011Cordillera de Saloya Rain Frog
P. skydmainos Flores and Rodriguez, 1997Amazon Lowlands Rain Frog
P. sobetes Lynch, 1980Sobetes Rain Frog
P. spectabilis Duellman and Chaparro, 2008Santa Bárbara Rain Frog
P. spilogaster Lynch, 1984Gambita Rain Frog
P. spinosus Lynch, 1979Spiny Rain Frog
P. stenodiscus Walker & Test, 1955Periquito Rain Frog
P. sternothylax Duellman & Wild, 1993Huancabamba Rain Frog
P. stictoboubonus Duellman, Lehr, and Venegas, 2006Ullilen Rain Frog
P. stictogaster Duellman & Hedges, 2005Dapple-bellied Rain Frog
P. stictus González-Durán, 2016Marulanda Rain Frog
P. stipa Venegas and Duellman, 2012Ferreñafe Rain Frog
P. subsigillatus Boulenger, 1902Salidero Rain Frog
P. suetus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998El Estadero Rain Frog
P. sulculus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Channel Rain Frog
P. supernatis Lynch, 1980El Carmelo Rain Frog
P. surdus Boulenger, 1882Cloud Forest Rain Frog
P. susaguae Rueda-Almonacid, et al., 2003Rio Susaguá Rain Frog
P. taciturnus Lynch and Suárez-Mayorga, 2003Inzá Rain Frog
P. taeniatus Boulenger, 1912Banded Rain Frog
P. tamsitti Cochran & Goin, 1970San Adolfo Rain Frog
P. tantanti Lehr, et al., 2007Myaria Rain Frog
P. tanyrhynchus Lehr, 2007Cordillera de Vilcabamba Rain Frog
P. tayrona Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1985Cebolletta Rain Frog
P. telefericus La Marca, 2005Sierra Nevada de Merida Rain Frog
P. tenebrionis Lynch & Miyata, 1980Hotel Rain Frog
P. terraebolivaris Rivero, 1961Tobago Rain Frog
P. thectopternus Lynch, 1965Northern Cordilleras Rain Frog
P. thyellus La Marca, 2007Páramo El Batallón Rain Frog
P. thymalopsoides Lynch, 1976Greater Pilalo Robber Frog
P. thymelensis Lynch, 1972Thymelen Rain Frog
P. tinajillas Urgilés, et al., 2014Tinajillas Rain Frog
P. toftae Duellman, 1978Pachitea Robber Frog
P. torrenticola Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1998Stream-dwelling Rain Frog
P. trachyblepharis Boulenger, 1918El Topo Robber Frog
P. tribulosus Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1997Caldas Rain Frog
P. truebae Lynch and Duellman, 1997Trueb's Rain Frog
P. tubernasus Rivero, 1984Pregonero Rain Frog
P. tungurahua Reyes-Puig, et al., 2011Volcán Tungurahua Rain Frog
P. turik Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2008Mesa Turik Rain Frog
P. turpinorum Hardy, 2001Turpin's Tobago Rain Frog
P. turumiquirensis Rivero, 1961Turumiquire Robber Frog
P. uisae Lynch, 2003Alto Río Fonce Rain Frog
P. unistrigatus Gunther, 1859Striped Robber Frog
P. uranobates Lynch, 1991Caldas Rain Frog
P. urichi Boettger, 1894Lesser Antilles Robber Frog
P. vanadise La Marca, 1984La Marca's Rain Frog
P. variabilis Lynch, 1968Variable Robber Frog
P. veletis Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1997Pensilvania Rain Frog
P. ventrigranulosus Maciel, et al., 2012Fazenda Macaúba Rain Frog
P. ventriguttatus Lehr and Köhler, 2007Spot-bellied Rain Frog
P. ventrimarmoratus Boulenger, 1912Tungurahua Robber Frog
P. verecundus Lynch & Burrowes, 1990Zacualtipan Robber Frog
P. versicolor Lynch, 1979Loja Robber Frog
P. vertebralis Boulenger, 1886Vertebral Rain Frog
P. vicarius Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1983Coconuco Robber Frog
P. vidua Lynch, 1979Mountain Crest Rain Frog
P. viejas Lynch and Rueda-Almonacid, 1999San Carlos Rain Frog
P. vilarsi Melin, 1941Rio Uaupes Robber Frog
P. vilcabambae Lehr, 2007Chiquintirca Rain Frog
P. vinhai Bokermann, 1975Vinha Robber Frog
P. viridicans Lynch, 1977Cerro Munchique Robber Frog
P. viridis Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997Green Rain Frog
P. w-nigrum Boettger, 1892Zurucuchu Robber Frog
P. wagteri Venegas, 2007Los Cóndores Rain Frog
P. walkeri Lynch, 1974Walker's Robber Frog
P. waoranii McCracken, et al., 2007Waorani Rain Frog
P. wiensi Duellman & Wild, 1993Wiens' Robber Frog
P. xeniolum Lynch, 2001Cerro Calima Rain Frog
P. xestus Lynch, 1995Cerro Tatamá Rain Frog
P. xylochobates Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1996Las Amarillas Rain Frog
P. yaviensis Myers and Donnelly, 1996Cerro Yaví Rain Frog
P. yukpa Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2008Yukpa Rain Frog
P. yumbo Yánez-Muñoz, et al., 2011Tandacato Rain Frog
P. yuruaniensis Rödder and Jungfer, 2008Yuruani Rain Frog
P. yustizi Barrio-Amorós and Chacón-Ortiz, et al., 2004Merida Andes Rain Frog
P. zeuctotylus Lynch & Hoogmoed, 1977Sipalwini Robber Frog
P. zimmermanae Heyer & Hardy, 1991Zimmerman's Robber Frog
P. zoilae Mueses-Cisneros, 2007Valle de Sibundoy Rain Frog
P. zophus Lynch and Ardila-Robayo, 1999La Nevera Rain Frog
P. adenopleura Aguayo-Vedia and Harvey, 2001Monte Punko Cold Frog
P. ankohuma Padial and De la Riva, 2007Larecaja Cold Frog
P. bagrecito Lynch, 1986Bagrecito Cold Frog
P. boettgeri Lehr, 2006Phara Cold Frog
P. chacaltaya De la Riva, et al., 2007Sanja Pampa Cold Frog
P. chirihampatu Catenazzi and Ttito, 2016Japumato Cold Frog
P. condoriri De la Riva, et al., 2007Amaguaya Cold Frog
P. guillei De la Riva, 2007Chullina Cold Frog
P. harveyi Muñoz, et al., 2007Jatum Incacasani Cold Frog
P. iani De la Riva, et al., 2007Tacacoma Cold Frog
P. iatamasi Aguayo-Vedia and Harvey, 2001Chapare Cold Frog
P. illampu De la Riva, et al., 2007Sorotata Cold Frog
P. illimani De la Riva and Padial, 2007Nevado Illimani Cold Frog
P. kallawaya De la Riva and Martínez-Solano, et al., 2007Caalaya Cold Frog
P. katantika De la Riva and Martínez-Solano, et al., 2007Pelechuco Cold Frog
P. kempffi De la Riva, 1992Serranía Siberia Cold Frog
P. pinguis Harvey and Ergueta-Sandoval, 1998Choquetanga Chico Cold Frog
P. quimsacruzis De la Riva, et al., 2007Quime Cold Frog
P. saltator De la Riva, et al., 2007Charazani Cold Frog
P. teqta De la Riva and Burrowes, 2014Pablo Amaya Cold Frog
P. usurpator De la Riva, et al., 2008Abra Acjanacu Cold Frog
P. wettsteini Parker, 1932Unduavi Cold Frog
STRABOMANTIS – Strabomantid Rain Frogs
S. anatipes Lynch and Myers, 1983Anatipes Rain Frog
S. anomalus Boulenger, 1898Choco Rain Frog
S. biporcatus Peters, 1863Puerto Cabello Rain Frog
S. bufoniformis Boulenger, 1896Rusty Rain Frog
S. cadenai Lynch, 1986Nutibara Rain Frog
S. cerastes Lynch, 1975Palma Real Rain Frog
S. cheiroplethus Lynch, 1990Rio Calles Rain Frog
S. cornutus Jiménez de la Espada, 1870Rio Suno Rain Frog
S. helonotus Lynch, 1975Rio Pitzara Rain Frog
S. ingeri Cochran and Goin, 1961Inger's Rain Frog
S. laticorpus Myers and Lynch, 1997Cerro Tacarcuna Rain Frog
S. necerus Lynch, 1975Mindo Rain Frog
S. necopinus Lynch, 1997Quebrada las Cruces Rain Frog
S. ruizi Lynch, 1981Yotoco Rain Frog
S. sulcatus Cope, 1874Nauta Rain Frog
S. zygodactylus Lynch and Myers, 1983Danubio Rain Frog
TACHIRAMANTIS – Táchira Robber Frogs
T. douglasi Lynch, 1996Bucaramanga Robber Frog
T. lentiginosus Rivero, 1984Guacharaquita Robber Frog
T. prolixodiscus Lynch, 1978Zumbador Robber Frog
YUNGANASTES – Yunga Robber Frogs
Y. ashkapara Köhler, 2000Chapare Robber Frog
Y. bisignatus Werner, 1899Unduavi Robber Frog
Y. fraudator Lynch and McDiarmid, 1987Cochabamba Robber Frog
Y. mercedesae Lynch and McDiarmid, 1987Mercedes' Robber Frog
Y. pluvicanorus De la Riva and Lynch, 1997Río Chua Kocha Robber Frog


C. acangatan Verdade and Rodrigues, 2003Serra de Paranapiacaba Button Frog
C. asper Werner, 1899Werner's Button Frog
C. bandeirensis Heyer, 1983Bandeira Button Frog
C. bolitoglossus Werner, 1897Blumenau Button Frog
C. boraceiensis Heyer, 1983Boraceia Button Frog
C. brasiliensis Steindachner, 1864Brazilian Button Frog
C. carvalhoi Heyer, 1983Carvalho's Button Frog
C. catarinensis Heyer, 1983Santa Catarina Button Frog
C. cedrensis Heyer, 1983Cedros Button Frog
C. diringshofeni Bokermann, 1957Sao Bento Button Frog
C. dubius Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Sao Paulo Button Frog
C. duseni Andersson, 1914Ypiranga Button Frog
C. eleutherodactylus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Alto Button Frog
C. faustoi Brasileiro, et al., 2007Ilha dos Alcatrazes Button Frog
C. fuliginosus Tschudi, 1838Tschudi's Button Frog
C. granulosus Lutz, 1929Granular Button Frog
C. izecksohni Heyer, 1983Izecksohn's Button Frog
C. juimirim Haddad & Sazima, 1989Rio Verde Button Frog
C. lithomimeticus Silva and Ouvernay, 2012Cachoeira de Itinguçu Button Frog
C. lutzorum Heyer, 1983Lutzs' Button Frog
C. migueli Heyer, 1988Miguel's Button Frog
C. mirandaribeiroi Heyer, 1983Miranda's Button Frog
C. ohausi Wandolleck, 1907Wandolleck's Button Frog
C. organensis Weber, et al., 2011Serra dos Órgãos Button Frog
C. rhyakonastes Heyer, 1983Heyer's Button Frog
C. semipalmatus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Campo Grande Button Frog
C. stejnegeri Noble, 1924Stejneger's Button Frog
C. valae Heyer, 1983Gruta Button Frog
THOROPA – River Frogs
T. lutzi Cochran, 1938Lutz's River Frog
T. megatympanum Caramaschi & Sazima, 1984Big-eared River Frog
T. miliaris Spix, 1824Military River Frog
T. petropolitana Wandolleck, 1907Petropolis River Frog
T. saxatilis Cocroft & Heyer, 1988Brazilian River Frog
T. taophora (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1923Serra do Mar River Frog
ZACHAENUS – Bug-eyed Frogs
Z. carvalhoi Izecksohn, 1983Carvalho's Bug-eyed Frog
Z. parvulus Girard, 1853Rio Bug-eyed Frog


A. castaneoticus Caldwell & Myers, 1990Brazil-nut Poison Frog
A. galactonotus Steindachner, 1864Splashback Poison Frog
A. quinquevittatus Steindachner, 1864Rio Madeira Poison Frog
AMEEREGA – Ameerega Poison Frogs
A. altamazonica Twomey and Brown, 2008Amazon Poison Frog
A. bassleri Melin, 1941Pleasing Poison Frog
A. berohoka Vaz-Silva and Maciel, 2011Goiás Poison Frog
A. bilinguis Jungfer, 1989Ecuador Poison Frog
A. boehmei Lötters, et al., 2009Chiquitanía Poison Frog
A. boliviana Boulenger, 1902Bolivian Poison Frog
A. braccata (Steindachner), 1864Mato Grosso Poison Frog
A. cainarachi Schulte, 1989Cainarachi Poison Frog
A. flavopicta Lutz, 1925Lutz's Poison Frog
A. hahneli Boulenger, 1884Pale-striped Poison Frog
A. ignipedis Brown and Twomey, 2009Serranía de Contamana Poison Frog
A. ingeri Cochran & Goin, 1970Niceforo's Poison Frog
A. labialis (Cope), 1874Nauta Poison Frog
A. macero Rodriguez & Myers, 1993Manu Poison Frog
A. maculata Peters, 1873Confusing Poison Frog
A. munduruku Neves, et al., 2017Jacareacanga Poison Frog
A. parvula Boulenger, 1882Ruby Poison Frog
A. pepperi Brown & Twomey, 2009Valle de Huallaga Poison Frog
A. petersi Silverstone, 1976Peru Poison Frog
A. picta Bibron, 1838Spot-legged Poison Frog
A. planipaleae (Morales and Velazco), 1998Oxapampa Poison Frog
A. pongoensis (Schulte), 1999Pongo de Aguirre Poison Frog
A. pulchripecta Silverstone, 1976Blue-breasted Poison Frog
A. rubriventris (Lötters, et al., 1997Cordillera Azul Poison Frog
A. shihuemoy Serrano-Rojas, et al., 2017Manu Poison Frog
A. silverstonei Myers & Daly, 1979Silverstone's Poison Frog
A. simulans (Myers, et al., 1998Río Madre de Dios Poison Frog
A. smaragdina Silverstone, 1976Emerald Poison Frog
A. trivittata Spix, 1824Three-striped Poison Frog
A. yoshina Brown and Twomey, 2009Serranía de Contamana Poison Frog
A. yungicola (Lötters, et al., 2005Yungas de La Paz Poison Frog
ANDINOBATES – Poison Frogs
A. abditus (Myers and Daly), 1976Volcán Reventardor Poison Frog
A. altobueyensis (Silverstone), 1975Alto de Buey Poison Frog
A. bombetes (Myers and Daly), 1980Cauca Poison Frog
A. cassidyhornae Amézquita, et al., 2013Chocó Poison Frog
A. claudiae (Jungfer, et al., 2000Claudia's Poison Frog
A. daleswansoni (Rueda-Almonacid, et al., 2006Samaná
A. dorisswansonae (Rueda-Almonacid, et al., 2006Tolima
A. fulguritus (Silverstone), 1975Yellow-bellied Poison Frog
A. geminisae Batista, et al., 2014Río Belén
A. minutus (Shreve), 1935Blue-bellied Poison Frog
A. opisthomelas (Boulenger), 1899Andean Poison Frog
A. tolimensis (Bernal-Bautista, et al., 2007La Lulera
A. victimatus Márquez, et al., 2017Urabá
A. viridis (Myers and Daly), 1976Green Poison Frog
A. virolinensis (Ruiz-Carranza and Ramírez-Pinilla), et al., 1992Santander Poison Frog
COLOSTETHUS – Rocket Frogs
C. agilis Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1985Cauca Rocket Frog
C. alacris Rivero & Granados-Díaz, 1990Finca Primavera Rocket Frog
C. brachistriatus Rivero & Serna, 1986Stripe-throated Rocket Frog
C. carioca Bokermann, 1967Guanabara Rocket Frog
C. dunni Rivero, 1961Dunn's Rocket Frog
C. dysprosium Rivero and Serna, 2000Orquídeas Rocket Frog
C. fraterdanieli Silverstone, 1971Santa Rita Rocket Frog
C. furviventris Rivero and Serna, 1991Antadó Rocket Frog
C. imbricolus Silverstone, 1975Silverstone's Rocket Frog
C. inguinalis Cope, 1868Common Rocket Frog
C. jacobuspetersi Rivero, 1991Quito Rocket Frog
C. latinasus Cope, 1863Truando Rocket Frog
C. lynchi Grant, 1998Apartadó Rocket Frog
C. mertensi Cochran & Goin, 1964Mertens' Rocket Frog
C. panamansis (Dunn), 1933Panamanian Rocket Frog
C. poecilonotus Rivero, 1991Amazonas Rocket Frog
C. pratti Boulenger, 1899Pratt's Rocket Frog
C. thorntoni Cochran & Goin, 1970Thornton's Rocket Frog
C. ucumari Grant, 2007Ucumarí Rocket Frog
C. yaguara Rivero and Serna, 1991Ituango Rocket Frog
DENDROBATES – Poison Frogs
D. auratus Girard, 1855Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
D. azureus Hoogmoed, 1969Blue Poison Frog
D. biolat Morales, 1992Biolat Poison Frog
D. lamasi Morales, 1992Pasco Poison Frog
D. leucomelas Steindachner, 1864Yellow-headed Poison Frog
D. nubeculosus Jungfer and Böhme, 2004Rockstone Poison Frog
D. rufulus Gorzula, 1990Gorzula's Poison Frog
D. tinctorius Cuvier, 1797Dyeing Poison Frog
D. truncatus Cope, 1861Yellow-striped Poison Frog
E. absconditus Grant, et al., 2017La Costa Rocket Frog
E. astralogaster (Myers, et al., 2012Cerro Brewster Rocket Frog
E. atopoglossus (Grant, Humphrey, and Myers), 1997El Boquerón Rocket Frog
E. confusus (Myers and Grant, 2009Confusing Rocket Frog
E. isthminus (Myers, et al., 2012Chagres Highlands Rocket Frog
E. lacrimosus (Myers), 1991Lowland Rocket Frog
E. saxatilis Grant, et al., 2017Cerro Tacarcuna Rocket Frog
EPIPEDOBATES – Phantasmal Poison Frogs
E. anthonyi (Noble), 1921El Oro Poison Frog
E. azureiventis Kneller & Henle, 1985Sky-blue Poison Frog
E. boulengeri Barbour, 1909Marbled Poison Frog
E. darwinwallacei Cisneros-Heredia, et al., 2011Darwin Wallace Poison Frog
E. espinosai Funkhouser, 1956Espinosa Poison Frog
E. femoralis Boulenger, 1884Brilliant-thighed Poison Frog
E. machalilla (Coloma), 1995Pacific Lowland Poison Frog
E. maculatus (Peters), 1873Confusing Poison Frog
E. narinensis Mueses-Cisneros, et al., 2008Nariño Poison Frog
E. tricolor Boulenger, 1899Phantasmal Poison Frog
EXCIDOBATES – Poison Frogs
E. captivus (Myers), 1982Rio Santiago Poison Frog
E. condor Almendáriz, et al., 2012Paquisha Poison Frog
E. mysteriosus (Myers), 1982Maranon Poison Frog
HYLOXALUS – Rocket Frogs
H. abditaurantius (Silverstone), 1975Bello Rocket Frog
H. aeruginosus (Duellman), 2004Abra Pardo de Miguel Rocket Frog
H. anthracinus (Edwards), 1971Páramo de Raranga Rocket Frog
H. awa (Coloma), 1995Awa Rocket Frog
H. azureiventris (Kneller and Henle), 1985Sky Blue Rocket Frog
H. betancuri (Rivero and Serna), 1991Antadó Rocket Frog
H. bocagei Jiménez de la Espada, 1870Bocage's Rocket Frog
H. borjai (Rivero and Serna), 2000Amalfi Rocket Frog
H. breviquartus (Rivero and Serna), 1986Urrao Rocket Frog
H. cevallosi (Rivero), 1991Palanda Rocket Frog
H. chlorocraspedus (Caldwell), 2005Rio Juruá Rocket Frog
H. chocoensis Boulenger, 1912Choco Rocket Frog
H. craspedoceps (Duellman), 2004Zapatero Rocket Frog
H. delatorreae (Coloma), 1995El Laurel Rocket Frog
H. edwardsi (Lynch), 1982Cundinamarca Rocket Frog
H. elachyhistus (Edwards), 1971Loja Rocket Frog
H. eleutherodactylus (Duellman), 2004Shapaja Rocket Frog
H. exasperatus (Duellman and Lynch), 1988Yapitya Rocket Frog
H. excisus (Rivero and Serna), 2000Quebrada La Ayura Rocket Frog
H. faciopunctulatus (Rivero), 1991Puerto Narino Rocket Frog
H. fallax (Rivero), 1991Cotopaxi Rocket Frog
H. fascianigrus (Grant and Castro-Herrera), 1998Cordillera Occidental Rocket Frog
H. fuliginosus Jiménez de la Espada, 1870Quijos Rocket Frog
H. idiomelus (Rivero), 1991Rivero's Rocket Frog
H. infraguttatus (Boulenger), 1898Chimbo Rocket Frog
H. insulatus (Duellman), 2004Chachapoyas Rocket Frog
H. italoi Páez-Vacas, et al., 2010Hola Vida Rocket Frog
H. lehmanni (Silverstone), 1971Lehmann's Rocket Frog
H. leucophaeus (Duellman), 2004Molinapampa Rocket Frog
H. littoralis (Péfaur), 1984Lima Rocket Frog
H. maculosus (Rivero), 1991Spotted Rocket Frog
H. maquipucuna (Coloma), 1995Tandayapa Rocket Frog
H. marmoreoventris (Rivero), 1991Rio Negro Rocket Frog
H. mittermeieri (Rivero), 1991Venceremos Rocket Frog
H. mystax (Duellman and Simmons), 1988Cloud Forest Rocket Frog
H. nexipus (Frost), 1986Los Tayos Rocket Frog
H. parcus (Rivero), 1991Gualaceo Rocket Frog
H. patitae (Lötters, Morales, and Proy), 2003Serranía de Sira Rocket Frog
H. peculiaris (Rivero), 1991Pailas Rocket Frog
H. peruvianus (Melin), 1941Peru Rocket Frog
H. pinguis (Rivero and Granados-Díaz), 1990Malvasa Rocket Frog
H. pulchellus (Jiménez de la Espada), 1875Espada's Rocket Frog
H. pulcherrimus (Duellman), 2004Cutervo Rocket Frog
H. pumilus (Rivero), 1991San Vicente Rocket Frog
H. ramosi (Silverstone), 1971Ramos' Rocket Frog
H. ruizi (Lynch), 1982Ruiz's Rocket Frog
H. saltuarius (Grant and Ardila-Robayo), 2002San Vicinte del Caguan Rocket Frog
H. sauli (Edwards), 1974Santa Cecilia Rocket Frog
H. shuar (Duellman and Simmons), 1988Santiago Rocket Frog
H. sordidatus (Duellman), 2004Zapatero Rocket Frog
H. spilotogaster (Duellman), 2004La Peca Rocket Frog
H. subpunctatus (Cope), 1899Bogota Rocket Frog
H. sylvaticus (Barbour and Noble), 1920Forest Rocket Frog
H. toachi (Coloma), 1995Gloriosa Rocket Frog
H. utcubambensis (Morales), 1994Cerca de Tingo Rocket Frog
H. vergeli Hellmich, 1940Hellmich's Rocket Frog
H. vertebralis (Boulenger), 1899Boulenger's Rocket Frog
H. yasuni Páez-Vacas, et al., 2010Yasuni Rocket Frog
L. argyrogaster (Morales and Schulte), 1993Imaza Rocket Frog
L. fugax (Morales and Schulte), 1993Pastaza Rocket Frog
MINYOBATES – Tiny Poison Frogs
M. steyermarki Rivero, 1971Demonic Poison Frog
OOPHAGA – Egg-feeding Poison Frogs
O. arborea Myers, Daly & Martinez, 1984Polkadot Poison Frog
O. granulifera Taylor, 1958Granular Poison Frog
O. histrionica Berthold, 1846Harlequin Poison Frog
O. lehmanni Myers & Daly, 1976Lehmann's Poison Frog
O. occultator Myers & Daly, 1976La Brea Poison Frog
O. pumilio Schmidt, 1857Strawberry Poison Frog
O. speciosa Schmidt, 1857Splendid Poison Frog
O. sylvatica Funkhouser, 1956Forest Poison Frog
O. vicentei Jungfer, Weygoldt & Juraske, 1996Omar Torrijos Poison Frog
P. andinus (Myers and Burrowes), 1997La Planada Poison Frog
P. erythromos (Vigle and Miyata), 1980Palenque Poison Frog
P. whymperi (Boulenger), 1882Tanti Rocket Frog
PHYLLOBATES – Golden Poison Frogs
P. aurotaenia Boulenger, 1913Kokoe Poison Frog
P. bicolor Duméril & Bibron, 1841Black-legged Poison Frog
P. lugubris Schmidt, 1857Lovely Poison Frog
P. terribilis Myers, Daly & Malkin, 1978Golden Poison Frog
P. vittatus Cope, 1893Golfodulcean Poison Frog
RANITOMEYA – Poison Frogs
R. amazonica Schulte, 1999Mishana Poison Frog
R. benedicta Brown, et al., 2008
R. cyanovittata Pérez-Peña, et al., 2010
R. defleri Twomey and Brown, 2009
R. fantastica Boulenger, 1884Red-headed Poison Frog
R. flavovittata Schulte, 1999Yellow-striped Poison Frog
R. imitator Schulte, 1986Mimic Poison Frog
R. reticulata Boulenger, 1884Redback Poison Frog
R. sirensis Aichinger, 1991Sira Poison Frog
R. summersi Brown, et al., 2008Huallaga Poison Frog
R. toraro Brown, et al., 2011
R. uakarii Brown, Schulte, and Summers, 2006Uakari Poison Frog
R. vanzolinii Myers, 1982Brazilian Poison Frog
R. variabilis Zimmermann and Zimmermann, 1988Variable Poison Frog
R. ventrimaculata Schreve, 1935Amazonian Poison Frog
R. yavaricola Pérez-Peña, et al., 2010Rio Yavari Poison Frog
S. dalyi Grant & Myers, 2013Rio San Juan Rocket Frog
S. erasmios Rivero & Serna, 2000Beloved Rocket Frog
S. flotator Dunn, 1931Rainforest Rocket Frog
S. gutturalis Grant & Myers, 2013Rio Atrato Rocket Frog
S. minima Grant & Myers, 2013Serrania del Baudó
S. minutissima Grant & Myers, 2013Minute Rocket Frog
S. nubicola Dunn, 1924Boquete Rocket Frog
S. punctiventris Grant & Myers, 2013Spot-bellied Rocket Frog

DICROGLOSSIDAE – Fork-Tongued Frogs

ALLOPAA – Paa Frogs
A. barmoachensis Khan and Tasnim, 1989Barmoach Frog
A. hazarensis Dubois and Khan, 1979Kashmir Paa Frog
CHAPARANA – Asian Frogs
C. sternosignata Murray, 1885Malir Paa Frog
EUPHLYCTIS – Five-Fingered Frogs
E. aloysii Joshy, et al., 2009Mangalore Five-Fingered Frog
E. cornii Scortecci, 1929Eritrea Five-fingered Frog
E. cyanophlyctis Schneider, 1799Cyan Five-fingered Frog
E. ehrenbergii Peters, 1863Arabian Five-fingered Frog
E. ghoshi Chanda, 1991Manipur Five-Fingered Frog
E. hexadactylus Lesson, 1834Indian Five-fingered Frog
E. kalasgramensis Howlader, et al., 2015Bangladesh Five-Fingered Frog
E. karaavali Priti, et al., 2016Karaavali Skittering Frog
E. mudigere Joshy, et al., 2009Mudigere Five-Fingered Frog
F. cancrivora Gravenhorst, 1829Java Wart Frog
F. goemchi Dinesh, et al., 2018Surla Wart Frog
F. iskandari Veith, et al., 2001Chianjur Wart Frog
F. jhilmilensis Bahuguna, 2018Jhilmil Wart Frog
F. kawamurai Djong, et al., 2011Marsh Frog
F. limnocharis Boie, 1835Boie's Wart Frog
F. moodiei (Taylor), 1920Brackish Frog
F. multistriata (Hallowell), 1861Paddy Frog
F. orissaensis (Dutta), 1997Orissa Frog
F. pulla (Stoliczka), 1870Penang Wart Frog
F. sakishimensis Matsui, Toda, and Ota, 2008Ishigakijima Wart Frog
F. schlueteri (Werner), 1893Borneo Wart Frog
F. triora Stuart, et al., 2006Phu Jong-Na Yoi Wart Frog
F. verruculosa Roux, 1911Sundas Wart Frog
F. vittigera Wiegmann, 1835Luzon Wart Frog
HOPLOBATRACHUS – Crowned Bullfrogs
H. crassus Jerdon, 1854Jerdon't Bullfrog
H. litoralis Hasan, et al., 2012Coastal Crowned Bullfrog
H. occipitalis Günther, 1858African Crowned Bullfrog
H. rugulosus Wiegmann, 1835Chinese Crowned Bullfrog
H. tigerinus Daudin, 1802Indian Bullfrog
INGERANA – Eastern Frogs
I. borealis Annandale, 1912Rotung Eastern Frog
I. charlesdarwini Das, 1998Darwin's Eastern Frog
I. reticulata Zhao & Li, 1984Reticulate Eastern Frog
I. tenasserimensis Sclater, 1892Tenasserim Eastern Frog
L. acanthi Taylor, 1923Busuanga Wart Frog
L. arathooni Smith, 1927Djikoro Wart Frog
L. asperatus (Inger, Boeadi, and Taufik), 1996Kalimantan Wart Frog
L. bannaensis Ye, Fei, and Jiang, 2007Banna Large-headed Frog
L. blythii Boulenger, 1920Blyth's Wart Frog
L. cintalubang Matsui, Nishikawa, and Eto, 2014Ranchan Wart Frog
L. coffeatus Phimmachak, et al., 2018Dong Hua Sao Wart Frog
L. conspicillatus (Günther), 1872Matang Wart Frog
L. dabanus Smith, 1922Annam Wart Frog
L. dammermani Mertens, 1929Dammerman's Wart Frog
L. deinodon Dehling, 2014Terengganu Wart Frog
L. diuatus Brown & Alcala, 1977Tagibo Wart Frog
L. doriae Boulenger, 1887Burmese Wart Frog
L. ferneri Siler, et al., 2009Simulaw Wart Frog
L. finchi Inger, 1966Finch's Wart Frog
L. fragilis Liu & Hu, 1973Fragile Wart Frog
L. fujianensis Ye & Fei, 1994Fujian Wart Frog
L. grunniens Latreille, 1801Amboina Wart Frog
L. gyldenstolpei (Andersson), 1916Koontan Frog
L. hascheanus (Stoliczka), 1870Side-spotted Frog
L. heinrichi Ahl, 1933Heinrich's Wart Frog
L. hikidai Matsui and Nishikawa, 2014Gunung Serapi Wart Frog
L. ibanorum Inger, 1964Tributary Wart Frog
L. ingeri Kiew, 1978Inger's Wart Frog
L. isanensis McLeod, Kelly, and Barley, 2012Isan Big-headed Frog
L. jarujini Matsui, et al., 2010Kaeng Krachan Wart Frog
L. kadarsani Iskandar, Boeadi, and Sancoyo, 1996Nusa Tenggara Wart Frog
L. kenepaiensis Inger, 1966Kenepai Wart Frog
L. khammonensis Smith, 1929Khammon Wart Frog
L. khasianus Anderson, 1871Khasi Wart Frog
L. kohchangae Smith, 1922Koh Chang Wart Frog
L. kong Dehling and Dehling, 2017Kubah Wart Frog
L. kuhlii Tschudi, 1838Kuhl's Wart Frog
L. larvaepartus skandar, Evans, and McGuire, 2014Sulawesi Wart Frog
L. laticeps Boulenger, 1882Khasi Wart Frog
L. lauhachindai Aowphol, et al., 2015Lauhachinda's Fanged Frog
L. leporinus Andersson, 1923Giant River Frog
L. leytensis Boettger, 1893Leyte Wart Frog
L. limborgi (Sclater), 1892Limborg's Forest Frog
L. liui Yang, 1983Menglun Wart Frog
L. longchuanensis Suwannapoom, et al., 2016Longchuan Big-headed Frog
L. macrocephalus Inger, 1954Big-headed Wart Frog
L. macrodon Duméril & Bibron, 1841Malaya Wart Frog
L. macrognathus Boulenger, 1917Karin Hills Wart Frog
L. magnus Stejneger, 1910Mount Apo Wart Frog
L. malesianus Kiew, 1984Singapore Wart Frog
L. mawlyndipi Chanda, 1990Mawlyndipi Wart Frog
L. megastomias McLeod, 2008Big-mouthed Wart Frog
L. micrixalus Taylor, 1923Abungabung Wart Frog
L. microdiscus Boettger, 1892Indonesia Wart Frog
L. microtympanum Van Kampen, 1907Sulawesi Wart Frog
L. mocquardi (Mocquard), 1890Kina Balu Wart Frog
L. modestus Boulenger, 1882Moluccas Wart Frog
L. namiyei Stejneger, 1901Okinawa Wart Frog
L. nguyenorum McLeod, Kurlbaum, and Hoang, 2015Vi Xuyen Wart Frog
L. nitidus Smedley, 1932Tanah Rata Wart Frog
L. palavanensis Boulenger, 1894Palawan Wart Frog
L. paramacrodon Inger, 1966Tawau Wart Frog
L. parvus Taylor, 1920Bunawan Wart Frog
L. pileatus Boulenger, 1916Thai Wart Frog
L. plicatellus Stoliczka, 1873Penang Wart Frog
L. poilani (Bourret), 1942Poilane's Wart Frog
L. quangninhensis Pham, et al., 2017Quangninh Wart Frog
L. rhacodus (Inger, Boeadi, and Taufik), 1996Kalang River Wart Frog
L. selatan Matsui, Belabut, and Ahmad, 2014Genting Wart Frog
L. shompenorum Das, 1996Shompen Wart Frog
L. sinuatodorsalis Matsui, 2015Long Api Wart Frog
L. sisikdagu McLeod, et al., 2011Batang Andaleh Wart Frog
L. taylori Matsui, et al., 2010Ban Khun Klang Wart Frog
L. timorensis Smith, 1927Timor Wart Frog
L. toumanoffi Bourret, 1941Toumanoff's Wart Frog
L. tweediei Smith, 1935Tweedie's Wart Frog
L. utara Matsui, Belabut, and Ahmad, 2014Bukit Larut Wart Frog
L. visayanus Inger, 1954Philippine Wart Frog
L. woodworthi Taylor, 1923Woodworth's Wart Frog
MINERVARYA – Asian True Frog
M. andamanensis (Stoliczka), 1870Andaman Wart Frog
M. asmati (Howlader), 2011Bangladeshi Wart Frog
M. brevipalmata (Peters), 1871Pegu Wart Frog
M. caperata (Kuramoto, et al., 2008Karnataka Wart Frog
M. cepfi (Garg and Biju), 2017CEPF Burrowing Frog
M. chiangmaiensis (Suwannapoom, et al., 2016Chiang Mai Rain-Pool Frog
M. chilapata Ohler, et al., 2009Chilipata Wart Frog
M. dhaka (Howlader, Nair, and Merilä), 2016Dhaka Wart Frog
M. gomantaki (Dinesh, et al., 2015Goan Wart Frog
M. granosa (Kuramoto, et al., 2008Granular Wart Frog
M. greenii (Boulenger), 1905Montane Wart Frog
M. kadar (Garg and Biju), 2017Kadar Burrowing Frog
M. keralensis (Dubois), 1981Kerala Wart Frog
M. kirtisinghei (Manamendra-Arachchi and Gabadage), et al., 1996Kirtisinghe's Frog
M. kudremukhensis (Kuramoto, et al., 2008Kudremukh Wart Frog
M. manoharani (Garg and Biju), 2017Agasthyamala Wart Frog
M. modesta (Rao), 1920Shimoga Night Frog
M. mudduraja (Kuramoto, et al., 2008Muddu Raja Wart Frog
M. murthii (Pillai), 1979Ghats Wart Frog
M. mysorensis (Rao), 1922Mysore Frog
M. neilcoxi (Garg and Biju), 2017Neil Cox’s Burrowing Frog
M. nepalensis (Dubois), 1975Nepal Wart Frog
M. nilagirica (Jerdon), 1854Nilgiris Wart Frog
M. parambikulamana (Rao), 1937Parambikulam Wart Frog
M. pierrei (Dubois), 1975Jhapa Frog
M. rufescens (Jerdon), 1853Malabar Wart Frog
M. sahyadris Dubois, Ohler & Biju, 2001Kerala Lowland Wart Frog
M. sauriceps (Rao), 1937Mysore Wart Frog
M. sengupti (Purkayastha and Matsui), 2012Mawphlang Wart Frog
M. syhadrensis (Annandale), 1919Syhadra Frog
M. teraiensis (Dubois), 1984Terai Wart Frog
NANNOPHRYS – Streamlined Frogs
N. ceylonensis Günther, 1869Ceylon Streamlined Frog
N. guentheri Boulenger, 1882Gunther's Streamlined Frog
N. marmorata Kirtisinghe, 1946Marbled Streamlined Frog
N. naeyakai Fernando, et al., 2007Ampara Streamlined Frog
NANORANA – Slow Frogs, Paa Frogs
N. aenea Smith, 1922Doi Chang Slow Frog
N. annandalii Boulenger, 1920Annandale's Paa Frog
N. arnoldi Dubois, 1975Arnold's Paa Frog
N. blandfordi Boulenger, 1882Blandford's Paa Frog
N. chayuensis Ye, 1977Cha Yu Paa Frog
N. conaensis Fei and Huang, 1981Cona Paa Frog
N. ercepeae Dubois, 1974Torrent Paa Frog
N. feae Boulenger, 1887Kakhien Paa Frog
N. gammii Anderson, 1871Gammi Paa Frog
N. kangxianensis Yang, Wang, Hu, and Jiang, 2011Kangxian Paa Frog
N. liebigii Günther, 1860Sikkim Paa Frog
N. maculosa Liu, Hu, and Yang, 1960Spotted Paa Frog
N. medogensis Fei and Ye, 1999Medog Paa Frog
N. minica Dubois, 1875Nepal Paa Frog
N. mokokchungensis Das and Chanda, 2006Mokokchung Paa Frog
N. parkeri Stejneger, 1927High Himalaya Frog
N. phrynoides (Boulenger), 1917Boulenger's Paa Frog
N. pleskei Günther, 1896Songpan Slow Frog
N. polunini Smith, 1951Langtang Paa Frog
N. quadranus Liu, Hu, and Yang, 1960Kwang-Yang Paa Frog
N. rarica Dubois, Matsui, and Ohler, 2001Rara Paa Frog
N. rostandi Dubois, 1974Rostand's Paa Frog
N. sichuanensis Dubois, 1987Sichuan Paa Frog
N. taihangnica Chen and Jiang, 2002Taihangshan Paa Frog
N. unculuanus Liu, Hu, and Yang, 1960Jingdong Paa Frog
N. ventripunctata Fei & Huang, 1985Spot-bellied Paa Frog
N. vicina Stoliczka, 1872Himalaya Paa Frog
N. yunnanensis Anderson, 1879Yunnan Paa Frog
O. baluensis Boulenger, 1896Balu Oriental Frog
O. celebensis Smith, 1927Celebes Oriental Frog
O. diminutiva Taylor, 1922Tiny Oriental Frog
O. floresiana Mertens, 1927Flores Oriental Frog
O. laevis Gunther, 1859Philippine Oriental Frog
O. lima Gravenhorst, 1829Java Frog
O. magnapustulosa Taylor & Elbel, 1958Thai Oriental Frog
O. martensii Peters, 1867Martens' Oriental Frog
O. semipalmata Smith, 1927Lowah Frog
O. sumatrana (Peters), 1877Sumatran Puddle Frog
O. tompotika Iskandar, et al., 2011Mt. Tompotika Puddle Frog
O. vittata Anderson, 1942Striped Oriental Frog
OMBRANA – Slow Frogs
O. sikimensis Jerdon, 1870Sikkim Asian Frog
PAA – Paa Frogs
P. blanfordii Boulenger, 1882Blanford's Paa Frog
P. boulengeri Gunther, 1889Boulenger's Paa Frog
P. exilispinosa Liu & Hu, 1975Hong Kong Paa Frog
P. fasciculispina Inger, 1970Thai Paa Frog
P. jiulongensis Huang & Liu, 1985Jiulong Paa Frog
P. liui Dubois, 1987Ninglang Paa Frog
P. shini Ahl, 1930Chinese Paa Frog
P. spinosa David, 1875Spiny Paa Frog
QUASIPAA – Spiny Paa Frogs
Q. acanthophora Dubois and Ohler, 2009Lang Son Paa Frog
Q. boulengeri Günther, 1889Boulenger's Paa Frog
Q. courtoisi Angel, 1922Che-Ki Paa Frog
Q. delacouri Angel, 1928Tonkin Paa Frog
Q. exilispinosa Liu and Hu, 1975Hong Kong Paa Frog
Q. fasciculispina Inger, 1970Thai Paa Frog
Q. jiulongensis Huang and Liu, 1985Jiulong Paa Frog
Q. shini Ahl, 1930Chinese Paa Frog
Q. spinosa David, 1875Spiny Paa Frog
Q. verrucospinosa Bourret, 1937Verrucosa Spiny Frog
Q. yei Chen, Qu, and Jiang, 2002Ye's Spiny Paa Frog
SPHAEROTHECA – Burrowing Frogs
S. breviceps Schneider, 1799Short-headed Burrowing Frog
S. dobsonii Boulenger, 1882Mangalore Burrowing Frog
S. leucorhynchus Rao, 1937Rao's White-banded Burrowing Frog
S. maskeyi (Schleich and Anders), 1998Chitwan Burrowing Frog
S. pashchima Padhye, et al., 2017Western Burrowing Frog
S. pluvialis (Jerdon), 1853Jerdon's Burrowing Frog
S. rolandae Dubois, 1983Roland's Burrowing Frog
S. strachani Murray, 1884Pakistan Burrowing Frog
S. swani (Myers and Leviton), 1956Dharan Burrowing Frog
ZAKERANA – South Asian Wart Frogs


ADELOPHRYNE – Shield Frogs
A. adiastola Hoogmoed & Lescure, 1984Yapima Shield Frog
A. baturitensis Hoogmoed, Borges, and Cascon, 1994Serra de Baturité Shield Frog
A. glandulata Lourenço de Moraes, et al., 2014Santa Teresa Shield Frog
A. gutturosa Hoogmoed & Lescure, 1984Guiana Shield Frog
A. maranguapensis Hoogmoed, Borges, and Cascon, 1994Serra de Maranguape Shield Frog
A. meridionalis Santana, et al., 2012Parque Municipal da Lajinha Shield Frog
A. mucronatus Lourenço-de-Moraes, et al., 2012Patrimônio Shield Frog
A. pachydactyla Hoogmoed, Borges, and Cascon, 1994Rio Almada Shield Frog
A. patamona MacCulloch, et al., 2008Pakaraima Shield Frog
DIASPORUS – Tink Frogs
D. anthrax Lynch, 2001Anthrax Tink Frog
D. citrinobapheus Hertz, et al., 2012Lemon-dyed Tink Frog
D. darienensis Köhler, et al., 2016Darién Tink Frog
D. diastema Cope, 1875Northern Tink Frog
D. gularis Boulenger, 1898Esmeraldas Tink Frog
D. hylaeformis Cope, 1875Montane Tink Frog
D. igneus Batista, et al., 2012Igneous Tink Frog
D. majeensis Köhler, et al., 2016Serranía de Maje Tink Frog
D. pequeno Köhler, et al., 2016Cerro Pechin Parado Tink Frog
D. quidditus Lynch, 2001Essential Tink Frog
D. sapo Köhler, et al., 2016Cerro Sapo Tink Frog
D. tigrillo Savage, 1997Tiger Tink Frog
D. tinker Lynch, 2001Southern Tink Frog
D. ventrimaculatus Chaves, et al., 2009Spot-bellied Tink Frog
D. vocator Taylor, 1955Vocal Tink Frog
E. abbotti Cochran, 1923Abbott's Robber Frog
E. acmonis Schwartz, 1960El Yunque Robber Frog
E. adelus Díaz, Cadiz, and Hedges, 2003Alturas de Pizarras Robber Frog
E. albipes Barbour & Shreve, 1937Cuban Dwarf Robber Frog
E. albolabris Taylor, 1943White-lipped Chirping Frog
E. alcoae Schwartz, 1971Hispaniola Dwarf Robber Frog
E. alticola Lynn, 1937Lynn's Robber Frog
E. amadeus Hedges, Thomas & Franz, 1987Haitian Robber Frog
E. amplinympha Kaiser, Green, and Schmid, 1994Dominica Robber Frog
E. andrewsi Lynn, 1937Andrews' Robber Frog
E. angustidigitorum Taylor, 1940Patzcuaro Stream Frog
E. antillensis Reinhardt & Lütken, 1863Antilles Robber Frog
E. aporostegus Schwartz, 1965Tiburon Robber Frog
E. apostates Schwartz, 1973Apostates Robber Frog
E. armstrongi Noble & Hassler, 1933Armstrong's Robber Frog
E. atkinsi Dunn, 1925Atkins' Robber Frog
E. audanti Cochran, 1934Peak Robber Frog
E. auriculatoides Noble, 1923Eared Robber Frog
E. auriculatus Cope, 1862Eastern Cuba Robber Frog
E. bakeri Cochran, 1935Baker's Robber Frog
E. barlagnei Lynch, 1965Matouba Robber Frog
E. bartonsmithi Schwartz, 1960Barton's Robber Frog
E. beguei Díaz and Hedges, 2015La Munición Robber Frog
E. bilineatus Bokermann, 1975Two-lined Robber Frog
E. blairhedgesi Estrada, Díaz, and Rodriguez, 1998Santa Cruz del Norte Robber Frog
E. bothroboans Schwartz, 1965Jarabacoa Robber Frog
E. bresslerae Schwartz, 1960Rio Yumuri Robber Frog
E. brevirostris Shreve, 1936Shortsnout Robber Frog
E. brittoni Schmidt, 1920Forester's Cabin Robber Frog
E. caribe Hedges & Thomas, 1992Caribbean Robber Frog
E. casparii Dunn, 1926Sierra de Trinidad Robber Frog
E. cavernicola Lynn, 1954Portland Cave Robber Frog
E. chlorophenax Schwartz, 1976False Green Robber Frog
E. cochranae Grant, 1932Cochran's Robber Frog
E. cooki Grant, 1932Cook's Robber Frog
E. coqui Thomas, 1966Puerto Rican Coqui
E. corona Hedges & Thomas, 1992Caye Paul Robber Frog
E. counouspeus Schwartz, 1964Counou Robber Frog
E. cubanus Barbour, 1942Cuban Robber Frog
E. cundalli Dunn, 1926Cundall's Robber Frog
E. cuneatus Cope, 1862Juventud Robber Frog
E. cystignathoides Cope, 1877Rio Grande Chirping Frog
E. c. campi Stejneger, 1915Rio Grande Chirping Frog
E. darlingtoni Cochran, 1935Darlington's Robber Frog
E. dennisi Lynch, 1970Dennis' Chirping Frog
E. dilatus Davis & Dixon, 1955Guerreran Peeping Frog
E. dimidiatus Cope, 1862Miniature Robber Frog
E. diplasius Schwartz, 1973Massif de la Hotte Robber Frog
E. dolomedes Hedges & Thomas, 1992Hedge's Robber Frog
E. eileenae Dunn, 1926Eileen's Robber Frog
E. emiliae Dunn, 1926Emilia's Robber Frog
E. eneidae Rivero, 1959Villalba Robber Frog
E. erythroproctus Schwartz, 1960Matanzas Robber Frog
E. etheridgei Schwartz, 1958Etheridge's Robber Frog
E. eunaster Schwartz, 1973Les Cayes Robber Frog
E. feichtingeri Díaz, Hedges, and Schmid, 2012Feichtinger's Robber Frog
E. flavescens Noble, 1923Buenaventura Robber Frog
E. fowleri Schwartz, 1973Fowler's Robber Frog
E. furcyensis Shreve & Williams, 1963Furcy Robber Frog
E. fuscus Lynn & Dent, 1943Brown Robber Frog
E. glamyrus Estrada and Hedges, 1997Sierra Maestra Robber Frog
E. glandulifer Cochran, 1935Doris' Robber Frog
E. glanduliferoides Shreve, 1936La Visite Robber Frog
E. glaphycompus Schwartz, 1973Southwest Haiti Robber Frog
E. glaucoreius Schwartz & Fowler, 1973Portland Parish Robber Frog
E. goini Schwartz, 1960Guaniguanico Robber Frog
E. gossei Dunn, 1926Spaldings Robber Frog
E. grabhami Dunn, 1926Clarendon Parish Robber Frog
E. grahami Schwartz, 1979Graham's Robber Frog
E. grandis Dixon, 1957Great Peeping Frog
E. greyi Dunn, 1926Grey's Robber Frog
E. griphus Crombie, 1986Trelawny Parish Robber Frog
E. grunwaldi Reyes-Velasco, et al., 2015Sierra de Manantlán Robber Frog
E. gryllus Schmidt, 1920Puerto Rico Robber Frog
E. guanahacabibes Estrada & Rodriguez, 1985Guanahacabibes Robber Frog
E. guantanamera Hedges, Estrada & Thomas, 1992Guantanamo Robber Frog
E. gundlachi Schmidt, 1920Gundlach's Robber Frog
E. guttilatus Cope, 1879Spotted Chirping Frog
E. haitianus Barbour, 1942Common Haitian Robber Frog
E. hedricki Rivero, 1963Hedrick's Robber Frog
E. heminota Shreve & Williams, 1963Shreve's Robber Frog
E. hypostenor Schwartz, 1965Cabral Robber Frog
E. iberia Estrada and Hedges, 1996Monte Iberia Robber Frog
E. inoptatus Barbour, 1914Diquini Robber Frog
E. intermedius Barbour & Shreve, 1937Pico Turquino Robber Frog
E. interorbitalis Langebartel & Shannon, 1956Spectacled Chirping Frog
E. ionthus Schwartz, 1960La Maya Robber Frog
E. jamaicensis Barbour, 1910Jamaica Robber Frog
E. jasperi Drewry & Jones, 1976Cayey Robber Frog
E. jaumei Estrada and Alonso, 1997Sierra Maestra Robber Frog
E. johnstonei Barbour, 1914Johnstone's Robber Frog
E. juanariveroi Rios-López and Thomas, 2007Sabana Seca Robber Frog
E. jugans Cochran, 1937Mable's Robber Frog
E. junori Dunn, 1926Spaldings Robber Frog
E. karlschmidti Grant, 1931Karl's Robber Frog
E. klinikowskii Schwartz, 1959Klinikowski's Robber Frog
E. lamprotes Schwartz, 1973Castillon Robber Frog
E. leberi Schwartz, 1965Leber's Robber Frog
E. lentus Cope, 1862Virgin Islands Robber Frog
E. leoncei Shreve & Williams, 1963Hispaniola Robber Frog
E. leprus Cope, 1879Leprus Chirping Frog
E. ligiae Incháustegui, et al., 2015Sierra de Bahoruco Robber Frog
E. limbatus Cope, 1862Habana Robber Frog
E. limbensis Lynn, 1958Massif du Nord Robber Frog
E. locustus Schmidt, 1920Interior Robber Frog
E. longipes Baird, 1859Longfoot Robber Frog
E. lucioi Schwartz, 1980St. Nicholas Robber Frog
E. luteolus Gosse, 1851Light Robber Frog
E. maestrensis Díaz, Cádiz, and Navarro, 2005Pico La Bayamesa Robber Frog
E. mariposa Hedges, Estrada & Thomas, 1992Lily Robber Frog
E. marnockii Cope, 1878Cliff Chirping Frog
E. martinicensis Tschudi, 1838Martinique Robber Frog
E. maurus Hedges, 1989Brown Peeping Frog
E. melacara Hedges, Estrada & Thomas, 1992Estrada's Robber Frog
E. melatrigonum Schwartz, 1966La Vega Robber Frog
E. michaelschmidi Díaz, Cádiz, and Navarro, 2005La Ceiba Robber Frog
E. minutus Noble, 1923Tiny Robber Frog
E. modestus Taylor, 1942Blunt-toed Chirping Frog
E. monensis Meerwarth, 1901Isla Mona Robber Frog
E. montanus Schmidt, 1919Dominican Mountain Robber Frog
E. neiba Incháustegui, et al., 2015Sierra de Neiba Robber Frog
E. nitidus Peters, 1870Shiny Peeping Frog
E. nivicolimae Dixon & Webb, 1966Nevado de Colima Chirping Frog
E. nortoni Schwartz, 1976Norton's Robber Frog
E. notidodes Schwartz, 1966Hondo Valle Robber Frog
E. nubicola Dunn, 1926Portland Robber Frog
E. olibrus Schwartz, 1958Sierra de los Órganos Robber Frog
E. orcutti Dunn, 1928Arntully Robber Frog
E. orientalis Barbour and Shreve, 1937El Yunque de Baracoa Robber Frog
E. oxyrhyncus Duméril & Bibron, 1841Rednose Robber Frog
E. pallidus Duellman, 1958Pale Chirping Frog
E. pantoni Dunn, 1926Panton's Robber Frog
E. parabates Schwartz, 1964Independencia Robber Frog
E. paralius Schwartz, 1976San Pedro de Macorís Robber Frog
E. parapelates Hedges & Thomas, 1987Casillon Robber Frog
E. patriciae Schwartz, 1965Patricia's Robber Frog
E. paulsoni Schwartz, 1964Paulson's Robber Frog
E. pentasyringos Schwartz & Fowler, 1973Tube Robber Frog
E. pezopetrus Schwartz, 1960Miranda Robber Frog
E. pictissimus Cochran, 1935Painted Robber Frog
E. pinarensis Dunn, 1926Pinos Robber Frog
E. pinchoni Schwartz, 1967Grand Cafe Robber Frog
E. pipilans Taylor, 1940Whistling Chirping Frog
E. pituinus Schwartz, 1965La Horma Robber Frog
E. planirostris Cope, 1862Greenhouse Frog
E. poolei Cochran, 1938Poole's Robber Frog
E. portoricensis Schmidt, 1927Puerto Rican Robber Frog
E. principalis Estrada and Hedges, 1997Ojito de Agua Robber Frog
E. probolaeus Schwartz, 1965Yuma Robber Frog
E. rhodesi Schwartz, 1980Rhodes' Robber Frog
E. richmondi Stejneger, 1904Richmond's Robber Frog
E. ricordii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Ricordi's Robber Frog
E. riparius Estrada and Hedges, 1998Cuban Robber Frog
E. rivularis Díaz, Estrada, and Hedges, 2001Streamside Robber Frog
E. rogersi Goin, 1955Bahamian Robber Frog
E. ronaldi Schwartz, 1960Ronald's Robber Frog
E. rubrimaculatus Taylor & Smith, 1945Red-spotted Chirping Frog
E. rucillensis Cochran, 1939Loma Rucilla Robber Frog
E. rufescens Duellman & Dixon, 1959Red Peeping Frog
E. rufifemoralis Noble & Hassler, 1933Red-legged Robber Frog
E. rugulosus Cope, 1870Central American Rain Frog
E. ruthae Noble, 1923Ruth's Robber Frog
E. saxatilis Webb, 1962Marbled Robber Frog
E. schmidti Noble, 1923Schmidt's Robber Frog
E. schwartzi Thomas, 1966Schwartz's Robber Frog
E. sciagraphus Schwartz, 1973Sud Robber Frog
E. semipalmatus Shreve, 1936Foothill Robber Frog
E. simulans Díaz and Fong, 2001Arroyo Bueno Robber Frog
E. sisyphodemus Crombie, 1977Quick Step Robber Frog
E. sommeri Schwartz, 1977Sommer's Robber Frog
E. staurometopon Schwartz, 1960Isla de Juventud Robber Frog
E. symingtoni Schwartz, 1957Symington's Robber Frog
E. syristes Hoyt, 1965Piping Peeping Frog
E. teretistes Duellman, 1958Whistling Frog
E. tetajulia Estrada and Hedges, 1996Arroyo Sucio Robber Frog
E. thomasi Schwartz, 1959Thomas' Robber Frog
E. thorectes Hedges, 1988Morne Macay Robber Frog
E. toa Estrada & Hedges, 1991Yarey Robber Frog
E. tonyi Estrada and Hedges, 1997Meseta de Cabo Cruz Robber Frog
E. turquinensis Barbour & Shreve, 1937Turquino Robber Frog
E. tychathrous Schwartz, 1965Vallejuelo Robber Frog
E. unicolor Stejneger, 1904Dull Robber Frog
E. varians Gundlach & Peters in Peters, 1864Cliff Robber Frog
E. varleyi Dunn, 1925Varley's Robber Frog
E. ventrilineatus Shreve, 1936La Hotte Robber Frog
E. verrucipes Cope, 1885Big-eared Chirping Frog
E. verruculatus Peters, 1870Least Chirping Frog
E. warreni Schwartz, 1976Warren's Robber Frog
E. weinlandi Barbour, 1914Weinland's Robber Frog
E. wetmorei Cochran, 1932Wetmore's Robber Frog
E. wightmanae Schmidt, 1920Wightman's Robber Frog
E. wixarika Reyes-Velasco, et al., 2015Sierra Huichol Robber Frog
E. zeus Schwartz, 1958Zeus' Robber Frog
E. zugi Schwartz, 1958Zug's Robber Frog
PHYZELAPHRYNE – Miriam's Frogs
P. miriamae Heyer, 1977Miriam's Frog


HADROMOPHRYNE – Natal Torrent Frogs
H. natalensis (Hewitt), 1913Natal Torrent Frog
H. depressa FitzSimons, 1946Cederberg Ghost Frog
H. hewitti Boycott, 1988Hewitt's African Ghost Frog
H. orientalis FitzSimons, 1946East Cape Ghost Frog
H. purcelli Sclater, 1898Purcell's African Ghost Frog
H. regis Hewitt, 1910Royal Ghost Frog
H. rosei Hewitt, 1925Skeleton Gorge Ghost Frog

HEMIPHRACTIDAE – Neotropical Horned Frogs

C. boulengeri Ruthven, 1916Boulenger's Backpack Frog
C. conditus Lynch, 2008Norte de Santander Backpack Frog
C. fuhrmanni Peracca, 1914Fuhrmann's Backpack Frog
C. nicefori Cochran & Goin, 1970Colombian Backpack Frog
C. pedroruizi Infante-Rivero, et al., 2009Cesar Backpack Frog
C. remotus Lynch, 2008Zulia Backpack Frog
C. ruthveni Lynch, 2008San Pedro de la Sierra Backpack Frog
FLECTONOTUS – Brazilian Treefrogs
F. fitzgeraldi Parker, 1933Mount Tucutche Treefrog
F. pygmaeus Boettger, 1893Puerto Cabello Treefrog
FRITZIANA – Neotropical Horned Frogs
F. fissilis (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1920Serra de Macae Treefrog
F. goeldii (Boulenger), 1895Colonia Alpina Treefrog
F. izecksohni Folly, et al., 2018Serra dos Órgãos Treefrog
F. ohausi (Wandolleck), 1907Petropolis Treefrog
F. tonimi Walker, Gasparini, and Haddad, 2016Espírito Santo Treefrog
F. ulei (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1926Espírito Santo Treefrog
GASTROTHECA – Marsupial Frogs
G. abdita Duellman, 1987Cordillera Colan Marsupial Frog
G. aguaruna Duellman, Barley, and Venegas, 2014Molinapampa Marsupial Frog
G. albolineata (Lutz and Lutz_, 1939White-lined Marsupial Frog
G. andaquiensis Ruiz-Carranza & Hernández, 1976Andes Marsupial Frog
G. angustifrons Boulenger, 1898Pacific Marsupial Frog
G. antomia Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1997La Blanquita Marsupial Frog
G. antoniiochoai (De la Riva and Chaparro), 2005Kosñipata Marsupial Frog
G. aratia Duellman, Barley, and Venegas, 2014Cajamarca Marsupial Frog
G. argenteovirens Boettger, 1892Popayan Marsupial Frog
G. atympana Duellman, et al., 2004Río Chanchamayo Marsupial Frog
G. aureomaculata Cochran & Goin, 1970Gold-spotted Marsupial Frog
G. bufona Cochran & Goin, 1970Antioquia Marsupial Frog
G. carinaceps Duellman, Trueb, and Lehr, 2006San Alberto Marsupial Frog
G. christiani Laurent, 1967Christian's Marsupial Frog
G. chrysosticta Laurent, 1976Salta Marsupial Frog
G. coeruleomaculatus (Werner), 1899La Siberia Marsupial Frog
G. cornuta Boulenger, 1898Horned Marsupial Frog
G. dendronastes Duellman, 1983Rio Calima Marsupial Frog
G. dunni Lutz, 1977Dunn's Marsupial Frog
G. dysprosita Duellman, 2013Abra Barro Negro Marsupial Frog
G. ernestoi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Ernesto's Marsupial Frog
G. espeletia Duellman and Hillis, 1987North Shore Marsupial Frog
G. excubitor Duellman & Fritts, 1972Abra Acanacu Marsupial Frog
G. fissipes Boulenger, 1888Igaracu Marsupial Frog
G. flamma Juncá and Nunes, 2008Serra da Jibóia Marsupial Frog
G. fulvorufa (Andersson), 1911Serra do Mar Marsupial Frog
G. galeata Trueb & Duellman, 1978Helmeted Marsupial Frog
G. gracilis Laurent, 1969La Banderita Marsupial Frog
G. griswoldi Shreve, 1941Griswold's Marsupial Frog
G. guentheri Boulenger, 1882Gunther's Marsupial Frog
G. helenae Dunn, 1944Helena's Marsupial Frog
G. lateonota Duellman & Trueb, 1988El Tambo Marsupial Frog
G. litonedis Duellman & Hillis, 1987Azuay Marsupial Frog
G. lojana Parker, 1932Loja Marsupial Frog
G. longipes Boulenger, 1882Pastaza Marsupial Frog
G. marsupiata Duméril & Bibron, 1841Common Marsupial Frog
G. megacephala Izecksohn, et al., 2009Large-headed Marsupial Frog
G. microdiscus Andersson, 1910Tiny-fingered Marsupial Frog
G. monticola Barbour & Noble, 1920Mountain Marsupial Frog
G. nebulanastes Duellman, et al., 2011Paucartambo Marsupial Frog
G. nicefori Gaige, 1933Niceforo's Marsupial Frog
G. ochoai Duellman & Fritts, 1972Chilca Marsupial Frog
G. oresbios Duellman and Venegas, 2016Quintecocha Marsupial Frog
G. orophylax Duellman & Pyles, 1980Papallacta Marsupial Frog
G. ossilaginis Duellman and Venegas, 2005Lago de Los Condores Marsupial Frog
G. ovifera Lichtenstein & Weinland, 1854Giant Marsupial Frog
G. pacchamama Duellman, 1987Ayacucho Marsupial Frog
G. pachachacae Catenazzi and von May, 2011Chinchay Marsupial Frog
G. peruana Boulenger, 1900Peru Marsupial Frog
G. phalarosa Duellman and Venegas, 2005Esperanza Marsupial Frog
G. phelloderma Lehr and Catenazzi, 2011Pampa de Cuy Marsupial Frog
G. piperata Duellman and Köhler, 2005Sehuencas Marsupial Frog
G. plumbea Boulenger, 1882Silver Marsupial Frog
G. prasina Teixeira, et al., 2012Mata Escura Marsupial Frog
G. pseustes Duellman & Hillis, 1987San Lucas Marsupial Frog
G. psychrophila Duellman, 1974Ridge Marsupial Frog
G. pulchra Caramaschi and Rodrigues, 2007Porto Seguro Marsupial Frog
G. rebeccae Duellman & Trueb, 1988Rebecca's Marsupial Frog
G. recava Teixeira, et al., 2012Estação Marsupial Frog
G. riobambae Fowler, 1913Riobamba Marsupial Frog
G. ruizi Duellman & Burrowes, 1986Ruiz's Marsupial Frog
G. spectabilis Duellman and Venegas, 2016Hornillo Marsupial Frog
G. splendens Schmidt, 1857Schmidt's Marsupial Frog
G. stictopleura Duellman, Lehr, and Aguilar, 2001Tranca Grande Marsupial Frog
G. testudinea Jiménez de la Espada, 1871Espada's Marsupial Frog
G. trachyceps Duellman, 1987Cerro Munchique Marsupial Frog
G. walkeri Duellman, 1980Walker's Marsupial Frog
G. weinlandii Steindachner, 1892Weinland's Marsupial Frog
G. williamsoni Gaige, 1922Williamson's Marsupial Frog
G. zeugocystis Duellman, et al., 2004Cordillera de Carpish Marsupial Frog
HEMIPHRACTUS – Horned Treefrogs
H. bubalus Jiménez de la Espada, 1871Ecuador Horned Treefrog
H. elioti Martin, et al., 2018Talamanca Horned Treefrog
H. fasciatus Peters, 1862Banded Horned Treefrog
H. helioi Sheil and Mendelson, 2001Altos de Maria Horned Treefrog
H. johnsoni Noble, 1917Johnson's Horned Treefrog
H. kaylockae Martin, et al., 2018Serranía de Pirre Horned Treefrog
H. panamensis (Stejneger), 1917Chagres Horned Treefrog
H. proboscideus Jiménez de la Espada, 1871Sumaco Horned Treefrog
H. scutatus Spix, 1824Spix's Horned Treefrog
STEFANIA – Stefania Treefrogs
S. ackawaio MacCulloch and Lathrop, 2002Ackawaio Treefrog
S. ayangannae MacCulloch and Lathrop, 2002Ayanganna Treefrog
S. breweri Barrio-Amorós and Fuentes-Ramos, et al., 2003Cerro Autana Treefrog
S. coxi MacCulloch and Lathrop, 2002Cox's Treefrog
S. evansi Boulenger, 1904Groete Creek Treefrog
S. ginesi Rivero, 1968Tepuis Treefrog
S. goini Rivero, 1968Vegas Falls Treefrog
S. marahuaquensis Rivero, 1961Marahuaca Treefrog
S. neblinae Carvalho, et al., 2010Pico da Neblina Treefrog
S. oculosa Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997Oculosa Treefrog
S. percristata Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997Tepuy Jaua Treefrog
S. riae Duellman & Hoogmoed, 1984Stefania Treefrog
S. riveroi Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997Yuruaní Treefrog
S. roraimae Duellman & Hoogmoed, 1984Roraima Treefrog
S. satelles Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997Aprada Treefrog
S. scalae Rivero, 1970La Escalera Treefrog
S. schuberti Ayarzagüena, and Gorzula, 1997Auyán Treefrog
S. tamacuarina Myers and Donnelly, 1997Pico Tamacuari Treefrog
S. woodleyi Rivero, 1968Woodley's Treefrog

HEMISOTIDAE – Shovel-nosed Frogs

HEMISUS – Shovel-nosed Frogs
H. barotseensis Channing and Broadley, 2007Barotse Shovelnose Frog
H. brachydactylus Laurent, 1963Masiliwa Shovelsnout Frog
H. guineensis Cope, 1865Guinea Shovelsnout Frog
H. guttatus Rapp, 1842Spotted Shovelnose Frog
H. marmoratus Peters, 1854Marbled Shovelnose Frog
H. microscaphus Laurent, 1972Lake Zwai Shovelnose Frog
H. olivaceus Laurent, 1963Olive Shovelnose Frog
H. perreti Laurent, 1972Perrets Shovelnose Frog
H. wittei Laurent, 1963DeWitte’s Shovelnose Frog

HYLIDAE – Treefrogs

ACRIS – Cricket Frogs
A. blanchardi Harper, 1947Blanchard's Cricket Frog
A. crepitans Baird, 1854Northern Cricket Frog
A. gryllus LeConte, 1825Southern Cricket Frog
A. g. dorsalis Harlan, 1827Florida Cricket Frog
A. g. gryllus LeConte, 1825Southern Cricket Frog
APARASPHENODON – Casque-headed Frogs
A. arapapa Pimenta, Napoli, and Haddad, 2009Bahia’s Broad-snout Casque-headed Treefrog
A. bokermanni Pombal, 1993Bokermann's Casque-headed Frog
A. brunoi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Bruno's Casque-headed Frog
A. pomba Assis, et al., 2013Sinimbú Casque-headed Treefrog
A. venezolanus Mertens, 1950Venezuela Casque-headed Frog
APLASTODISCUS – Canebrake Treefrogs
A. albofrenatus Lutz, 1924White-fronted Treefrog
A. albosignatus Lutz and Lutz, 1938Lutz's Treefrog
A. arildae Cruz and Peixoto, 1987Teresopolis Treefrog
A. cavicola Cruz and Peixoto, 1985Cruz's Treefrog
A. cochranae (Mertens), 1952Santa Catarina Canebrake Treefrog
A. ehrhardti Mueller, 1924Ehrhardt's Snouted Treefrog
A. eugenioi (Carvalho-e-Silva and Carvalho-e-Silva), et al., 2005Serra do Mar Canebrake Treefrog
A. flumineus Cruz and Peixoto, 1985Brazilian River Treefrog
A. ibirapitanga (Cruz, Pimenta, and Silvano), 2003Ibirapitanga Canebrake Treefrog
A. leucopygius Cruz and Peixoto, 1985Guinle Treefrog
A. lutzorum Giaretta, et al., 2017São Bento Canebrake Treefrog
A. musicus Lutz, 1949Musical Treefrog
A. perviridis A. Lutz, 1950Canebrake Treefrog
A. sibilatus (Cruz, Pimenta, and Silvano), 2003Subaúma Canebrake Treefrog
A. weygoldti Cruz and Peixoto, 1987Weygoldt's Treefrog
ARGENTEOHYLA – Argentina Frogs
A. siemersi Mertens, 1937Red-spotted Argentina Frog
ATLANTIHYLA – Atlantic Slope Treefrogs
A. panchoi (Duellman and Campbell), 1982Guatemala Stream Frog
A. spinipollex (Schmidt), 1936Ceiba Stream Frog
BOANA – Gladiator Treefrogs
B. aguilari (Lehr, et al., 2010Pasco Treefrog
B. albomarginata (Spix), 1824White-edged Treefrog
B. albonigra (Nieden), 1923White-black Treefrog
B. albopunctata (Spix), 1824Yellow-spotted Treefrog
B. alemani (Rivero), 1964Cagua Treefrog
B. alfaroi (Caminer and Ron), 2014Alfaro's Treeefrog
B. almendarizae (Caminer and Ron), 2014Almendariz's Treefrog
B. appendiculata (Boulenger), 1882Canelos Treefrog
B. atlantica (Caramaschi and Velosa), 1996Atlantic Forest Treefrog
B. balzani (Boulenger), 1898Yungas Treefrog
B. bandeirantes (Caramaschi and Cruz), 2013Itapecerica da Serra Treefrog
B. beckeri (Caramaschi and Cruz), 2004Becker's Treefrog
B. benitezi (Rivero), 1961Benitez's Treefrog
B. bischoffi (Boulenger), 1887Bischoff's Treefrog
B. boans (Linnaeus), 1758Gladiator Treefrog
B. botumirim (Caramaschi, et al., 2009Botumirim Treefrog
B. buriti (Caramaschi and Cruz), 1999Cerrado Treefrog
B. caingua (Carrizo), 1991Striped Treefrog
B. caipora (Antunes, et al., 2008Serra de Paranapiacaba reefrog
B. calcarata (Troschel), 1848Blue-flanked Treefrog
B. callipleura (Boulenger), 1902Charuplaya Treefrog
B. cambui (Pinheiro, et al., 2016Serra da Mantiqueira Treefrog
B. cinerascens (Spix), 1824Rough-skinned Green Treefrog
B. cipoensis (Lutz), 1968Pajamas Treefrog
B. cordobae (Barrio), 1965Córdoba Treefrog
B. courtoisae Fouquet, et al., 2021Guiana Shield Treefrog
B. crepitans (Wied-Neuwied), 1824Emerald-eyed Treefrog
B. curupi (Garcia, et al., 2007Curupi Treefrog
B. cymbalum (Bokermann), 1963Campo Grande Treefrog
B. dentei (Bokermann), 1967Amapa Treefrog
B. diabolica (Fouquet, et al., 2016Diabolic Treefrog
B. ericae (Caramaschi and Cruz), 2000Chapada dos Veadeiros Treefrog
B. exastis (Caramaschi and Rodrigues), 2003Fringe-footed Treefrog
B. faber (Wied-Neuwied), 1821Blacksmith Treefrog
B. fasciata (Günther), 1858Günther's Banded Treefrog
B. freicanecae (Carnaval and Peixoto), 2004Frei Caneca Treefrog
B. geographica (Spix), 1824Map Treefrog
B. gladiator (Köhler, et al., 2010Cusco Gladiator Treefrog
B. goiana (Lutz), 1968Goiás Treefrog
B. guentheri (Boulenger), 1868Gunther's Brazilian Treefrog
B. heilprini (Noble), 1923Los Bracitos Treefrog
B. hobbsi (Cochran and Goin), 1970Hobb's Treefrog
B. hutchinsi (Pyburn and Hall), 1984Hutchins' Treefrog
B. icamiaba Peloso, et al., 2018Rio Tapajós Treefrog
B. jaguariaivensis (Caramaschi, et al., 2010Jaguariaíva Treefrog
B. jimenezi (Señaris and Ayarzagüena), 2006Auyantepui Treefrog
B. joaquini (Lutz), 1968Serra Geral Treefrog
B. lanciformis (Cope), 1871Basin Treefrog
B. latistriata (Caramaschi and Cruz), 2004Itatiaia Treefrog
B. lemai (Rivero), 1972Lema Treefrog
B. leptolineata (Braun and Braun), 1977Fine-lined Treefrog
B. leucocheila (Caramaschi and Niemeyer), 2003White-lipped Treefrog
B. liliae (Kok), 2006Lili Treefrog
B. lundii (Burmeister), 1856Lund's Treefrog
B. maculateralis (Caminer and Ron), 2014Stained Treefrog
B. marginata (Boulenger), 1887Mundo Novo Treefrog
B. marianitae (Carrizo), 1992Salta Treefrog
B. melanopleura (Boulenger), 1912Lower Andes Treefrog
B. microderma (Pyburn), 1977Yellow-toed Treefrog
B. multifasciata (Günther), 1859Many-banded Treefrog
B. nympha (Faivovich, et al., 2006Nymph Treefrog
B. ornatissima (Noble), 1923Ornate Treefrog
B. palaestes (Duellman, et al., 1997Rio Apurimac Treefrog
B. paranaiba (Carvalho, et al., 2010Araguari Treefrog
B. pardalis (Spix), 1824Leopard Treefrog
B. pellucens (Werner), 1901Palmar Treefrog
B. phaeopleura (Caramaschi and Cruz), 2000Chapada dos Veadeiros Treefrog
B. picturata (Boulenger), 1899Imbabura Treefrog
B. poaju (Garcia, Peixoto, and Haddad), 2008Queimado Treefrog
B. polytaenia (Cope), 1870Cope's Eastern Paraguay Treefrog
B. pombali (Caramaschi, et al., 2004Pombal's Treefrog
B. prasina (Burmeister), 1856Burmeister's Treefrog
B. pugnax (Schmidt), 1857Chirique-Flusse Treefrog
B. pulchella (Duméril and Bibron), 1841White-banded Treefrog
B. pulidoi (Rivero), 1968Pulido's Treefrog
B. punctata (Schneider), 1799Polka-dot Treefrog
B. raniceps (Cope), 1862Chaco Treefrog
B. rhythmica (Señaris and Ayarzagüena), 2002Rhythmic Treefrog
B. riojana (Koslowsky), 1895Rioja Treefrog
B. roraima (Duellman and Hoogmoed), 1992Hoogmoed's Treefrog
B. rosenbergi (Boulenger), 1898Rosenberg's Treefrog
B. rubracyla (Cochran and Goin), 1970Valle Treefrog
B. rufitela (Fouquette), 1961Canal Zone Treefrog
B. secedens (Lutz), 1963Barro Branco Treefrog
B. semiguttata (Lutz), 1925Speckled Treefrig
B. semilineata (Spix), 1824Semi-lined Treefrog
B. sibleszi (Rivero), 1972La Escalera Treefrog
B. steinbachi (Boulenger), 1905Sara Treefrog
B. stellae (Kwet), 2008Araucaria Treefrog
B. stenocephala (Caramaschi and Cruz), 1999Narrow-headed Treefrog
B. tepuiana (Barrio-Amorós and Brewer-Carias), et al., 2008Tepui Treefrog
B. tetete (Caminer and Ron), 2014Tetete's Treefrog
B. varelae (Carrizo), 1992Carrizo's Treefrog
B. wavrini (Parker), 1936Upper Orinoco Treefrog
B. xerophylla (Duméril and Bibron), 1841Drylands Treefrog
B. ahenea (Napoli and Caramaschi), 2004Serra do Bocaina Treefrog
B. alvarengai Bokermann, 1956Santa Barbara Treefrog
B. astartea Bokermann, 1967Paranapiacaba Treefrog
B. capra Napoli and Pimenta, 2009Serra do Timbo Treefrog
B. caramaschii (Napoli), 2005Santa Teresa Treefrog
B. carvalhoi Peixoto, 1981Carvalho's Treefrog
B. circumdata Cope, 1871Espirito Santo Treefrog
B. claresignata Lutz and Lutz, 1939Rio Treefrog
B. clepsydra Lutz, 1925Sao Paulo Treefrog
B. diamantina Napoli and Juncá, 2006Serra dos Barbados Treefrog
B. flavopicta Leite, Pezzuti, and Garcia, 2012Serra das Almas Treefrog
B. gouveai Peixoto and Cruz, 1992Itatiaia Treefrog
B. hylax Heyer, 1985Atlantic Forest Treefrog
B. ibitiguara Cardoso, 1983Fazenda Salto Treefrog
B. ibitipoca Caramaschi and Feio, 1990Ibitipoca Treefrog
B. itapoty Lugli and Haddad, 2006Serra do Sincorá Treefrog
B. izecksohni Jim and Caramaschi, 1979Izecksohn's Treefrog
B. juiju Faivovich, et al., 2009Chapada Diamantina Treefrog
B. langei Bokermann, 1965Marumbi Treefrog
B. lucianae (Napoli and Pimenta), 2003Una Treefrog
B. luctuosa Pombal and Haddad, 1993Reservoir Treefrog
B. martinsi Bokermann, 1964Martins' Treefrog
B. nanuzae Bokermann and Sazima, 1973Jaboticatubas Treefrog
B. napolii Carvalho, et al., 2012Perdizes Treefrog
B. oxente Lugli and Haddad, 2006Rio de Lençóis Treefrog
B. pseudopseudis Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Veadeiros Treefrog
B. ravida (Caramaschi, et al., 2001Vereda Grande Treefrog
B. sagarana Leite, Pezzuti, and Drummond, 2011Serra do Cabral Treefrog
B. sapiranga Brandão, et al., 2012Roncador Treefrog
B. saxicola (Bokermann), 1964Ledge Treefrog
B. sazimai Cardoso and Andrade, 1982Zagaia Treefrog
B. vulcaniae (Vasconcelos and Giaretta), 2005Poços de Caldas Treefrog
BROMELIOHYLA – Bromeliad Treefrogs
B. bromeliacia Schmidt, 1933Bromeliad Treefrog
B. dendroscarta Taylor, 1940Greater Bromeliad Treefrog
B. melacaena (McCranie and Castañeda), 2006Pine Forest Bromeliad Frog
CALYPTAHYLA – Antilles Frogs
C. crucialis Harlan, 1826Harlan's Antilles Frog
CHARADRAHYLA – Ravine Treefrogs
C. altipotens Duellman, 1968Yellow-bellied Voiceless Treefrog
C. chaneque Duellman, 1961Fairy Treefrog
C. esperancensis Canseco-Márquez, et al., 2017Esperanza Treefrog
C. juanitae (Snyder), 1972Juanita's Earless Treefrog
C. nephila (Mendelson and Campbell), 1999Oaxacan Cloud-forest Treefrog
C. pinorum (Taylor), 1937Mexican Pine Woods Treefrog
C. taeniopus Günther, 1901Porthole Treefrog
C. tecuani Campbell, et al., 2009Guerrero Cloud-forest Treefrog
C. trux Adler and Dennis, 1972Spine-fingered Treefrog
CORYTHOMANTIS – Greening's Frogs
C. galeata Pombal, et al., 2012Morro do Chapéu Treefrog
C. greeningi Boulenger, 1896Greening's Frog
DENDROPSOPHUS – Yellow Treefrogs
D. acreanus Bokermann, 1964Acre Treefrog
D. amicorum Mijares-Urrutia, 1998Cerro Socopo Treefrog
D. anataliasiasi Bokermann, 1972Goias Treefrog
D. anceps Lutz, 1929Estrella Treefrog
D. aperomeus Duellman, 1982Balzapata Treefrog
D. araguaya Napoli and Caramaschi, 1998Alto Araguaia Treefrog
D. arndti Caminer, et al., 2017Arndts' Treefrog
D. battersbyi Rivero, 1961Battersby's Treefrog
D. berthalutzae Bokermann, 1962Bertha's Treefrog
D. bifurcus Andersson, 1945Upper Amazon Treefrog
D. bipunctatus Spix, 1824Two-spotted Treefrog
D. bogerti Cochran & Goin, 1970Bogert's Aquatic Treefrog
D. bokermanni Goin, 1960Bokermann's Tarauaca Treefrog
D. branneri Cochran, 1948Bonito Treefrog
D. brevifrons Duellman & Crump, 1974Crump's Treefrog
D. bromeliaceus Ferreira, et al., 2015Teresensis’ Bromeliad Treefrog
D. cachimbo Napoli and Caramaschi, 1998Cachimbo Treefrog
D. carnifex Duellman, 1969Executioner Treefrog
D. cerradensis Napoli and Caramaschi, 1998Rio Pardo Treefrog
D. coffea Köhler, Jungfer, and Reichle, 2005Caranavi Treefrog
D. columbianus Boettger, 1892Boettger's Colombian Treefrog
D. counani Fouquet, et al., 2015Turtle Mountain Treefrog
D. cruzi Pombal and Bastos, 1998Cassilandia Treefrog
D. decipiens Lutz, 1925Brazilian Coastal Treefrog
D. delarivai Köhler and Lötters, 2001Paractito Treefrog
D. dutrai Gomes and Peixoto, 1996Areia Branca Treefrog
D. ebraccatus Cope, 1874Hourglass Treefrog
D. elegans Wied-Neuwied, 1824Elegant Forest Treefrog
D. elianeae Napoli and Caramaschi, 2000Bela Vista Treefrog
D. frosti Motta, et al., 2012Tarapacá Treefrog
D. garagoensis Kaplan, 1991Garagoa Treefrog
D. gaucheri Lescure and Marty, 2000Sinnamary Treefrog
D. giesleri Mertens, 1950Giesler's Treefrog
D. grandisonae Goin, 1966Mazaruni Treefrog
D. gryllatus Duellman, 1973Pacific Lowland Treefrog
D. haddadi Bastos and Pombal, 1996Haddad's Treefrog
D. haraldschultzi Bokermann, 1962Many-Striped Treefrog
D. jimi Napoli and Caramaschi, 1999Botucatu Treefrog
D. joannae Köhler and Lötters, 2001Cobija Treefrog
D. juliani Moravec, et al., 2006Barracón Treefrog
D. kamagarini Rivadeneira, Venegas, and Ron, 2018Inotawa Treefrog
D. koechlini Duellman & Trueb, 1989Cinnamon Treefrog
D. leali Bokermann, 1964Leal's Treefrog
D. leucophyllatus Beireis, 1783Clown Treefrog
D. limai Bokermann, 1962Sao Vicente Treefrog
D. luddeckei Guarnizo, et al., 2012Sotaquira Treefrog
D. luteoocellatus Roux, 1927El Mene Treefrog
D. manonegra Rivera-Correa and Orrico, 2013Florencia Treefrog
D. mapinguari Peloso, et al., 2016Pau-Rosa Treefrog
D. marmoratus Laurenti, 1768Marbled Treefrog
D. mathiassoni Cochran & Goin, 1970Mathiasson's Treefrog
D. melanargyreus Cope, 1887Interior Treefrog
D. meridensis Rivero, 1961Merida Treefrog
D. meridianus Lutz, 1954Rio Treefrog
D. microcephalus Cope, 1886Yellow Treefrog
D. m. underwoodi Duellman & Fouquette, 1968Underwood's Yellow Treefrog
D. microps Peters, 1872Nova Friburgo Treefrog
D. minimus Ahl, 1933Taperinha Treefrog
D. minusculus Rivero, 1971Rivero's Tiny Treefrog
D. minutus Peters, 1872Lesser Treefrog
D. miyatai Vigle & Goberdhan-Vigle, 1990Hosteria La Selva Treefrog
D. molitor Schmidt, 1857Green Dotted Treefrog
D. nahdereri Lutz & Bokermann, 1963Estrada Saraiva Treefrog
D. nanus Boulenger, 1889Dwarf Treefrog
D. nekronastes Dias, et al., 2017Almadina Treefrog
D. norandinus Rivera-Correa and Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, et al., 2012El Roble Treefrog
D. novaisi Bokermann, 1968Bokermann's Bahia Treefrog
D. oliveirai Bokermann, 1963Xeric Treefrog
D. ozzyi Orrico, et al., 2014Bragança Treefrog
D. padreluna Kaplan and Ruiz-Carranza, 1997Padre Luna Treefrog
D. parviceps Boulenger, 1882Sarayacu Treefrog
D. pauiniensis Heyer, 1977Pauini Treefrog
D. phlebodes Stejneger, 1906San Carlos Treefrog
D. praestans Duellman & Trueb, 1983San Agustin Treefrog
D. pseudomeridianus Cruz, Caramaschi, and Dias, 2000Seropédica Treefrog
D. reichlei Moravec, et al., 2008Limón Treefrog
D. reticulatus Jiménez de la Espada, 1870Reticulate Treefrog
D. rhea Napoli and Caramaschi, 1999Pirassununga Treefrog
D. rhodopeplus Günther, 1858Red-skirted Treefrog
D. riveroi Cochran & Goin, 1970Rivero's Amazon Treefrog
D. robertmertensi Taylor, 1937Mertens' Yellow Treefrog
D. rossalleni Goin, 1959Ross Allen's Treefrog
D. rubicundulus Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862Lagoa Santa Treefrog
D. ruschii Weygoldt & Peixoto, 1987Rusch's Treefrog
D. salli Jungfer, et al., 2010Rurrenabaque Treefrog
D. sanborni Schmidt, 1944Sanborn's Treefrog
D. sarayacuensis Shreve, 1935Shreve's Sarayacu Treefrog
D. sartori Smith, 1951Taylor's Yellow Treefrog
D. schubarti Bokermann, 1963Schubart's Rondonia Treefrog
D. seniculus Cope, 1868Corcovado Treefrog
D. shiwiarum Ortega-Andrade and Ron, 2013Kurintza Treefrog
D. soaresi Caramaschi & Jim, 1983Picos Treefrog
D. stingi Kaplan, 1994Kaplan's Garagoa Treefrog
D. studerae Carvalho-e-Silva, et al., 2003Quebrangulo Treefrog
D. subocularis Dunn, 1934Rio Tuquesa Treefrog
D. timbeba Martins & Cardoso, 1987Cardoso's Treefrog
D. tintinnabulum Melin, 1941Rio Uaupes Treefrog
D. triangulum Günther, 1869Triangle Treefrog
D. tritaeniatus Bokermann, 1965Three-banded Treefrog
D. virolinensis Kaplan and Ruiz-Carranza, 1997Gámbita Treefrog
D. vraemi Caminer, et al., 2017Vraem's Treefrog
D. walfordi Bokermann, 1962Walford's Yellow Treefrog
D. werneri Cochran, 1952Bailey's Brazillian Treefrog
D. xapuriensis Martins & Cardoso, 1987Xapuri Treefrog
D. yaracuyanus Mijares-Urrutia and Rivero, 2000Los Bacos Treefrog
DRYADERCES – Spiny-backed Frogs
D. inframaculata (Boulenger), 1882Santarem Spiny-backed Frog
D. pearsoni (Gaige), 1929Pearson's Spiny-backed Frog
DRYOPHYTES – North American Treefrogs
D. andersonii (Baird), 1854Pine Barrens Treefrog
D. arboricola (Taylor), 1941Arboreal Treefrog
D. arenicolor Cope, 1866Canyon Treefrog
D. avivoca (Viosca), 1928Bird-voiced Treefrog
D. avivoca x chrysoscelis , 0Bird-voiced / Gray Treefrog Hybrid
D. bocourti (Mocquard), 1899Bocourt's Treefrog
D. chrysoscelis (Cope), 1880Cope's Gray Treefrog
D. cinereus (Schneider), 1799Green Treefrog
D. cinereus x gratiosus , 0Green / Barking Treefrog Hybrid
D. euphorbiaceus (Günther), 1858Southern Highland Treefrog
D. eximius (Baird), 1854Mountain Treefrog
D. femoralis (Daudin), 1800Pine Woods Treefrog
D. gratiosus (LeConte), 1856Barking Treefrog
D. immaculatus (Boettger), 1888Spotless Treefrog
D. japonicus (Günther), 1859Japanese Treefrog
D. plicatus (Brocchi), 1877Ridged Treefrog
D. squirellus (Daudin), 1800Squirrel Treefrog
D. versicolor (LeConte), 1825Gray Treefrog
D. walkeri (Stuart), 1954Walker's Treefrog
D. wrightorum (Taylor), 1939Wright's Mountain Treefrog
DUELLMANOHYLA – Mountain Brook Frogs
D. chamulae Duellman, 1961Chamula Mountain Brook Frog
D. ignicolor Duellman, 1961Sierra Juarez Brook Frog
D. lythrodes Savage, 1968Savage's Brook Frog
D. rufioculis (Taylor), 1952Costa Rica Mountain Brook Frog
D. salvavida McCranie & Wilson, 1986Honduran Brook Frog
D. schmidtorum Stuart, 1954Schmidt's Mountain Brook Frog
D. soralia Wilson & McCranie, 1985Copan Brook Frog
D. uranochroa Cope, 1875Costa Rica Brook Frog
ECNOMIOHYLA – Marvelous Frogs
E. bailarina Batista, et al., 2014Golden-eyed Fringe-limbed Frog
E. echinata Duellman, 1961Oaxacan Fringe-limbed Treefrog
E. fimbrimembra Taylor, 1948Heredia Treefrog
E. miliaria Cope, 1886Cope's Brown Treefrog
E. minera Wilson, McCranie & Williams, 1985Guatemala Treefrog
E. phantasmagoria (Dunn), 1943Rio Cauca Fringe-limbed Frog
E. rabborum Mendelson, et al., 2008El Valle de Anton Fringe-limbed Frog
E. salvaje Wilson, McCranie & Williams, 1985Copan Treefrog
E. sukia Savage and Kubicki, 2010Alto Colorado Fringe-limbed Frog
E. thysanota Duellman, 1966Cerro Mali Treefrog
E. tuberculosa Boulenger, 1882Canelos Treefrog
E. valancifer Firschein & Smith, 1956San Martin Fringe-limbed Treefrog
E. veraguensis Batista, et al., 2014Veraguas Fringe-limbed Frog
E. abdivita (Campbell and Duellman), 2000Río Aloapan Treefrog
E. bivocata (Duellman and Hoyt), 1961Chiapan Highlands Treefrog
E. catracha Porras and Wilson, 1987Zacate Blanco Treefrog
E. chimalapa (Mendelson and Campbell), 1994Chimalapa Treefrog
E. melanomma Taylor, 1940Black-eyed Treefrog
E. perkinsi Campbell and Brodie, 1992Perkins' Treefrog
E. smaragdina Taylor, 1940Emerald Treefrog
E. sumichrasti Brocchi, 1879Sumichrast's Treefrog
E. xera (Mendelson and Campbell), 1994Puebla Treefrog
HYLA – Common Treefrogs
H. albolineata Lutz & Lutz, 1939White-lined Treefrog
H. americana Dumeril & Bibron, 1841American Treefrog
H. annectans Jerdon, 1870Assam Treefrog
H. arborea Linnaeus, 1758European Treefrog
H. arianae Cruz & Peixoto, 1987Santa Catarina Treefrog
H. auraria Peters, 1873Peters' Secret Treefrog
H. biobebe Bokermann & Sazima, 1974Usina Treefrog
H. carinata Andersson, 1938Tarraco Treefrog
H. chinensis Günther, 1858Common Chinese Treefrog
H. elongata Lutz, 1925Elongate Treefrog
H. felixarabica Gvoždík, et al., 2010Arabian Tree Frog
H. fernandoi Caramaschi & Bernardes, 1994Fernando's Treefrog
H. fusca Laurenti, 1768Brown Treefrog
H. granosa Boulenger, 1882Demerara Falls Treefrog
H. hadroceps Duellman & Hoogmoed, 1992New River Treefrog
H. hallowellii Thompson, 1912Hallowell's Treefrog
H. helenae Ruthven, 1919Helena's Treefrog
H. imitator Barbour & Dunn, 1921Mimic Treefrog
H. inframaculata Boulenger, 1882Santarem Treefrog
H. intermedia Boulenger, 1882Italian Treefrog
H. intermixta Daudin, 1802Lost Treefrog
H. marianae Dunn, 1926Spalding's Treefrog
H. melanorhabota Schneider, 1799Schneider's Treefrog
H. meridionalis Boettger, 1874Mediterranean Treefrog
H. molitor Schmidt, 1857Schmidt's Bolivian Treefrog
H. molleri Bedriaga, 1889Iberian Treefrog
H. ocapia Andersson, 1938Paku Khara Treefrog
H. orientalis Bedriaga, 1890Eastern European Treefrog
H. palliata Cope, 1863Oaxacan Treefrog
H. pulchella Duméril & Bibron, 1841Montevideo Treefrog
H. pulchrilineata Cope, 1869Common Treefrog
H. quadrilineata Schneider, 1799Four-lined Treefrog
H. roeschmanni DeGrys, 1938Roeschmann's Treefrog
H. sanchiangensis Pope, 1929San Chiang Treefrog
H. sarda De Betta, 1853Sardinia Treefrog
H. savignyi Audouin, 1827Savigny's Treefrog
H. simplex Boettger, 1901Annam Treefrog
H. surinamensis Daudin, 1802Daudin's Surinam Treefrog
H. suweonensis Kuramoto, 1980Suweon Treefrog
H. tritaeniata Bokermann, 1965Three-banded Treefrog
H. tsinlingensis Liu & Hu in Hu, Zhao & Liu, 1966Shaanzi Treefrog
H. vasta Cope, 1871Hispaniola Treefrog
H. viridifusca Laurenti, 1768Laurenti's Brown Treefrog
H. wilderi Dunn, 1925Wilder's Treefrog
H. zhaopingensis Tang & Zhang, 1984Zhaoping Treefrog
HYLIOLA – Western Chorus Frogs
H. cadaverina (Cope), 1866California Chorus Frog
H. hypochondriaca (Hallowell), 1854Baja California Chorus Frog
H. regilla (Baird and Girard), 1852Pacific Chorus Frog
H. sierra (Jameson, et al., 1966Sierra Chorus Frog
HYLOSCIRTUS – Neotropical Frogs
H. albopunctulatus Boulenger, 1882White-speckled Treefrog
H. alytolylax Duellman, 1972Tadapi Treefrog
H. antioquia Rivera-Correa and Faivovich, 2013Antioquia Stream Treefrog
H. armatus Boulenger, 1902Armed Treefrog
H. bogotensis Peters, 1882Bogota Treefrog
H. callipeza Duellman, 1989Sardinata Treefrog
H. caucanus Ardila-Robayo, et al., 1993Cauca Treefrog
H. charazani Vellard, 1970Charazani Treefrog
H. chlorosteus Reynolds and Foster, 1992Parjacti Treefrog
H. colymba Dunn, 1931La Loma Treefrog
H. condor Almendáriz, et al., 2014Cerro Plateado Stream Treefrog
H. criptico Coloma, et al., 2012Cryptic Torrenteer Stream Treefrog
H. denticulentus Duellman, 1972Charta Treefrog
H. diabolus Rivera-Correa, et al., 2016La Jalca Stream Treefrog
H. estevesi (Rivero), 1968Mérida Andes Stream Treefrog
H. jahni Rivero, 1961Jahn's Treefrog
H. japreria Rojas-Runjaic, et al., 2018Perijá’s Stream Treefrog
H. larinopygion Duellman, 1973Cordillera Central Treefrog
H. lascinius Rivero, 1970Tabor Treefrog
H. lindae Duellman and Altig, 1978Linda's Treefrog
H. lynchi Ruiz-Carranza and Ardila-Robayo, et al., 1991Lynch's Colombian Treefrog
H. mashpi Guayasamin, et al., 2015Mashpi Stream Treefrog
H. pacha Duellman and Hillis, 1990Morona-Santiago Treefrog
H. palmeri Boulenger, 1908Palmer's Treefrog
H. pantostictus Duellman and Berger, 1982Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog
H. phyllognathus Melin, 1941Roque Treefrog
H. piceigularis Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1982Rio Luisito Treefrog
H. platydactylus Boulenger, 1905Merida Andes Treefrog
H. princecharlesi Coloma, et al., 2012Prince Charles' Stream Treefrog
H. psarolaimus Duellman and Hillis, 1990Papallacta Treefrog
H. ptychodactylus Duellman and Hillis, 1990Pilalo Treefrog
H. sarampiona Ruiz-Carranza and Lynch, 1982Western Andes Treefrog
H. simmonsi Duellman, 1989Simmons' Treefrog
H. staufferorum Duellman and Coloma, 1993Jondachi Treefrog
H. tapichalaca (Kizirian, et al., 2003Tapichalaca Stream Treefrog
H. tigrinus Mueses-Cisneros and Anganoy-Criollo, et al., 2008Castelví Stream Treefrog
H. torrenticola Duellman and Altig, 1978El Pepino Treefrog
I. angustilineata Taylor, 1952Narrow-lined Treefrog
I. calypsa (Lips), 1996Calypsa Treefrog
I. debilis Taylor, 1952Isla Bonita Treefrog
I. graceae Myers and Duellman, 1982Continental Divide Treefrog
I. infucata (Duellman), 1968Talamanca Treefrog
I. insolita (McCranie, et al., 1993Nombre de Dios Treefrog
I. lancasteri Barbour, 1928Lancaster's Treefrog
I. picadoi Dunn, 1937Volcan Barba Treefrog
I. pictipes Cope, 1875Pico Blanco Treefrog
I. pseudopuma Günther, 1901Gunther's Costa Rican Treefrog
I. rivularis Taylor, 1952American Cinchona Plantation Treefrog
I. tica Starrett, 1966Starrett's Treefrog
I. xanthosticta Duellman, 1968South Fork Treefrog
I. zeteki Gaige, 1929Zetek's Treefrog
ITAPOTIHYLA – Ocellated Treefrogs
I. langsdorffii (Duméril and Bibron), 1841Ocellated Treefrog
JULIANUS – Julianus Treefrogs
J. pinimus (Bokermann and Sazima), 1973Serra do Cipó Treefrog
J. uruguayus (Schmidt), 1944Schmidt's Uruguay Treefrog
LYSAPSUS – Harlequin Frogs
L. bolivianus Gallardo, 1961Bolivian Harlequin Frog
L. caraya Gallardo, 1964Mato Verde Harlequin Frog
L. laevis Parker, 1935Guyana Harlequin Frog
L. limellum Cope, 1862Uruguay Harlequin Frog
M. mixe Duellman, 1965Mixe Treefrog
M. mixomaculata Taylor, 1950Variegated Treefrog
M. nubicola Duellman, 1964Cloud Forest Treefrog
M. pellita Duellman, 1968Oaxacan Yellow Treefrog
M. aromatica (Ayarzagüena and Señaris), 1994Huachamacari Treefrog
M. chamaeleo Faivovich, et al., 2013Chameleon Treefrog
M. inparquesi (Ayarzagüena and Señaris), 1994Marahuaca Sur Treefrog
M. kanaima Goin and Woodley, 1969Kanaima Treefrog
M. loveridgei Rivero, 1961Loveridge's Treefrog
M. neblinaria Faivovich, et al., 2013Cerro de la Neblina Treefrog
NYCTIMANTIS – Brown-eyed Treefrogs
N. rugiceps Boulenger, 1882Brown-eyed Treefrog
OLOLYGON – Snouted Treefrogs
O. agilis (Cruz and Peixoto), 1983Agile Snouted Treefrog
O. albicans (Bokermann), 1967Teresopolis Snouted Treefrog
O. alcatraz (Lutz), 1973Alcatraz Snouted Treefrog
O. angrensis (Lutz), 1973Angra dos Reis Snouted Treefrog
O. arduous (Peixoto), 2002Santa Teresa Snouted Treefrog
O. argyreornata (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1926Rio Mutum Snouted Treefrog
O. ariadne (Bokermann), 1967Serra da Bocaina Snouted Treefrog
O. aromothyella (Faivovich), 2005San Vicente Snouted Treefrog
O. atrata (Peixoto), 1989Peixoto's Snouted Treefrog
O. belloni (Faivovich, et al., 2010Estadual de Forno Grande Snouted Treefrog
O. berthae (Barrio), 1962Dwarf Snouted Treefrog
O. brieni (De Witte), 1930Brien's Snouted Treefrog
O. caissara (Lourenço, et al., 2016São Paulo Snouted Treefrog
O. canastrensis (Cardoso and Haddad), 1982Canastra Snouted Treefrog
O. carnevallii Caramaschi and Kisteumacher, 1989Rio Doce Snouted Treefrog
O. catharinae (Boulenger, 1888Catharina Snouted Treefrog
O. centralis (Pombal and Bastos), 1996Paranaiba Snouted Treefrog
O. cosenzai (Lacerda, Peixoto, and Feio), 2012Serra do Brigadero Snouted Treefrog
O. faivovichi (Brasileiro, et al., 2007Ilha de Porcos Pequena Snouted Treefrog
O. flavoguttata (Lutz and Lutz), 1939Yellowbelly Snouted Treefrog
O. goya Andrade, et al., 2018Sítio d´Abadia Snouted Treefrog
O. heyeri Peixoto and Weygoldt, 1986Heyer's Snouted Treefrog
O. hiemalis (Haddad and Pombal, 1987Sousas Snouted Treefrog
O. humilis (A. Lutz and B. Lutz), 1954Rio Babi Snouted Treefrog
O. insperata (Silva and Alves-Silva), 2011Miguel Pereira Snouted Treefrog
O. jureia (Pombal and Gordo), 1991Jureia Snouted Treefrog
O. kautskyi Carvalho-e-Silva and Peixoto, 1991Kautsky's Snouted Treefrog
O. littoralis (Pombal and Gordo), 1991Rio Verde Snouted Treefrog
O. littoreus Peixoto, 1988Coastal Snouted Treefrog
O. longilinea (Lutz), 1968Lutz's Snouted Treefrog
O. luizotavioi Caramaschi and Kisteumacher, 1989Santa Barbara Snouted Treefrog
O. machadoi (Bokermann and Sazima), 1973Machado's Snouted Treefrog
O. melanodactyla (Lourenço, Luna, and Pombal), 2014Porto Seguro Snouted Treefrog
O. melloi Peixoto, 1989Southeastern Brazil Snouted Treefrog
O. muriciensis (Cruz, Nunes, and Lima), 2011Mata da Bananeira Snouted Treefrog
O. obtriangulata (Lutz), 1973Sao Paulo Snouted Treefrog
O. peixotoi (Brasileiro, et al., 2007Peixoto's Snouted Treefrog
O. perpusilla (Lutz and Lutz), 1939Bandeirantes Snouted Treefrog
O. pombali (Lourenço, et al., 2013Pombal's Snouted Treefrog
O. ranki (Andrade and Cardoso), 1987Rank's Snouted Treefrog
O. rizibilis (Bokermann), 1964Santo Andre Snouted Treefrog
O. skaios (Pombal, et al., 2010Santa Rito do Novo Destino
O. skuki (Lima, Cruz, and Azevedo), 2011Fernão Velho Snouted Treefrog
O. strigilata (Spix), 1824Bahia Snouted Treefrog
O. trapicheiroi (A. Lutz and B. Lutz), 1954Three-lined Snouted Treefrog
O. tripui (Lourenço, et al., 2010Tripuí Snouted Treefrog
O. tupinamba (Silva and Alves-Silva), 2008Mangaratiba Snouted Treefrog
O. v-signata (Lutz), 1968Forest Snouted Treefrog
OSTEOCEPHALUS – Spiny-backed Frogs
O. alboguttatus Boulenger, 1882White-bellied Spiny-backed Frog
O. buckleyi Boulenger, 1882Buckley's Spiny-backed Frog
O. cabrerai (Cochran and Goin), 1970Cabrera's Spiny-backed Frog
O. camufatus Jungfer, et al., 2016Rio Abacaxis Spiny-backed Frog
O. cannatellai Ron, et al., 2012Cannatella's Spiny-backed Frog
O. carri (Cochran and Goin), 1970Acevedo Spiny-backed Frog
O. castaneicola Moravec, et al., 2009Bolivian Spiny-backed Frog
O. deridens Jungfer, et al., 2000Rio Napo Spiny-backed Frog
O. duellmani Jungfer, 2011Duellman's Spiny-backed Frog
O. festae (Peracca), 1904Rio Zamora Spiny-backed Frog
O. fuscifacies Jungfer, et al., 2000Tan-Faced Spiny-backed Frog
O. helenae (Ruthven), 1919Urubamba Spiny-backed Frog
O. heyeri Lynch, 2002Heyer's Spiny-backed Frog
O. leoniae Jungfer and Lehr, 2001Submontane Spiny-backed Frog
O. leprieurii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Cayenne Spiny-backed Frog
O. mimeticus (Melin), 1941Henle's Spiny-backed Frog
O. mutabor Jungfer and Hödl, 2002Ecuadoran Spiny-backed Frog
O. oophagus Jungfer and Schiesari, 1995Egg-Eating Spiny-backed Frog
O. planiceps Cope, 1874Flat-Headed Spiny-backed Frog
O. subtilis Martins & Cardoso, 1987Brazilian Spiny-backed Frog
O. taurinus Steindachner, 1862Manaus Spiny-backed Frog
O. verruciger Werner, 1901Ecuador Spiny-backed Frog
O. vilarsi (Melin), 1941Taracuá Spiny-backed Frog
O. yasuni Ron and Pramuk, 1999Yasuni Spiny-backed Frog
OSTEOPILUS – Cuban Treefrogs
O. crucialis Harlan, 1826Antilles Treefrog
O. dominicensis Tschudi, 1838Dominican Treefrog
O. marianae Dunn, 1926Yellow Bromeliad Frog
O. ocellatus Linnaeus, 1758Savanna-la-Mar Treefrog
O. pulchrilineatus Cope, 1870Hispaniolan Yellow Treefrog
O. septentrionalis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Cuban Treefrog
O. vastus Cope, 1871Hispaniola Giant Treefrog
O. wilderi Dunn, 1925Green Bromeliad Frog
PHRYNOHYAS – Golden-eyed Treefrogs
PHYLLODYTES – Heart-tongued Frogs
P. acuminatus Bokermann, 1966Alagoas Heart-tongued Frog
P. amadoi Vörös, Dias, and Solé, 2017Una Heart-tongued Frog
P. brevirostris Peixoto & Cruz, 1988Alhandra Heart-tongued Frog
P. edelmoi Peixoto, et al., 2003Mata do Catolé Heart-tongued Frog
P. gyrinaethes Peixoto, et al., 2003Bananeiras Heart-tongued Frog
P. kautskyi Peixoto & Cruz, 1988Brazilian Heart-tongued Frog
P. luteolus Wied-Neuwied, 1824Yellow Heart-tongued Frog
P. maculosus Cruz, Feio, and Cardoso, 2007Spotted Heart-tongued Frog
P. megatympanum Marciano, et al., 2017Boa União Heart-tongued Frog
P. melanomystax Caramaschi, et al., 1992Bahia Heart-tongued Frog
P. praeceptor Orrico, Dias, and Marciano, 2018Serra da Jibóia Heart-tongued Frog
P. punctatus Caramaschi and Peixoto, 2004Gravatá Heart-tongued Frog
P. tuberculosus Bokermann, 1966Maracas Heart-tongued Frog
P. wuchereri (Peters), 1873Southern Bahia Heart-tongued Frog
PHYTOTRIADES – El Tucuche Golden Frogs
P. auratus (Boulenger), 1917El Tucuche Golden Frog
PLECTROHYLA – Spikethumb Frogs
P. acanthodes Duellman & Campbell, 1992Thorny Spikethumb Frog
P. avia Stuart, 1952Greater Spikethumb Frog
P. calvata McCranie, 2017Montaña de Celaque Spikethumb Frog
P. chrysopleura Wilson, et al., 1994Nombre de Dios Spikethumb Frog
P. dasypus McCranie & Wilson, 1981Honduras Spikethumb Frog
P. exquisita McCranie and Wilson, 1998Sierra de Omoa Spikethumb Frog
P. glandulosa Boulenger, 1883Forest Spikethumb Frog
P. guatemalensis Brocchi, 1877Guatemala Spikethumb Frog
P. hartwegi Duellman, 1968Hartweg's Spikethumb Frog
P. ixil Stuart, 1942Ixil Spikethumb Frog
P. lacertosa Bumzahem & Smith, 1954Pop-eyed Spikethumb Frog
P. matudai Hartweg, 1941Matuda's Spikethumb Frog
P. pokomchi Duellman & Campbell, 1984Rio Sananja Spikethumb Frog
P. psiloderma McCranie and Wilson, 1999Río Arcáqual Spikethumb Frog
P. pycnochila Rabb, 1959Thick-lipped Spikethumb Frog
P. quecchi Stuart, 1942Las Palmas Spikethumb Frog
P. sagorum Hartweg, 1941Arcane Spikethumb Frog
P. tecunumani Duellman & Campbell, 1984Cave Spikethumb Frog
P. teuchestes Duellman & Campbell, 1992Alta Verapaz Spikethumb Frog
PSEUDACRIS – Chorus Frogs
P. brachyphona Cope, 1889Mountain Chorus Frog
P. brimleyi Brandt & Walker, 1933Brimley's Chorus Frog
P. clarkii Baird, 1854Spotted Chorus Frog
P. collinsorum Ospina, et al., 2020Collinses’ Mountain Chorus Frog
P. crucifer Wied-Neuwied, 1838Spring Peeper
P. feriarum Baird, 1854Upland Chorus Frog
P. f. feriarum Baird, 1854Upland Chorus Frog
P. f. kalmi Harper, 1955New Jersey Chorus Frog
P. fouquettei Lemmon, et al., 2008Cajun Chorus Frog
P. illinoensis Smith, 1951Illinois Chorus Frog
P. kalmi Harper, 1955New Jersey Chorus Frog
P. maculata Agassiz, 1850Boreal Chorus Frog
P. nigrita LeConte, 1825Southern Chorus Frog
P. n. nigrita LeConte, 1825Southern Chorus Frog
P. n. verrucosa Cope, 1877Florida Chorus Frog
P. ocularis Bosc & Daudin, 1801Little Grass Frog
P. ornata Holbrook, 1836Ornate Chorus Frog
P. streckeri Wright & Wright, 1933Strecker's Chorus Frog
P. triseriata Wied-Neuwied, 1838Western Chorus Frog
PSEUDIS – Swimming Frogs
P. bolbodactyla Lutz, 1925Brazilian Swimming Frog
P. cardosoi Kwet, 2000Cardoso's Swimming Frog
P. fusca Garman, 1883Rio Arassuahy Swimming Frog
P. minuta Günther, 1858Lesser Swimming Frog
P. paradoxa Linnaeus, 1758Swimming Frog
P. platensis Gallardo, 1961Paraguayan Swimming Frog
P. tocantins Caramaschi and Cruz, 1998Tocantins Swimming Frog
PTYCHOHYLA – Stream Frogs
P. dendrophasma (Campbell, et al., 2000Phantom Treefrog
P. euthysanota Kellogg, 1928Cloud Forest Stream Frog
P. hypomykter McCranie & Wilson, 1993Copan Stream Frog
P. legleri Taylor, 1958Legler's Stream Frog
P. leonhardschultzei Ahl, 1934Schultze's Mountain Stream Frog
P. macrotympanum Tanner, 1957Pine Forest Stream Frog
P. salvadorensis Mertens, 1952Salvador Stream Frog
P. zophodes Campbell and Duellman, 2000Gloomy Mountain Stream Frog
QUILTICOHYLA – Evergreen Forest Treefrogs
Q. acrochorda (Campbell and Duellman), 2000Warty Mountain Stream Frog
Q. erythromma (Taylor), 1937Guerreran Stream Frog
Q. sanctaecrucis (Campbell and Smith), 1992Chinamococh Stream Frog
Q. zoque (Canseco-Márquez, et al., 2017Zoque Treefrog
RHEOHYLA – Small-eared Treefrogs
R. miotympanum (Cope), 1863Small-eared Treefrog
S. ameibothalame (Canseco-Márquez, et al., 2002Mixteca Alta Treefrog
S. arborescandens (Taylor), 1939Lesser Bromeliad Treefrog
S. bistincta (Cope), 1877Cope’s Streamside Treefrog
S. calvicollina (Toal), 1994Cerro Pelón Treefrog
S. celata (Toal and Mendelson), 1995Oaxaca Treefrog
S. cembra (Caldwell), 1974Southern Sierra Madre Treefrog
S. charadricola (Duellman), 1964Puebla Treefrog
S. chryses (Adler), 1965Golden Guerrero Treefrog
S. crassa (Brocchi), 1977Oaxaca Cloud Forest Treefrog
S. cyanomma (Caldwell), 1974Blue-eyed Aquatic Treefrog
S. cyclada (Campbell and Duellman), 2000Tan-edged Treefrog
S. hapsa Campbell, et al., 2018Northern Streamside Treefrog
S. hazelae (Taylor), 1940Hazel's Treefrog
S. labeculata (Shannon), 1951Mixe Streamside Treefrog
S. labedactyla (Mendelson and Toal), 1996Grasping Treefrog
S. miahuatlanensis (Meik, et al., 2006Sierra Miahuatlan Spikethumb Frog
S. mykter (Adler and Dennis), 1972Keel-snouted Treefrog
S. pachyderma (Taylor), 1942Tezuitlán Spikethumb Frog
S. pentheter (Adler), 1965Mourning Treefrog
S. psarosema (Campbell and Duellman), 2000Speckled Treefrog
S. robertsorum (Taylor), 1940Roberts' Treefrog
S. sabrina (Caldwell), 1974Sierra Juarez Treefrog
S. siopela (Duellman), 1968Mute Treefrog
S. thorectes (Adler), 1965Adler's Mottled Treefrog
SCARTHYLA – Madre de Dios Treefrogs
S. goinorum Bokermann, 1962Tarauaca Snouted Treefrog
S. vigilans Solano, 1971Maracaibo Basin Treefrog
SCINAX – Snouted Treefrogs
S. acuminatus Cope, 1862Mato Grosso Snouted Treefrog
S. alleni Cope, 1870Allen's Snouted Treefrog
S. altae (Dunn), 1933Panama Snouted Treefrog
S. alter Lutz, 1973Crubixa Snouted Treefrog
S. auratus Wied-Neuwied, 1821Santa Ines Snouted Treefrog
S. baumgardneri Rivero, 1961Baumgardner's Snouted Treefrog
S. blairi Fouquette & Pyburn, 1972Blair's Snouted Treefrog
S. boesemani Goin, 1966Boeseman's Snouted Treefrog
S. boulengeri Cope, 1887Boulenger's Snouted Treefrog
S. cabralensis Drummond, Baêta, and Pires, 2007Serra do Cabral Snouted Treefrog
S. caldarum Lutz, 1968Caldas Snouted Treefrog
S. camposseabrai (Bokermann), 1968Cana Brava Snouted Treefrog
S. caprarius Acosta-Galvis, 2018La Vega Snouted Treefrog
S. cardosoi Carvalho e Silva & Peixoto, 1991Revolta Snouted Treefrog
S. castroviejoi De la Riva, 1993Temperate Snouted Treefrog
S. chiquitanus De la Riva, 1990Rio Negro Snouted Treefrog
S. constrictus Lima, Bastos, and Giaretta, 2005Palmeiras Snouted Treefrog
S. cretatus Nunes and Pombal, 2011Porto Sauípe Snouted Treefrog
S. crospedospilus Lutz, 1925Campo Belo Snouted Treefrog
S. cruentomma Duellman, 1972Manaus Snouted Treefrog
S. curicica Pugliese, Pombal, and Sazima, 2004Serra do Espinhaço Snouted Treefrog
S. cuspidatus Lutz, 1925Coastal Lowland Snouted Treefrog
S. cynocephala Dumeril & Bibron, 1841Blue-headed Snouted Treefrog
S. danae Duellman, 1986Bolivar Snouted Treefrog
S. dolloi (Werner), 1903Werner's Brazilian Treefrog
S. duartei Lutz, 1951Duarte's Snouted Treefrog
S. elaeochroa Cope, 1875Sipurio Snouted Treefrog
S. eurydice Bokermann, 1968Maracas Snouted Treefrog
S. exiguus Duellman, 1986Gran Sabana Snouted Treefrog
S. funereus Cope, 1874Moyobamba Snouted Treefrog
S. fuscomarginatus Lutz, 1925Brown-bordered Snouted Treefrog
S. fuscovarius Lutz, 1925Snouted Treefrog
S. garbei Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Eirunepe Snouted Treefrog
S. goinorum Bokerman, 1962Tarauaca Snouted Treefrog
S. granulatus (Peters), 1871Argentine Snouted Treefrog
S. haddadorum Araujo-Vieira, et al., 2016Barra do Garças Snouted Treefrog
S. hayii Barbour, 1909Hay's Snouted Treefrog
S. ictericus Duellman and Wiens, 1993Puerto Maldonado Snouted Treefrog
S. imbegue Nunes, Kwet, and Pombal, 2012Santa Catarina Snouted Treefrog
S. iquitorum Moravec, et al., 2009Puerto Almendras Snouted Treefrog
S. jolyi Lescure and Marty, 2000Crique Gabrielle Snouted Treefrog
S. juncae Nunes and Pombal, 2010Igrapiúna Snouted Treefrog
S. karenanneae Pyburn, 1993Vaupes Treefrog
S. kennedyi Pyburn, 1973Kennedy's Snouted Treefrog
S. lindsayi Pyburn, 1992Lindsay's Snouted Treefrog
S. madeirae (Bokermann), 1964Porto Velho Snouted Treefrog
S. manriquei Barrio-Amorós, et al., 2004Mesa Quintero Snouted Treefrog
S. maracaya Cardoso & Sazima, 1980Alpinopolis Snouted Treefrog
S. megapodia Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Miranda's Snouted Treefrog
S. montivagus Juncá, et al., 2015Serra do Espinhaço Snouted Treefrog
S. nasicus Cope, 1862Lesser Snouted Treefrog
S. nebulosus Spix, 1824Spix's Snouted Treefrog
S. onca Ferrão, et al., 2017Jaguar Snouted Treefrog
S. opalina Lutz, 1968Opal Snouted Treefrog
S. oreites Duellman & Wiens, 1993Balzapata Snouted Treefrog
S. pachycrus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Pocao Snouted Treefrog
S. pedromedinae Henle, 1991Henle's Snouted Treefrog
S. perereca Pombal, Haddad, and Kasahara, 1995Ribeirão Branco Snouted Treefrog
S. pinima Bokermann and Sazima, 1973Sazima's Treefrog
S. proboscideus Brongersma, 1933Gran Rio Snouted Treefrog
S. quinquefasciatus Fowler, 1913Fowler's Snouted Treefrog
S. rogerioi Pugliese, Baêta, and Pombal, 2009Chapada dos Veadeiros Snouted Treefrog
S. rossaferesae Conte, et al., 2016Guartelá Canyon Snouted Treefrog
S. rostratus Peters, 1863Caracas Snouted Treefrog
S. ruber Laurenti, 1768Red Snouted Treefrog
S. ruberoculatus Ferrão, et al., 2018Lago Jari Snouted Treefrog
S. rupestris Araujo-Vieira, et al., 2015Veadeiros Snouted Treefrog
S. sateremawe Sturaro and Peloso, 2014Maués Snouted Treefrog
S. similis Cochran, 1952Cochran's Snouted Treefrog
S. squalirostris Lutz, 1925Striped Snouted Treefrog
S. staufferi Cope, 1865Stauffer's Treefrog
S. sugillatus Duellman, 1973Quevedo Snouted Treefrog
S. tigrinus Nunes, Carvalho, and Pereira, 2010Cabaceira Grande Snouted Treefrog
S. trachythorax Miller & Hellmich, 1936San Luis Snouted Treefrog
S. tsachila Ron, et al., 2018Santa Rosa Snouted Treefrog
S. tymbamirim Nunes, Kwet, and Pombal, 2012Coastal Snouted Treefrog
S. uruguayus Schmidt, 1944Schmidt's Uruguay Treefrog
S. villasboasi Brusquetti, et al., 2014Serra do Cachimbo Snouted Treefrog
S. wandae Pyburn & Fouquette, 1971Villavicencio Snouted Treefrog
S. x-signatus Spix, 1824Venezuela Snouted Treefrog
SMILISCA – Cross-banded Treefrogs
S. baudinii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Common Mexican Treefrog
S. cyanosticta Smith, 1953Blue-spotted Mexican Treefrog
S. dentata (Smith), 1957Upland Burrowing Treefrog
S. fodiens Boulenger, 1882Lowland Burrowing Treefrog
S. manisorum (Taylor), 1954Lowland Forest Treefrog
S. phaeota Cope, 1862Masked Treefrog
S. puma Cope, 1885Tawny Treefrog
S. sila Duellman & Trueb, 1966Pugnosed Treefrog
S. sordida Peters, 1863Drab Treefrog
S. botocudo Caramaschi, et al., 2009Lagoa Nova Lime Treefrog
S. bromelicola Bokermann, 1966Bahia Lime Treefrog
S. cammaeus Roberto, et al., 2017Pedra Talhada Lime Treefrog
S. canga Araujo-Vieira, et al., 2015Espinhaço Lime Treefrog
S. caramaschii Toledo, et al., 2007Caramaschi's Lime Treefrog
S. carneus Cope, 1868Napo Lime Treefrog
S. dorisae Goin, 1957Spotted Lime Treefrog
S. lacteus Daudin, 1800Orinoco Lime Treefrog
S. mirim Caramaschi, et al., 2009Mucurici Lime Treefrog
S. orophilus Lutz and Lutz, 1938Lutz's Lime Treefrog
S. palustris Bokermann, 1966Linhares Lime Treefrog
S. pauloalvini Bokermann, 1973Paulo's Lime Treefrog
S. planicola Lutz & Lutz, 1938Rio Lime Treefrog
S. platycephalus Werner, 1894South American Lime Treefrog
S. prasinus Bokermann, 1973Bokermann's Lime Treefrog
S. surdus Cochran, 1953Cochran's Lime Treefrog
TEPUIHYLA – Amazon Treefrogs
T. aecii Ayarzagüena, et al., 1993Monte Duida Treefrog
T. edelcae Ayarzagüena, et al., 1993Ayarzaguena's Treefrog
T. exophthalma (Smith and Noonan), 2001Big-eyed Slender-legged Treefrog
T. galani Ayarzagüena, et al., 1993Senaris' Treefrog
T. luteolabris Ayarzagüena, et al., 1993Marahuaca Norte Treefrog
T. obscura Kok, et al., 2015Chimantá Treefrog
T. rimarum Ayarzagüena, et al., 1993Gorzula's Amazon Treefrog
T. rodriguezi Rivero, 1968Rodriguez's Amazon Treefrog
T. shushupe Ron, et al., 2016Shushupe Treefrog
T. tuberculosa Boulenger, 1882Canelos Treefrog
T. warreni (Duellman and Hoogmoed), 1992Warren's Treefrog
T. godmani Günther, 1901Godman's Treefrog
T. loquax Gaige and Stuart, 1934Mahogany Treefrog
T. picta Günther, 1901Painted Treefrog
T. smithii Boulenger, 1902Dwarf Mexican Treefrog
TRACHYCEPHALUS – Casque-headed Treefrogs
T. atlas Bokermann, 1966Bokermann's Casque-headed Treefrog
T. coriaceus Peters, 1867Golden-Eyed Treefrog
T. cunauaru Gordo, et al., 2013Toad-Wife Frog
T. dibernardoi Kwet and Solé, 2008Dibernardo's Casque-Headed Frog
T. hadroceps Duellman and Hoogmoed, 1992New River Treefrog
T. helioi unes, et al., 2013Juruti Casque-Headed Frog
T. imitatrix Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Rio Golden-eyed Treefrog
T. jordani Stejneger & Test, 1891Jordan's Casque-headed Treefrog
T. lepidus Pombal, Haddad, and Cruz, 2003Capão Bonito Casque-Headed Frog
T. macrotis Andersson, 1945Ecuadorian Milk Frog
T. mambaiensis Cintra, et al., 2009Mambai Casque-Headed Frog
T. mesophaeus Hensel, 1867Porto Alegre Golden-eyed Treefrog
T. nigromaculatus Tschudi, 1838Black-spotted Casque-headed Treefrog
T. quadrangulum (Boulenger), 1882Pacific Coast Casque-headed Treefrog
T. resinifictrix Goeldi, 1907Amazon Milk Frog
T. typhonius (Linnaeus), 1758Veined Treefrog
T. vermiculatus (COPE), 1877Central American Milk Frog
TRIPRION – Shovel-headed Treefrogs
T. petasatus Cope, 1865Yucatecan Shovel-headed Treefrog
T. spatulatus Günther, 1882Shovel-headed Treefrog
T. spinosus (Steindachner), 1864Coronated Treefrog
XENOHYLA – Xenohyla Treefrogs
X. eugenioi Caramaschi, 1998Boca do Mato Treefrog
X. truncata (Izecksohn), 1959Izecksohn's Brazilian Treefrog

HYLODIDAE – Spinythumb Frogs

CROSSODACTYLUS – Spinythumb Frogs
C. aeneus Müller, 1924Muller's Spinythumb Frog
C. bokermanni Caramaschi & Sazima, 1985Bokermann Spinythumb Frog
C. boulengeri (De Witte), 1930Serra do Mar Spinythumb Frog
C. caramaschii Bastos and Pombal, 1995Caverna do Diabo Spinythumb Frog
C. cyclospinus Nascimento, Cruz, and Feio, 2005Rio Jequitinhonha Spinythumb Frog
C. dantei Carcerelli & Caramaschi, 1993Murici Spinythumb Frog
C. dispar Lutz, 1925Rio Spinythumb Frog
C. franciscanus Pimenta, Caramaschi, and Cruz, 2015Serra do Canastra Spinythumb Frog
C. gaudichaudii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Brazilian Spinythumb Frog
C. grandis Lutz, 1951Bahia Spinythumb Frog
C. lutzorum Carcerelli & Caramaschi, 1993Lutz's Spinythumb Frog
C. schmidti Gallardo, 1961Schmidt's Spinythumb Frog
C. timbuhy Pimenta, Cruz, and Caramaschi, 2014Santa Teresa Spinythumb Frog
C. trachystomus Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862Minas Gerais Spinythumb Frog
C. werneri Pimenta, Cruz, and Caramaschi, 2014Serra da Mantiqueira Spinythumb Frog
HYLODES – Tree Toads
H. amnicola Pombal, Feio, and Haddad, 2002Ibitipoca Tree Toad
H. asper Müller, 1924Warty Tree Toad
H. babax Heyer, 1982Caparao Mountains Tree Toad
H. caete Malagoli, et al., 2017Serra do Mar Tree Toad
H. cardosoi Lingnau, Canedo, and Pombal, 2008Cardoso's Tree Toad
H. charadranaetes Heyer & Cocroft, 1986Rio Tree Toad
H. dactylocinus Pavan, Narvaes, and Rodrigues, 2001Serra do Itatins Tree Toad
H. fredi Canedo and Pombal, 2007Ilha Grande Tree Toad
H. glaber Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Itatiaia Tree Toad
H. heyeri Haddad, Pombal, and Bastos, 1996Heyer's Tree Toad
H. japi de Sá, et al., 2015Serra do Japi Tree Toad
H. lateristrigatus Baumann, 1912Baumann's Tree Toad
H. magalhaesi Bokermann, 1964Sao Paulo Tree Toad
H. meridionalis Mertens, 1927Rio Grande Tree Toad
H. mertensi Bokermann, 1956Mertens' Tree Toad
H. nasus Lichtenstein, 1823Santa Catarina Tree Toad
H. ornatus Bokermann, 1967Ornate Tree Toad
H. otavioi Sazima & Bokermann, 1983Otavio Tree Toad
H. perere Silva and Benmaman, 2008Serra do Negra Tree Toad
H. perplicatus Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Humboldt's Tree Toad
H. phyllodes Heyer & Cocroft, 1986Boraceia Tree Toad
H. pipilans Canedo and Pombal, 2007Serra do Órgãos Tree Toad
H. regius Gouvêa, 1979Royal Tree Toad
H. sazimai Haddad and Pombal, 1995Serra das Cabras Tree Toad
H. uai Nascimento, et al., 2001Riacho da Serra Tree Toad
H. vanzolinii Heyer, 1982Vanzolini's Tree Toad
MEGAELOSIA – Big-tooth Frogs
M. apuana Pombal, Prado, and Canedo, 2003Espíritu Santo Big-tooth Frog
M. bocainensis Giaretta, et al., 1993Bocaina Big-tooth Frog
M. boticariana Giaretta, Bokermann & Haddad, 1993Bocaina Big-tooth Frog
M. goeldii Baumann, 1912Rio Big-tooth Frog
M. jordanensis (Heyer), 1983Campos do Jordão Big-tooth Frog
M. lutzae Izecksohn & Gouvêa, 1987Lutz's Big-tooth Frog
M. massarti De Witte, 1930Brazilian Big-tooth Frog

HYPEROLIIDAE – African Reed Frogs

ACANTHIXALUS – African Wart Frogs
A. sonjae Rödel, et al., 2003Sonja's Wart Frog
A. spinosus Buchholz & Peters in Peters, 1875Cameroon Wart Frog
AFRIXALUS – Spiny Reed Frogs
A. aureus Pickersgill, 1984Golden Banana Frog
A. brachycnemis Boulenger, 1896Malawi Banana Frog
A. clarkei Largen, 1974Clarke's Banana Frog
A. crotalus Pickersgill, 1984Zimbabwe Banana Frog
A. delicatus Pickersgill, 1984Pickersgill's Banana Frog
A. dorsalis Peters, 1875Brown Banana Frog
A. dorsimaculatus (Ahl), 1930Usambara Spiny Reed Frog
A. enseticola Largen, 1974Bonga Banana Frog
A. equatorialis Laurent, 1941Zaire Banana Frog
A. fornasini Bianconi, 1849Silver-banded Banana Frog
A. fulvovittatus Cope, 1861Banded Banana Frog
A. knysnae Loveridge, 1954Knysna Banana Frog
A. lacteus Perret, 1976Cameroon Banana Frog
A. laevis Ahl, 1930Liberia Banana Frog
A. leucostictus Laurent, 1950Makese Banana Frog
A. lindholmi Andersson, 1907Lindholm's Banana Frog
A. manengubensis Amiet, 2009Manengouba Spiny Reed Frog
A. morerei Dubois, 1986Morere's Spiny Reed Frog
A. nigeriensis Schiøtz, 1963Nigeria Banana Frog
A. orophilus Laurent, 1947Kivu Banana Frog
A. osorioi Ferreira, 1906Angola Banana Frog
A. paradorsalis Perret, 1960Foulassi Banana Frog
A. quadrivittatus (Werner), 1908Four-lined Spiny Reed Frog
A. schneideri Boettger, 1889Schneider's Banana Frog
A. spinifrons Cope, 1862Natal Banana Frog
A. stuhlmanni Pfeffer, 1893Stuhlmann's Banana Frog
A. sylvaticus Schiotz, 1974Forest Banana Frog
A. uluguruensis Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Uluguru Banana Frog
A. upembe (Laurent), 1941Katanga Spiny Reed Frog
A. vibekensis Schiøtz, 1967Mount Nimba Spiny Reed Frog
A. vittiger Peters, 1876Savannah Banana Frog
A. weidholzi Mertens, 1938Weidholz's Banana Frog
A. wittei Laurent, 1941Witte's Banana Frog
ALEXTEROON – Midwife Toads
A. hypsiphonus Amiet, 2000Cameroon Midwife Toad
A. jynx Amiet, 2000Mt. Rumpi Midwife Toad
A. obstetricans Ahl, 1931Midwife Toad
ARLEQUINUS – Mebebque Frogs
A. krebsi Mertens, 1938Mebebque Frog
CALLIXALUS – African Painted Frogs
C. pictus Laurent, 1950African Painted Frog
CHLOROLIUS – Koehler's Green Frogs
C. koehleri Mertens, 1940Koehler's Green Frog
CHRYSOBATRACHUS – Itombwe Golden Frogs
C. cupreonitens Laurent, 1951Itombwe Golden Frog
C. greshoffii Schilthuis, 1889Greshoff's Wax Frog
C. minutus Laurent, 1976Tiny Wax Frog
HETERIXALUS – Madagascar Reed Frogs
H. alboguttatus Boulenger, 1882White-bellied Reed Frog
H. andrakata Glaw & Vences, 1991Andrakata Reed Frog
H. betsileo Grandidier, 1872Betsileo Reed Frog
H. boettgeri Mocquard, 1902Boettger's Reed Frog
H. carbonei Vences, et al., 2000Tsingy de Bemahara Reed Frog
H. luteostriatus (Andersson), 1910Andranolava Reed Frog
H. madagascariensis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Madagascar Reed Frog
H. punctatus Glaw and Vences, 1994Andasibe Reed Frog
H. rutenbergi Boettger, 1881Rutenberg's Reed Frog
H. tricolor Boettger, 1881Three-colored Reed Frog
H. variabilis (Ahl), 1930Nossi Faly Reed Frog
HYPEROLIUS – African Reed Frogs
H. acuticephalus Ahl, 1931Ngoto Reed Frog
H. acutirostris Buchholz & Peters in Peters, 1875Sharpsnout Reed Frog
H. adametzi Ahl, 1931Bamenda Reed Frog
H. adspersus Peters, 1877Sprinkled Long Reed Frog
H. albifrons Ahl, 1931Ahl's African Reed Frog
H. albofrenatus Ahl, 1931White-fronted Reed Frog
H. albolabris Ahl, 1931White-lipped Reed Frog
H. alticola Ahl, 1931Ruwenzori Reed Frog
H. argus Peters, 1854Boror Reed Frog
H. atrigularis Laurent, 1941Kasiki Reed Frog
H. balfouri Werner, 1908Balfour's Reed Frog
H. baumanni Ahl, 1931Baumann's Reed Frog
H. benguellensis Bocage, 1893Benguella Reed Frog
H. bicolor Ahl, 1931Two-colored Reed Frog
H. bobirensis Schiøtz, 1967Bobiri Reed Frog
H. bocagei Steindachner, 1867Bocage's Reed Frog
H. bolifambae Mertens, 1938Bolifamba Reed Frog
H. bopeleti Amiet, 1980Dizangue Reed Frog
H. brachiofasciatus Ahl, 1931Ngoto Reed Frog
H. burgessi Loader, et al., 2015Usambara Reed Frog
H. camerunensis Amiet, 2004Cameroon Farmbush Reed Frog
H. castaneus Ahl, 1931Ahl's Reed Frog
H. chabanaudi Ahl, 1931Chabanaud's Reed Frog
H. chelaensis Conradie, et al., 2012Chela Mountain Reed Frog
H. chlorosteus Boulenger, 1915Sierra Leone Reed Frog
H. chrysogaster Laurent, 1950Goldbelly Reed Frog
H. cinereus Monard, 1937Monard's Reed Frog
H. cinnamomeoventris Bocage, 1866Braganca Reed Frog
H. concolor Hallowell, 1844Variable Reed Frog
H. constellatus Laurent, 1951Itombwe Plateau Reed Frog
H. cystocandicans Richards & Schiøtz, 1977Tigoni Reed Frog
H. dartevellei Laurent, 1943Southern Cameroon Reed Frog
H. davenporti Loader, et al., 2015Sakara Nyumo Reed Frog
H. destefanii Scortecci, 1943Nargi Reed Frog
H. diaphanus Laurent, 1972Kigulube Reed Frog
H. dintelmanni Lötters and Schmitz, 2004Bakossi Mountains Reed Frog
H. discodactylus Ahl, 1931Disc-fingered Reed Frog
H. drewesi Bell, 2016Príncipe Island Reed Frog
H. endjami Amiet, 1980Yaounde Reed Frog
H. erythromelanus Monard, 1937Sangeve Reed Frog
H. erythropus Laurent, 1943Medje Reed Frog
H. fasciatus Ferreira, 1906Banded Reed Frog
H. ferreirai Noble, 1924Rio Luinha Reed Frog
H. ferrugineus Laurent, 1943Ituri Reed Frog
H. fimbriolatus Peters, 1876Lambarene Reed Frog
H. friedemanni Mercurio and Rödel in Channing, et al., 2013Friedemann's Long Reed Frog
H. frontalis Laurent, 1950Bushoho Reed Frog
H. fuscigula Bocage, 1866Brown-throated Reed Frog
H. fusciventris Peters, 1876Lime Reed Frog
H. ghesquieri Laurent, 1943Central Zaire Reed Frog
H. glandicolor Peters, 1878Peters' Reed Frog
H. gularis Ahl, 1931Loanda Reed Frog
H. guttulatus Günther, 1858Dotted Reed Frog
H. horstockii Schlegel, 1837Arum Reed Frog
H. houyi Ahl, 1931Ussagara Reed Frog
H. howelli Du Preez and Channing in Channing, et al., 2013Howell's Long Reed Frog
H. hutsebauti Laurent, 1956Ibembo Reed Frog
H. igbettensis Schiøtz, 1963Igebetti Long Reed Frog
H. inornatus Laurent, 1943Congo Reed Frog
H. inyangae Channing in Channing, et al., 2013Nyanga Long Reed Frog
H. jackie Dehling, 2012Jackie's Reed Frog
H. jacobseni Channing in Channing, et al., 2013Jacobsen's Long Reed Frog
H. kachalolae Schiøtz, 1975Kachalola Reed Frog
H. kibarae Laurent, 1957Shaba Reed Frog
H. kihangensis Schiøtz and Westergaard, 1999Kihanga Reed Frog
H. kivuensis Ahl, 1931Lake Kivu Reed Frog
H. koehleri Mertens, 1940Koehler's Green Reed Frog
H. kuligae Mertens, 1940Camp Kivu Reed Frog
H. lamottei Laurent, 1958Ivory Coast Reed Frog
H. langi Noble, 1924Lang's Reed Frog
H. lateralis Laurent, 1940Secteur Munsenene Reed Frog
H. laticeps Ahl, 1931Togo Reed Frog
H. laurenti Schiøtz, 1967Schiotz's Reed Frog
H. leleupi Laurent, 1951Luvubu Reed Frog
H. leucotaenius Laurent]], 1950White-striped Reed Frog
H. lucani Rochebrune, 1885Landana Reed Frog
H. lupiroensis Channing in Channing, et al., 2013Lupiro Long Reed Frog
H. maestus Rochebrune, 1885Cabinda Reed Frog
H. major Laurent, 1957Umpemba Reed Frog
H. marginatus Peters, 1854Margined Reed Frog
H. mariae Barbour & Loveridgei, 1928Maria's Reed Frog
H. marmoratus Rapp, 1842Marbled Reed Frog
H. microps Günther, 1864Sharp-nosed Reed Frog
H. minutissimus Schiøtz, 1975Tiny Reed Frog
H. mitchelli Loveridge, 1953Mitchell's Reed Frog
H. molleri Bedriaga, 1892Moller's Reed Frog
H. montanus Angel, 1924Mountain Reed Frog
H. mosaicus Perret, 1959South Cameroon Reed Frog
H. nasicus Laurent, 1943Pointed Long Reed Frog
H. nasutus Günther, 1865Longnose Reed Frog
H. nienokouensis Rödel, 1998Mont Niénokoué Reed Frog
H. nimbae Laurent, 1958Mont Nimba Reed Frog
H. nitidulus Peters, 1875Plain Reed Frog
H. obscurus Laurent, 1943Kasai Reed Frog
H. occidentalis Schiøtz, 1967Western Reed Frog
H. ocellatus Günther, 1858Ocellated Reed Frog
H. olivaceus Peters, 1876Lambarene Reed Frog
H. papyri (Werner), 1908White Nile Reed Frog
H. parallelus Günther, 1858Angolan Reed Frog
H. pardalis Laurent, 1948Leopard Reed Frog
H. parkeri Loveridge, 1933Parker's Reed Frog
H. phantasticus Boulenger, 1899Fantastic Reed Frog
H. pickersgilli Raw, 1982Avoca Reed Frog
H. picturatus Peters, 1875Tanzania Reed Frog
H. pictus Ahl, 1931Ahl's Painted Reed Frog
H. platyceps Boulenger, 1900Benito River Reed Frog
H. polli Laurent, 1943Tshimbulu Reed Frog
H. polystictus Laurent, 1943Falls Reed Frog
H. poweri Loveridge, 1938Umvoti River Reed Frog
H. protchei Rochebrune, 1885Cabinda Reed Frog
H. pseudargus Schiøtz and Westergaard, 1999Mette's Reed Frog
H. puncticulatus Pfeffer, 1893Coastal Reed Frog
H. punctulatus Bocage, 1895Quanza Reed Frog
H. pusillus Cope, 1862Dwarf Reed Frog
H. pustulifer Laurent, 1940Luvungi Reed Frog
H. pyrrhodictyon Laurent, 1965Mazabuka Reed Frog
H. quadratomaculatus Ahl, 1931Four-spotted Reed Frog
H. quinquevittatus Bocage, 1866Tropical Reed Frog
H. raveni Ahl, 1931Volcano Reed Frog
H. raymondi Conradie, Branch, and Tolley, 2013Raymond's Reed Frog
H. reesi Schiøtz, 1982Magombero Forest Reed Frog
H. rhizophilus Rochebrune, 1885African Reed Frog
H. rhodesianus Laurent, 1948Laurent's Reed Frog
H. riggenbachi Nieden, 1910Riggenbach's Reed Frog
H. robustus Laurent, 1979Gembe Reed Frog
H. rubrovermiculatus Schiøtz, 1975Shimba Hills Reed Frog
H. ruvuensis Barratt, Lawson and Loader, 2017Ruvu Reed Frog
H. rwandae Dehling, et al., 2013Rwanda Long Reed Frog
H. sankuruensis Laurent, 1979Omaniundu Reed Frog
H. schoutedeni Laurent, 1943Kunungu Reed Frog
H. seabrai Ferreira, 1906Quilombo Reed Frog
H. semidiscus Hewitt, 1927Marianhill Reed Frog
H. sheldricki Duff-MacKay & Schiøtz, 1971Aruba Dam Reed Frog
H. soror Chabanaud, 1921Soror Reed Frog
H. spatzi Ahl, 1931Senegal Reed Frog
H. spinigularis Stevens, 1971Spiny-throated Reed Frog
H. steindachneri Bocage, 1866Steindachner's Reed Frog
H. stenodactylus Ahl, 1931Bipindi Reed Frog
H. stictus Conradie, et al., 2018Yellow-spotted Reed Frog
H. substriatus Ahl, 1931Spotted Reed Frog
H. swynnertoni FitzSimons, 1941Swynnerton's Reed Frog
H. sylvaticus Schiøtz, 1967Bobiri Forest Reed Frog
H. tanneri Schiotz, 1982Tanner's Reed Frog
H. thomensis Bocage, 1886São Thomé Island Reed Frog
H. thoracotuberculatus Ahl, 1931Warty Reed Frog
H. tornieri Ahl, 1931Tornier's Reed Frog
H. torrentis Schiøtz, 1967Ukami Reed Frog
H. tristis Bocage, 1866Duque Reed Frog
H. tuberculatus Mocquard, 1897Rainforest Reed Frog
H. tuberilinguis Smith, 1849Smith's Reed Frog
H. ukwiva Loader, et al., 2015Ukwiva Reed Frog
H. veithi Schick, et al., 2010Salonga Reed Frog
H. vilhenai Laurent, 1964Luita River Reed Frog
H. viridiflavus Duméril & Bibron, 1841Common Reed Frog
H. viridigulosus Schiøtz, 1967Stream Reed Frog
H. viridis Schiøtz, 1975Green Reed Frog
H. watsonae Pickersgill, 2007Ngezi Reed Frog
H. wermuthi Laurent, 1961Wermuth's Reed Frog
H. xenorhinus Laurent, 1972Teye Reed Frog
H. zavattarii Scortecci, 1943Ethiopia Reed Frog
H. zonatus Laurent, 1958Nimba Reed Frog
KASSINA – Running Frogs
K. arboricola Perret, 1985Ivory Coast Running Frog
K. cassinoides Boulenger, 1903Silver Running Frog
K. cochranae Loveridge, 1941Cochran's Running Frog
K. decorata Angel, 1940Decorated Running Frog
K. fusca Schiøtz, 1967Brown Running Frog
K. jozani Msuya, Howell, and Channing, 2007Jozani Running Frog
K. kuvangensis Monard, 1937Kuvangu Running Frog
K. lamottei Schiøtz, 1967Rainforest Running Frog
K. maculata Duméril, 1853Spotted Running Frog
K. maculifer (Ahl), 1924Northern Running Frog
K. maculosa Sternfeld, 1917Marbled Running Frog
K. mertensi Laurent, 1952Mertens' Running Frog
K. parkeri Scortecci, 1932Parker's Running Frog
K. schioetzi Rödel, et al., 2002Schiøtz's Running Frog
K. senegalensis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Senegal Running Frog
K. somalica Scortecci, 1932Somali Running Frog
K. wazae Amiet, 2007Waza Running Frog
K. wittei Laurent, 1940De Witte's Clicking Frog
MORERELLA – Blue-eyed Frogs
M. cyanophthalma Rödel, et al., 2009Morere's Blue-eyed Frog
OPISTHOTHYLAX – Gray-eyed Frogs
O. immaculatus Boulenger, 1903Gray-eyed Frog
PARACASSINA – Common Striped Frogs
P. kounhiensis Mocquard, 1905Kouni Valley Striped Frog
P. obscura Boulenger, 1895Ethiopia Striped Frog
PHLYCTIMANTIS – African Striped Frogs
P. boulengeri Perret, 1986Boulenger's Striped Frog
P. keithae Schiøtz, 1975Keith's Striped Frog
P. leonardi Boulenger, 1906Olive Striped Frog
P. maculatus (Duméril), 1853Spotted Running Frog
P. verrucosus Boulenger, 1912Warty Striped Frog
S. wealii Boulenger, 1882Weale's Frog
TACHYCNEMIS – Seychelles Island Frogs
T. seychellensis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Seychelles Island Frog

LEIOPELMATIDAE – New Zealand Frogs

LEIOPELMA – New Zealand Frogs
L. archeyi Turbott, 1942Coromandel New Zealand Frog
L. hamiltoni McCulloch, 1919Brown New Zealand Frog
L. hochstetteri Fitzinger, 1861Hochstetter's New Zealand Frog
L. pakeka Bell, Daugherty, and Hay, 1998Maud Island Frog


ADENOMERA – Tropical Bullfrogs
A. ajurauna (Berneck, Cos)ta, and Garcia, 2008Neblina Tropical Bullfrog
A. andreae Muller, 1923Lowland Tropical Bullfrog
A. araucaria Kwet and Angulo, 2002Paraná Tropical Bullfrog
A. bokermanni Heyer, 1973Bokermann's Tropical Bullfrog
A. chicomendesi Carvalho, et al., 2019Rio Branco Tropical Bullfrog
A. coca (Angulo and Reichle), 2008El Palmar Tropical Bullfrog
A. cotuba Carvalho and Giaretta, 2013Teresina de Goiás Tropical Bullfrog
A. diptyx Boettger, 1885Chacoan Tropical Bullfrog
A. engelsi Kwet, Steiner, and Zillikens, 2009Ilha de Santa Catarina Tropical Bullfrog
A. heyeri Boistel, Massary, and Angulo, 2006Heyer's Tropical Bullfrog
A. hylaedactyla Cope, 1868Napo Tropical Bullfrog
A. juikitam Carvalho and Giaretta, 2013Goiás Tropical Bullfrog
A. kweti Carvalho, et al., 2019Kwet's Tropical Bullfrog
A. lutzi Heyer, 1975Lutz's Tropical Bullfrog
A. marmorata Steindachner, 1867Marbled Tropical Bullfrog
A. martinezi Bokermann, 1956Martinez's Tropical Bullfrog
A. nana (Müller), 1922Santa Catarina Tropical Bullfrog
A. phonotriccus Carvalho, et al., 2019Palestina do Pará Tropical Bullfrog
A. saci Carvalho and Giaretta, 2013Cerrado Tropical Bullfrog
A. simonstuarti (Angulo and Icochea), 2010Segakiato Tropical Bullfrog
A. thomei (Almeida and Angulo), 2006Povoação Tropical Bullfrog
A. syntomopus Lynch & Ruiz-Carranza, 1982Sonson Frog
C. bokermanni Peixoto, 1983Bokermann's Bromeliad Frogs
C. itambe Barata, et al., 2013Itambe's Bromeliad Frog
C. izecksohni Peixoto, 1983Izecksohn's Bromeliad Frogs
C. pintoi Cochran, 1938Brown Bromeliad Frogs
C. septentrionalis Teixeira, et al., 2013Peito de Moça Bromeliad Frog
EDALORHINA – Snouted Frogs
E. nasuta Boulenger, 1912Common Snouted Frog
E. perezi Jiménez de la Espada, 1871Perezs Snouted Frog
ENGYSTOMOPS – Dwarf Foam Frogs
E. coloradorum Cannatella and Duellman, 1984Colorado Dwarf Frog
E. freibergi Donoso-Barros, 1969Freiberg's Dwarf Frog
E. guayaco Ron, Coloma, and Cannatella, 2005Guayaco Dwarf Frog
E. montubio Ron, Cannatella, and Coloma, 2004Monabi Dwarf Frog
E. petersi Jiménez de la Espada, 1872Peters' Dwarf Frog
E. pustulatus Shreve, 1941Guayaquil Dwarf Frog
E. pustulosus Cope, 1864Tungara Frog
E. puyango Ron, et al., 2010Puyango Dwarf Frog
E. randi Ron, Cannatella, and Coloma, 2004Rand's Dwarf Frog
G. walkeri Ruthven, 1915Walker's Sierra Frog
HYDROLAETARE – Schmidt's Forest Frogs
H. caparu Jansen, et al., 2007Caparu Forest Frog
H. dantasi (Bokermann), 1959Feijo White-lipped Frog
H. schmidti Cochran & Goin, 1959Schmidt's Forest Frog
LEPTODACTYLUS – White-lipped Frogs
L. albilabris Günther, 1859Gunther's White-lipped Frog
L. apepyta Schneider, et al., 2019Las Lomitas White-lipped Frog
L. barrioi Alves da Silva, et al., 2020Duas Barras White-lipped Frog
L. bolivianus Boulenger, 1898Bolivian White-lipped Frog
L. brevipes Cope, 1887Mato Grosso White-lipped Frog
L. bufonius Boulenger, 1894Vizcacheras' White-lipped Frog
L. caatingae Heyer and Juncá, 2003
L. camaquara Sazima & Bokermann, 1978Jaboticatubas White-lipped Frog
L. colombiensis Heyer, 1994
L. cunicularius Sazima & Bokermann, 1978Sazima's White-lipped Frog
L. cupreus Caramaschi, et al., 2008
L. didymus Heyer, et al., 1996
L. diedrus Heyer, 1994Smooth Jungle Frog
L. discodactylus Boulenger, 1884
L. elenae Heyer, 1978Marbled White-lipped Frog
L. fallax Müller, 1926Dominican White-lipped Frog
L. flavopictus Lutz, 1926Yellow Painted Frog
L. fragilis Brocchi, 1877White-lipped Frog
L. furnarius Sazima & Bokermann, 1978Campo Grande White-lipped Frog
L. fuscus Schneider, 1799Rufous White-lipped Frog
L. gracilis Duméril & Bibron, 1840Dumeril's Striped Frog
L. griseigularis Henle, 1981
L. guianensis Heyer and de Sá, 2011Guyana White-lipped Frog
L. hallowelli Cope, 1862Hallowell's Cartagena Frog
L. hylodes Reinhardt and Lütken, 1862
L. insularum Barbour, 1906San Miguel Island Frog
L. intermedius Lutz, 1930Manacapuri White-lipped Frog
L. jolyi Sazima & Bokermann, 1978Joly's White-lipped Frog
L. kilombo Alves da Silva, et al., 2020Tocantins White-lipped Frog
L. knudseni Heyer, 1972Knudsen's White-lipped Frog
L. labrosus Jiménez de la Espada, 1875Pimocha White-lipped Frog
L. labyrinthicus Spix, 1824Labyrinth White-lipped Frog
L. laticeps Boulenger, 1918Santa Fe White-lipped Frog
L. latinasus Jiménez de la Espada, 1875Oven White-lipped Frog
L. latrans Steffen, 1815Criolla Frog
L. lauramiriamae Heyer and Crombie, 2005
L. leptodactyloides Andersson, 1945
L. lithonaetes Heyer, 1995
L. longirostris Boulenger, 1882Longnose White-lipped Frog
L. luctator (Hudson), 1892Wrestler White-lipped Frog
L. macrosternum Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Miranda's White-lipped Frog
L. magistris Mijares-Urrutia, 1997
L. marambaiae Izecksohn, 1976Marambaia White-lipped Frog
L. melanonotus Hallowell, 1861Sabinal White-lipped Frog
L. myersi Heyer, 1995Myers' Thin-toed Frog
L. mystaceus Spix, 1824Basin White-lipped Frog
L. mystacinus Burmeister, 1861Moustached White-lipped Frog
L. natalensis Lutz, 1930
L. nesiotus Heyer, 1994Insular White-lipped Frog
L. notoaktites Heyer, 1978Iporanga White-lipped Frog
L. oreomantis Carvalho, Leite, and Pezzuti, 2013
L. paraensis Heyer, 2005Pará Thin-toed Frog
L. paranaru Magalhães, et al., 2020Peruíbe White-lipped Frog
L. pascoensis Heyer, 1994
L. payaya Magalhães, et al., 2020Chapada Diamantina White-lipped Frog
L. pentadactylus Laurenti, 1768South American Bullfrog
L. peritoaktites Heyer, 2005Coastal Ecuador Smoky Jungle Frog
L. petersii Steindachner, 1864Peters' Thin-toed Frog
L. plaumanni Ahl, 1936Nova Teutonia White-lipped Frog
L. podicipinus Cope, 1862Pointedbelly White-lipped Frog
L. poecilochilus Cope, 1862Turbo White-lipped Frog
L. pustulatus Peters, 1870Ceara White-lipped Frog
L. rhodomerus Heyer, 2005Red-thighed Thin-toed Frog
L. rhodomystax Boulenger, 1884Loreto White-lipped Frog
L. rhodonotus Günther, 1869Peru White-lipped Frog
L. rhodostima Cope, 1874Nauta White-lipped Frog
L. riveroi Heyer & Pyburn, 1983Rivero's White-lipped Frog
L. rugosus Noble, 1923Guyana White-lipped Frog
L. sabanensis Heyer, 1994
L. savagei Heyer, 2005Savage's Thin-toed Frog
L. sertanejo Giaretta and Costa, 2007
L. silvanimbus McCranie, Wilson & Porras, 1980Honduras White-lipped Frog
L. spixi Heyer, 1983Spix's White-lipped Frog
L. stenodema Jiménez de la Espada, 1875San Jose White-lipped Frog
L. syphax Bokermann, 1969Mato Grosso White-lipped Frog
L. tapiti Sazima & Bokermann, 1978Goias White-lipped Frog
L. troglodytes Lutz, 1926Pernambuco White-lipped Frog
L. turimiquensis Heyer, 2005Calf Frog
L. validus Garman, 1888Smooth-skinned Ditch Frog
L. vastus Lutz, 1830
L. ventrimaculatus Boulenger, 1902Bulun White-lipped Frog
L. viridis Jim & Spirandeli Cruz, 1973Jim's White-lipped Frog
L. wagneri Peters, 1862Wagner's White-lipped Frog
L. watu Alves da Silva, et al., 2020Rio Doce White-lipped Frog
LITHODYTES – Gold-striped Frogs
L. lineatus Schneider, 1799Gold-striped Frog
P. cardosoi Pombal and Haddad, 1999Paranapiacaba Rapids Frog
P. gaigeae Cochran, 1938Gaige's Rapids Frog
P. lutzii Lutz & Carvalho, 1958Lutz's Rapids Frog
P. mantiqueira Pombal and Haddad, 1999Cidade Azul Rapids Frog
P. poecilogaster Giaretta & Castanho, 1990San Andre Rapids Frog
P. segallai Santos, et al., 2019Mananciais da Serra Rapids Frog
P. yepiranga Garcia, Berneck, and Costa, 2009Neblinas Rapids Frog
P. aguirrei Bokermann, 1966Linhares Dwarf Frog
P. albifrons Spix, 1824Bahia Dwarf Frog
P. albonotatus Steindachner, 1864Menwig Frog
P. angrensis Weber, et al., 2006Angra dos Reis Dwarf Frog
P. atim Brasileiro and Haddad, 2015Fazenda Conceicão Dwarf Frog
P. atlanticus Haddad and Sazima, 2004Ubatuba Dwarf Frog
P. barrioi Bokermann, 1967Bocaina Dwarf Frog
P. biligonigerus Cope, 1861Weeping Frog
P. bokermanni Cardoso & Haddad, 1985Bokermanns Dwarf Frog
P. caete Pombal and Madureira, 1997Santa Justina Dwarf Frog
P. camacan Pimenta, Cruz, and Silvano, 2005Una Dwarf Frog
P. carrizorum Cardozo and Pereyra, 2018Misiones Dwarf Frog
P. centralis Bokermann, 1962Central Dwarf Frog
P. cicada Bokermann, 1966Maracas Dwarf Frog
P. crombiei Heyer & Wolf, 1989Crombies Dwarf Frog
P. cuqui Lobo, 1993Angosto del Pescado Dwarf Frog
P. cuvieri Fitzinger, 1826Barker Frog
P. deimaticus Sazima & Caramaschi, 1988Jaboticatubas Dwarf Frog
P. enesefae Heatwole, Solano, & Heatwole, 1965Heatwole's Dwarf Frog
P. ephippifer Steindachner, 1864Steindachners Dwarf Frog
P. erikae Cruz and Pimenta, 2004Vista Bela Dwarf Frog
P. erythros Caramaschi, et al., 2003Itacolomi Dwarf Frog
P. evangelistai Bokermann, 1967Evangelistas Dwarf Frog
P. feioi Cassini, Cruz, and Caramaschi, 2010Viçosa Dwarf Frog
P. fernandezae Müller, 1926Whistling Dwarf Frog
P. fischeri Boulenger, 1890Fischer's Dwarf Frog
P. fuscomaculatus Steindachner, 1864Brown-spotted Dwarf Frog
P. gracilis Boulenger, 1883Graceful Dwarf Frog
P. henselii Peters, 1872Hensel's Dwarf Frog
P. insperatus Cruz, Cassini, and Caramaschi, 2008Guaratuba Dwarf Frog
P. irroratus Cruz, Nascimento, and Feio, 2007Duas Barras Dwarf Frog
P. jordanensis Bokermann, 1967Jordan's Dwarf Frog
P. kroyeri Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862Kroyer's Dwarf Frog
P. lateristriga (Steindachner), 1864Carytiba Dwarf Frog
P. lisei Braun & Braun, 1977Braun's Dwarf Frog
P. maculiventris Lutz, 1925Mantagnes Dwarf Frog
P. marmoratus (Reinhardt and Lütken), 1862Brown-spotted Dwarf Frog
P. maximus Feio, Pombal, and Caramaschi, 1999Araponga Dwarf Frog
P. moreirae Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Sorocaba Dwarf Frog
P. nanus Boulenger, 1888Santa Catharina Dwarf Frog
P. nattereri (Steindachner), 1863Cuyaba Dwarf Frog
P. obtectus Bokermann, 1966Linhares Dwarf Frog
P. olfersii Lichtenstein & Martens, 1856Atlantic Forest Dwarf Frog
P. orophilus Cassini, Cruz, and Caramaschi, 2010Serra do Espinhaço Dwarf Frog
P. riograndensis Milstead, 1960Rio Grande Dwarf Frog
P. rupestris Caramaschi, Carcerelli & Feio, 1991Ibitipoca Dwarf Frog
P. santafecinus Barrio, 1965Helvetia Dwarf Frog
P. signifer Girard, 1853Girard's Dwarf Frog
P. soaresi Izecksohn, 1965Santa Cruz Dwarf Frog
P. spiniger Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Iguape Dwarf Frog
PLEURODEMA – Four-eyed Frogs
P. alium Maciel and Nunes, 2010Grão Mogol Four-eyed Frog
P. bibroni Tschudi, 1838Four-eyed Frog
P. borellii Peracca, 1895Rufous Four-eyed Frog
P. brachyops Cope, 1869Colombian Four-eyed Frog
P. bufoninum Bell, 1843Gray Four-eyed Frog
P. cinereum Cope, 1878Juliaca Four-eyed Frog
P. cordobae Valetti, Salas, and Martino, 2009Los Tabaquillos Four-eyed Frog
P. diplolister Peters, 1870Peters Four-eyed Frog
P. guayapae Barrio, 1964Guayapas Four-eyed Frog
P. kriegi Müller, 1926Achalas Four-eyed Frog
P. marmoratum Duméril & Bibron, 1840Marbled Four-eyed Frog
P. nebulosum Burmeister, 1861Mendoza Four-eyed Frog
P. somuncurense (Cei), 1969El Rincon Stream Frog
P. thaul Lesson, 1827Chile Four-eyed Frog
P. tucumanum Parker, 1927Spotted-flanks Four-eyed Frog
P. ameghini (Cope), 1887Chupada Swamp Frog
P. atragula Pansonato, et al., 2014Boa Esperança Swamp Frog
P. boliviana Parker, 1927Bolivian Swamp Frog
P. canga Giaretta and Kokubum, 2003Serra dos Carajás Swamp Frog
P. ceratophryes Rivero & Serna, 1985Leticia Swamp Frog
P. coracoralinae Andrade, et al., 2020Palmeiras de Goiás Swamp Frog
P. facureae Andrade and Carvalho, 2013Uberlândia Swamp Frog
P. falcipes Hensel, 1867Hensel's Swamp Frog
P. florencei Andrade, et al., 2018Andaraí Swamp Frog
P. giarettai Carvalho, 2012Mato do Engenho Swamp Frog
P. hyleaustralis Pansonato, et al., 2012Rio Apiacás Swamp Frog
P. ibisoroca Pansonato, et al., 2016Granada Swamp Frog
P. jaredi Andrade, et al., 2016Serra das Flores Swamp Frog
P. jazmynmcdonaldae Andrade, et al., 2019Lagoa da Sucuri Swamp Frog
P. llanera Lynch, 1989Lynch's Swamp Frog
P. matuta Andrade, et al., 2010Sítio Mato do Engenho Swamp Frog
P. mineira Lobo, 1994Minas Swamp Frog Swamp Frog
P. motorzinho Pansonato, et al., 2016Patrimônio Natural Swamp Frog
P. murundu Toledo, et al., 2010Sítio do Carlão' Swamp Frog
P. mystacalis Cope, 1887Cope's Swamp Frog
P. parnaiba Robert, Cardozo, and Ávila, 2013Parnaiba Swamp Frog
P. pocoto Magalhães, et al., 2014Santa Quitéria Swamp Frog
P. pusilla Ruthven, 1916Colombian Swamp Frog
P. restinga Cardozo, et al., 2018Espírito Santo Swamp Frog
P. saltica Cope, 1887Chupada Swamp Frog
P. ternetzi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Goias Swamp Frog
R. cardosi Heyer, 1999
SCYTHROPHRYS – Banhado Frogs
S. sawayae Cochran, 1953Banhado Frog

LIMNODYNASTIDAE – Australian Ground Frogs

ADELOTUS – Tusked Frogs
A. brevis Günther, 1863Tusked Frog
HELEIOPORUS – Giant Burrowing Frogs
H. albopunctatus Gray, 1841White-spotted Burrowing Frog
H. australiacus Shaw & Nodder, 1795Giant Burrowing Frog
H. barycragus Lee, 1967Yellow-wart Burrowing Frog
H. eyrei Gray, 1845Moaning Burrowing Frog
H. inornatus Lee & Main, 1954Swamp Burrowing Frog
H. psammophilus Lee & Main, 1954Scarp Burrowing Frog
LECHRIODUS – Cannibal Frogs
L. aganoposis Zweifel, 1972Morobe Cannibal Frog
L. fletcheri Boulenger, 1890Fletcher's Cannibal Frog
L. intergerivus Tyler, 1989Tyler's Cannibal Frog
L. melanopyga Doria, 1875Wokan Cannibal Frog
L. platyceps Parker, 1940Arfak Cannibal Frog
LIMNODYNASTES – Australian Swamp Frogs
L. convexiusculus Macleay, 1877Australian Marbled Frog
L. depressus Tyler, 1976Lake Argyle Frog
L. dorsalis Gray, 1841Western Banjo Frog
L. dumerilii Peters, 1863Eastern Banjo Frog
L. fletcheri Boulenger, 1888Long-thumbed Frog
L. interioris Fry, 1913Giant Banjo Frog
L. lignarius (Tyler, Martin, and Davies), 1979Big-eared Rock Frog
L. peronii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Brown-striped Frog
L. salmini Steindachner, 1867Salmon-striped Frog
L. tasmaniensis Günther, 1859Spotted Grass Frog
L. terraereginae Fry, 1915Northern Banjo Frog
N. albipes Roberts, et al., 1991White Stubby Frog
N. aquilonius Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Burrowing Rain Frog
N. fulvus Mahony & Roberts, 1986Mulga Stubby Frog
N. kunapalari Mahony & Roberts, 1986Yellow Stubby Frog
N. pelobatoides Werner, 1914Humming Frog
N. pictus Peters, 1863Painted Stubby Frog
N. sudelli Lamb, 1911Striped Stubby Frog
N. sutor Main, 1957Shoemaker Frog
N. wilsmorei Parker, 1940Goldfields Bull Frog
NOTADEN – Australian Spadefoot Toads
N. bennettii Günther, 1873Crucifix Toad
N. melanoscaphus Hosmer, 1962Northern Spadefoot Toad
N. nichollsi Parker, 1940Desert Spadefoot Toad
N. weigeli Shea & Johnston, 1988Grey-limbed Spadefoot Toad
PHILORIA – Sphagnum Frogs
P. frosti Spencer, 1901Baw Baw Frog
P. kundagungan (Ingram and Corben), 1975Red Tunnel Frog
P. loveridgei Parker, 1940Loveridge's Sphagnum Frog
P. pughi Knowles, et al., 2004Pugh's Sphagnum Frog
P. richmondensis Knowles, et al., 2004Richmond Sphagnum Frog
P. sphagnicolus (Moore), 1958Eastern Escarpment Sphagnum Frog
PLATYPLECTRUM – Australian Burrowing Frogs
P. ornatum Gray, 1842Ornate Burrowing Frog
P. spenceri Parker, 1940Sandy Burrowing Frog


AGLYPTODACTYLUS – Madagascar Jumping Frogs
A. australis Köhler, et al., 2015Eminiminy Jumping Frog
A. chorus Köhler, et al., 2015Ambodivoahangy Jumping Frog
A. inguinalis Günther, 1877Anzahamaru Jumping Frog
A. laticeps Glaw, Vences, and Böhme, 1998Tsingy de Bemaraha Jumping Frog
A. madagascariensis Duméril, 1853Madagascar Jumping Frog
A. securifer Glaw, Vences, and Böhme, 1998Kirindy Forest Jumping Frog
BLOMMERSIA – Madagascar Frogs
B. angolafa Andreone, et al., 2010Sahambendrana Madagascar Frog
B. blommersae Guibe, 1975Moramanga Madagascar Frog
B. dejongi Vences, et al., 2010Maromandia Madagascar Frog
B. domerguei Guibe, 1975Domergue's Madagascar Frog
B. galani Vences, et al., 2010Nosy Boraha Madagascar Frog
B. grandisonae Guibe, 1974Ambana Madagascar Frog
B. kely (Glaw and Vences), 1994Manjakatompo Madagascar Frog
B. nataliae Vieites, et al., 2020Mont M’Sapere Madagascar Frog
B. sarotra (Glaw and Vences), 2002Mandraka Madagascar Frog
B. transmarina Glaw, et al., 2019Mayotte Island Madagascar Frog
B. variabilis Pabijan, et al., 2011Ambodivoahangy Madagascar Frog
B. wittei Guibe, 1974Witte's Madagascar Frog
BOEHMANTIS – Yet Another Madagascar Frog Genus
B. microtympanum (Angel), 1935Angel's Madagascar Frog
BOOPHIS – Bright-eyed Frogs
B. albilabris Boulenger, 1888White-lipped Bright-eyed Frog
B. albipunctatus Glaw & Thiesmeier, 1993Spotted Bright-eyed Frog
B. andohahela Andreone, et al., 1995Col de Tanatana Bright-eyed Frog
B. andrangoloaka (Ahl), 1928Angrangoloaka Bright-eyed Frog
B. andreonei Glaw and Vences, 1994Benavony Bright-eyed Frog
B. anjanaharibeensis Andreone, 1996Anjanaharibe Bright-eyed Frog
B. ankarafensis Penny, et al., 2014Ankarafa Bright-eyed Frog
B. ankaratra Andreone, 1993Ankaratra Bright-eyed Frog
B. arcanus Glaw, et al., 2010Mahakajy Bright-eyed Frog
B. axelmeyeri Vences, Andreone, and Vieites, 2005Manarikova Bright-eyed Frog
B. baetkei Glaw and Vences, 1994Forêt d'Ambre Bright-eyed Frog
B. blommersae Glaw and Vences, 1994Montagne d'Ambre Bright-eyed Frog
B. boehmei Glaw & Vences, 1992Böhme's Bright-eyed Frog
B. boppa Hutter, et al., 2015Boppa’s Bright-eyed Frog
B. bottae Vences and Glaw, 2002Andasibe Bright-eyed Frog
B. brachychir Boettger, 1882Nosy Be Bright-eyed Frog
B. burgeri Glaw and Vences, 1994Burger's Bright-eyed Frog
B. calcaratus Vallan, Vences, and Glaw, 2010Ambavaniasy Bright-eyed Frog
B. doulioti (Angel), 1934Morondava Bright-eyed Frog
B. elenae Andreone, 1993Vohiparara Bright-eyed Frog
B. englaenderi Glaw and Vences, 1994Marojejy Massif Bright-eyed Frog
B. entingae Glaw, et al., 2010Tsaratanana Bright-eyed Frog
B. erythrodactylus Guibé, 1953Forest Bright-eyed Frog
B. fayi Köhler, et al., 2011Ambodivoahangy Bright-eyed Frog
B. feonnyala Glaw, et al., 2001Feonnya Bright-eyed Frog
B. goudotii Tschudi, 1838Goudot's Bright-eyed Frog
B. guibei (McCarthy), 1978Warty Bright-eyed Frog
B. haematopus Glaw, et al., 2001Nahampoana Bright-eyed Frog
B. haingana Glaw, et al., 2010Andohahela Bright-eyed Frog
B. idae Steindachner, 1867Ida's Bright-eyed Frog
B. jaegeri Glaw & Vences, 1992Jaeger's Bright-eyed Frog
B. laurenti Guibé, 1947Andinrgitra Bright-eyed Frog
B. liami Vallan, Vences, and Glaw, 2003Befody Bright-eyed Frog
B. lichenoides Vallan, et al., 1998An'Ala Bright-eyed Frog
B. lilianae Köhler, Glaw, and Vences, 2008Tolongoina Bright-eyed Frog
B. lucianae Glaw, et al., 2010Vohidrazana Bright-eyed Frog
B. luteus Boulenger, 1882Ankafana Bright-eyed Frog
B. madagascariensis Peters, 1874Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog
B. majori Boulenger, 1896Ambohimitombo Bright-eyed Frog
B. mandraka Blommers-Schlösser, 1979Mandraka Bright-eyed Frog
B. marojezensis Glaw and Vences, 1994Marojezy Bright-eyed Frog
B. masoala Glaw, et al., 2018Masoala Bright-eyed Frog
B. miadana Glaw, et al., 2010Miada Bright-eyed Frog
B. microtis Guibe, 1974Guibe's Bright-eyed frog
B. microtympanum Boettger, 1881Imerina Bright-eyed Frog
B. miniatus Mocquard, 1902Tiny Bright-eyed Frog
B. narinsi Vences, et al., 2012Sakaroa Bright-eyed Frog
B. nauticus Glaw, et al., 2019Dziani Karihani Bright-eyed Frog
B. obscurus (Boettger), 1913Vohiparara Bright-eyed Frog
B. occidentalis Glaw and Vences, 1994Isalo Bright-eyed Frog
B. opisthodon Boulenger, 1888Eastern Bright-eyed Frog
B. pauliani Guibé, 1953Moramanga Bright-eyed Frog
B. periegetes Cadle, 1995Ambolovaventy Bright-eyed Frog
B. picturatus Glaw, et al., 2001Eastern Bright-eyed Frog
B. piperatus Glaw, et al., 2010Ranomafanakely Bright-eyed Frog
B. popi Köhler, et al., 2011Tsinjoarivo Bright-eyed Frog
B. praedictus Glaw, et al., 2010Vevembe Bright-eyed Frog
B. pyrrhus Glaw, et al., 2001Pyrrhus Bright-eyed Frog
B. quasiboehmei Vences, et al., 2010Ambatovory Bright-eyed Frog
B. rappiodes Ahl, 1928Central Bright-eyed Frog
B. reticulatus Blommers-Schlösser, 1979Reticulate Bright-eyed Frog
B. rhodoscelis Boulenger, 1882Betsileo Bright-eyed Frog
B. roseipalmatus Glaw, et al., 2010Fontenay Bright-eyed Frog
B. rufioculis Glaw and Vences, 1997Central-Eastern Bright-eyed Frog
B. sambirano Vences and Glaw, 2005Manongarivo Bright-eyed Frog
B. sandrae Glaw, et al., 2010Ranomafanakely Bright-eyed Frog
B. schuboeae Glaw and Vences, 2002Ambatolahy Bright-eyed Frog
B. septentrionalis Glaw and Vences, 1994Northern Bright-eyed Frog
B. sibilans Glaw and Thiesmeier, 1993Perinet Bright-eyed Frog
B. solomaso Vallan, Vences, and Glaw, 2003Analambalotra Bright-eyed Frog
B. spinophis Glaw, et al., 2010Ambatolahy Bright-eyed Frog
B. tampoka Köhler, Glaw, and Vences, 2008Bemaraha Bright-eyed Frog
B. tasymena Vences and Glaw, 2002Mantady Bright-eyed Frog
B. tephraeomystax Duméril, 1853Dumeril's Bright-eyed Frog
B. tsilomaro Vences, et al., 2010Berara Forest Bright-eyed Frog
B. ulftunni Wollenberg, et al., 2008Menamalona Bright-eyed Frog
B. viridis Blommers-Schlösser, 1979Green Bright-eyed Frog
B. vittatus Glaw, et al., 2001Spotted Bright-eyed Frog
B. williamsi Guibé, 1974Williams' Bright-eyed Frog
B. xerophilus Glaw and Vences, 1997Kirindy Bright-eyed Frog
G. ambohitra (Vences and Glaw), 2001Montagne d'Ambre Grainy Frog
G. angano Scherz, et al., 2017Ampotsidy Grainy Frog
G. asper (Boulenger), 1882East Betsileo Grainy Frog
G. atsingy Crottini, et al., 2011Bemaraha Grainy Frog
G. blanci Guibé, 1974Adringitra Grainy Frog
G. boulengeri Methuen, 1920Boulenger's Grainy Frog
G. ceratophrys (Ahl), 1929Ranomafana Grainy Frog
G. cornutus (Glaw and Vences), 1992Horned Grainy Frog
G. corvus (Glaw and Vences), 1994Isalo Grainy Frog
G. decaryi Angel, 1930Decary's Grainy Frog
G. eiselti Guibé, 1975Eiselt's Grainy Frog
G. enki (Glaw and Vences), 2002Ambatolah Grainy Frog
G. granulatus (Boettger), 1881Nosy Bé Grainy Frog
G. grosjeani Scherz, et al., 2018Sorata Grainy Frog
G. hintelmannae Wollenberg, Glaw, and Vences, 2012Ambohitsara Grainy Frog
G. horridus (Boettger), 1880Boettger's Grainy Frog
G. kintana Cocca, et al., 2020Zahavola Grainy Frog
G. klemmeri Guibé, 1974Klemmer's Grainy Frog
G. leucocephalus Angel, 1930Midongy du Sud Grainy Frog
G. leucomaculatus (Guibé), 1975White-spotted Grainy Frog
G. lomorina Scherz, et al., 2018Simpona Grainy Frog
G. luteus (Methuen and Hewitt), 1913White Grainy Frog
G. mafy Vieites, et al., 2012Ambodisakoa Grainy Frog
G. malagasius (Methuen and Hewitt), 1913Malasay Grainy Frog
G. moseri (Glaw and Vences), 2002Andasibe Grainy Frog
G. plicifer (Boulenger), 1882Southeastern Grainy Frog
G. pseudoasper (Guibé), 1974Massif Grainy Frog
G. ranjomavo Glaw and Vence, 2011Marojejy Grainy Frog
G. redimitus (Boulenger), 1889East-central Grainy Frog
G. rivicola (Vences, Glaw, and Andreone), 1997Northeastern Grainy Frog
G. runewsweeki Vences and De la Riva, 2007Maharira Grainy Frog
G. salegy (Andreone, et al., 2003Abolokopatrika Grainy Frog
G. saturnini Scherz, et al., 2018Bealanana Grainy Frog
G. schilfi (Glaw and Vences), 2000Schilf's Grainy Frog
G. sculpturatus (Ahl), 1929Ankeniheny Grainy Frog
G. silvanus (Vences, Glaw, and Andreone), 1997Nosy Mangabe Grainy Frog
G. spiniferus (Blommers-Schlösser and Blanc), et al., 1991Greater Spiny Grainy Frog
G. striatus (Vences, et al., 2002Marojejy Massif Grainy Frog
G. tahotra Glaw, Köhler, and Vences, 2011Tsaratanana Massif Grainy Frog
G. tandroka (Glaw and Vences), 2001Tandroka Grainy Frog
G. thelenae (Glaw and Vences), 1994Thelenae Grainy Frog
G. tschenki (Glaw and Vences), 2001Ambatolahy Grainy Frog
G. ventrimaculatus (Angel), 1925Brown Grainy Frog
G. verrucosus Angel, 1930Ikongo Grainy Frog
G. webbi (Grandison), 1953Webb's Grainy Frog
G. zavona (Vences, et al., 2003Antsahamarana Grainy Frog
GUIBEMANTIS – Malagasy Pandanus Frogs
G. albolineatus Blommers, Schlosser & Blanc, 1991White-lined Madagascar Frog
G. albomaculatus Lehtinen, et al., 2018White-spotted Pandanus Frog
G. annulatus Lehtinen, Glaw, and Vences, 2011Mandena Pandanus Frog
G. bicalcaratus Boettger, 1913Sainte Marie Madagascar Frog
G. depressiceps Boulenger, 1882Pulsing Madagascar Frog
G. diphonus Vences, et al., 2015Manombo Pandanus Frog
G. flavobrunneus Blommers & Schlosser, 1979Blommer's Madagascar Frog
G. kathrinae (Glaw, Vences, and Gossmann), 2000An'Ala Pandanus Frog
G. liber Peracca, 1893Free Madagascar Frog
G. methueni (Angel), 1929Methuen's Pandanus Frog
G. milingilingy Bletz, et al., 2018Marojejy Massif Pandanus Frog
G. pulcher Boulenger, 1882Tsarafidy Madagascar Frog
G. punctatus Blommers & Schlosser, 1979Dotted Madagascar Frog
G. tasifotsy Lehtinen, et al., 2012White-flanked Pandanus Frog
G. timidus (Vences and Glaw), 2005Toamasina Pandanus Frog
G. tornieri Ahl, 1928Ahl's Mantella
G. wattersoni Lehtinen, Glaw, and Vences, 2011Watterson's Pandanus Frog
G. woosteri Lehtinen, et al., 2018Wooster's Pandanus Frog
LALIOSTOMA – Madagascar Frogs
L. labrosum (Cope), 1868Madagascar Bullfrog
MANTELLA – Golden Frogs
M. aurantiaca Mocquard, 1900Golden Frog
M. baroni Boulenger, 1888Variegated Mantella
M. bernhardi Vences, et al., 1994Bernhard's Mantella
M. betsileo Grandidier, 1872Betsileo Golden Frog
M. cowanii Boulenger, 1882Black Golden Frog
M. crocea Pintak & Böhme, 1990Eastern Golden Frog
M. ebenaui (Boettger), 1880Northern Mantella
M. expectata Busse & Böhme, 1992Tulear Golden Frog
M. haraldmeieri Busse, 1981Anosy Mantella
M. laevigata Methuen & Hewitt, 1913Folohy Golden Frog
M. madagascariensis Grandidier, 1872Madagascar Golden Frog
M. manery Vences, Glaw, and Böhme, 1999Marojezy Mantella
M. milotympanum Staniszewski, 1996Black-eared Mantella
M. nigricans Guibé, 1978Marojezy Massif Mantella
M. pulchra Parker, 1925Parker's Golden Frog
M. viridis Pintak & Böhme, 1988Green Golden Frog
MANTIDACTYLUS – Madagascar Frogs
M. aerumnalis Peracca, 1893Andrangoloaka Madagascar Frog
M. albofrenatus Müller, 1892Eastern Madagascar Frog
M. alutus Peracca, 1893Mountain Madagascar Frog
M. ambohimitombi Boulenger, 1919Ambohimitombi Madagascar Frog
M. ambony Scherz, et al., 2020Montagne d’Ambre Madagascar Frog
M. ambreensis Mocquard, 1895Northern Madagascar Frog
M. argenteus Methuen, 1920Folohy Madagascar Frog
M. atsimo Scherz, et al., 2019Andohahela Madagascar Frog
M. bellyi Mocquard, 1895Belly Madagascar Frog
M. betsileanus Boulenger, 1882Betsileo Madagascar Frog
M. biporus Boulenger, 1889Two-pore Madagascar Frog
M. bourgati Guibé, 1974Andringitra Mountain Madagascar Frog
M. brevipalmatus Ahl, 1929Central-Montane Madagascar Frog
M. charlotteae Vences and Glaw, 2004Foulpointe Madagascar Frog
M. cowanii (Boulenger), 1882Ankafana Madagascar Frog
M. curtus Boulenger, 1882Ankafana Madagascar Frog
M. delormei Angel, 1938De Lorme's Madagascar Frog
M. femoralis Boulenger, 1882Fort Madagascar Frog
M. grandidieri Mocquard, 1895Grandidier's Madagascar Frog
M. guttulatus Boulenger, 1881Gray Madagascar Frog
M. lugubris Duméril, 1853Dumeril's Madagascar Frog
M. madecassus Millot & Guibé, 1950Andringitra Madagascar Frog
M. majori Boulenger, 1896Ivohimanita Madagascar Frog
M. melanopleura (Mocquard), 1901Eastern Madagascar Frog
M. mocquardi Angel, 1929Mocquard's Madagascar Frog
M. multiplicatus Boettger, 1913Alaotra-See Madagascar Frog
M. noralottae Mercurio and Andreone, 2007Isalo Massif Madagascar Frog
M. opiparis Peracca, 1893Central Madagascar Frog
M. paidroa Bora, et al., 2011Ranomafana Madagascar Frog
M. pauliani Guibé, 1974Nosiarivo Madagascar Frog
M. petakorona Scherz, et al., 2019Marojejy Park Madagascar Frog
M. radaka Rancilhac, et al., 2020Tsaratanana Massif Madagascar Frog
M. schulzi Vences, et al., 2018Manarikoba Madagascar Frog
M. tricinctus (Guibé), 1947Befotaka Madagascar Frog
M. ulcerosus Boettger, 1880Warty Madagascar Frog
M. zipperi Vences and Glaw, 2004Central Madagascar Frog
M. zolitschka Glaw and Vences, 2004An'Ala Forest Madagascar Frog
SPINOMANTIS – Spinomantid Madagascar Frogs
S. aglavei (Methuen and Hewitt), 1913Analamazotra Forest Spinomantid Frog
S. beckei Vences, Köhler, and Glaw, 2017Andohahela Park Spinomantid Frog
S. bertini (Guibé), 1947Isaka-Ivondro Spinomantid Frog
S. brunae (Andreone, et al., 1998Anosy Mountain Spinomantid Frog
S. elegans (Guibé), 1974Elegant Spinomantid Frog
S. fimbriatus (Glaw and Vences), 1994Andasibe Spinomantid Frog
S. guibei (Blommers-Schlösser), 1991Guibe's Spinomantid Frog
S. massi (Glaw and Vences), 1994Benavony Spinomantid Frog
S. microtis (Guibé), 1974Chaînes Anosyennes Spinomantid Frog
S. mirus Sabino-Pinto, et al., 2019Pic d’Ivohibe Spinomantid Frog
S. nussbaumi Cramer, et al., 2008Antetikalambazaha Spinomantid Frog
S. peraccae (Boulenger), 1896Peracca's Spinomantid Frog
S. phantasticus (Glaw and Vences), 1997Fantastic Spinomantid Frog
S. tavaratra Cramer, et al., 2008Sorata Mountain Spinomantid Frog
TSINGYMANTIS – Tsingy Mantellid Frogs
T. antitra Glaw, Hoegg, and Vences, 2006Tsingy Frog
WAKEA – Antsirasira Mantellid Frogs
W. madinika (Vences, et al., 2002Antsirasira Frog


A. gigantica (Liu, Hu, and Yang, 1960Great Piebald Horned Toad
A. nankiangensis (Liu and Hu), 1966Nankiang Horned Toad
A. shapingensis Liu, 1950Shaping Frog
A. wawuensis (Fei, Jiang, and Zheng), 2001Wawu Horned Toad
B. carinense Boulenger, 1889Karin Hills Short-Legged Toad
B. chuannanensis Fei, Ye, and Huang, 2001Chuanan Short-legged Toad
B. feae (Boulenger), 1887Fea's Short-legged Toad
B. intermedia (Smith), 1921Annam Short-legged Toad
B. orientalis Li, Lyu, Wang, and Wang), 2020Oriental Short-legged Toad
B. platyparietus Rao and Yang, 1997Flat-headed Short-legged Toad
B. popeii Zhao, et al., 2014Pope's Short-legged Toad
LEPTOBRACHELLA – Asian Leaf Litter Toads
L. aerea (Rowley, et al., 2010Vilabouli Leaf Litter Toad
L. alpina (Fei, Ye, and Li), 1990Alpine Leaf Litter Toad
L. applebyi (Rowley and Cao), 2009Appleby's Leaf Litter Toad
L. arayai (Matsui), 1997Gunung Kinabalu Leaf Litter Toad
L. ardens (Rowley, et al., 2016Kon Ka Kinh Leaf Litter Toad
L. aspera Wang, Lyu, Qi, and Wang, 2020Huanglianshan Leaf Litter Toad
L. baluensis Smith, 1931Kamborangah Borneo Frog
L. bashaensis Lyu, et al., 2020Basha Reserve Leaf Litter Toad
L. bidoupensis (Rowley, Le, Tran, and Hoang), 2011Bidoup-Nui Ba Leaf Litter Toad
L. bijie Wang, Li, Li, Chen, and Wang, 2019Bijie Leaf Litter Toad
L. bondangensis Eto, et al., 2018Sungai Pongoniso Leaf Litter Toad
L. botsfordi (Rowley, Dau, and Nguyen), 2013Botsford's Leaf Litter Toad
L. bourreti (Dubois), 1983Bourret'sLeaf Litter Toad
L. brevicrus Dring, 1984Dring's Borneo Frog
L. chishuiensis Li, Liu, Wei, and Wang, 2020Chishui Leaf-litter Toad
L. crocea (Rowley, et al., 2020Orange-bellied Leaf-litter Toad
L. dorsospina Wang, Lyu, Qi, and Wang, 2020Shuicheng Leaf Litter Toad
L. dringi (Dubois), 1987Gunung Mulu Leaf Litter Toad
L. eos (Ohler, et al., 2011Rosy Leaf Litter Toad
L. feii Chen, Yuan, and Che, 2020Fei's Leaf Litter Toad
L. firthi (Rowley, et al., 2012Ngoc Linh Leaf Litter Toad
L. flaviglandulosa Chen, Wang, and Che, 2020Yellow-gland Leaf Litter Toad
L. fritinniens (Dehling and Matsui), 2013Twittering Litter Toad
L. fuliginosa (Matsui), 2006Pa Lao U Leaf Litter Toad
L. fusca Eto, et al., 2018Bulungan Leaf Litter Toad
L. gracilis (Günther), 1872Sarawak Slender Leaf Litter Toad
L. hamidi (Matsui), 1997Sengei Jelak Leaf Litter Toad
L. heteropus (Boulenger), 1900Variable Leaf Litter Toad
L. isos (Rowley, et al., 2015Kon Tum Plateau Leaf Litter Toad
L. itiokai Eto, Matsui, and Nishikawa, 2016Sungai Tapin Leaf Litter Toad
L. juliandringi Eto, Matsui, and Nishikawa, 2015Dring's Leaf Litter Toad
L. kajangensis (Grismer, et al., 2004Kajang Slender Litter Toad
L. kalonensis (Rowley, et al., 2016Song Luy Forest Leaf Litter Toad
L. kecil (Matsui, et al., 2009Tanah Rata Leaf Litter Toad
L. khasiorum (Das, et al., 2010Khasi Hills Leaf Litter Toad
L. lateralis (Anderson), 1871Nagaland Leaf Litter Toad
L. laui (Sung, Yang, and Wang), 2014Lau's Leaf Litter Toad
L. liui (Fei and Ye), 1990Fujian Leaf Litter Toad
L. macrops (Duong, et al., 2018Big-eyed Leaf Litter Toad
L. maculosa (Rowley, et al., 2016Phuoc Binh Leaf Litter Toad
L. mangshanensis (Hou, et al., 2018Mangshan Fores Leaf Litter Toad
L. maoershanensis (Yuan, et al., 2017Maoershan Forest Leaf Litter Toad
L. marmorata (Matsui, et al., 2014Marbled Leaf Litter Toad
L. maura (Inger, et al., 1997Mesilau Leaf Litter Toad
L. melanoleuca (Matsui), 2006Khlong Saeng Leaf Litter Toad
L. melica (Rowley, et al., 2010Virachey Leaf Litter Toad
L. minima (Taylor), 1962Small Leaf Litter Toad
L. mjobergi Smith, 1925Mount Gadin Borneo Frog
L. nahangensis (Lathrop, et al., 1998Nahang Leaf Litter Toad
L. namdongensis Hoang, et al., 2019Nam Dong
L. natunae Günther, 1895Natuna Borneo Frog
L. neangi Stuart and Rowley, 2020Cardamom
L. niveimontis Chen, Poyarkov, Yuan, and Che, 2020Mt. Daxue Leaf Litter Toad
L. nokrekensis (Mathew and Sen), 2010Nokrek
L. nyx (Ohler, et al., 2011Cao Bo
L. oshanensis (Liu), 1950Oshan
L. pallida (Rowley, et al., 2016Gia Rich
L. palmata Inger & Stuebing, 1992Palm Borneo Frog
L. parva Dring, 1984Gunung Mulu Borneo Frog
L. pelodytoides (Boulenger), 1893Karin Hills
L. petrops (Rowley, et al., 2017Cham Chu
L. picta (Malkmus), 1992Sungei Langanan
L. platycephala (Dehling), 2012Gunug Benom
L. pluvialis (Ohler, et al., 2000Fan Si Pan
L. puhoatensis (Rowley, Dau, and Cao), 2017Pu Hoat
L. purpuraventra Wang, Li, Li, Chen, and Wang, 2019Purple-bellied Leaf Litter Toad
L. purpurus (Yang, Zeng, and Wang), 2018Purplish-brown Leaf Litter Toad
L. pyrrhops (Poyarkov, et al., 2015Orange-eyed Leaf Litter Toad
L. rowleyae (Nguyen, et al., 2018Son Tra Leaf Litter Toad
L. sabahmontana (Matsui, et al., 2014Sungai Silau-Silau Leaf Litter Toad
L. serasanae Dring, 1984Serasan Borneo Frog
L. shangsiensis Chen, Liao, Zhou, and Mo, 2019Shangsi Leaf Litter Toad
L. sola (Matsui), 2006Hala Bala Leaf Litter Toad
L. suiyangensis Luo, Xiao, Gao, and Zhou, 2020Suiyang Leaf-litter Toad
L. sungi (Lathrop, et al., 1998Sung's Leaf Litter Toad
L. tadungensis (Rowley, et al., 2016Ta Dung Leaf Litter Toad
L. tamdil (Sengupta, et al., 2010Tamdil Leaf Litter Toad
L. tengchongensis (Yang, Wang, Chen, and Rao), 2016Tengchong Leaf Litter Toad
L. tuberosa (Inger, Orlov, and Darevsky), 1999Granular Leaf Litter Toad
L. ventripunctata (Fei, Ye, and Li), 1990Speckle-bellied Leaf Litter Toad
L. wuhuangmontis Wang, Yang, and Wang, 2018Mt. Wuhuang Leaf Litter Toad
L. wulingensis Qian, et al., 2020Wuling Leaf-litter Toad
L. yingjiangensis (Yang, Zeng, and Wang), 2019Jinzhuzhai Leaf Litter Toad
L. yunkaiensis Wang, Li, Lyu, and Wang, 2018Yunkai Mountain Leaf Litter Toad
L. zhangyapingi (Jiang, et al., 2013Phang Num Poo Leaf Litter Toad
LEPTOBRACHIUM – Eastern Spadefoot Toads
L. abbotti Cochran, 1926Lowland Spadefoot Toad
L. ailaonicum Yang, Chen, & Ma, 1983Ailao Spiny Toad
L. banae Lathrop, et al., 1998Vietnam Spadefoot Toad
L. bompu Sondhi and Ohler, 2011Eaglenest Spadefoot Toad
L. boringii boringii, 1945Taosze Spiny Toad
L. buchardi Ohler, Teynié, and David, 2004Pakxong Spadefoot Toad
L. chapaense Bourret, 1937Chapa Spadefoot Toad
L. guangxiense Fei, Mo, Ye, and Jiang, 2009Guangxi Pseudomoustache Toad
L. gunungense Malkmus, 1996Mt. Kinabalu Spadefoot Toad
L. hainanense Ye and Fei, 1993Hainan Pseudomoustache Toad
L. hasseltii Tschudi, 1838Java Spadefoot Toad
L. hendricksoni Taylor, 1962Thai Spadefoot Toad
L. huashen Fei and Ye, 2005Huashen Pseudomoustache Toad
L. ingeri Hamidy, et al., 2012Sarawak Spadefoot Toad
L. kanowitense Hamidy, et al., 2012Kanoit Spadefoot Toad
L. kantonishikawai Hamidy and Matsui, 2014Bario Spadefoot Toad
L. leishanense Lui & Hu, 1973Leishan Spiny Toad
L. leucops Stuart, et al., 2011Bidoup-Nui Ba Spadefoot Toad
L. liui Pope, 1947Pope's Spiny Toad
L. lumadorum Brown, et al., 2010Pasonanca Spadefoot Toad
L. lunatum Stuart, et al., 2020Virachey Pseudomoustache Toad
L. mangyanorum Brown, et al., 2010Mindoro Spadefoot Toad
L. masatakasatoi Matsui, 2013Phu Pan Spadefoot Toad
L. montanum Fischer, 1885Mountain Spadefoot Toad
L. mouhoti Stuart, Sok, and Neang, 2006O'Rang Spadefoot Toad
L. ngoclinhense Orlov, 2005Ngoc Linh Spadefoot Toad
L. nigrops Berry & Hendrickson, 1963Singapore Spadefoot Toad
L. promustache (Rao, Wilkinson, and Zhang), 2006Primary Moustache Toad
L. pullum Smith, 1921Vietnam Spadefoot Toad
L. rakhinensis Wogan, 2012Rakhine Hills Spadefoot Toad
L. smithi Matsui, et al., 1999Smith's Spadefoot Toad
L. tagbanorum Brown, et al., 2010Palawan Spadefoot Toad
L. tenasserimense Pawangkhanant, et al., 2018Tenasserim Pseudomoustache Toad
L. tengchongense Yang, Wang, and Chan, 2016Tengchong Spadefoot Toad
L. waysepuntiense Hamady and Matsui, 2010Way Sepunti Spadefoot Toad
L. xanthops Stuart, et al., 2012Phou Ajol Spadefoot Toad
L. xanthospilum Lathrop, et al., 1998Gia Lai Spadefoot Toad
MEGOPHRYS – Asian Horned Toads
M. kempii Annandale, 1912Kemp's Spadefoot Toad
M. lateralis Anderson, 1871Anderson's Spadefoot Toad
M. montana Kuhl & Van Hasselt, 1822Asian Spadefoot Toad
M. nankiangensis Liu & Hu, 1966Nankiang Spadefoot Toad
OPHRYOPHRYNE – Mountains Toads
O. elfina (Poyarkov, et al., 2017Elfin Mountain Toad
O. gerti (Ohler), 2003Gert's Mountain Toad
O. hansi (Ohler), 2003Buon Loi Mountain Toad
O. microstoma Boulenger, 1903Asian Mountain Toad
O. pachyproctus Kou, 1985Zhushihe Mountain Toad
O. synoria Stuart, Sok, and Neang, 2006O’Reang Mountain Toad
OREOLALAX – Toothed Toads
O. chuanbeiensis Tian, 1983Chuanbei Toothed Toad
O. granulosus Fei, Ye, and Chen, 1990Spiny Toothed Toad
O. jingdongensis Ma, Yang, and Li, 1983Jingdong Toothed Toad
O. liangbeiensis Liu and Fei, 1979Liangbei Toothed Toad
O. lichuanensis Hu and Fei, 1979Lichuan Toothed Toad
O. longmenmontis Hou, et al., 2020Longmen Mountains Toothed Toad
O. major (Liu and Hu), 1960Large Toothed Toad
O. multipunctatus Wu, Zhao, Inger, and Shaffer, 1993Spotted Toothed Toad
O. nanjiangensis Fei and Ye, 1999Nanjiang Toothed Toad
O. omeimontis (Liu and Hu), 1960Omei Toothed Toad
O. pingii (Liu), 1943Ping's Toothed Toad
O. popei (Liu), 1947Baoxing Toothed Toad
O. puxiongensis Liu and Fei, 1979Puxiong Toothed Toad
O. rhodostigmatus Hu and Fei, 1979Red-spotted Toothed Toad
O. rugosus (Liu), 1943Warty Toothed Toad
O. schmidti (Liu), 1947Webless Toothed Toad
O. sterlingae Nguyen, et al., 2013Sterling's Toothed Toad
O. weigoldi (Vogt), 1924Weigold's Toothed Toad
O. xiangchengensis Fei and Huang, 1983Xiangcheng Toothed Toad
PANOPHRYS – Asian Horned Toads
P. acuta (Wang, Li, and Jin), 2014Heishiding Horned Toad
P. angka (Wu, et al., 2019Doi Inthanon Horned Toad
P. anlongensis (Li, Lu, Liu, and Wang), 2020Anlong Horned Toad
P. baishanzuensis (Wu, Li, Liu, Wang, and Wu), 2020Baishanzu Horned Toad
P. baolongensis (Ye, Fei, and Xie), 2007Baolong Horned Toad
P. binchuanensis (Ye and Fei), 1995Binchuan Horned Toad
P. binlingensis (Jiang, Fei, and Ye), 2009Binling Horned Toad
P. boettgeri (Boulenger), 1899Pale-shouldered Horned Toad
P. brachykolos (Inger and Romer), 1961Short-legged Horned Toad
P. caobangensis (Nguyen, et al., 2020Cao Bang Horned Toad
P. caudoprocta (Shen), 1994Convex-tailed Horned Toad
P. cheni (Wang and Liu), 2014Luoxiao Mountains Horned Toad
P. chishuiensis (Xu, Li, Liu, Wei, and Wang), 2020Chishui Horned Toad
P. daiyunensis Lyu, Wang, and Wang, 2021Daiyun Mountain Horned Toad
P. daoji Lyu, Zeng, Wang, and Wang, 2021Daoji’s Horned Toad
P. daweimontis (Rao and Yang), 1997Dawei Eyebrow Toad
P. dongguanensis (Wang and Wang), 2019Dongguan Horned Toad
P. fansipanensis (Tapley, et al., 2018Mount Fansipan Horned Toad
P. hoanglienensis (Tapley, et al., 2018Hoang Lien Horned Toad
P. huangshanensis (Fei and Ye), 2005Huangshan Horned Toad
P. insularis (Wang, et al., 2017Nan’ao Island Horned Toad
P. jiangi (Liu, et al., 2020Kuankuoshui Horned Toad
P. jingdongensis (Fei and Ye), 1983Jingdong Horned Toad
P. jinggangensis (Wang), 2012Mount Jinggang Horned Toad
P. jiulianensis (Wang, Zeng, Lyu , and Wang), 2019Jiulianshan Horned Toad
P. kuatunensis (Pope), 1929Kuatun Horned Toad
P. leishanensis (Li, et al., 2019Leishan Horned Toad
P. liboensis (Zhang, et al., 2017Libo Horned Toad
P. lini (Wang and Yang), 2014Bamianshan Horned Toad
P. lishuiensis (Wang, Liu and Jiang), 2017Lishui Horned Toad
P. minor (Stejneger), 1926Little Horned Toad
P. mirabilis (Lyu, Wang, and Zhao), 2020Huaping Horned Toad
P. mufumontana (J. Wang, Lyu, and Y.Y. Wang), 2019Mufushan Horned Toad
P. nankunensis (Wang, Zeng, and. Wang), 2019Nankunshan Horned Toad
P. nanlingensis (Lyu, et al., 2019Nanling Horned Toad
P. obesa (Wang, Li, and Zhao), 2014Heishiding Nature Reserve Horned Toad
P. ombrophila (Messenger and Dahn), 2019Yu Shen Horned Toad
P. omeimontis (Liu), 1950Omei Horned Toad
P. palpebralespinosa (Bourret), 1937Rough-skinned Horned Toad
P. qianbeiensis (Su, et al., 2020Qianbei Horned Toad
P. rubrimera (Tapley, et al., 2017Red-thighed Horned Toad
P. sangzhiensis (Jiang, Ye, and Fei), 2008Sangzhi Horned Toad
P. sanmingensis Lyu and Wang, 2021Sanming Horned Toad
P. shimentaina (Lyu, Liu, and Wang), 2020Shimentai Horned Toad
P. shuichengensis (Tian and Sun), 1995Shuicheng Horned Toad
P. shunhuangensis (Wang, et al., 2019Shunhuang Horned Frog
P. spinata (Liu and Hu), 1973Spiny-fingered Horned Toad
P. tongensis Wang and Lyu, 2021Mt Tongbo Horned Toad
P. tuberogranulata (Shen, Mo and Li), 2010Tianzishan Horned Toad
P. wugongensis (J. Wang, Lyu, and Y.Y. Wang), 2019Wugongshan Horned Toad
P. wuliangshanensis (Ye and Fei), 1995Wuliangshan Horned Toad
P. wushanensis (Ye and Fei), 1995Wushan Horned Toad
P. xiangnanensis (Lyu, Zeng, and Wang), 2020Southern Hunan Horned Toad
P. xianjuensis (Wang, et al., 2020Xianju Horned Toad
P. yangmingensis (Lyu, Zeng, and Wang), 2020Mt Yangming Horned Toad
P. yeae (Shi, et al., 2020Ye’s Horned Toad
P. zhoui (Shi, et al., 2020Zhou’s Horned Toad
PELOBATRACHUS – Malaysian Horned Frogs
P. baluensis (Boulenger), 1899Kinabalu Horned Frog
P. edwardinae (Inger), 1989Edwardine's Horned Toad
P. kalimantanensis (Munir, et al., 2019Kalimantan Horned Frog
P. kobayashii (Malkmus and Matsui), 1997Kobayashi's Horned Frog
P. ligayae (Taylor), 1920Palawan Horned Frog
P. nasutus (Schlegel), 1858Malayan Horned Frog
P. stejnegeri (Taylor), 1920Philippine Horned Frog
SCUTIGER – Lazy Toads
S. adungensis Dubois, 1979Adung Lazy Toad
S. bhutanensis Delorme and Dubois, 2001Bhutan Lazy Toad
S. boulengeri Bedriaga, 1898Boulenger's Lazy Toad
S. brevipes (Liu), 1950Taining Cat-eyed Toad
S. chintingensis Liu and Hu, 1960Chinting Lazy Toad
S. ghunsa Khatiwada, et al., 2019Ghunsa High Altitude Toad
S. glandulatus Liu, 1950Hopachai Lazy Toad
S. gongshanensis Yang and Su, 1979Gongshan Lazy Toad
S. jiulongensis Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 1995Jiulong Cat-eyed Toad
S. liupanensis Huang, 1985Liupan Lazy Toad
S. maculatus Liu, 1950Spotted Lazy Toad
S. mammatus Günther, 1896Tungsolo Lazy Toad
S. muliensis Fei and Ye, 1986Muli Cat-eyed Toad
S. nepalensis Dubois, 1974Nepal Lazy Toad
S. ningshanensis Fang, 1985Ningshan Lazy Toad
S. nyingchiensis Fei, 1977Nyingchi Lazy Toad
S. occidentalis Dubois, 1978Asian Lazy Toad
S. pingwuensis Liu and Tian, 1978Pingwu Lazy Toad
S. sikimmensis Blyth, 1854Sikkim Lazy Toad
S. spinosus Jiang, Wang, Li, and Che, 2016Spiny Lazy Toad
S. tengchongensis Yang and Huang, 2019Tengchong Cat-eyed Toad
S. tuberculatus Liu and Fei, 1979Bumpy Lazy Toad
S. wanglangensis Ye and Fei, 2007Wanglang Alpine Toad
S. wuguanfui Jiang, et al., 2012Medog Cat-eyed Toad
XENOPHRYS – Horned Frogs
X. aceras (Boulenger), 1903Yellow Horned Frog
X. ancrae (Mahony, Teeling, and Biju), 2013Namdapha Horned Toad
X. auralensis (Ohler, Swan, and Daltry), 2002Phnom Aural Horned Toad
X. awuh (Mahony, et al., 2020Naga Hills Horned Frog
X. damrei (Mahony), 2011Bokor Plateau Horned Toad
X. dzukou (Mahony, et al., 2020Dzükou Valley Horned Frog
X. flavipunctata (Mahony, et al., 2018Yellow Spotted Horned Toad
X. glandulosa (Fei, Ye, and Huang), 1990Glandular Horned Toad
X. himalayana (Mahony, et al., 2018Himalayan Horned Frog
X. lekaguli (Stuart, et al., 2006Chantaburi Horned Toad
X. longipes (Boulenger), 1886Red-legged Horned Toad
X. major (Boulenger), 1908White-lipped Horned Toad
X. mangshanensis (Fei and Ye), 1990Mangshan Horned Toad
X. maosonensis (Bourret), 1937Mao-Son Horned Toad
X. medogensis (Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1983Medog Horned Toad
X. megacephala (Mahony, et al., 2011Big Headed Horned Frog
X. monticola Günther, 1864Mountain Horned Frog
X. numhbumaeng (Mahony, et al., 2020Tamenglong Horned Frog
X. oreocrypta (Mahony, et al., 2018Garo White-lipped Horned Frog
X. oropedion (Mahony, Teeling, and Biju), 2013Little Meghalayan Horned Frog
X. pachyproctus (Huang), 1981Convex-vented Horned Toad
X. parva (Boulenger), 1893Concave-crowned Horned Toad
X. periosa (Mahony, et al., 2018Giant Himalayan Horned Frog
X. robusta (Boulenger), 1908Robust Horned Frog
X. serchhipii Mathew and Sen, 2007Serchhipii Horned Frog
X. takensis (Mahony), 2011Ban Pa Che Horned Frog
X. vegrandis (Mahony, Teeling, Biju), 2013Sessa Horned Frog
X. zhangi (Ye and Fei), 1992Zhang's Horned Toad
X. zunhebotoensis Mathew and Sen, 2007Zunheboto Horned Frog

MICRIXALIDAE – Dancing Frogs

MICRIXALUS – Indian Dancing Frogs
M. adonis Biju, et al., 2014Beautiful Torrent Frog
M. candidus Biju, et al., 2014White-cheeked Torrent Frog
M. elegans Rao, 1937Elegant Torrent Frog
M. frigidus Biju, et al., 2014Cold Stream Torrent Frog
M. fuscus Boulenger, 1882Dusky Torrent Frog
M. gadgili Pillai & Pattabiraman, 1990Gadgili Torrent Frog
M. herrei Myers, 1942Kallar Torrent Frog
M. kodayari Biju, et al., 2014Kodayar Torrent Frog
M. kottigeharensis Rao, 1937Kottigehar Torrent Frog
M. kurichiyari Biju, et al., 2014Kurichiyar Torrent Frog
M. mallani Biju, et al., 2014Mallan's Torrent Frog
M. nelliyampathi Biju, et al., 2014Nelliyampathi Torrent Frog
M. nigraventris Biju, et al., 2014Black-bellied Torrent Frog
M. niluvasei Biju, et al., 2014Niluvase Torrent Frog
M. nudis Pillai, 1978Naked Torrent Frog
M. phyllophilus Jerdon, 1854Pink-thighed Torrent Frog
M. sairandhri Biju, et al., 2014Sairandhri Torrent Frog
M. sali Biju, et al., 2014Sali's Torrent Frog
M. saxicola Jerdon, 1854Small Torrent Frog
M. silvaticus Boulenger, 1882Forest Torrent Frog
M. specca Biju, et al., 2014Spotted Torrent Frog
M. spelunca Biju, et al., 2014Cave Torrent Frog
M. thampii Pillai, 1981Silent Valley Torrent Frog
M. uttaraghati Biju, et al., 2014Northern Torrent Frog

MICROHYLIDAE – Narrow-mouthed Toads

ADELASTES – Neblina Frogs
A. hylonomos Zweifel, 1986Neblina Frog
ANILANY – Anilany Frog
A. helenae (Vallan), 2000Ambohitantely Frog
ANODONTHYLA – Climbing Frogs
A. boulengerii Müller, 1892Boulenger's Climbing Frog
A. emilei Vences, et al., 2010Samalaotra Climbing Frog
A. eximia Scherz, et al., 2019Maharira Climbing Frog
A. hutchisoni Fenolio, et al., 2007Masoala Climbing Frog
A. jeanbai Vences, et al., 2010Andohahela Climbing Frog
A. montana Angel, 1925Mountain Climbing Frog
A. moramora Glaw and Vences, 2005Vohiparara Climbing Frog
A. nigrigularis Glaw & Vences, 1992Black-throated Climbing Frog
A. pollicaris (Boettger), 1913Anevoka Climbing Frog
A. rouxae Guibé, 1974Madagascar Climbing Frog
A. theoi Vences, et al., 2010Manombo Climbing Frog
A. vallani Vences, et al., 2010Ambohitantely Climbing Frog
A. minuta Zweifel & Parker, 1989Myola Guinea Frog
A. nana (Brown and Alcala), 1967Camiguin Island Cross Frog
A. pansa Fry, 1917Scratchley Guinea Frog
A. parkeri (Loveridge), 1955Matapan Cross Frog
A. sabini Zweifel & Parker, 1989Guest House Guinea Frog
ARCOVOMER – Passarelli's Frogs
A. passarellii Carvalho, 1954Passarelli's Frog
ASTEROPHRYS – New Guinea Bush Frogs
A. eurydactyla (Zweifel), 1972Danowaria Bush Frog
A. foja (Günther, et al., 2016Foja Mountains Bush Frog
A. leucopus Richards, et al., 1994Stolle Mountain Bush Frog
A. marani (Günther), 2009Wondiwoi Mountains Bush Frog
A. pullifer (Günther), 2006Eastern Wondiwoi Bush Frog
A. slateri Loveridge, 1955Southern Lowlands Bush Frog
A. turpicola Schlegel, 1837Lobo New Guinea Bush Frog
AUSTROCHAPERINA – Whistling-frogs
A. adamantina Zweifel, 2000Mount Nibo Whistling-frog
A. adelphe Zweifel, 1985Peeping Whistling-frog
A. alexanderi Günther, Richards & Dahl, 2014Alexander's Whistling-frog
A. aquilonia Zweifel, 2000Mount Somoro Whistling-frog
A. archboldi Zweifel, 2000Kratke Mountain Whistling-frog
A. basipalmata Van Kampen, 1906Van Kampen's Whistling-frog
A. beehleri Günther and Richards, 2019Strickland River Basin Whistling-frog
A. blumi Zweifel, 2000Blum's Whistling-frog
A. brachypus Günther and Richards, 2019Agogo Range Whistling-frog
A. brevipes Boulenger, 1897Victoria Whistling-frog
A. fryi Zweifel, 1962Daintree Whistling-frog
A. fulva Günther and Richards, 2019Juha Whistling-frog
A. gracilipes Fry, 1912Shrill Whistling-frog
A. hooglandi Zweifel, 1967New Guinea Whistling-frog
A. kosarek Zweifel, 2000Kosarek Whistling-frog
A. laurae Günther, Richards & Dahl, 2014Laura's Whistling-frog
A. macrorhyncha Van Kampen, 1906Manikion Whistling-frog
A. mehelyi Parker, 1934Mehely's Whistling-frog
A. minutissima Günther, 2009Wondiwoi Whistling-frog
A. novaebritanniae Zweifel, 2014New Britain Whistling-frog
A. palmipes Zweifel, 1956Dayman Whistling-frog
A. parkeri Zweifel, 2000Morobe Whistling-frog
A. pluvialis Zweifel, 1965White-browed Whistling-frog
A. polysticta Méhely, 1901Morobe Whistling-frog
A. punctata (Van Kampen), 1913Hellwig Mountains Whistling-frog
A. robusta Fry, 1912Pealing Whistling-frog
A. rudolfarndti Günther, 2017Wondiwoi Mountains Whistling-frog
A. septentrionalis Allison & Kraus, 2003Northern Whistling-frog
A. yelaensis Zweifel, 2000Yela Whistling-frog
BARYGENYS – Papua Frogs
B. apodasta Kraus, 2013Woodlark Island Papua Frog
B. atra Günther, 1896Gunther's Papua Frog
B. cheesmanae Parker, 1936Cheesman's Papua Frog
B. exsul Zweifel, 1963Zweifel's Papua Frog
B. flavigularis Zweifel, 1972Yellow-throated Papua Frog
B. maculata Menzies & Tyler, 1977Spotted Papua Frog
B. nana Zweifel, 1972Highland Papua Frog
B. parvula Zweifel, 1981Madang Papua Frog
B. resima Kraus, 2013Mt. Pekopekowana Papua Frog
CALLULOPS – Callulops Frogs
C. argus Kraus, 2019Garaina Callulops Frog
C. biakensis Günther, et al., 2012Biak Island Callulops Frog
C. bicolor Kraus, 2019Mt. Dayman Callulops Frog
C. boettgeri Méhely, 1901Boettger's Callulops Frog
C. comptus (Zweifel), 1972Tambul Callulops Frog
C. doriae Boulenger, 1888Doria's Callulops Frog
C. dubius Boettger, 1895Moluccan Callulops Frog
C. eremnosphax Kraus and Allison, 2009Avi Avi River Callulops Frog
C. fojaensis Oliver, et al., 2012Foja Mountains Callulops Frog
C. fuscus Peters, 1867Brown Callulops Frog
C. glandulosus Zweifel, 1972Warty Callulops Frog
C. humicola Zweifel, 1972Kotuni Callulops Frog
C. kampeni (Boulenger), 1914Mimika R[iver Callulops Frog
C. kopsteini Mertens, 1930Kopstein's Callulops Frog
C. marmoratus Kraus and Allison, 2003Crater Mountain Callulops Frog
C. mediodiscus Oliver, et al., 2012Kikori Basin Callulops Frog
C. microtis (Werner), 1901Northeastern Callulops Frog
C. neuhaussi (Vogt), 1911Sattelberg Callulops Frog
C. omnistriatus Kraus and Allison, 2009Central Highlands Callulops Frog
C. personatus Zweifel, 1972Maprik Callulops Frog
C. robustus Boulenger, 1898Robust Callulops Frog
C. sagittatus Richards, et al., 1995Mt Binnie Callulops Frog
C. stellatus Kraus, 2019Mt. Trafalgar Callulops Frog
C. stictogaster Zweifel, 1972Irumbofoie Callulops Frog
C. taxispilotus Kraus, 2019Haia Callulops Frog
C. valvifer (Barbour), 1910Fak Fak Mountains Callulops Frog
C. wilhelmanus Loveridge, 1948Wilhelm Callulops Frog
C. wondiwoiensis Günther, et al., 2012Wondiwoi Mountains Callulops Frog
C. yapenensis Günther, et al., 2012Waira Mountain Callulops Frog
CHAPERINA – Thorny Frogs
C. fusca Mocquard, 1892Brown Thorny Frog
CHIASMOCLEIS – Humming Frogs
C. alagoana Cruz, Caramaschi, and Freire, 1999Mata do Catolé Humming Frog
C. albopunctata Boettger, 1885White-spotted Humming Frog
C. altomontana Forlani, et al., 2017Bananal Humming Frog
C. anatipes Walker & Duellman, 1974Santa Cecilia Humming Frog
C. antenori (Walker), 1973Napo Humming Frog
C. atlantica Cruz, et al., 1997Nova Iguaçu Humming Frog
C. avilapiresae Peloso and Sturaro, 2000Caxiuanã Humming Frog
C. bassleri Dunn, 1949Bassler's Humming Frog
C. bicegoi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Sao Paulo Humming Frog
C. capixaba Cruz, et al., 1997Aracruz Humming Frog
C. carvalhoi (Nelson), 1975Carvalho's Humming Frog
C. centralis Bokermann, 1952Central Humming Frog
C. cordeiroi Caramaschi and Pimenta, 2003Zumbi dos Palmares Humming Frog
C. crucis Caramaschi and Pimenta, 2003Camamu Humming Frog
C. devriesi Funk and Cannatella, 2009De Vries' Humming Frog
C. gnoma Canedo, Dixo, and Pombal, 2004Una Humming Frog
C. haddadi Peloso, et al., 2014Montagne Kotika Humming Frog
C. hudsoni Parker, 1940Hudson's Humming Frog
C. jimi Caramaschi and Cruz, 2001Igarapé do Banheiro Humming Frog
C. lacrimae Peloso, et al., 2014Seropédica Humming Frog
C. leucosticta Boulenger, 1888Santa Catarina Humming Frog
C. magnova Moravec and Köhler, 2007Iquitos Humming FrogHumming Frog
C. mantiqueira Cruz, Feio, and Cassini, 2007Mantiqueira Humming Frog
C. mehelyi Caramaschi and Cruz, 1997Miranda Humming Frog
C. migueli Forlani, et al., 2017Santa Luzia do Itanhy Humming Frog
C. papachibe Peloso, et al., 2014Paragominas Humming Frog
C. parkeri Almendáriz C., et al., 2017Yantzaza Humming Frog
C. quilombola Tonini, Forlani, and de Sá, 2014Rio Preto Humming Frog
C. royi Peloso, et al., 2014Reticulated Humming Frog
C. sapiranga Cruz, Caramaschi, and Napoli, 2007Sapiranga Humming Frog
C. schubarti Bokermann, 1952Schubart's Humming Frog
C. shudikarensis Dunn, 1949Guyana Humming Frog
C. supercilialba Morales and McDiarmid, 2009Eyebrowed Humming Frog
C. tridactyla (Duellman and Mendelson), 1995San Jacinto Humming Frog
C. ventrimaculata Andersson, 1945Dotted Humming Frog
C. veracruz Forlani, et al., 2017Rio Jequitinhonha Humming Frog
CHOEROPHRYNE – New Guinea Mountain Frogs
C. alainduboisi Günther and Richards, 2018Iagifu Ridge Mountain Frog
C. allisoni Richards and Burton, 2003Mt Sisa Mountain Frog
C. alpestris (Kraus), 2010Mt. Giluwe Mountain Frog
C. amomani Günther, 2008Amoman Mountain Frog
C. arndtorum Günther, 2005Arndt's Mountain Frog
C. bickfordi Kraus, 2018Wara So’Obo Mountain Frog
C. bisyllaba Günther and Richards, 2017Dendawang Mountain Frog
C. brevicrus (Günther and Richards), 2012Lake Tawa Mountain Frog
C. brunhildae (Menzies), 1999Mambimpa Mountain Frog
C. bryonopsis Kraus, 2013Mt. Trafalgar Mountain Frog
C. burtoni Richards, Dahl, and Hiaso, 2007Moran Mountain Frog
C. crucifer Günther and Richards, 2017Moro Foothill Frog
C. darlingtoni (Loveridge), 1948Darlington's Mountain Frog
C. epirrhina Iannella, et al., 2015Sepik River Mountain Frog
C. exclamitans (Kraus and Allison), 2005Mt. Shungol Mountain Frog
C. fafniri (Menzies), 1999Mendi Mountain Frog
C. gracilirostris Iannella, Richards, Oliver, 2014Strickland River Mountain Frog
C. grylloides Iannella, et al., 2015West Sepik Mountain Frog
C. gudrunae (Menzies), 1999Gudrun's
C. gunnari (Menzies), 1999Gunnar's
C. laurini (Günther), 2000Wandammen
C. longirostris Kraus and Allison, 2001Long-nosed Mountain Frog
C. microps Günther, 2008Small-eyed
C. multisyllaba Günther and Richards, 2017Iagifu Mountain Frog
C. murrita (Kraus and Allison), 2009Muller Range
C. nigrescens Günther, 2008Yapen Island
C. pandanicola (Günther and Richards), 2012Paiela
C. pipiens Günther, et al., 2018Foja
C. proboscidea Van Kampen, 1914North Coast
C. rhenaurum (Menzies), 1999Ok Tedi
C. rostellifer Wandolleck, 1910Torricelli Mountain Frog
C. sanguinopicta (Kraus and Allison), 2005Etakaba
C. siegfriedi (Menzies), 1999Mt Elimbari
C. swanhildae (Menzies), 1999Hagen Ranges
C. tubercula (Richards, et al., 1992Warty
C. valkuriarum (Menzies), 1999Hidden Valley
C. variegata (Van Kampen), 1923Digoel
COPHIXALUS – Rainforest Frogs
C. aenigma Hoskin, 2004Tapping Nursery Frog
C. albolineatus Kraus, 2012White-Lined Rainforest Frog
C. amabilis Kraus, 2012Woodlark Island Nursery-frog
C. ateles Boulenger, 1898Papua Rainforest Frog
C. australis Hoskin, 2012Southern Ornate Nursery-frog
C. balbus Günther, 2003Konti Nursery-frog
C. bewaniensis Kraus and Allison, 2000Mt. Menawa Nursery-frog
C. biroi Méhely, 1901Sattelberg Rainforest Frog
C. bombiens Zweifel, 1985Buzzing Rainforest Frog
C. cateae Richards and Günther, 2019Agogo Range Nursery-frog
C. caverniphilus Kraus and Allison, 0Mt Paramo Nursery-frog
C. cheesmanae Parker, 1934Kokoda Rainforest Frog
C. clapporum Kraus, 2012Bomagai Nursery-frog
C. concinnus Tyler, 1979Rattling Rainforest Frog
C. crepitans Zweifel, 1985Rusty Rainforest Frog
C. cryptotympanum Zweifel, 1956Zweifel's Rainforest Frog
C. cupricarenus Kraus and Allison, 2009Rossel Island Nursery-frog
C. daymani Zweifel, 1956Dayman Rainforest Frog
C. desticans Kraus and Allison, 2009Normanby Island Nursery-frog
C. exiguus Zweifel & Parker, 1969Cooktown Rainforest Frog
C. hannahae Richards and Günther, 2019Baia Valley Nursery-frog
C. hinchinbrookensis Hoskin, 2012Hinchinbrook Island Nursery-frog
C. hosmeri Zweifel, 1985Clicking Rainforest Frog
C. humicola Günther, 2006Waira Mountain Nursery-frog
C. infacetus Zweifel, 1985Chocolate Rainforest Frog
C. interruptus Kraus and Allison, 2009Oomsis Nursery-frog
C. iovaorum Kraus and Allison, 2009Mt. Obree Nursery-frog
C. kaindiensis Zweifel, 1979Kaindi Rainforest Frog
C. kethuk Kraus and Allison, 2009Rupu River Nursery-frog
C. kulakula Hoskin and Aland, 2011Kutini Boulder-frog Nursery-frog
C. linnaeus Kraus and Allison, 2009Kamiali Nursery-frog
C. mcdonaldi Zweifel, 1979Mcdonald's Rainforest Frog
C. melanops Kraus and Allison, 2009Sudest Island Nursery-frog
C. misimae Richards and Oliver, 2007Misima Island Nursery-frog
C. monosyllabus Günther, 2010Fakfak Nursery-frog
C. montanus Boettger, 1895Mountain Rainforest Frog
C. monticola Richards, et al., 1994Carbine Tableland Nursery-frog
C. neglectus Zweifel, 1962Brown Rainforest Frog
C. nexipus Kraus, 2012Mt. Obree Rainforest Frog
C. nubicola Zweifel, 1962Michael Rainforest Frog
C. ornatus Fry, 1912Ornate Rainforest Frog
C. pakayakulangun Hoskin and Aland, 2011Golden-capped Boulder-frog
C. parkeri Loveridge, 1948Parker's Rainforest Frog
C. peninsularis Zweifel, 1985Peninsula Rainforest Frog
C. petrophilus Hoskin, 2013Melville Range Boulder-frog
C. phaeobalius Kraus and Allison, 2009Bowutu Mountains Rainforest Frog
C. pictus Kraus, 2012Bomberai Rainforest Frog
C. pipilans Zweifel, 1980Sempi Rainforest Frog
C. pulchellus Kraus and Allison, 2000Hunstein Mountains Rainforest Frog
C. rajampatensis Günther, et al., 2015Raja Ampat Rainforest Frog
C. riparius Zweifel, 1962Wilhelm Rainforest Frog
C. salawatiensis Günther, et al., 2015Salawati Island Rainforest Frog
C. saxatilis Zweifel & Parker, 1977Black Mountain Rainforest Frog
C. shellyi Zweifel, 1956Shelly's Rainforest Frog
C. sphagnicola Zweifel & Allison, 1982Morobe Rainforest Frog
C. tagulensis Zweifel, 1963Tagula Rainforest Frog
C. tenuidactylus Günther and Richards, 2012Omyaka Rainforest Frog
C. tetzlaffi Günther, 2003Fakfak Rainforest Frog
C. timidus Kraus and Allison, 2006Mt Simpson Rainforest Frog
C. tomaiodactylus Kraus and Allison, 2009Bowutu Mountains Rainforest Frog
C. tridactylus Günther, 2006Wondiwoi Mountains Rainforest Frog
C. variabilis Kraus and Allison, 2006Mt Pekopekowana Rainforest Frog
C. verecundus Zweifel, 1989Myola Rainforest Frog
C. verrucosus Boulenger, 1898Moroke Rainforest Frog
C. viridis Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Green Rainforest Frog
C. wempi Richards and Oliver, 2010Kikori Rainforest Frog
C. zweifeli Davies and McDonald, 1998Cape Melville Boulder Frog
COPHYLA – Whistling Treefrogs
C. alticola (Guibé), 1974Tsaratanana Whistling Treefrog
C. ando (Scherz, et al., 2019Ambodivoangy Whistling Treefrog
C. barbouri (Noble), 1940Fanovana Forest Whistling Treefrog
C. berara Vences, Andreone, and Glaw, 2005Anabohazo Forest Whistling Treefrog
C. cowanii (Boulenger), 1882Betsileo Whistling Treefrog
C. fortuna Rakotoarison, et al., 2019Marojejy Lowlands Whistling Treefrog
C. grandis (Boulenger), 1889Boulenger's Whistling Treefrog
C. karenae (Rosa, et al., 2014Betampona Whistling Treefrog
C. laeta (Rakotoarison, et al., 2020Sorata Massif Whistling Treefrog
C. maharipeo Rakotoarison, et al., 2015Joffreville Whistling Treefrog
C. mavomavo (Andreone, et al., 2003Yellowish Whistling Treefrog
C. milloti (Guibé), 1950Nosy Bé Whistling Treefrog
C. noromalalae Rakotoarison, et al., 2015Montagne d’Ambre Whistling Treefrog
C. occultans (Glaw and Vences), 1992Island Whistling Treefrog
C. olgae (Rakotoarison, et al., 2012Olga's Whistling Frog
C. phyllodactyla Boettger, 1880Whistling Treefrog
C. pollicaris (Boulenger), 1888Madagascar Whistling Frog
C. puellarum Rakotoarison, et al., 2015Point de Vue Whistling Frog
C. ranjomena (Glaw, et al., 2020Eastern Lowlands Whistling Frog
C. rava (Glaw, Köhler, and Vences), 2012Simpona Whistling Frog
C. tetra (Andreone, et al., 2003Four-spotted Whistling Frog
C. tsaratananaensis (Guibé), 1974Tsaratanana Massif Whistling Frog
C. tuberifera (Methuen), 1920Ambatoharanana Whistling Frog
COPIULA – Mehely Frogs
C. alpestris (Zweifel), 2000Gomgale Mehely Frog
C. annanoreenae Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Anna Noreen’s Mehely Frog
C. bisyllaba Günther and Richards, 2020Strickland River Mehely Frog
C. derongo (Zweifel), 2000Derongo Mehely Frog
C. exspectata Günther, 2002Yapen Island Mehely Frog
C. fistulans Menzies & Tyler, 1977Lae Mehely Frog
C. guttata (Zweifel), 2000Kikori Mehely Frog
C. lennarti Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Lennart’s Mehely Frog
C. major Günther, 2002Wondiwoi Mountains Mehely Frog
C. minor Menzies & Tyler, 1977Milne Bay Mehely Frog
C. mosbyae Günther and Richards, 2020Gulf Province Mehely Frog
C. obsti Günther, 2002Yeretuar Mehely Frog
C. oxyrhina Boulenger, 1898Misima Island Mehely Frog
C. pipiens Burton & Stocks, 1986Wirui Mehely Frog
C. rivularis (Zweifel), 2000Ok Tedi Mehely Frog
C. tyleri Burton, 1990Sepik Mehely Frog
C. aequatorialis (Peracca), 1904Cuenca Egg Frog
C. aterrima (Günther), 1901Costa Rica Egg Frog
C. barbatula (Lehr and Trueb), 2007Yanachaga-Chemillen Egg Frog
C. carpish (Lehr, et al., 2002Cordillera de Carpish Egg Frog
C. geayi Mocquard, 1904Brown Egg Frog
C. minor Zweifel and Myers, 1989Colombian Egg Frog
DASYPOPS – Rio Mutum Frogs
D. schirchi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1924Rio Mutum Frog
DERMATONOTUS – Termite Frogs
D. muelleri Boettger, 1885Muller's Termite Frog
DYSCOPHUS – Tomato Frogs
D. antongilii Grandidier, 1877Tomato Frog
D. guineti Grandidier, 1875Sambava Tomato Frog
D. insularis Grandidier, 1872Antsouhy Tomato Frog
E. araios Sánchez-Nivicela, et al., 2020Azuay Lowlands Oval Frog
E. bicolor Valenciennes, 1838Two-colored Oval Frog
E. bumbameuboi Caramaschi, 2010Maranhão Oval Frog
E. carvalhoi Caramaschi, 2010Northwestern Tocantins Oval Frog
E. cesarii (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1920São Paulo Oval Frog
E. corumbaensis Piva, et al., 2017Piraputangas Oval Frog
E. erythrogaster Kwet and Di-Bernardo, 1998Planalto das Araucárias Oval Frog
E. haroi Pereyra, et al., 2013Jujuy Oval Frog
E. helianneae Caramaschi, 2010Humaitá Oval Frog
E. magna Toledo, 2010Rondônia Oval Frog
E. matogrosso Caramaschi, 2010Mato Grosso Oval Frog
E. muiraquitan Nunes-de-Almeida and Toledo, 2012Acre's Oval Frog
E. ovalis Schneider, 1799Common Oval Frog
E. panamensis (Dunn, Trapido, and Evans), 1948Panama Oval Frog
E. pearsei (Ruthven), 1914Colombian Oval Frog
E. piauiensis Caramaschi & Jim, 1983Piaui Oval Frog
E. skotogaster Lavilla, Vaira, and Ferrari, 2003Los Toldos Oval Frog
E. surinamensis Daudin, 1802Surinam Oval Frog
E. surumu Caramaschi, 2010Roraima Oval Frog
GASTROPHRYNE – American Narrowmouth Toads
G. carolinensis Holbrook, 1836Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
G. elegans Boulenger, 1882Elegant Narrowmouth Toad
G. mazatlanensis Taylor, 1961Sinaloan Narrow-mouthed Toad
G. olivacea Hallowell, 1857Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad
GASTROPHRYNOIDES – Borneo Narrowmouth Toads
G. borneensis Boulenger, 1890Borneo Narrowmouth Toad
G. immaculatus Chan, et al., 2009Tung's Narrow-mouthed Frog
GENYOPHRYNE – Toothless Frogs
G. brooksii (Boulenger), 1904Brooks' Balloon Frog
G. capsus (Das, et al., 2014Bornean Chili Frog
G. flavus (Kiew), 1984Borneo Balloon Frog
G. guttulatus (Blyth), 1856Orange Balloon Frog
G. minutus (Das, Yaakob, and Lim), 2004Sungai Relau Balloon Frog
G. molossus Günther, 1869Balloon Frog
G. smithi (Barbour and Noble), 1916Smith's Balloon Frog
G. volzi (Van Kampen), 1905Sumatra Balloon Frog
G. yunnanensis (Boulenger), 1919Yunnan Balloon Frog
HAMPTOPHRYNE – Bleating Frogs
H. alios (Wild), 1995Cuzco Amazónico Bleating Frog
H. boliviana Parker, 1927Bolivian Bleating Frog
HOPLOPHRYNE – African Banana Frogs
H. rogersi Barbour and Loveridge, 1928Tanzania Banana Frog
H. uluguruensis Barbour and Loveridge, 1928Uluguru Banana Frog
HYLOPHORBUS – Mawatta Frogs
H. atrifasciatus Kraus, 2013Mongan Mawatta Frog
H. infulatus (Zweifel), 1972Arau Archipelago Frog
H. nigrinus Günther, 2001Yapen Island Mawatta Frog
H. picoides Günther, 2001Yeretuar Mawatta Frog
H. proekes Kraus and Allison, 2009Mt. Sapau Mawatta Frog
H. rainerguentheri Richards and Oliver, 2007Surim Mawatta Frog
H. richardsi Günther, 2001Mt. Sisa Mawatta Frog
H. rufescens Macleay, 1878Red Mawatta Frog
H. sextus Günther, 2001Wapoga Mawatta Frog
H. sigridae Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Sigrid’s Mawatta Frog
H. tetraphonus Günther, 2001Four-note Mawatta Frog
H. wondiwoi Günther, 2001Wondiwoi Mawatta Frog
HYPOPACHUS – Sheep Frogs
H. barberi Schmidt, 1939Barber's Sheep Frog
H. guancasco Firneno, et al., 2021Lenca Sheep Frog
H. pictiventris Cope, 1886Southern Narrowmouth Toad
H. ustus Cope, 1866Two-spade Narrowmouth Toad
H. variolosus Cope, 1866Sheep Frog
KALOPHRYNUS – Grainy Frogs
K. anya Zug, 2015Northern Burmese Sticky Frog
K. baluensis Kiew, 1984Malaysian Grainy Frog
K. barioensis Matsui and Nishikawa, 2011Bario Sticky Frog
K. bunguranus Günther, 1895Indonesian Grainy Frog
K. calciphilus Dehling, 2011Limestone Sticky Frog
K. cryptophonus Vassilieva, et al., 2014Bamboo Sticky Frog
K. eok Das and Haas, 2003Kelabit Highlands
K. heterochirus Boulenger, 1900Borneo Grainy Frog
K. honbaensis Vassilieva, et al., 2014Hon Ba Sticky Frog
K. interlineatus Blyth, 1855Striped Grainy Frog
K. intermedius Inger, 1966Sarawak Grainy Frog
K. kiewi Matsui, et al., 2017Kiew's Sticky Frog
K. limbooliati Matsui, et al., 2012Southern Peninsular
K. meizon Zug, 2015Borneo Big Sticky Frog
K. menglienicus Yang and Su, 1980Menglien Grainy Frog
K. minusculus Iskandar, 1998Dwarf Sticky Frog
K. nubicola Dring, 1983Blue-spotted Sticky Frog
K. orangensis Dutta, Ahmed, and Das, 2000Orang Sticky Frog
K. palmatissimus Kiew, 1984Lowland Grainy Frog
K. pleurostigma Tschudi, 1838Sumatra Grainy Frog
K. punctatus Peters, 1871Dotted Grainy Frog
K. robinsoni Smith, 1922Robinson's Grainy Frog
K. sinensis Peters, 1867Philippine Sticky Frog
K. subterrestris Inger, 1966Burrowing Grainy Frog
K. tiomanensis Chan, Grismer, and Grismer, 2011Tioman Sticky Frog
K. yongi Matsui, 2009Cameron Highland Sticky Frog
KALOULA – Asian Narrowmouth Toads
K. assamensis Das, et al., 2005Assam Narrowmouth Toad
K. aureata Nutphand, 1989Golden Narrowmouth Toad
K. baleata Müller, 1836Muller's Narrowmouth Toad
K. borealis Barbour, 1908Manchurian Narrowmouth Toad
K. conjuncta Peters, 1836Philippine Narrowmouth Toad
K. ghoshi Cherchi, 1954Andaman Islands Narrowmouth Toad
K. indochinensis Chan, et al, 2013Indochinese Narrowmouth Toad
K. kalingensis Taylor, 1922Kalinga Narrowmouth Toad
K. kokacii Ross & Gonzales, 1992Catanduanes Island Narrowmouth Toad
K. latidisca Chan, et al, 2014Wide-disked Narrowmouth Toad
K. mediolineata Smith, 1917Siam Narrowmouth Toad
K. meridionalis Inger, 1954Mindanao Narrowmouth Toad
K. nonggangensis Mo, et al., 2013Nonggang Narrowmouth Toad
K. picta Duméril & Bibron, 1841Painted Narrowmouth Toad
K. pulchra Gray, 1831Malaysian Narrowmouth Toad
K. rigida Taylor, 1922Luzon Narrowmouth Toad
K. rugifera Stejneger, 1924Szechwan Narrowmouth Toad
K. verrucosa Boulenger, 1904Chinese Narrowmouth Toad
K. walteri Diesmos, Brown & Alcala, 2002Quezon Narrowmouth Toad
MADECASSOPHRYNE – Madagascar Treefrogs
M. truebae Guibé, 1974Chaînes Anosyennes Treefrog
MANTOPHRYNE – Archipelago Frogs
M. axanthogaster Kraus and Allison, 2009Sudest Island Archipelago Frog
M. insignis Günther and Richards, 2016Woodlark Island Archipelago Frog
M. lateralis Boulenger, 1897Victoria Archipelago Frog
M. louisiadensis Parker, 1934Louisiade Archipelago Frog
M. menziesi (Zweifel), 1972Sogeri Archipelago Frog
MELANOBATRACHUS – Malaysian Treefrogs
M. indicus Beddome, 1878Kerala Hills Frog
METAPHRYNELLA – Borneo Treefrogs
M. pollicaris Boulenger, 1890Malaysian Treefrog
M. sundana Peters, 1867Borneo Treefrog
MICROHYLA – Rice Frogs
M. achatina Tschudi, 1838Java Rice Frog
M. aurantiventris Nguyen, et al., 2019Orange-bellied Narrow-mouth Frog
M. beilunensis Zhang, et al., 2018Beilun Pygmy Frog
M. berdmorei Blyth, 1856Pegu Rice Frog
M. borneensis Parker, 1928Borneo Rice Frog
M. butleri Boulenger, 1900Butler's Rice Frog
M. chakrapanii Pillai, 1977Mayabunder Rice Frog
M. darevskii Poyarkov, et al., 2014Darevsky's Narrow-Mouth Frog
M. darreli Garg, et al., 2018Darrel's Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. eos Biju, et al., 2019Arunachal Chorus Frog
M. fanjingshanensis Li, Zhang, Xu, Lv, and Jiang, 2019Fanjing Mountain Pygmy Frog
M. fissipes Boulenger, 1884Ornate Narrowmouth Frog
M. fodiens Poyarkov, et al., 2019Burrowing Narrow-mouth Frog
M. gadjahmadai Atmaja, et al., 2018Vila Hijau Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. heymonsi Vogt, 1911Taiwan Rice Frog
M. irrawaddy Poyarkov, et al., 2019Irrawaddy Narrowmouth Frog
M. karunaratnei Fernando and Siriwardhane, 1996Karunaratne's Narrow-mouth Frog
M. kodial Vineeth, et al., 2018Mangaluru Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. kuramotoi Matsui and Tominaga, 2020Yaeyama Narrow-Mouthed Toad
M. laterite Seshadri, et al., 2016Laterite Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. maculifera Inger, 1989Sabah Rice Frog
M. malang Matsui, 2011Bornean Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. mantheyi Das, Yaakob, and Sukumaran, 2007Manthey's Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. mihintalei Wijayathilaka, et al., 2016Mihintale Red Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. minuta Poyarkov, et al., 2014Tiny Narrow-Mouth Frog
M. mixtura Liu & Hu, 1966Chinese Rice Frog
M. mukhlesuri Hasan, et al., 2014Mukhlesur's Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. mymensinghensis Hasan et al., 2014Myenisngh Rice Frog
M. neglecta Poyarkov, et al., 2020Pine Narrow-mouth Frog
M. nepenthicola Das and Haas, 2010Sandstone Narrow-mouth Frog
M. nilphamariensis Howlader, et al., 2015Nilphamarai Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. okinavensis Stejneger, 1901Okinawa Rice Frog
M. orientalis Matsui, Hamidy, and Eto, 2013Wongaya Gede
M. ornata Duméril & Bibron, 1841Ornate Rice Frog
M. palmipes Boulenger, 1897Pengalengan Rice Frog
M. picta Schenkel, 1901Painted Rice Frog
M. pineticola Poyarkov, et al., 2014Pine Pigmy Narrow-mouth Frog
M. pulchra Hallowell, 1861Guangdong Rice Frog
M. rubra Jerdon, 1854Red Rice Frog
M. sholigari Dutta and Ray, 2000Sholiga Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. superciliaris Parker, 1928Batu Cave Rice Frog
M. taraiensis Khatiwada, et al., 2017Tarai Narrow-mouthed Frog
M. tetrix Poyarkov, et al., 2020Tenasserim Narrow-mouth Frog
M. zeylanica Parker & Osman-Hill, 1949Bopatalawa Rice Frog
MICRYLETTA – Paddy Frogs
M. aishani Das, et al., 2019Northeast Indian Paddy Frog
M. dissimulans Suwannapoom, et al., 2020Camouflaged Paddy Frog
M. erythropoda Tarkhnishvili, 2014Mada Paddy Frog
M. inornata Boulenger, 1890Deli Paddy Frog
M. lineata (Taylor), 1962Striped Paddy Frog
M. nigromaculata Poyarkov, et al., 2018Black-spotted Paddy Frog
M. steinegeri Boulenger, 1909Stejneger's Paddy Frog
M. sumatrana Munir, et al., 2020Harapan Rainforest Paddy Frog
MINI – Malagasy Minute Frogs
M. ature Scherz, et al., 2019Andohahela Minute Frogs
M. mum Scherz, et al., 2019Manombo Minute Frogs
M. scule Scherz, et al., 2019Sainte Luce Minute Frogs
MYERSIELLA – Elongated Frogs
M. microps Duméril & Bibron, 1841Rio Elongated Frog
MYSTICELLUS – Mysterious Narrow-mouthed Frogs
M. franki Garg and Biju, 2019Franky’s Narrow-mouthed Frog
NANOHYLA – Pygmy Narrow-mouthed Frogs
N. annamensis (Smith), 1923Annam Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. annectens (Boulenger), 1900Brown Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. arboricola (Poyarkov, et al., 2014Tree-dwelling Pigmy Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. hongiaoensis (Hoang, et al., 2020Hongiao Narrow-mouth Frog
N. marmorata (Bain and Nguyen), 2004Marbled Pygmy Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. nanapollexa (Bain and Nguyen), 2004No-thumb Pigmy Frog
N. perparva (Inger and Frogner), 1979Labang Forest Pygmy Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. petrigena (Inger and Frogner), 1979Pothole Narrow-mouthed Frog
N. pulchella (Poyarkov, et al., 2014Pretty Pigmy Narrow-Mouth Frog
ONINIA – Oninia Frog
O. senglaubi Günther, et al., 2010Oninia Frog
OREOPHRYNE – Cross Frogs
O. albitympanum Günther, et al., 2018Foja Mountains Cross Frog
O. albomaculata Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Speckled Cross Frog
O. albopunctata Van Kampen, 1909White-dotted Cross Frog
O. alticola Zweifel, Cogger, and Richards, 2005Alpine Cross Frog
O. ampelos Kraus, 2016Imagabip Cross Frog
O. anamiatoi Kraus and Allison, 2009Mt. Itukua Cross Frog
O. anser Kraus, 2011Cloudy Mountains Cross Frog
O. anthonyi Boulenger, 1897Anthony's Cross Frog
O. anulata Stejneger, 1908Davao Cross Frog
O. asplenicola Günther, 2003Nestfern Cross Frog
O. atrigularis Günther, et al., 2001Black-throated Cross Frog
O. aurora Kraus, 2016Rossel Island Cross Frog
O. banshee Kraus, 2016Sudest Island Cross Frog
O. biroi Méhely, 1897New Guinea Cross Frog
O. brachypus Werner, 1898Gazelle Cross Frog
O. brevicrus Zweifel, 1956Lake Habbema Cross Frog
O. brevirostris Zweifel, Cogger, and Richards, 2005Gunung Mandala Cross Frog
O. brunnea Kraus, 2017Mt. Trafalgar Cross Frog
O. cameroni Kraus, 2013Adelbert Mountains Cross Frog
O. celebensis Müller, 1894Celebes Cross Frog
O. choerophrynoides Günther, 2015Fakfak Mountains Cross Frog
O. clamata Günther, 2003Wondiwoi Mountains Cross Frog
O. crucifer Van Kampen, 1913Common Cross Frog
O. curator Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Minder’s Cross Frog
O. equus Kraus, 2016Upaelisafupi Cross Frog
O. ezra Kraus and Allison, 2009Mt. Rio Cross Frog
O. flava Parker, 1934Irian Jaya Cross Frog
O. flavomaculata Günther and Richards, 2016Yellow-spotted Cross Frog
O. frontifasciata Horst, 1883Horst's Cross Frog
O. furu Günther, et al., 2009Furu Cross Frog
O. gagneorum Kraus, 2013Gagne's Cross Frog
O. geislerorum Boettger, 1892Madang Cross Frog
O. geminus Zweifel, Cogger, and Richards, 2005Dokfuma Cross Frog
O. graminis Günther and Richards, 2012Porgera Cross Frog
O. habbemensis Zweifel, Cogger, and Richards, 2005Habbema Cross Frog
O. hypsiops Zweifel, Menzies, and Price, 2003Sempi Cross Frog
O. idenburgensis Zweifel, 1956Idenburg Cross Frog
O. inornata Zweifel, 1956Dull Cross Frog
O. insulana Zweifel, 1956Goodenough Cross Frog
O. jeffersoniana Dunn, 1928Komodo Cross Frog
O. kampeni Parker, 1934Moroka Cross Frog
O. kapisa Günther, 2003Kapisa's Cross Frog
O. lemur Kraus, 2016Woitape Cross Frog
O. loriae (Boulenger), 1898Moroka Cross Frog
O. matawan Kraus, 2016Bunisi Cross Frog
O. meliades Kraus, 2016Araeda Cross Frog
O. mertoni (Roux), 1910Wokum Island Cross Frog
O. minuta Richards and Iskandar, 2000Derewo Basin Cross Frog
O. moluccensis Peters & Doria, 1878Moluccan Cross Frog
O. monticola Boulenger, 1897Lombok Cross Frog
O. nicolasi Richards and Günther, 2019Foothills Cross Frog
O. notata Zweifel, 2003Ialibu Cross Frog
O. oviprotector Günther, et al., 2012Gugusu Cross Frog
O. parkopanorum Kraus, 2013Mt. Sapau Cross Frog
O. penelopeia Kraus, 2016Mt. Hobia Cross Frog
O. philosylleptoris Kraus, 2016Normanby Island Cross Frog
O. phoebe Kraus, 2017Muniai River Cross Frog
O. picticrus Kraus, 2016Misima Island Cross Frog
O. pseudasplenicola Günther, 2003Doppelgänger Cross Frog
O. pseudunicolor Günther and Richards, 2016Darai Plateau Cross Frog
O. roedeli Günther, 2015Roedel's Cross Frog
O. rookmaakeri Mertens, 1927Flores Cross Frog
O. sibilans Günther, 2003Eastern Wondiwoi Cross Frog
O. streiffeleri Günther and Richards, 2012Streiffleler's Cross Frog
O. terrestris Zweifel, Cogger, and Richards, 2005Dokfuma Meadow Cross Frog
O. unicolor Günther, 2003Unicolor Cross Frog
O. variabilis Boulenger, 1896Variable Cross Frog
O. waira Günther, 2003Waira Cross Frog
O. wapoga Günther, et al., 2001Wapoga Cross Frog
O. wolterstorffi Werner, 1901Wolterstorff's Cross Frog
O. zimmeri Ahl, 1933Zimmer's Cross Frog
OTOPHRYNE – Pancake Frogs
O. pyburni Campbell and Clarke, 1998Wacará Pancake Frog
O. robusta Boulenger, 1900Pancake Frog
O. steyermarki Rivero, 1968Chimantá Pancake Frog
PAEDOPHRYNE – Papua New Guinea Tiny Frogs
P. amauensis Rittmeyer, et al., 2012Amau Village Tiny Frog
P. dekot Kraus, 2011Binigun
P. kathismaphlox Kraus, 2010Mt. Simpson
P. oyatabu Kraus, 2010Oya Tabu
P. swiftorum Rittmeyer, et al., 2012Kamiali
P. titan Kraus, 2015Domaruwa
P. verrucosa Kraus, 2011Sota
PARADOXOPHYLA – Web-foot Frogs
P. palmata Guibé, 1974Web-foot Frog
P. tiarano Andreone, et al., 2006Masoala Web-foot Frog
PARHOPLOPHRYNE – Amari Forest Frogs
P. usambarica Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Amani Forest Frog
PHRYNELLA – Malacca Frogs
P. pulchra Boulenger, 1887Malacca Frog
PHRYNOMANTIS – Snake-necked Frogs
P. affinis Boulenger, 1901Pweto Snake-necked Frog
P. annectens Werner, 1910Cape Snake-necked Frog
P. bifasciatus Smith, 1847South African Snake-necked Frog
P. microps Peters, 1875Accra Snake-necked Frog
P. somalicus Scortecci, 1941Somali Snake-necked Frog
P. alluaudi Mocquard, 1901Fort Dauphin Digging Frog
P. angulifera Werner, 1903Werner's Digging Frog
P. bipunctata Guibé, 1974Forest Digging Frog
P. brevipes Boulenger, 1882Betsileo Digging Frog
P. fonetana Glaw, et al., 2007Bendrao Forest Digging Frog
P. guentheri Glaw and Vences, 2007Simpona Digging Frog
P. inguinalis Boulenger, 1882Boulenger's Digging Frog
P. laevis Boettger, 1913Sakana Digging Frog
P. mihanika Vences, et al., 2003Zahamena Digging Frog
P. notosticta Günther, 1877Mahanoro Digging Frog
P. ocellata Noble & Parker, 1926Ocellated Digging Frog
P. tuberata Peters, 1883Interior Digging Frog
R. minor Rao, 1937Hassan Dot Frog
R. pearsei Ruthven, 1914Colombian Plump Frog
RHOMBOPHRYNE – Diamond Frogs
R. botabota Scherz, et al., 2016Chubby Diamond Frog
R. coronata (Vences and Glaw), 2003Ankeniheny Diamond Frog
R. coudreaui (Angel), 1938Betampona Diamond Frog
R. diadema Scherz, et al., 2017Saw-browed Diamond Frog
R. ellae Scherz, 2020Montagne d’Ambre Diamond Frog
R. guentherpetersi (Guibé), 1974Tsaratanana Diamond Frog
R. laevipes (Mocquard), 1895Northern Diamond Frog
R. longicrus Scherz, et al., 2015Sorata Forest Diamond Frog
R. mangabensis Glaw, Köhler, and Vences, 2010Nosy Mangabe Diamond Frog
R. matavy Köhler, Vences, and Glaw, 2010Forêt d’Ambre Diamond Frog
R. minuta (Guibé), 1975Marojezy Diamond Frog
R. nilevina Lambert, Hutter, and Scherz, 2017Buried Diamond Frog
R. ornata Scherz, et al., 2015Ornate Diamond Frog
R. proportinalis Scherz, et al., 2019Bepia Diamond Frog
R. regalis Scherz, et al., 2017Regal Diamond Frog
R. savaka Scherz, et al., 2016Savaka Diamond Frog
R. serratopalpebrosa (Guibé), 1975Guibe's Saw-browed Diamond Frog
R. tany Scherz, et al., 2015Tsaratanana Massif Diamond Frog
R. testudo Boettger, 1880Nosy Be Diamond Frog
R. vaventy Scherz, et al., 2014Marojejy Forest Diamond Frog
S. boribory Vences, et al., 2003Fierenana Rain Frog
S. brevis Boulenger, 1896Brown Rain Frog
S. calcarata Mocquard, 1895Mocquard's Rain Frog
S. gottlebei Busse & Böhme, 1992Red Rain Frog
S. madagascariensis Boulenger, 1882Madagascar Rain Frog
S. marmorata Boulenger, 1882Marbled Rain Frog
S. matsoko Raselimanana, et al., 2014Marotondrano Rain Frog
S. menabensis Glos, Glaw, and Vences, 2005Kirindy Forest Rain Frog
S. obscura Grandidier, 1872Grandidier's Rain Frog
S. pustulosa Angel & Guibe, 1945Green Rain Frog
S. spinosa Steindachner, 1882Eastern Coast Rain Frog
S. verrucosa Angel, 1930Angel's Rain Frog
SIAMOPHRYNE – Siam Cave Frogs
S. troglodytes Suwannapoom, et al., 2018Sai Yok Cave Frog
S. allisoni (Zweifel), 2000Morobe Land Frog Land Frog
S. brevicrus Van Kampen, 1913Hellwig Land Frog
S. coggeri (Zweifel), 2000Kairong Valley Land Frog
S. cornuta Peters & Doria, 1878Horned Land Frog
S. crassa Zweifel, 1956Papua Land Frog
S. dentata Tyler & Menzies, 1971Alotau Land Frog
S. magnitympanum (Kraus and Allison), 2009Mt. Obree Land Frog
S. miniafia (Kraus), 2014Mt. Trafalgar Land Frog
S. pusilla Roux, 1910Aru Land Frog
S. rhodactyla Boulenger, 1897Owen Stanley Land Frog
S. rubra (Zweifel), 2000Owen Stanley Land Frog
S. schlaginhaufeni Wandolleck, 1911Wandolleck's Land Frog
S. similis (Zweifel), 2000Myola Land Frog
S. stenodactyla (Zweifel), 2000Mt. Wilhelm Land Frog
S. thomsoni (Boulenger), 1890Thomson's Land Frog
STEREOCYCLOPS – Brazilian Dumpy Frogs
S. histrio (Carvalho), 1954Bahia Yellow Frog
S. incrassatus Cope, 1870Brazilian Dumpy Frog
S. palmipes Caramaschi, Salles, and Cruz, 2012Goianá Yellow Frog
S. parkeri (Wettstein), 1934Atlantic Forest Yellow Frog
STUMPFFIA – Stump-toed Frogs
S. achillei Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Marojejy Stump-toed Frog
S. analamaina Klages, et al., 2013Antsohihy Stump-toed Frog
S. analanjirofo Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Nosy Mangabe Stump-toed Frog
S. angeluci Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Antsiranana Stump-toed Frog
S. be Köhler, et al., 2010Petit Tsingy Stump-toed Frog
S. betampona Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Betampona Stump-toed Frog
S. contumelia Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Ambodivoangy Stump-toed Frog
S. davidattenboroughi Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Sahambendrana Stump-toed Frog
S. diutissima Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Camp Mantella Stump-toed Frog
S. dolchi Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Maroantsetra Stump-toed Frog
S. edmondsi Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Vohidrazana Stump-toed Frog
S. froschaueri Crottini, et al., 2020Anabohazo Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. fusca Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Dusky Stump-toed Frog
S. garraffoi Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Ambodisakoa Stump-toed Frog
S. gimmeli Glaw & Vences, 1992Benavony Stump-toed Frog
S. grandis Guibé, 1974Giant Stump-toed Frog
S. hara Köhler, et al., 2010Nosy Hara Stump-toed Frog
S. huwei Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Huwei Stump-toed Frog
S. iharana Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Andrafainkona Stump-toed Frog
S. jeannoeli Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Sahaindrana Stump-toed Frog
S. kibomena Glaw, et al., 2015Prince's Camp Stump-toed Frog
S. larinki Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Ankarana Stump-toed Frog
S. madagascariensis Mocquard, 1895Mocquard's Stump-toed Frog
S. makira Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Makira Plateau Stump-toed Frog
S. maledicta Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Gite de Etape Stump-toed Frog
S. mamitika Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Vohemar Stump-toed Frog
S. megsoni Köhler, et al., 2010Ampombofofo Stump-toed Frog
S. meikeae Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Matsabory Maiky Stump-toed Frog
S. miery Ndriantsoa, et al., 2013Ambolo Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. miovaova Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Sorata Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. nigrorubra Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Ifanadiana Stump-toed Frog
S. obscoena Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Andasibe Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. pardus Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Northeastern Stump-toed Frog
S. psologlossa Boettger, 1881Madagascar Stump-toed Frog
S. pygmaea Vences & Glaw, 1991Andoany Stump-toed Frog
S. roseifemoralis Guibé, 1974Marojejy Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. sorata Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Sorata Massif Stump-toed Frog
S. spandei Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Mahasoa Forest Stump-toed Frog
S. staffordi Köhler, et al., 2010Montagne des Français Stump-toed Frog
S. tetradactyla Vences & Glaw, 1991Maromandia Stump-toed Frog
S. tridactyla Guibé, 1975Guibe's Stump-toed Frog
S. yanniki Rakotoarison, et al., 2017Bealanana Stump-toed Frog
S. mirandaribeiroi Nelson & Lescure, 1975Miranda's Disc Frog
S. rabus Pyburn, 1977Vaupes Disc Frog
S. salseri Pyburn, 1975Timbo Disc Frog
UPERODON – Globular Frogs
U. anamalaiensis (Rao), 1937Anamalai Globular Frog
U. globulosus Günther, 1864Indian Globular Frog
U. montanus (Jerdon), 1853Mountain Globular Frog
U. mormoratus (Rao), 1937Mottled Globular Frog
U. nagaoi (Manamendra-Arachchi and Pethiyagoda), et al., 2001Nagao's Globular Frog
U. obscurus (Günther), 1864Sri Lankan Globular Frog
U. palmatus (Parker), 1934Parker's Globular Frog
U. rohani Garg, et al., 2018Rohan's Globular Frog
U. systoma Schneider, 1799Globular Frog
U. taprobanicus Parker, 1934Sri Lankan Painted Frog
U. triangularis (Günther), 1876Malabar Globular Frog
U. variegatus (Stoliczka), 1872Variegated Globular Frog
VIETNAMOPHRYNE – Indochinese Dwarf Frogs
V. inexpectata Poyarkov, et al., 2018Tay Nguyen Dwarf Frog
V. occidentalis Poyarkov, et al., 2018Chiang Rai Dwarf Frog
V. orlovi Poyarkov, et al., 2018Orlov’s Dwarf Frog
XENORHINA – Snouted Frogs
X. adisca Kraus and Allison, 2003Tembagapura Snouted Frog
X. anorbis (Blum and Menzies), 1989Star Mountains Snouted Frog
X. arboricola Allison and Kraus, 2000Mt. Menawa Snouted Frog
X. arfakiana (Blum and Menzies), 1989Arfak Mountains Snouted Frog
X. arndti Günther, 2010Fakfak Mountains Snouted Frog
X. bidens Van Kampen, 1909Digul River Snouted Frog
X. bouwensi De Witte, 1930Arafak Snouted Frog
X. brachyrhyncha Kraus, 2011Telefomin Snouted Frog
X. eiponis Blum & Menzies, 1989Eipomek Snouted Frog
X. fuscigula (Blum and Menzies), 1989Kaironk Valley Snouted Frog
X. gigantea Van Kampen, 1915Bijenkorfbiwak Snouted Frog
X. huon (Blum and Menzies), 1989Huon Peninsula Snouted Frog
X. lanthanites (Günther and Knop), 2006Amoman Mountain Snouted Frog
X. macrodisca Günther and Richards, 2005Wapoga Snouted Frog
X. macrops Van Kampen, 1913Big-eyed Snouted Frog
X. mehelyi (Boulenger), 1898Mehely's Snouted Frog
X. minima Parker, 1934Parker's Snouted Frog
X. multisica (Blum and Menzies), 1989Monggona
X. obesa (Zweifel), 1960Maratambu
X. ocellata Van Kampen, 1913Central Highlands
X. ophiodon (Peters and Doria), 1878Hatam
X. oxycephala Schlegel, 1858Schlegel's Snouted Frog
X. parkerorum Zweifel, 1972Imigabip Snouted Frog
X. rostrata (Méhely), 1898Kaironk
X. salawati Günther, et al., 2020Salawati Island
X. scheepstrai (Blum and Menzies), 1989Angguruk
X. schiefenhoeveli (Blum and Menzies), 1989Munggona
X. similis Zweifel, 1956Zweifel's Snouted Frog
X. subcrocea (Menzies and Tyler), 1977Lae
X. tillacki Günther, Richards, and Dahl, 2014Tillack’s Snouted Frog
X. tumulus (Blum and Menzies), 1989Mambimap
X. varia Günther and Richards, 2005Yapen Island
X. waigeo Günther, et al., 2020Waigeo Island
X. zweifeli (Kraus and Allison), 2002Mt. Menawa

MYOBATRACHIDAE – Australian Froglets

ARENOPHRYNE – Australian Dumpy Frogs
A. rotunda Tyler, 1976Dumpy Frog
A. xiphorhyncha Doughty and Edwards, 2008Southern Sandhill Frog
ASSA – Pouched Frogs
A. darlingtoni Loveridge, 1933Pouched Frog
CRINIA – Australian Froglets
C. bilingua Martin, Tyler & Davies, 1980Bleating Froglet
C. deserticola Liem & Ingram, 1977Sparrow Froglet
C. fimbriata Doughty, Anstis, and Price, 2009Kimberley Froglet
C. flindersensis Donnellan, et al., 2012Northern Flinders Ranges Froglet
C. georgiana Tschudi, 1838Red-legged Froglet
C. glauerti Loveridge, 1933Rattle Froglet
C. insignifera Moore, 1954White-throated Froglet
C. nimbus (Rounsevell, et al., 1994Moss Froglet
C. parinsignifera Main, 1957Murray River Froglet
C. pseudinsignifera Main, 1957Darling Plateau Froglet
C. remota Tyler & Parker, 1974Paperbark Froglet
C. riparia Littlejohn & Martin, 1965Flinders Range Froglet
C. signifera Girard, 1853Common Eastern Froglet
C. sloanei Littlejohn, 1958Sloane's Froglet
C. subinsignifera Littlejohn, 1957Squelching Froglet
C. tasmaniensis Günther, 1864Tasmanian Froglet
C. tinnula Straughan & Main, 1966Wallum Froglet
GEOCRINIA – Ground Froglets
G. alba Wardell-Johnson & Roberts, 1989White Ground Froglet
G. laevis Günther, 1864Gunther's Ground Froglet
G. leai Fletcher, 1898Fletcher's Ground Froglet
G. lutea Main, 1963Main's Ground Froglet
G. rosea Harrison, 1927Red Ground Froglet
G. victoriana Boulenger, 1888Victoria Ground Froglet
G. vitellina Wardell-Johnson & Roberts, 1989Australian Ground Froglet
METACRINIA – Nicholls' Toadlets
M. nichollsi Harrison, 1927Nicholl's Toadlet
MIXOPHYES – Barred Frogs
M. balbus Straughan, 1968Gray Barred Frog
M. carbinensis Mahoney, et al., 2006Carbine Barred Frog
M. coggeri Mahoney, et al., 2006Cogger's Barred Frog
M. fasciolatus Günther, 1864Great Barred Frog
M. fleayi Corben & Ingram, 1987Queensland Barred Frog
M. hihihorlo Donnellan, Mahony & Davies, 1990Namosado Barred Frog
M. iteratus Straughan, 1968Giant Barred Frog
M. schevilli Loveridge, 1933Northern Barred Frog
M. gouldii Gray, 1841Turtle Frog
PARACRINIA – Haswell's Frogs
P. haswelli Fletcher, 1894Haswell's Frog
PSEUDOPHRYNE – Crowned Toadlets
P. australis Gray, 1835Red-Crowned Toadlet
P. bibronii Günther, 1859Brown Toadlet
P. coriacea Keferstein, 1868Red-backed Toadlet
P. corroboree Moore, 1953Corroboree Toadlet
P. covacevichae Ingram and Corben, 1994Magnificant Brooffrog
P. dendyi Lucas, 1892Dendy's Toadlet
P. douglasi Main, 1964Douglas' Toadlet
P. guentheri Boulenger, 1882Gunther's Toadlet
P. major Parker, 1940Marbled Toadlet
P. occidentalis Parker, 1940Orange-Crowned Toadlet
P. pengilleyi Wells and Wellington, 1985Northern Corroboree Frog
P. raveni Ingram and Corben, 1994Copper-backed Toadlet
P. robinsoni Donnellan, et al., 2012Central Ranges Toadlet
P. semimarmorata Lucas, 1892Southern Toadlet
RHEOBATRACHUS – Gastric Brooding Frogs
R. silus Liem, 1973Southern Gastric Brooding Frog
R. vitellinus Mahony, Tyler & Davies, 1984Northern Gastric Brooding Frog
SPICOSPINA – Sunset Frogs
S. flammocaerulea Roberts, et al., 1997Sunset Frog
TAUDACTYLUS – Torrent Frogs
T. acutirostris Andersson, 1916Sharp-snouted Torrent Frog
T. diurnus Straughan & Lee, 1966Mount Glorious Torrent Frog
T. eungellensis Liem & Hosmer, 1973Eungella Torrent Frog
T. liemi Ingram, 1980Palm Torrent Frog
T. pleione Czechura, 1986Kroombit Tops Torrent Frog
T. rheophilus Liem & Hosmer, 1973Mountain Torrent Frog
UPEROLEIA – Australian Toadlets
U. altissima Davies, et al., 1993Davies' Toadlet
U. arenicola Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Alligator River Toadlet
U. aspera Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Clicking Toadlet
U. borealis Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Rasping Toadlet
U. crassa Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Forest Toadlet
U. daviesae Young, Tyler, and Kent, 2005Howard River Toadlet
U. fusca Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986Brown Forest Toadlet
U. glandulosa Davies, Mahony & Roberts, 1985Blotched Toadlet
U. inundata Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Mottled Toadlet
U. laevigata Keferstein, 1867Orange-knee Toadlet
U. lithomoda Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Ticking Toadlet
U. littlejohni Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986Littlejohn's Toadlet
U. mahonyi Clulow, et al., 2016Mahony's Toadlet
U. marmorata Gray, 1841Gray's Marbled Toadlet
U. martini Davies & Littlejohn, 1986Coastal Toadlet
U. micra Doughty and Roberts, 2008Tiny Toadlet
U. micromeles Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Metallic Toadlet
U. mimula Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986Monsoon Toadlet
U. minima Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Mitchell Plateau Toadlet
U. mjobergii Andersson, 1913Mjoberg's Toadlet
U. orientalis Parker, 1940Groote Eylandt Toadlet
U. rugosa Andersson, 1916Mud Toadlet
U. russelli Loveridge, 1933Russell's Toadlet
U. saxatilis Catullo, et al., 2011Pilbara Toadlet
U. stridera Catullo, Doughty, and Keogh, 2014Ratcheting Toadlet
U. talpa Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Plains Toadlet
U. trachyderma Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1981Yellow Clay Toadlet
U. tyleri Davies & Littlejohn, 1986Tyler's Toadlet


N. bhupathi Janani, et al., 2017Srivilliputhur Pig-nosed Frog
N. sahyadrensis Biju & Bossuyt, 2003Pig-nosed Frog


ASTROBATRACHUS – Starry Dwarf Frogs
A. kurichiyana Vijayakumar, et al., 2019Starry Dwarf Frog
LANKANECTES – Sri Lankan Wart Frogs
L. corrugatus (Peters), 1863Corrugated Water Frog
L. pera Senevirathne, et al., 2018Knuckles Mountains Wart Frog
N. acanthodermis Biju, et al., 2011Spinular Night Frog
N. aliciae Inger, Shaffer, Koshy & Bakde, 1984Alicia's Night Frog
N. anamallaiensis Myers, 1942Annamallai Night Frog
N. athirappillyensis Garg, et al., 2017Athirappilly Night Frog
N. beddomii Boulenger, 1882Beddome's Night Frog
N. danieli Biju, et al., 2011Daniel's Night Frog
N. dattatreyaensis Dinesh, et al., 2008Dattatreya Night Frog
N. deccanensis Dubois, 1984Anamallai Night Frog
N. deveni Biju, et al., 2011Deven's Night Frog
N. gavi Biju, et al., 2011Gavi Night Frog
N. grandis Biju, et al., 2011Wayanad Night Frog
N. humayuni Bhaduri & Kripalani, 1955Bombay Night Frog
N. indraneili Biju, et al., 2011Indraneil's Night Frog
N. jog Biju, et al., 2011Jog's Night Frog
N. karnatakaensis Dinesh, et al., 2007Giant Wrinkled Frog
N. kempholeyensis Rao, 1937Kempholey Night Frog
N. kumbara Gururaja, et al., 2014Kumbara Night Frog
N. major Boulenger, 1882Malabar Night Frog
N. manalari Garg, et al., 2017Manalar Night Frog
N. mewasinghi Krutha, Dahanukar, and Molur, 2017Mewa Singh’s Night Frog
N. minimus Biju, et al., 2007Miniature Night Frog
N. minor Inger, Shaffer, Koshy & Bakde, 1984Kerala Night Frog
N. periyar Biju, et al., 2011Periyar Night Frog
N. petraeus Das & Kunte, 2005Castle Rock Night Frog
N. pillaii Biju, et al., 2011Pillai's Night Frog
N. poocha Biju, et al., 2011Meowing Night Frog
N. pulivijayani Garg, et al., 2017Vijayan's Night Frog
N. radcliffei Garg, et al., 2017Radcliffe's Night Frog
N. robinmoorei Garg, et al., 2017Robin Moorei's Night Frog
N. sabarimalai Garg, et al., 2017Sabarimala Night Frog
N. sanctipalustris Rao, 1920Coorg Night Frog
N. shiradi Biju, et al., 2011Shiradi Night Frog
N. sylvaticus Rao, 1937Forest Night Frog
N. vasanthi Ravichandran, 1997Kalakad Wrinkled Frog
N. vrijeuni Biju, et al., 2011VUB Night Frog
N. webilla Garg, et al., 2017Kadalar Night Frog


O. arndti Barej, et al., 2015Arndt's Torrent-frog
O. fouta Barej, et al., 2015Fouta Djallon Toothed Frog
O. natator (Boulenger), 1905Sierra Leone Toothed Frog
O. smithi Barej, et al., 2015Smith's Toothed Frog
O. ziama Barej, et al., 2015Ziama Toothed Frog

ODONTOPHRYNIDAE – South American Toothed Frogs

M. alipioi Carvalho, 1946Bahia Forest Frog
O. americanus Duméril & Bibron, 1841Common Lesser Escuerzo
O. carvalhoi Savage & Cei, 1965Carvalho's Escuerzo
O. cordobae Martino and Sinsch, 2002El Sauce Escuerzo
O. cultripes Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862Rio Grande Escuerzo
O. juquinha Rocha, et al., 2017Espinhaço Escuerzo
O. lavillai Cei, 1985Cei's Escuerzo
O. maisuma Rosset, 2008Cabo Polonio Escuerzo
O. monachus Caramaschi and Napoli, 2012Serra da Canastra Escuerzo
O. moratoi Jim & Caramaschi, 1980Botucatu Escuerzo
O. occidentalis Berg, 1896Cururu Lesser Escuerzo
PROCERATOPHRYS – Smooth Horned Frogs
P. appendiculata Günther, 1873Gunther's Smooth Horned Frog
P. ararype Mângia, et al., 2018Crato Smooth Horned Frog
P. avelinoi Mercadal de Barrio & Barrio, 1993Avelino's Smooth Horned Frog
P. bagnoi Brandão, et al., 2013Goiás Smooth Horned Frog
P. belzebul Dias, et al., 2013Belzebul Smooth Horned Frog
P. bigibbosa Peters, 1872Peters' Smooth Horned Frog
P. boiei Wied-Neuwied, 1824Bahia Smooth Horned Frog
P. branti Brandão, et al., 2013Brant's Smooth Horned Frog
P. brauni Kwet & Faivovich, 2001Rio Grande do Sul Smooth Horned Frog
P. carranca Godinho, et al., 2013Carranca Smooth Horned Frog
P. concavitympanum Giaretta, et al., 2000Hollow-eared Smooth Horned Frog
P. cristiceps Müller, 1883Muller's Smooth Horned Frog
P. cururu Eterovick & Sazima, 1998Toad-like Ground Frog
P. dibernardoi Brandão, et al., 2013Dibernardo's Smooth Horned Frog
P. gladius Mângia, et al., 2014Serra do Mar Smooth Horned Frog
P. goyana Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Goias Smooth Horned Frog
P. huntingtoni Avila, at al., 2012Huntington's Smooth Horned Frog
P. itamari Mângia, et al., 2014Serra da Mantiqueira Smooth Horned Frog
P. izecksohni Dias, et al., 2013Izecksohn's Smooth Horned Frog
P. laticeps Izecksohn & Peixoto, 1981Linhares Smooth Horned Frog
P. mantiqueira Mângia, at al., 2014Mantiquiera Smooth Horned Frog
P. melanopogon Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926Black-barbed Smooth Horned Frog
P. minuta Cruz, et al., 2011Minute Smooth Horned Frog
P. moehringi Weygoldt & Peixoto, 1985Moehring's Smooth Horned Frog
P. moratoi Jim & Caramaschi, 1980Botucatu Toad
P. palustris Giaretta & Sazima, 1993Plateau Smooth Horned Frog
P. paviotii Cruz, et al., 2005Espirito Santu Smooth Horned Frog
P. phyllostomus Izecksohn, et al., 1999Leaf-nosed Smooth Horned Frog
P. pombali Mângia, et al., 2014Itanhaém Smooth Horned Frog
P. redacta Teixeira, et al., 2012Morro de Chapéu Smooth Horned Frog
P. renalis Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920Renal Smooth Horned Frog
P. rondonae Prado & Pombal, 2008Rondonia Smooth Horned Frog
P. rotundipalpebra Martins & Giaretta, 2013Thick-lidded Smooth Horned Frog
P. salvatori (Caramaschi), 1996Chapada dos Veadeiros Smooth Horned Frog
P. sanctaritae Cruz & Napoli, 2010Santa Rita Smooth Horned Frog
P. schirchi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Santo Smooth Horned Frog
P. strussmannae Avila, et al., 2011Guapore Smooth Horned Frog
P. subguttata Izecksohn, et al., 1999Alto Palmeiras Smooth Horned Frog
P. tupinamba Prado & Pombal, 2008Angra dos Reis Smooth Horned Frog
P. vielliardi Martins & Giaretta, 2011Caldas Novas Smooth Horned Frog

PELOBATIDAE – European Spadefoot Toads

PELOBATES – European Spadefoot Toads
P. balcanicus Karaman, 1928Balkans Spadefoot
P. cultripes Wagler, 1829Wagler's Spadefoot Toad
P. fuscus Laurenti, 1768Common Eurasian Spadefoot Toad
P. syriacus Boettger, 1889Syrian Spadefoot Toad
P. varaldii Pasteur & Bons, 1959Moroccan Spadefoot Toad
P. vespertinus (Pallas), 1771Pallas' Spadefoot Toad

PELODRYADIDAE – Australian Treefrogs

LITORIA – Australian Treefrogs
L. adelaidensis Gray, 1841Slender Treefrog
L. albolabris Wandolleck, 1911Wandolleck's White-lipped Treefrog
L. amboinensis Horst, 1883Horst's Treefrog
L. angiana Boulenger, 1915Angiana Treefrog
L. aplini Richards and Donnellan, 2020Aplin’s Treefrog
L. arfakiana Peters & Doria, 1878Arfakiana Treefrog
L. aurifera Anstis, et al., 2010Kimberley Rockhole Frog
L. axillaris Doughty, 2011Kimberley Rocket Frog
L. biakensis Günther, 2006Biak Island Treefrog
L. bibonius Kraus and Allison, 2004Normanby Island Treefrog
L. bicolor Gray, 1842Northern Dwarf Treefrog
L. burrowsi Scott, 1942Tasmanian Treefrog
L. capitula Tyler, 1968Samlakki Treefrog
L. castanea Steindachner, 1867Cream-spotted Treefrog
L. chloristona Menzies, Richards, and Tyler, 2008Iarowari Treefrog
L. chloronota Boulenger, 1911Arfak Mountain Treefrog
L. chrisdahli Richards, 2007Wamangu Treefrog
L. christianbergmanni Günther, 2008Bergmann's Treefrog
L. congenita Peters & Doria, 1878Yule Island Treefrog
L. contrastens Tyler, 1968Barabuna Treefrog
L. cooloolensis Liem, 1974Cooloola Treefrog
L. coplandi Tyler, 1968Saxicoline Treefrog
L. corbeni (Wells and Wellington), 1985Milla Milla Treefrog
L. darlingtoni Loveridge, 1945Darlington's Madang Treefrog
L. dentata Keferstein, 1868Bleating Treefrog
L. dorsalis Macleay, 1878Dwarf Rocket Frog
L. electrica Ingram & Corben, 1990Electric Treefrog
L. eurynastes Menzies, Richards, and Tyler, 2008Alexishafen Treefrog
L. everetti Boulenger, 1897Everett's Timor Treefrog
L. ewingii Duméril & Bibron, 1841Australian Brown Treefrog
L. fallax Peters, 1880Eastern Dwarf Treefrog
L. flavescens Kraus and Allison, 2004Sewa Bay Treefrog
L. freycineti Tschudi, 1838Freycinet's Treefrog
L. gasconi Richards, et al., 2009Marina Valen Treefrog
L. havina Menzies, 1993Lappet-nosed Treefrog
L. hilli Hiaso and Richards, 2006Tagula Island Treefrog
L. humboldtorum Günther, 2006Yapen Island Treefrog
L. inermis Peters, 1867Fleck-lipped Treefrog
L. iris Tyler, 1962Western Highland Treefrog
L. jervisiensis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Jervis Bay Treefrog
L. jeudii Werner, 1901Garman New Guinea Treefrog
L. latopalmata Günther, 1867Australian Variable Treefrog
L. leucova Tyler, 1968West Sepik Treefrog
L. littlejohni White, Whitford, and Mahony, 1994Heath Frog
L. lodesdema Menzies, Richards, and Tyler, 2008Northern Lowlands Treefrog
L. longicrus Boulenger, 1911Wendessi Treefrog
L. longirostris Tyler & Davies, 1977Longnose Treefrog
L. louisiadensis Tyler, 1968Rossell Island Treefrog
L. lutea Boulenger, 1887Faro Island Treefrog
L. majikthise Johnston and Richards, 1994Tabubil Treefrog
L. mareku Günther, 2008Mareku Treefrog
L. megalops Richards and Iskandar, 2006Wapoga Alpha Treefrog
L. meiriana Tyler, 1969Rock Hole frog
L. microbelos Cogger, 1966Cairns Treefrog
L. micromembrana Tyler, 1963Nondugl Treefrog
L. modica Tyler, 1968Oruge Treefrog
L. mucro Menzies, 1993Rauit Treefrog
L. multiplica Tyler, 1964Kassam Treefrog
L. mystax Van Kampen, 1906Moaif Treefrog
L. nasuta Gray, 1842Australian Rocket Frog
L. nigrofrenata Günther, 1867Black-striped Treefrog
L. nigropunctata Meyer, 1875Black-dotted Treefrog
L. obtusirostris Meyer, 1875Jobi Treefrog
L. oenicolen Menzies & Zweifel, 1974Trauna River Treefrog
L. ollauro Menzies, 1993Bundi Ridge Treefrog
L. olongburensis Liem & Ingram, 1977Pepper-throated Treefrog
L. pallida Davies, Martin & Watson, 1983Coastal Floodplains Treefrog
L. paraewingi Watson, et al., 1971Victorian Treefrog
L. peronii Tschudi, 1838Peron's Treefrog
L. personata Tyler, Davies & Martin, 1978Sandstone Treefrog
L. pinocchio Oliver, et al., 2019Northern Pinocchio Treefrog
L. pronimia Menzies, 1993Peppered Pinocchio Treefrog
L. prora Menzies, 1969Efogi Treefrog
L. pygmaea Meyer, 1875Geelvink Pigmy Treefrog
L. quadrilineata Tyler & Parker, 1974Lined Treefrog
L. revelata Ingram, Corben & Hosmer, 1982Orange-thighed Treefrog
L. richardsi Dennis and Cunningham, 2006Richards' Treefrog
L. rothii De Vis, 1884Northern Laughing Treefrog
L. rubella Gray, 1842Desert Treefrog
L. rubrops Kraus and Allison, 2004Upaelisafupi Stream Treefrog
L. scabra Günther and Richards, 2005Wapoga Torrent Treefrog
L. singadanae Richards, 2005Finisterre Mountains Treefrog
L. spaldingi (Hosmer), 1964Elizabeth River Treefrog
L. spartacus Richards and Oliver, 2006Kikori Treefrog
L. staccato Doughty and Anstis, 2007Chattering Rock Frog
L. thesaurensis Peters, 1877Treasury Island Treefrog
L. timida Tyler & Parker, 1972Menemsorae Treefrog
L. tornieri Nieden, 1923Tornier's Australian Treefrog
L. tyleri Martin, et al., 1979Tyler's Australian Treefrog
L. umarensis Günther, 2004Nanggubi Treefrog
L. umbonata Tyler & Davies, 1983Baliem River Valley Treefrog
L. vagabunda Peters & Doria, 1878Wahai Treefrog
L. verae Günther, 2004Umar Bay Treefrog
L. verreauxii Duméril, 1853Verreaux's Frog
L. viranula Menzies, Richards, and Tyler, 2008Wegamu Treefrog
L. vivissimia Oliver, et al., 2019Montane Pinocchio Frog
L. vocivincens Menzies, 1972Brown River Treefrog
L. wapogaensis Richards and Iskandar, 2001Wapoga Treefrog
L. watjulumensis Copland, 1957Watjulum Mission Treefrog
L. watsoni Mahony, et al., 2020Utakwa Treefrog
L. wisselensis Tyler, 1968Wissel Lakes Treefrog
L. wollastoni Boulenger, 1914Highland Treefrog
NYCTIMYSTES – Australian Treefrogs
N. avocalis Zweifel, 1958Loud Big-eyed Treefrog
N. bivocalis Kraus, 2012Cloudy Mountains Big-eyed Treefrog
N. brevipalmatus (Tyler, Martin, and Watson), 1972Green-thighed Big-eyed Treefrog
N. calcaratus Menzies, 2014Bulolol Big-eyed Treefrog
N. cheesmani Tyler, 1964Cheesman's Big-eyed Treefrog
N. cryptochrysos Kraus, 2012Fergusson Island Big-eyed Treefrog
N. daymani Zweifel, 1958Dayman Big-eyed Treefrog
N. disruptus Tyler, 1963Madang Big-eyed Treefrog
N. dux (Richards and Oliver), 2006Yuwong Big-eyed Treefrog
N. eucavatus Menzies, 2014Baiyer River Big-eyed Treefrog
N. fluviatilis Zweifel, 1958Indonesian Big-eyed Treefrog
N. foricula Tyler, 1963Kaironk Big-eyed Treefrog
N. gramineus (Boulenger), 1905Northern New Guinea Big-eyed Treefrog
N. granti Boulenger, 1914Grant's Big-eyed Treefrog
N. gularis Parker, 1936Mondo Big-eyed Treefrog
N. humeralis Boulenger, 1912Green Big-eyed Treefrog
N. hunti (Richards, et al., 2006Utai Big-eyed Treefrog
N. infrafrenatus (Günther), 1867White-lipped Big-eyed Treefrog
N. intercastellus Kraus, 2012D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago Big-eyed Treefrog
N. kubori Zweifel, 1958Sandy Big-eyed Treefrog
N. kuduki Richards, 2007Iagifu Ridge Big-eyed Treefrog
N. latratus Menzies, 2014Agaun Big-eyed Treefrog
N. lubisi (Oliver, et al., 2021Timika Big-eyed Treefrog
N. montanus Peters & Doria, 1878Mountain Big-eyed Treefrog
N. multicolor (Günther), 2004Wondiwoi Big-eyed Treefrog
N. myolae Menzies, 2014Myola Big-eyed Treefrog
N. narinosus Zweifel, 1958Common Big-eyed Treefrog
N. nullicedens (Kraus), 2018Dorobisoro Big-eyed Treefrog
N. obsoletus Lonnberg, 1900Simbang Big-eyed Treefrog
N. ocreptus Menzies, 2014Mt. Albert Edward Big-eyed Treefrog
N. pallidofemora (Kraus), 2018South-central Big-eyed Treefrog
N. papua Boulenger, 1897Papua Big-eyed Treefrog
N. perimetri Zweifel, 1958Archipelago Big-eyed Treefrog
N. persimilis Zweifel, 1958Milne Bay Big-eyed Treefrog
N. pterodactyla (Oliver, et al., 2019Pale-eyed Parachuting Treefrog
N. pulcher Wandolleck, 1911Spurred Big-eyed Treefrog
N. purpureolatus (Oliver, et al., 2007Dabra Big-eyed Treefrog
N. sanguinolenta (Van Kampen), 1909Sambang Big-eyed Treefrog
N. sauroni (Richards and Oliver), 2006Darai Plateau Big-eyed Treefrog
N. semipalmatus Parker, 1936Kokoda Big-eyed Treefrog
N. trachydermis Zweifel, 1983Morobe Big-eyed Treefrog
N. traunae Menzies, 2014Trauna River Big-eyed Treefrog
N. tyleri Zweifel, 1983Tyler's Big-eyed Treefrog
N. zweifeli Tyler, 1967Zweifel's Big-eyed Treefrog
RANOIDEA – Australasian Water-holding Frogs
R. alboguttata (Günther), 1867Striped Burrowing Frog
R. andiirrmalin (McDonald), 1997Andiirrmalin Frog
R. aruensis (Horst), 1883Aru Treefrog
R. auae (Menzies and Tyler), 2004Western Gulf Treefrog
R. aurea (Lesson), 1829Green and Golden Bell Frog
R. australis (Gray), 1842Giant Ground Frog
R. barringtonensis (Copland), 1957Barrington Tops Frog
R. becki (Loveridge), 1945Mt. Wilhelm Treefrog
R. bella (McDonald, et al., 2016Cape York Graceful Treefrog
R. booroolongensis (Moore), 1961Booroolong Frog
R. brevipes (Peters), 1871Short-footed Frog
R. brongersmai (Loveridge), 1945Snow Mountains Treefrog
R. bulmeri (Tyler), 1968Schrader Mountains Treefrog
R. caerulea (White), 1790White's Treefrog
R. callista (Kraus), 2013Mt. Trafalgar Treefrog
R. cavernicola (Tyler and Davies), 1979Cave-dwelling Frog
R. chloris (Boulenger), 1892Red-eyed Green Tree Frog
R. citropa (Péron), 1807Blue Mountains Tree Frog
R. cryptotis (Tyler and Martin), 1977Hidden-ear Frog
R. cultripes (Parker), 1940Knife-footed Frog
R. cyclorhynchus (Boulenger), 1882Spotted-thighed Frog
R. dahlii (Boulenger), 1896Dahl's Aquatic Frog
R. daviesae (Mahony, et al., 2001Davies's Tree Frog
R. dayi (Günther), 1897Australian Lace-lid
R. dorsivena (Tyler), 1968Eastern Mountains Treefrog
R. elkeae (Günther and Richards), 2009Elke's Treefrog
R. eschata (Kraus and Allison), 2009Louisiade Archipelago Frog
R. eucnemis (Lönnberg), 1900Fringed Tree Frog
R. exophthalmia (Tyler, Davies, and Aplin), 1986New Guinea Big-eyed Treefrog
R. fuscula (Oliver and Richards), 2007Derewo Basin Treefrog
R. genimaculata (Horst), 1883New Guinea Tree Frog
R. gilleni (Spencer), 1896Centralian Tree Frog
R. gracilenta (Peters), 1869Dainty Tree Frog
R. impura (Peters and Doria), 1878Southern New Guinea Treefrog
R. jungguy (Donnellan and Mahony), 2004Jungguy Frog
R. kroombitensis (Hoskin, et al., 2013Kroombit Treefrog
R. kumae (Menzies and Tyler), 2004Kikori Basin Treefrog
R. lesueuri (Duméril and Bibron), 1841Stony Creek Frog
R. longipes (Tyler and Martin), 1977Kimberley Water-holding Frog
R. lorica (Davies and McDonald), 1979Armoured Mist Frog
R. macki (Richards), 2001Wapoga River Treefrog
R. maculosa (Tyler and Martin), 1977Spotted Water-holding Frog
R. maini (Tyler and Martin), 1977Main's Water-holding Frog
R. manya (Van Beurden and McDonald), 1980Bleating Water-holding Frog
R. moorei (Copland), 1957Motorbike Frog
R. myola (Hoskin), 2007Kuranda Tree Frog
R. nannotis (Andersson), 1916Torrent Tree Frog
R. napaea (Tyler), 1968Idenburg River Treefrog
R. novaehollandiae (Steindachner), 1867Wide-mouthed Frog
R. nudidigita (Copland), 1963Narrow Fringed Frog
R. nyakalensis (Liem), 1974Mountain Mist Frog
R. occidentalis (Anstis, et al., 2016Western Water-holding Frog
R. pearsoniana (Copland), 1961Pearson's Green Tree Frog
R. phyllochroa (Günther), 1863Green Stream Frog
R. piperata (Tyler and Davies), 1985Peppered Treefrog
R. platycephala (Günther), 1873Eastern Water-holding Frog
R. pratti (Boulenger), 1911Vogelkop Peninsula Treefrog
R. raniformis (Keferstein), 1867Southern Bell Frog
R. rara (Günther and Richards), 2005Nabire Treefrog
R. rheocola (Liem), 1974Common Mist Frog
R. rivicola (Günther and Richards), 2005Nabire Treefrog
R. robinsonae (Oliver, et al., 2008Lakekamu Basin Treefrog
R. rueppelli (Boettger), 1895Moluccas Big-eyedTreefrog
R. serrata (Andersson), 1916Queensland Green-eyed Treefrog
R. spenceri (Dubois), 1984Spotted Tree Frog
R. spinifera (Tyler), 1968Purari River Spiny Treefrog
R. splendida (Tyler, Davies, and Martin), 1977Magnificent Tree Frog
R. subglandulosa (Tyler and Anstis), 1983Glandular Tree Frog
R. vagitus (Tyler, Davies, and Martin), 1981Wailing Frog
R. verrucosa (Tyler and Martin), 1977Woodland Water-holding Frog
R. wilcoxii (Günther), 1864Wilcox's Frog
R. xanthomera (Davies, McDonald, and Adams), 1986Orange-thighed Frog

PELODYTIDAE – Parsley Frogs

PELODYTES – Parsley Frogs
P. atlanticus Díaz-Rodríguez, et al., 2017Lusitanian Parsley Frog
P. caucasicus Boulenger, 1896Caucasian Parsley Frog
P. hespericus Díaz-Rodríguez, et al., 2017Hesperides' Parsley Frog
P. ibericus Sánchez-Herraíz, et al., 2000Iberian Parsley Frog
P. punctatus Daudin, 1802Common Parsley Frog

PETROPEDETIDAE – African Torrent Frogs

ARTHROLEPTIDES – Rocky River Frogs
A. dutoiti Loveridge, 1935Kenya Rocky River Frog
A. martiensseni Nieden, 1910Tanzania Rocky River Frog
A. yakusini Channing, Moyer, and Howell, 2002Southern Torrent Frog
ERICABATRACHUS – Bale Mountains Frogs
E. baleensis Largen, 1991Bale Mountains Frog
PETROPEDETES – African Water Frogs
P. cameronensis Reichenow, 1874Cameroon Water Frog
P. euskircheni Barej, et al., 2010Euskirchen's Torrent Frog
P. johnstoni Boulenger, 1888Johnston's Water Frog
P. juliawurstnerae Barej, et al., 2010Wurstner's Torrent Frog
P. newtonii Bocage, 1895Newton's Water Frog
P. palmipes Boulenger, 1905Efulen Water Frog
P. parkeri Amiet, 1983Parker's Water Frog
P. perreti Amiet, 1973Perret's Water Frog
P. vulpiae Barej, et al., 2010Fuch's Torrent Frog


PHRYNOBATRACHUS – African River Frogs
P. acridoides Cope, 1867Zanzibar River Frog
P. acutirostris Nieden, 1913Rugegewald River Frog
P. afiabirago Ofori-Boateng, et al., 2018Afia's Puddle Frog
P. africanus (Hallowell), 1858African Puddle Frog
P. albifer (Ahl), 1924Usaramo Puddle Frog
P. albomarginatus De Witte, 1933Mauda River Frog
P. alleni Parker, 1936Allen's River Frog
P. ambanguluensis Greenwood, et al., 2020Ambangulu Puddle Frog
P. annulatus Perret, 1966Ringed River Frog
P. anotis Schmidt & Inger, 1959Lusinga River Frog
P. arcanus Gvoždík, et al., 2020Hidden Puddle Frog
P. asper Laurent, 1951Itombwe River Frog
P. auritus Boulenger, 1900Eared River Frog
P. batesii Boulenger, 1906Bates' River Frog
P. bequaerti Barbour & Loveridge, 1929Vissoke River Frog
P. bibita Goutte, et al., 2019Bibita Mountain Dwarf Puddle Frog
P. breviceps Pickersgill, 2007Short-headed Puddle Frog
P. brevipalmatus (Ahl), 1925Short-webbed Puddle Frog
P. brongersmai Parker, 1936Brongersma's Puddle Frog
P. bullans Crutsinger, et al., 2004Bubbling Puddle Frog
P. calcaratus Peters, 1863Boutry River Frog
P. chukuchuku Zimkus, 2009Mt. Oku Puddle Frog
P. congicus Ahl, 1925Congo River Frog
P. cornutus Boulenger, 1906Horned River Frog
P. cricogaster Perret, 1957Nkongsamba River Frog
P. cryptotis Schmidt & Inger, 1959Cryptic River Frog
P. dalcqi Laurent, 1952Kivu River Frog
P. danko Blackburn, 2010Danko Puddle Frog
P. dendrobates Boulenger, 1919Medje River Frog
P. discogularis Pickersgill, Zimkus, and Raw, 2017Iringa Puddle Frog
P. dispar Peters, 1870Peters' River Frog
P. elberti Ahl, 1925Elbert's River Frog
P. francisci Boulenger, 1912Francisc's Puddle Frog
P. fraterculus Chabanaud, 1921Macenta River Frog
P. gastoni Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Buta River Frog
P. ghanensis Schiøtz, 1964Ghana River Frog
P. giorgii De Witte, 1921Yambata River Frog
P. graueri Nieden, 1911Rugege River Frog
P. guineensis Guibé & Lamotte, 1962Guinea River Frog
P. gutturosus Chabanaud, 1921Chabanaud's River Frog
P. hieroglyphicus Rödel, Ohler, and Hillers, 2010Mount Nimba
P. horsti Rödel, et al., 2015Horst's Puddle Frog
P. hylaios Perret, 1959Foulassi River Frog
P. inexpectatus Largen, 2001Bore Puddle Frog
P. intermedius Rödel, et al., 2009Ankasa Reserve
P. irangi Drewes and Perret, 2000Irangi Puddle Frog
P. jimzimkusi Zimkus, et al., 2013Jim Zimkus' Puddle Frog
P. kakamikro Schick, et al., 2010Kakamega Puddle Frog
P. keniensis Barbour & Loveridge, 1928Kenya River Frog
P. kinangopensis Angel, 1924Kinangop River Frog
P. krefftii Boulenger, 1909Krefft's River Frog
P. latifrons Ahl, 1924Ahl's River Frog
P. leveleve Uyeda, Drewes, and Zimkus, 2007Calm Puddle Frog
P. liberiensis Barbour & Loveridge, 1927Liberia River Frog
P. mababiensis FitzSimons, 1932Mababe River Frog
P. maculiventris Guibé and Lamotte, 1958Liberia River Frog
P. manengoubensis Angel, 1940Manengouba River Frog
P. mayokoensis Rödel, et al., 2015Mayoko Puddle Frog
P. mbabo Gvoždík, et al., 2020Tchabal Mbabo Puddle Frog
P. minutus Boulenger, 1895Tiny River Frog
P. nanus Ahl, 1925Buala River Frog
P. natalensis Smith, 1849Natal River Frog
P. njiomock Zimkus and Gvoždík, 2013Lake Oku Puddle Frog
P. ogoensis Boulenger, 1906Ogowe River Frog
P. pakenhami Loveridge, 1941Pakenham's River Frog
P. pallidus Pickersgill, 2007Pale Puddle Frog
P. parkeri De Witte, 1933Parker's River Frog
P. parvulus Boulenger, 1905Loanda River Frog
P. perpalmatus Boulenger, 1898Lake Mwero River Frog
P. petropedetoides Ahl, 1924Ruwenzori River Frog
P. phyllophilus Rödel and Ernst, 2002Leaf-loving Puddle Frog
P. pintoi Hillers, Zimkus, and Rödel, 2008Pinto's Puddle Frog
P. plicatus Günther, 1858Coast River Frog
P. pygmaeus Ahl, 1925Chad River Frog
P. rainerguentheri Rödel, et al., 2012Günther's Puddle Frog
P. rouxi Nieden, 1913Roux's River Frog
P. rungwensis Loveridge, 1932Rungwe River Frog
P. ruthbeateae Rödel, et al., 2012Ruth Beate's Puddle Frog
P. sandersoni (Parker), 1935Sanderson's Puddle Frog
P. scapularis De Witte, 1933Buta River Frog
P. scheffleri (Nieden), 1911Scheffler's Puddle Frog
P. schioetzi Blackburn and Rödel, 2011Schiøtz’s Puddle Frog
P. steindachneri Nieden, 1910Steindachner's River Frog
P. sternfeldi Ahl, 1924Sternfeld's River Frog
P. stewartae Poynton & Broadley, 1985Stewart's River Frog
P. sulfureogularis Laurent, 1951Central River Frog
P. taiensis Perret, 1988Tai River Frog
P. tanoeensis Kpan, et al., 2010Tanoé Puddle Frog
P. tellinii Peracca, 1904Peracca's River Frog
P. tokba Chabanaud, 1921Tokba River Frog
P. ukingensis Loveridge, 1932Ukinga River Frog
P. ungujae Pickersgill, 2007Unguja Puddle Frog
P. uzungwensis Grandison and Howell, 1983Udzungwa Puddle Frog
P. versicolor Ahl, 1924Rwanda River Frog
P. villiersi Guibé, 1959Yapo River Frog
P. werneri Nieden, 1910Werner's River Frog
P. zavattarii Scortecci, 1943Scortecci's River Frog


A. annae Duellman, 1963Blue-sided Leaf Frog
A. buckleyi Boulenger, 1882Warty Leaf Frog
A. callidryas Cope, 1862Red-eyed Tree Frog
A. dacnicolor (Cope), 1864Mexican Leaf Frog
A. danieli Ruiz-Carranza, et al., 1988Antioquia Leaf Frog
A. hulli (Duellman and Mendelson), 1995Teniente López Leaf Frog
A. lemur Boulenger, 1882Lemur Leaf Frog
A. litodryas Duellman & Trueb, 1967Pink-sided Leaf Frog
A. medinae Funkhouser, 1962Rancho Grande Leaf Frog
A. moreletii Duméril, 1853Morelet's Leaf Frog
A. psilopygion Cannatella, 1980Flecked Leaf Frog
A. saltator Taylor, 1955Misfit Leaf Frog
A. spurrelli Boulenger, 1913Gliding Leaf Frog
A. taylori Funkhouser, 1957Taylor's Leaf Frog
A. terranova Rivera-Correa, et al., 2013Magdalena Leaf Frog
CALLIMEDUSA – Amazon Basin Leaf Frogs
C. atelopoides (Duellman, et al., 1988Terrestrial Monkey Frog
C. baltea (Duellman and Toft), 1979Serranía de Sira
C. duellmani (Cannatella), 1982Balzapata
C. ecuatoriana (Cannatella), 1982Agua Rica Leaf Frog
C. perinesos (Duellman), 1973Orange-spotted Leaf Frog
C. tomopterna (Cope), 1868Tiger-striped Monkey Frog
CRUZIOHYLA – Cruziohyla species
C. calcarifer Boulenger, 1902Splendid Leaf Frog
C. craspedopus Funkhouser, 1957Fringed Leaf Frog
C. sylviae Gray, 2018Sylvia's Tree Frog
HYLOMANTIS – Rough Leaf Frogs
H. aspera Peters, 1873Rough Leaf Frog
H. granulosa Cruz, 1989Granular Leaf Frog
PHASMAHYLA – Shining Leaf Frogs
P. cochranae Bokermann, 1966Chocolate-footed Leaf Frog
P. cruzi Carvalho-e-Silva, et al., 2009Rio das Pedras Reserve Leaf Frog
P. exilis Cruz, 1980Mottled Leaf Frog
P. guttata Lutz, 1925Spotted Leaf Frog
P. jandaia Bokermann & Sazima, 1978Sazima's Leaf Frog
P. lisbella Pereira, et al., 2018Ventania Leaf Frog
P. spectabilis Cruz, Feio, and Nascimento, 2008Atlantic Forest Leaf Frog
P. timbo Cruz, Napoli, and Fonseca, 2008Serra do Timbó Leaf Frog
PHRYNOMEDUSA – Colored Leaf Frogs
P. appendiculata Lutz, 1925Santa Catarina Leaf Frog
P. bokermanni Cruz, 1991Bokermann's Leaf Frog
P. dryade Baêta, et al., 2016Serra do Mar Leaf Frog
P. fimbriata Miranda-Ribeiro, 1923Spiny-knee Leaf Frog
P. marginata Izecksohn & Cruz, 1976Bi-colored Leaf Frog
P. vanzolinii Cruz, 1991Vanzolini's Leaf Frog
P. bahiana Lutz, 1925Bahia Leaf Frog
P. bicolor Boddaert, 1772Giant Monkey Frog
P. boliviana Boulenger, 1902Red-rimmed Leaf Frog
P. burmeisteri Boulenger, 1882Common Walking Leaf Frog
P. camba De La Riva, 1999Camba Leaf Frog
P. chaparroi Castroviejo-Fisher, et al., 2017Tarapoto Leaf Frog
P. coelestis Cope, 1874Starry Leaf Frog
P. distincta Lutz, 1950Sao Paulo Walking Leaf Frog
P. iheringii Boulenger, 1885Southern Walking Leaf Frog
P. neildi Barrio-Amorós, 2006Sierra de San Luís Leaf Frog
P. sauvagii Boulenger, 1882Painted-belly Leaf Frog
P. tarsius Cope, 1868Brown-bellied Leaf Frog
P. tetraploidea Pombal & Haddad, 1992Hidden Walking Leaf Frog
P. trinitatis Mertens, 1926Trinidad Leaf Frog
P. vaillantii Boulenger, 1882White-lined Leaf Frog
P. venusta Duellman & Trueb, 1967Lovely Leaf Frog
PITHECOPUS – Pithecopus Leaf Frog
P. araguaius Haga, et al., 2017Pontal do Araguaia Leaf Frog
P. ayeaye Lutz, 1966Reticulate Leaf Frog
P. azureus (Cope), 1862Chacoan Leaf Frog
P. centralis (Bokermann), 1965Mato Grosso Leaf Frog
P. gonzagai Andrade, et al., 2020Gonzaga's Leaf Frog
P. hypochondrialis (Daudin), 1800Orange-legged Leaf Frog
P. megacephalus (Miranda-Ribeiro), 1926Large-headed Leaf Frog
P. nordestinus (Caramaschi), 2006Northeastern Brazil Leaf Frog
P. oreades (Brandão), 2002Brazilian Plateau Leaf Frog
P. palliatus (Peters), 1873Jaguar Monkey Frog
P. rohdei (Mertens), 1926Rohde's Leaf Frog
P. rusticus (Bruschi, et al., 2014Água Doce Leaf Frog

PIPIDAE – Clawed Frogs

HYMENOCHIRUS – Dwarf Clawed Frogs
H. boettgeri Tornier, 1896Zaire Dwarf Clawed Frog
H. boulengeri De Witte, 1930Eastern Dwarf Clawed Frog
H. curtipes Noble, 1924Western Dwarf Clawed Frog
H. feae Boulenger, 1906Gaboon Dwarf Clawed Frog
PIPA – Surinam Toads
P. arrabali Izecksohn, 1976Arrabal's Surinam Toad
P. aspera Müller, 1924Albina Surinam Toad
P. carvalhoi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937Carvalho's Surinam Toad
P. myersi Trueb, 1984Myers' Surinam Toad
P. parva Ruthven & Gaige, 1923Sabana Surinam Toad
P. pipa Linnaeus, 1758Surinam Toad
P. snethlageae Müller, 1914Utinga Surinam Toad
PSEUDHYMENOCHIRUS – Merlin's Clawed Frogs
P. merlini Chabanaud, 1920Merlin's Clawed Frog
XENOPUS – Common Clawed Frogs
X. allofraseri Evans, et al., 2015False Fraser's Clawed Frog
X. amieti Kobel, et al., 1980Volcano Clawed Frog
X. andrei Loumont, 1983Andre's Clawed Frog
X. borealis Parker, 1936Marsabit Clawed Frog
X. boumbaensis Loumont, 1983Mawa Clawed Frog
X. calcaratus Peters, 1875Biafran Clawed Frog
X. clivii Peracca, 1898Eritrean Clawed Frog
X. epitropicalis Fischberg, et al., 1982Congolese Clawed Frog
X. eysoole Evans, et al., 2015Bamiléké Clawed Frog
X. fischbergi Evans, et al., 2015Fischberg's Clawed Frog
X. fraseri Boulenger, 1905Fraser's Clawed Frog
X. gilli Rose & Hewitt, 1927Cape Clawed Frog
X. itombwensis Evans, et al., 2008Itombwe Clawed Frog
X. kobeli Evans, et al., 2015Kobel's Clawed Frog
X. laevis Daudin, 1802African Clawed Frog
X. largeni Tinsley, 1995Largen's Clawed Frog
X. lenduensis Evans, et al., 2011Lendu Plateau Clawed Frog
X. longipes Loumont & Kobel, 1991Savannah Clawed Frog
X. mellotropicalis Evans, et al., 2015Gabonese Clawed Frog
X. muelleri Peters, 1844Muller's Clawed Frog
X. parafraseri Evans, et al., 2015Upland Clawed Frog
X. petersii Bocage, 1895Peters' Platanna
X. poweri Hewitt, 1927Power's Clawed Frog
X. pygmaeus Loumont, 1986Bouchia Clawed Frog
X. ruwenzoriensis Tymowska & Fischberg, 1973Uganda Clawed Frog
X. tropicalis (Gray), 1864West African Forest Clawed Frog
X. vestitus Laurent, 1972Kivu Clawed Frog
X. victorianus Ahl, 1924Lake Victoria Clawed Frog
X. wittei Tinsley, Kobel & Fischberg, 1979Witte's Clawed Frog

PSEUDIDAE – Harlequin Frogs

PTYCHADENIDAE – Grassland Frogs

H. macrotympanum Boulenger, 1912Somali Ornate Frog
H. ornata Peters, 1878African Ornate Frog
H. ornatissima Bocage, 1879Angola Ornate Frog
LANZARANA – Lanza's Frogs
L. largeni Lanza, 1978Lanza's Frog
PTYCHADENA – Grassland Frogs
P. aequiplicata Werner, 1898Victoria Grassland Frog
P. amharensis Smith, Noonan, and Colston, 2017Amhara Plateau Grassland Frog
P. anchietae Bocage, 1868Benguella Grassland Frog
P. ansorgii Boulenger, 1905Angola Grassland Frog
P. arnei Perret, 1997Schiøtz's Grass Frog
P. baroensis Smith, Noonan, and Colston, 2017Gambela Grass Frog
P. beka Goutte, et al., 2021Nekemte Grass Frog
P. bibroni (Hallowell), 1845Bibron's Grass Frog
P. boettgeri (Pfeffer), 1893Quilimane Grass Frog
P. broadleyi Stevens, 1972Broadley's Grassland Frog
P. bunoderma Boulenger, 1907Caconda Grassland Frog
P. christyi Boulenger, 1919Christy's Grassland Frog
P. chrysogaster Laurent, 1954Rwanda Grassland Frog
P. cooperi Parker, 1930Cooper's Grassland Frog
P. delphina Goutte, et al., 2021Oromia Grass Frog
P. doro Goutte, et al., 2021Doro Grass Frog
P. erlangeri Ahl, 1924Erlanger's Grassland Frog
P. gansi Laurent, 1965Gans' Grass Frog
P. goweri Smith, Noonan, and Colston, 2017Gower's Grass Frog
P. grandisonae Laurent, 1954Muita Grassland Frog
P. guibei Laurent, 1954Guibe's Grassland Frog
P. harenna Largen, 1997Harenna Grass Frog
P. hylaea Schmidt and Inger, 1959Mount Nimba Grass Frog
P. ingeri Perret, 1991Inger's Grassland Frog
P. keilingi Monard, 1937Dala Grassland Frog
P. levenorum Smith, Noonan, and Colston, 2017Sanetti Plateau Grass Frog
P. longirostris Peters, 1870Snouted Grassland Frog
P. mahnerti Perret, 1996Mahnert's Grass Frog
P. mapacha Channing, 1993Mapache Grass Frog
P. mascareniensis Duméril & Bibron, 1841Mascarene Grassland Frog
P. mossambica Peters, 1854Mozambique Grassland Frog
P. mutinondoensis Channing and Willem, 2018Mutinondo Grass Frog
P. nana Perret, 1980Somali Grassland Frog
P. neumanni Ahl, 1924Neumann's Grassland Frog
P. newtoni Bocage, 1886Newton's Grassland Frog
P. nilotica (Seetzen), 1855Nile Grass Frog
P. nuerensis Smith, Noonan, and Colston, 2017Telouse Grass Frog
P. obscura Schmidt & Inger, 1959Kaziba Grassland Frog
P. oxyrhynchus Smith, 1849Kaffirland Grassland Frog
P. perplicata Laurent, 1964Lunda Grassland Frog
P. perreti Guibé & Lamotte, 1958Perret's Grassland Frog
P. porosissima Steindachner, 1867Ethiopia Grassland Frog
P. pujoli Lamotte and Ohler, 1997Pujol's Grass Frog
P. pumilio Boulenger, 1920Medine Grassland Frog
P. retropunctata Angel, 1949Cameroon Grassland Frog
P. robeensis Goutte, et al., 2021Robe Grass Frog
P. schillukorum Werner, 1908Sudan Grassland Frog
P. stenocephala Boulenger, 1901Uganda Grassland Frog
P. straeleni Inger, 1968Nagero Grassland Frog
P. submascareniensis Guibé & Lamotte, 1953Guinea Grassland Frog
P. subpunctata Bocage, 1866Bocage's Grassland Frog
P. superciliaris Günther, 1858Sierra Leone Grassland Frog
P. taenioscelis Laurent, 1954Lukula Grassland Frog
P. tellinii (Peracca), 1904Tellini's Grass Frog
P. tournieri Guibé & Lamotte, 1955Liberia Grassland Frog
P. trinodis Boettger, 1881Dakar Grassland Frog
P. upembae Schmidt & Inger, 1959Upemba Grassland Frog
P. uzungwensis Loveridge, 1932Uzungwe Grassland Frog
P. wadei Largen, 2000Wade's Grass Frog

PYXICEPHALIDAE – African Bullfrogs

AMIETIA – African River Frogs
A. angolensis Bocage, 1866Angolan River Frog
A. chapini (Noble), 1924Chapin's River Frog
A. delalandii (Duméril and Bibron), 1841Drakensberg River Frog
A. desaegeri Laurent, 1972Byangolo River Frog
A. fuscigula Duméril & Bibron, 1841Cape River Frog
A. hymenopus Boulenger, 1920Drakensberg Stream Frog
A. inyangae Poynton, 1966Inyanga River Frog
A. johnstoni Günther, 1894Johnston's River Frog
A. moyerorum Channing, et al., 2016Moyer's River Frog
A. nutti (Boulenger), 1896Nutt's River Frog
A. poyntoni Channing & Baptista, 2013Poynton's River Frog
A. ruwenzorica Laurent, 1972Ruwenzori River Frog
A. tenuoplicata Pickersgill, 2007Arc Mountain River Frog
A. vandijki (Visser and Channing), 1997Van Dijk's River Frog
A. vertebralis Hewitt, 1927Umzimkulu River Frog
A. viridireticulata Pickersgill, 2007Green-spotted River Frog
A. wittei Angel, 1924Montane River Frog
ANHYDROPHRYNE – Rattray's Frogs
A. hewitti (FitzSimons), 1947Hewitt's Chirping Frog
A. ngongoniensis (Bishop and Passmore), 1993Ngongoni Chirping Frog
A. rattrayi Hewitt, 1919Rattray's Frog
A. atermina Turner and Channing, 2017Riviersonderent Moss Frog
A. bicolor Hewitt, 1926Bainskloof Moss Frog
A. draconella Turner and Channing, 2017Drakenstein Moss Frog
A. drewesii Channing, et al., 1994Drewes' Moss Frog
A. kogelbergensis Turner and Channing, 2017Kogelsberg Moss Frog
A. landdrosia Dawood and Channing, 2000Landdroskop Moss Frog
A. lightfooti Boulenger, 1910Brown Bandit Frog
A. rugosa Turner and Channing, 2008Rough Moss Frog
A. subvoce Turner, et al., 2004Quiet Moss Frog
A. villiersi Hewitt, 1935De Villiers' Moss Frog
AUBRIA – Ball Frogs
A. masako Ohler & Kazadi, 1990Masako Ball Frog
A. subsigillata Duméril, 1856Brown Ball Frog
C. aggestum Channing, et al., 2013Klipheuwel Dainty Frog
C. australis Channing, et al., 2013Southern Dainty Frog
C. boettgeri Boulenger, 1882Boettger's Metal Frog
C. capense Hewitt, 1925Cape Metal Frog
C. karooicum Boycott, et al., 2002Karoo Dainty Frog
C. kinangopensis Channing and Schmitz, 2009Kinangop Dainty Frog
C. leleupi Laurent, 1950Katanga Metal Frog
C. namaquense Werner, 1910Namaqua Metal Frog
C. nanogularum Channing, et al., 2013Small-throated Dainty Frog
C. nanum Boulenger, 1887Dwarf Metal Frog
C. parvum Poynton, 1963Mountain Dainty Frog
C. platys Rose, 1950Flat Dainty Frog
C. plimptoni Channing, et al., 2005Plimpton's Dainty Frog
C. rhythmum Channing, et al., 2013Rhythmic Dainty Frog
C. striatus FitzSimons, 1947Striped Metal Frog
C. thorini Conradie, 2014Hogsback Dainty Frog
M. capensis Boulenger, 1910Cape Flats Frog
NATALOBATRACHUS – Natal Diving Frogs
N. bonebergi Hewitt & Methuen, 1912Natal Diving Frog
NOTHOPHRYNE – Broadley's Mountain Frogs
N. baylissi Conradie, et al., 2018Namuli Mountain Frog
N. broadleyi Poynton, 1963Broadley's Mountain Frog
N. inagoensis Conradie, et al., 2018Inago Mountain Frog
N. ribauensis Conradie, et al., 2018